Saturday, March 24, 2007



Veritas splendor. Truth. The Way, the Truth, the Life.

A beautiful white robed Dominican Deacon FRIAR (soon to be a beautiful Dominican Priest) named Brother Dominic Legge gave a lecture recently in Arlington, Virginia on the topic of “Truth” in which he recounted for the ethical bemusement of a group of listeners the story of planned deception of the Allies during WWII in which we tried to fake out the Germans by staging a distracting planned battle in a part of France other than Normandy just before the Norman invasion to divert German resources instead to that fake battle. Can there be some instances where planned premeditated deception is more noble than playing a patsy- of course.
There was another such planned political deception story told in the movie Amazing Grace where to end the British slave trade the Member of Parliament circuitiously hurt the shipping industry first by a disguised bill with intended but unforseen consequences that paved the way for the slave trade industry to be dismantled almost without notice. Brilliant in that case.

But what we are dealing with in this Administration is not remotely of the same ilk. It is far more disturbing. It is far more akin to the Stalinist ends justified means by whatever slaughter kind of political deception can be cooked in perverted minds type of deception. It is a culture of lying for a living that has jeopardized the very soul of the country because we betray that Truth which is the divine person of Christ for ends that are self defeating and rather stupid. When you lie a country into war based on whole cloth fabricated evidence, when you persist in lying the country into a state of fear siege , when you stand and address the country in a State of the Union address and make up things to create straw men to attack, when you persist in misrepresenting the state of success or lack thereof to justify more billions spent, and when you fire, persecute or otherwise intimidate anyone who disagrees (including outing CIA agents to set them up), anyone essentially who stands for Truth, you have completely lost your soul and sold the country down the Euphrates river.

Who can we trust now? Our money says “In God We Trust” and I do. I trust God to right the wrongs done by those in authority we pray for. I trust God to make sure that the person charged with being the Chief Justice officer, the Attorney General of these United States, is someone of impeccable integrity- and that anyone who lies to Congress and to the public to serve the deceptive political agenda will simply not be allowed to be the Attorney General. Period. The Attorney General of the United States must serve Justice, which cannot know political favoritism. Right and Wrong cannot depend on which club you play in. US Attorneys cannot have investigations influenced or jeopardized by partisanship. People have to have confidence that corruption will not be rewarded-no matter which team is doing it.

Senator Schumer could not be more right when he says that this is very serious stuff indeed. Whatever your political stripe, we all need to agree that when we have lost trust in the truthfulness and integrity of our Attorney General, we are all in serious trouble. The big news today should come as no shocker- he lied. Big Time. More than Once. To more than one person, and about official matters. These aren't little white lies, or in the service of higher good lies. These are career destroying lies defaming long term professional public servants, Officers of the Court and good people- by someone whose greatest legal distinction after graduating from law school before being tapped by Bush to be the "what Geneva Conventions" torture czar is that he got Bush off from a DUI conviction just prior to his running for Governor of Texas.
That should be the end of the story. Really. Lets see how long until it is.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Coulter- Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Cultural Obsessions with Blonde Boobs

We laid Anna Nicole Smith to rest but Fear Not, we apparently still have a bigger blonde boob hanging around to amuse us-Ann Coulter. Whew, I thought the news might get us back to sane matters (Anderson Cooper reminded us that there is a War on), but no- With a Double-D Brain, Coulter almost calls Edwards a "Faggot" and almost apologizes for it -and the blogosphere exploded. I almost paid attention to any of it.
Coulter appears to be a bigger embarassment to the legal profession than Howard K. Stern-it's anyone's guess who is getting paid more for being a "media whore" and living off the celebrity of others. A guy I work with thinks she needs to be "pimp slapped." I would prefer to have Keith Olberman invite her on his show - they both went to Cornell -he apparently listened in school while she was organizing the campus republicans and experimenting with hair bleach-
Come on Keith- take her on. I will pay good money to see you ask her if she is bullemic or just
enjoys throwing up insane vitriol to see if the other dogs will eat it.