Thursday, May 31, 2012

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

On FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY While the Archdiocese of Washington prides itself on all the charitable endeavors they do- and they do a lot, you have to wonder who is paying Jones Day's bill. This is a top rated firm, partners make upwards of $600.00 an hour- there are eight Jones Day attorneys on this 'Religious Freedom' (so called) lawsuit. Where is the responsible oversight on this saying- wait a minute- we are going to waste more money on attorneys in this lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court in the next five years than we ever would have to pay for increased insurance premiums over the next ten years. Just one more folly of the misguided zeal of the Chancellor? -not to mention her Republican consiglieris and croones at Jones Day. I hope they are all 'pro bono' -or, if they lose and the Archdiocese has to pay the legal bills do they docket the Chancellor's pay (for the next twenty years?)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Religious Liberty- sort of

In Iran There are journalists who are in jail for speaking out against the religious Ayatollahs- in the hundreds. There are others who have been executed. The Bahai faith has been persecuted in Iran- their population has been terrorized by the Ayatollahs- they have been assassinated en masse just for being Bahai. In France during the French Revolution, the Jesuits were expelled from the country, such as were not locked in the Bastille or executed by the revolutionaries. Hence, some of them ended up at Georgetown. In Nazi Germany being Jewish got your property confiscated and you rounded up into forced slavery labor camps and gassed to death en masse- for their religion. In Pakistan there are rules called "blasphemy laws" which can get christian converts killed just for their religion. In places in the Sudan and Nigera and other places in Africa christian pastors are routinely executed and tortured just for being christian. In Scotland being a Presbyterian who didn't favor a British Queen could in centuries past get you locked up in a castle for your religion. In Northern Ireland being catholic could get you shot with impunity. These are infringements of religious liberty. These are the things the forefathers sought to guard against. Having to pay for insurance with wider coverage - or not carry insurance at your election- is not likely to be deemed by the courts as a religious freedom issue, nor should it be. The government has clearly a constitutional mandate regarding health and welfare of the nation. It makes a mockery of the principle- it is a vain fight not a landmark case- it is a republican assault on Obama that will likely fail. It is silliness. No one is interfering with anyone's religious practice by wider insurance coverage because no one is forced to avail of the service. No student or employee is told they have to take any abortofascient or forced to take any contraceptive. No religious college or hospital has to even carry any insurance. In fact some, like Ave Maria are reported to have cancelled all student insurance. Under Obamacare you can be carried to age 26 on your parents policy so the student might not even care that the college doesn't carry it for students. It isn't a frivolous suit and likely will survive a Motion to Dismiss but my guess is it loses on summary judgment on constitutional grounds. To the rest of the country it looks ridiculous- which is why the main stream media didn't cover it. They tend to cover things not that ridiculous. In the insulated world of Our Lady of the Holy Political Wanabees, this doesn't merit Press. And it is all I am going to say on the point. Other laws that the government has a right to tell all Catholic Institutions to adhere to even though there is a religious mission on campus or in a hospital include- the entire criminal code (you don't get to assault anyone or murder anyone on campus) and EPA regulations- you cannot dump toxic waste just because it is on campus, disposal of biowaste in hospitals regulations, medical malpractice laws and rules for doctors practicing in catholic hospitals to name a few. Wider insurance coverage religious liberty ? Give me a break. -----Nothing is stopping any catholic institution from putting a mailer in every student insurance form or document saying "We disapprove strongly of contraception, Plan B and elective sterilization but the government makes us make this available to you. We hope you never use it." The public health benefits of having contraception free to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (while in school even) and all the emotional trauma that entails are so obvious only a group of smug religious men wouldn't get it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

I am about to explain to you how the Pentagon could not explain an over 2 billion dollar deficit loss which went to a misappropriated Black Budget of underground alien communicating space war technology run by crony defense contractors in underground military installations not authorized by Congress and how the records disappeared with a CIA drone missile hit staged as a terrorist attack by hijackers hitting the Pentagon. I am about to explain to you how commercial airlines were intercepted by CIA operatives and flown into underground CIA black operations military bunkers and switched for drone missiles that hit the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. But I won't. Because I don't want to be on a watch list. Instead I urge you to watch all the posted videos below and think for yourself. Out loud if necessary- and then demand that Congress or any sitting Judge or somebody arrest Bush and Cheney for war crimes and domestic terrorism. The Prosecution Rests.



We aint afraid of no little grey men

So lets know everything.


click for -you wouldn't believe if i told you

Birds and Bees Do It

How Can you Not Believe in God? Everything has a life rhythm and exists because there is a nutritional source on the planet for it sustaining and propagating the species. Earth is beautiful but it is also Genius. What are the odds?

Watch Beautiful Pollination Bird/Bee Feeding Fete


Enough of the Peace Speeches.  Now make it real.

      Here is what I want to see:


    $100,000. award for anyone who has information used in prosecution of Bush-Cheney for multiple murder in conjunction with the Domestic Terror attack on US citizens in the World Trade Towers disaster.

  0h I forgot- they shot everyone already who had first hand knowledge.


Now Youtube/GOOGLE Underground Military Bases. DUMB, deep underground military bases and NASA.

Rethinking the Shadow Government

Continuity,  Contagion and the CIA.

    One unnamed government official said "The CIA makes the Mafia look like a Sunday School Class."

The notion that we have to have continuity of government, e.g. a stable government from administration to administration over the last almost 300 years to provide for the common defense has developed things like a civil service non-appointed government bureaucracy that keep the boat running even when Presidents are off campaigning or in lame duck sessions on their way out. You need some stability, some historic institutional memory in administrations, some body of government that is not dependent on the rotating Presidency sea-sawing from party ideology to party ideology.  But this has dangers- it has created in effect a permanent government above the vicissitudes of Presidential prerogatives - and quasi- immune from Presidential orders or demands. The CIA is an agency that runs itself -it operates like its own government- when it thinks the President can't move fast enough or Congress is tying its hands it takes things in its own hands. It is infected with interests not for the common good bought and sold by wormlike infectious agents. It kills its enemies, foreign and domestic. 

    We need a thorough cleaning house. We need amendment of the rules so that anyone in the CIA is not civil service protected for lifetime job security and they can be fired- all of them if they start acting like judge and executioner. They should not be immune from prosecution for rigging events like 911 in duplicity with a rogue government - which Bush-Cheney was because it killed its own citizens to stage the false flag attack that is 911. A rogue CIA should be as legally responsible as a rogue President. 

The CIA should not be allowed to get away with shooting a President like Kennedy, or rigging a domestic terror attack.  A rogue CIA has to be held accountable. There should be rewards given of hundreds of thousands of dollars for anyone in the CIA -with security clearance at every level- to rat out anyone involved in rigging a domestic terror act. 

No More BS- No More training false terrorists to wage war. Anyone doing it should be fired and prosecuted. It's BS. It has to stop. Make the defense contractors make an honest living.  No one wants to pay for their BS any more.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


do We care? Because people administering Justice should not be prosecuting the wrong people- people who didn't have anything to do with it really - classic fall guys. 9-11 was a masterSCAM - it cost the Republicans the White House- and so why is Obama insisting on perpetrating it? No one buys it any more- it was a total crock. You can't keep locked up forever people who didn't do anything wrong in this mind-F false flag fiction. Americans are not as dumb as you think.

Failings and Failures of Love

Saint Augustine's failure wasn't in his lost control over his flesh so much as his failure to love the objects of his lust. If you love someone you don't lust after them- your physicality becomes then an instrument in the communication of the language of love. Lust is sin. Love is Godly. One body can have both.
If you care about someone more than yourself, you love that person more than your own life and your body then becomes another communication tool to express that love- at the expense perhaps of your vain battle of 'flesh' over spirit- which is all about you after all. If it is no longer all about you, and all about the other as yourself as we are commanded to love, the flesh/spirit battle becomes trivial and obsolete. It then becomes how do I tell you how much I love you with everything I am and have.

Why we need good Marriage role models

And if Marriage Matters you should be a good example.

 Otherwise whackadoodle ditziness overtakes us- like not only a fifty percent divorce rate, gays marrying for the tax breaks and people marrying buildings (not kidding-it happened to save a demolition)- but this now- Marrying Yourself! Self-marriage- and Planned Parenthood announcing master perturbation month.
Click for it can't get much weirder  Girl marries her "Inner Groom."

 Yes, clerics should be allowed to be married openly (as opposed to secretly in secret 'spiritual' marriages)- Jesus never annulled any marriage for any apostle or priest and only the 'hardness of heart' would ever cause a divorce. Marriage matters- so act like it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Apparitions of Broken Plumbing

Pope Tries to Bring Some Sense into people seeing apparitions of The Blessed Mother in puddles and freezer fog. Doesn't do the New Evangelism any favors.  

click for Pope's guidelines on when you need your head examined
and HERE ---

 Hollograms are interactive now- they move. And they existed in military technology about fifty years prior to them being generally known in the public. So it is possible that Garabandal in Spain which occurred in the early 1960s is a hologram as well as other apparent sightings of the Virgin Mary  (accounts of the eye in the triangle sound too weird to be real as it is an illuminati symbol) . As for Freezer Fog? Move the peas it looks like the cookie monster. Give me a break! Don't know if Hollograms can deliver something to eat like a eucharist that show up photographically though (in fared?)- I think Lourdes is Safe- but puddle stains?? Call the plumber not your priest!!

 click-hollogram to blow your mind

Japanese technology is really advanced in holographic sound images also.
click- Hollographic pop star in Japan

Fashion Police are real in Saudi.

How weird was it that Obama Bowed to the Saudi King- you will think it weirder when you watch this. Here is a woman who needs a camera to protest the fact that the self anointed religious fashion police are trying to kick a woman out of the mall for wearing her hair uncovered and investigating whether she is wearing nail polish. UNREAL!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Rack Attack

Fired for being Too Sexy For Her Shirt

     The worlds of gender discrimination and religious liberty intersect in an unusual place- a New York Lingerie company where a woman was fired for being  so attractive they couldn't stand it. Why religious liberty? Because the Lingerie company is owned by orthodox jews who have strict dress codes for preserving modest women which doesn't include flashy make up, false lashes, popping bleach blonde hair and Jessica Rabbit figures apparently. HERE  They have to go home and look at their wives and this is a 'distraction' harming productivity. Distraction. That's another word for men who are seduced just by looking at a woman working wearing something attractive because their personal lives might be such a lonely mess they fantasize about doing things in closets and over copy machines with the staff.

   In the most recent annals of 'Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful' a Citibank employee who even when wearing blazers makes Pamela Anderson look flat brought a similar lawsuit for her firing for looking too much like she should be making ten grand at each photo shoot for Saks and I  hope she does.

   Will the lawyers from Jones Day be calling Gloria Alred and cooperating their religious liberty strategies?

    Is clothing now religious expression? Apparently yes sometimes because of all the precedent now regarding Muslim head scarves. But what religion says its part of religious garb or attire to dress too sexy for your shirt?  Which religion says one must wear see through shirts or bust hugging sweaters two sizes too small? What religion says stick out like a sore thumb. Is Marshalls now a religious outlet? Is 'TACKY' a religion?

   This might be taking religious liberty to an extreme. Does it impinge on her worshipping experience if she has to wear properly tailored suits?
Should it have some bearing to the religious tenets? If that's the standard then the Archdiocese lawsuit has to show how not providing contraception is central to the religious tenet- and the complaint seems to spell it out well enough but it will require more briefing (and what do you have against Tim Geitner?)

Stay tuned- constitutional law never got more interesting!

Errata correction

In the post below on the lawsuit involving the church versus the world of Obama it is mis-stated that the President of the John Carroll Society Paul Scolese wrote a WashPo retort- actually that was in just a letter that went to the John Carroll Society dated May 18, 2012. For the record, I resigned from the Society after
experiencing a personal attack and ugliness from their Chancellor and after Wuerl went on a PR rampage explaining that a woman who wants to become a priest is a worse sinner and disgrace than a pedophile priest committing crimes against children. That's why it is automatic excommunication for any woman who tries it AND any priest who helps in the ordination of a woman whereas it is not automatic excommunication for a pedophile priest rapist EVEN WHEN CONVICTED CRIMINALLY.

He actually in his twisted head had rationale for this: the first is a 'crime against the faith' and the second is just a crime against the flesh. As he is part of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith this is official church teaching.

The confluence of those two things said to me that this philosophy is not Christian in the slightest and the illuminati Luciferian child sacrificing pedofilia in the Vatican must have either bought off Wuerl or brain washed him to a degree where he can't tell the difference between a loving woman, mother who loves Jesus so much she wishes to become a cleric and someone raping a child. Just disgusting. As the John Carroll Society exists to serve the Cardinal and the Institution of the Church I resigned until there was a full retraction and apology or any slight demonstration that the criminality covering Jack-A-Holes have a clue. The International Criminal Court of Human Rights has a pending lawsuit now against the Vatican for crimes AGAINST HUMANITY. Click HERE...You can YouTube stories of child sacrifice by Illuminati in the basement of the Vatican- they are currently investigating the death of a person who disappeared in the Vatican. There is a priest all over YouTube saying the whole system is sick and going to crash unless they get serious and clean their act up.   If you depend financially on the Illuminati who control the money supply in large part because your tastes are too rich for your blood you have been sold to the devil. The Third Secret of Fatima has something to do with apparently the corruption of the Vatican and its eventual demise. If you pursue litigation strategies against women and can't tell the difference between
Holy Women and child rapist priests you should not be one.


  Who in the World would you have to be catering to in order to justify that a woman cleric is a worse sinner than a rapist priest? I can hear the Saturday Night Live church lady say "Could it be SAAATAN?"

Not So Fast

NDAA Stopped in its tracks by a Federal Judge.

   Over the top people. What were you thinking?  I don't want to know.
click: NDAA ruled Unconstitutional.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Want That Job-on second thought


   Imagine there is a whole section of the CIA in which really creative people spend all day sitting around thinking of ways to fake out people on your taxpayer dime. How fun would that be. Throw a little sadomasochistic terror in the mix- now you are in dementoland.
  Let's see, a plane hits the world trade center- no two- and one hits the pentagon! No, too easy, lets have one go down in Pennsylvania. We can't use real people in real planes what do we do -  Tomohawk missiles! Great, keep thinking- and drone missile hit or a hologram of one with internal explosives. Good, good, now get to the mapping board. That ought to scare the living sunshine out of them.

How are we going to round up about at least a third of the country. let's see- there's a flesh eating bacteria monster loose! Let's vaccinate everyone with bacteria and lead or whatever is cheapest that we can mark up ten times and split the profit with pharmaland.

Or, we could pretend we are being attacked by aliens from outer space- or, reptiles from down under, or.....let's take a vote- Who wants the Flesh Eating Bacteria pandemic and who wants one that travels by Birds and is carried in their feces? Who can do the graphics on that.

Who is posing for the Bin Laden video by the way- we need to jack up another hysteria as the Presidents' poll numbers are tanking.  Someone call the writers for Alias- we need more ideas. Whose turn is it to order Chinese?

Three Dollar Bill Weird Alert

Flesh Easting Bacteria Do only Republicans get Flesh Easting Bacteria infections? Just wondering. Because that looks like the next excuse for quarantining them all in Georgia in those FEMA camps and because they are all probably going to die anyway they have the plastic crematorium coffins. This is probably the fifth weirder than Al Flesh Feasting bacteria story I have read in about as many days. The CIA plants stories. Youtube that. CIA, Frank Church Congressional commission on the CIA planting media stories that MSM are forced to print. (Just like they planted the ones about 9-11). Get ready for the Flesh Eating Bacteria vaccine or HERE

Flesh Eating Bacteria. OMG.  Next we will need to buy something to protect us from Zombies running red lights.

Freedom of Religion

Takes to the Courts.

   No less than eight attorneys on the papers from Jones Day file suit for the Archdiocese of Washington with other impacted religious interests against not only Sebellius but Tim Geitner, the Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and the entire Treasury Department. Looks like a full frontal Republican assault in an election year. But they have a point.  Suit in DC Fed Ct HERE

   Irony of Ironies would have it that Sebellius gets invited as a commencement speaker to Georgetown where the President Jack DeGoia is a John Carroll Society member and metaled honoree. This prompted the blogosphere to go nuts as well as various PR outlets of the Archdiocese (Catholic Standard, etc.) Even the Washington Post got in on the action with battling editorials and the one writen by the President of the John Carroll Society saying the Cardinal didn't really demand they disinvite her (they would have ignored it anyway.)

     The unfortunate thing is that the bad blood engendered by the Cardinal's Chancellor's losing streak on the homophobic anti-gay partner health insurance rant has set the tone a bit.  How can you take seriously an organization that just cancelled ALL health insurance for all spouses because they refused to cover gay's spouses on a 'we are concerned about protecting your health" issue. They lost and looked like kids taking all their marbles and going home.  Other people who have had experiences less pleasant than the PR campaign face paints with the Chancellor wish they found actual Constitutional scholars to make the point.

  This issue on First Amendment non-Establishment grounds is a serious one not just for Catholics. The federal courts, as much as there is general fear and loathing of the works of the church lately have to take it legally seriously because the Foundational First Amendment Freedom at stake affects everyone. The broader principles regarding government intrusion into missions of religious bodies doing religiously inspired work under a religious mission goes to the heart of our First Amendment protections. The fact that Georgetown seemed to embrace the government policy by the invitation to Sebelius muddies the waters in that some religious institutions are saying we can live with this particular policy proposal- doesn't bend us out of shape apparently. Note that none of the Jesuits or Georgetown are on the suit.

     This is one that could go all the way to the Supreme Court- on which now sit the following Catholic Judges: Roberts, Alito, Scalia (whose son is a priest), Sotomayor, Kennedy--- a majority. But that doesn't necessarily define how they will rule, except for Scalia whose son will make him go to confession if he doesn't vote for Wuerl. Will we see any recusals?



Our Battle is not against Flesh and Blood

But of the Powers and Principalities of the Air Who Use the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC. Click:here

  The Hegelian Dialectic essentially holds that you can create a conflict
by (a) playing the victim after imposing a self-wound then (b) blaming an enemy then (c) mobilizing popular support to justify through your victimhood the attack against your named enemy.

You can do this to not necessarily wound the enemy but to aggrandize power of ones self or simply to contrive war for the war profiteering.

Everyone who is promoting the 9-11 Scam is duplicitous in this Hegelian Dialectic-
It is a total Scam played out through history time and time again.  It was repeatedly used by Communists and Hitler.

And it is their MO. Google Illuminati. Think I'm kidding?  Google the Youtube interview of former Illuminati Silva. It's amazing she is alive to tell the story.

I said it before, I will say it again- these people should be locked up. Instead the truth tellers are persecuted. Will the Real Christians  Wake Up and Stand Up.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

To All My Dear Muslim Friends

Can you Please Help  Me   -----------

   I recently received this Linked In message about a young Christian who is subject to life imprisonment or simply a death penalty because he became a Christian. If they do this to one Christian, they do it to me also. Can you please help me and reverse these Blasphemy laws. If we are tolerant and love everyone, we respect everyone's right to their religious beliefs. We must pray together to work for societies that allow everyone the Religious Freedom to worship as they see, understand and believe God to be. Please pray with me and do whatever you can to reverse this- and free this Christian.

Click here for latest blasphemy law victim
Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill has sent you a message.
Date: 5/20/2012
Subject: New case of blasphemy against 20 years old Christian
Dear friends,

The series of blasphemy cases will not be stopped rather the number of cases are increasing day by day.
One more new case of blasphemy under section 295B is registered at City Police Station Forooqabad bearing FIR NO-297/12 with reference report no-19 /18-5-12,against Mr.Sajid Masih son of Mr.Hanif Masih, a Christian aged 20 , resident of Saidqabad ,Farooqabad district Shiekhupura

Next date of hearing of Khuram masih is 25 May 2012 under section 295 B PPC.
Next date of hearing of Martha Bibi is 26 May 2012 under Section 295C PPC.
Next date of hearing of Mr.Sajjad 30 May2012 under Section 295C PPC.
(295C death penalty and 295B life imprisonment)
Please pray these accused of blasphemy and their families.
Pray for LEAD and its team.
Service in Christ,
Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill
President:LEAD(Legal Evangelical Association Development)
0092 333 4375681

Saturday, May 19, 2012

urgent. They Know It Is Coming

Brace Yourself

For the "Event" ...................


It is reported now all over Youtube that we are witnessing a gross militarization of civilian defense in this country. Obama called for a civilian military defense force under Homeland "security." Troops are deployed now in anticipation of the 'event' and military procurement is stockpiling weaponry for domestic use IN THE US. There are weird deployments of tanks in places they were not before. There are Youtube reports of military personal recounting drills and training against Americans, FEMA concentration camps and plastic crematorium ready coffins. All foreboding. You need to understand the truth was persecuted and demonized with regard to the fact that the government set up 9-11 because the public is not supposed to know what is being engineered. It is part of a larger plan. On September 11, 1991 Bush the elder, former Director of the CIA, announced we were having a "New World Order." This is an invention of various global leaders with a very distinctive plan. Go on line and google things like AGENDA 21 (the UN Agenda for the 21st Century). Ten years later to the day, a planned domestic attack was accomplished with the rigging of explosives in the World Trade Center. When Bush said "mission accomplished" he meant everything from the downing of the Towers to feasibility of establishment of the US Military permanent presence in the Persian Gulf. At that point with Saddam gone he had moved in his palace and established his goal. The Iraq war wasn't over but Bush's immediate goals were. That was all made possible by the 'catalyzing event like Pearl Harbor' that they engineered. It is important to understand that this was engineered because a similar 'event' could be engineered again. That is why it is important that we not dismiss the concerns of the 9-11 truth movement or try to demonize their messengers. The New World Order has as a central tenet of it's premise that the planet is overburdened and suffering by overpopulation and something drastic has to be done about it. There is a circle of billionaires who support and promote the theories that the CO2 emitted by humans is toxic to the planet and thus the human population must be dramatically reduced. You can go on Youtube and hear people like Bill Gates and Ted Turner openly state that the ideal population for 'sustainable development' of the planet is a few billion less than we currently have and we need to turn the tide back. Google things like the Georgia Guidestones which are a sort of demonic manifesto for the New World Order in which only 500,000 people should be allowed to be alive- about 6.5 billion less than we have now. David Rockefeller, another firm proponent of population 'control' has written the foreword to some UN reports and related reports on the need to depopulate the planet and Agenda 21 materials. The Rockefeller Foundation is a huge funder of some of these initiatives and they make their way into think tanks and symposia regularly. What are ways that the population is depopulated? Sterilization, forced vaccinations, poison the food, abortions, genocides, natural looking disasters. Why do I say "natural looking disasters?" Because natural disasters can be enhanced or outright rigged to create devastating results through a government program called HAARP. Google that-or click here If I tried to explain it you wouldn't believe me. It can enhance the power of storms, create earthquakes and manipulate weather. Some believe it was responsible for both Katrina and the Japanese earthquake. It served Bush's political goals to wipe that part of Louisiana off the map- as it was largely black, democratic and poor. The Levies that controlled flooding were run by the Army Corps of Engineers and denied funding to buttress and maintain the levies. That has been widely written about. The New World Order is an agenda of in part very 'elite' international bankers- note not all bankers in international finance are evil, but there are some who are evil incarnate. Some who want to play God with life and death in ways that should get our attention. David Rockefeller considers one of the greatest acts his grandfather did (founder of Standard Oil, now Exxon) securing the Teton National Park in Wyoming as a federal park, buying up cheaply the land that speculators and western settlers were starting to populate around it to preserve its natural beauty. He and the New World order proponents believe that the 'sustainability' of the planet is possible only if we preserve vast spaces and they have their eye on America. So it is surmised that they want vast portions of America to remain wilderness preserves with a proper balance of vegetation emitting oxygen to counterbalance the CO2 humans emit. In the foreclosure crisis in places like California, Arizona and Nevada one in eight homes is in foreclosure. In the American system we have long gone from the barn raising days where people built their own homes and owned outright the land and the home on it. Most people's homes are owned by banks for 15-30 years who give by contract called a mortgage a right to the air space until the note is paid in full. You make a huge initial payment, pay over time and if you can't make payments the bank takes the house and all the equity or amount you paid already. People who sunk their savings in their houses when hard times hit, jobs disappeared who fell into foreclosure lost their houses and their savings and are destitute. One in eight homes is in some foreclosure state in many areas of the country. Banks are confiscating lands like at no other time in history. The banks then bundle the lands and upload them to other banks or try sell properties. Properties are changing ownership with a frequency like at no other time in American history. People don't live and die in the same home any more as much. Google things like New World Order and private property. This might all sound weirdly Orwellian- and the more you investigate the more it should frighten you. Because there is evil in the world which thinks it is supremely Good, in the same way the devil pridefully thought he could bully God around. People who advocate mass murdering the population to get it under control are evil. Lets be clear about that. Murder is evil. Planned genocide is evil. Putting people in forced concentration camps to mandate slavery-forced labor or murder is evil. Yet, this is precisely the scenario in the 'works' now it is widely suspected. Hence, the massive militarization of America, the FEMA coffins, the camps, the army and marine trucks in the US now that make Belfast look like Disneyland. There is an evil insurgence afoot. And no good Christian can go along with it. Murder is Murder. Whether it is in the World Trade Center or a FEMA Camp in California. Seriously, there are military personnel all over youtube telling us to wake up. I would add, start praying hard for people like David Rockefeller and Ted Turner and the Rothschild masterminds- they need it.

click: here


   We have been hearing for years about the government having to protect us from a pandemic. We have also for years been developing biological warfare creating and strengthening weapons grade viruses. Some of this has been leaking out with serious consequences. Anthrax that was sent to Daschle was developed in US military labs. Pandemics can be engineered with the targeted release of these biological weapons. There has been vigorous legislation in western states, California and Washington in particular mandating vaccinations and if people do not take them they face quarantine and children barred from attending public schools. Quarantine Where? Fema camps. Google this.
This could be part of the land grab. The people will demand it- how dare you not vaccinate your children and expose our children to this. Take them away and lock them up!

     The CIA are trained assassins.
Now google the red and blue dot mailbox plan on youtube.

Don't say I didn't try to warn you.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garabandal, Spain

Who REALLY Blew Up the World Trade Center

And Why Did  The Bush Government Engage in a Massive Cover Up and Disinformation/Obfuscation Effort?
  Note to CIA: get a life- and a real job.  Drone missile hits targeting skyscrapers in the US isn't part of the job. Blowing up buildings with people in them  isn't real government work.

Now that the smoke has cleared--     Time to get serious about getting the real murderers.

And what is wrong with us that we let the torturing psychopaths get away with this for this long!

Arabic Baptists?

What is the world coming to:-)

       If you are curious about what Baptists are doing in Washington, DC in Arabic, come to the Arabic Baptist church (meets not far from the National Cathedral) on June 2 for an English service or June 3 for a
service in Arabic to meet with people from a new Christian TV station broadcasting in Arabic. Details Here

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodness and Mercy

Are Following you all the days of your life.

  Which is why the Gulen Movement and the Rumi Forum are in America. It's the other side of Islam- the side that built civilizations before Europe existed as we know it. There is an Islam which is kind, merciful, peaceful and nothing like the screaming Islam of 'terrorists' neocons wanted us to associate with the word 'Muslim'  There are Muslims who are deeply devoted to peace, peace-making, inter-religious dialogue and building bridges of hope, prosperity and Love between all peoples.  Gulen is a guy who has been accused of being too much muslim for the Secularist Turks who revere Attaturks Secular reform. They fear he has engineered a secret coup from a wooden bunker in the Poconos. Gulen apparently advocates a model for higher educational advancement, building schools of higher learning all across the world. He appears to be a new prophet (small "p" because they believe Mohammed was the last legitimate prophet and there are no more) of a new Islamic Enlightenment which is friendly to democracy and capitalism. In fact beating capitalism at its own game.

The Rumi Forum in Washington, DC is a think tank of religious reconciliation and inter-religious dialogue and cultural exchange. It is an Embassy of Enlightenment and Hospitality, inviting Congresspeople, dignitaries, Ambassadors, Scholars, Authors and Religious figures who have one goal: mutual understanding, loving co-existence and peace-building through dialogue. The Rumi Forum has honored Priests, Diplomats and Congresspeople, heads of NGOs and Foundations and Professors. It is a brilliant organization founded on something so exceptionally simple it evades modern life: Loving Kindness.

    Leslie Stahl recently did a 60 minutes episode on the Gulen Movement [here]and the President of the Rumi Forum ( filled in the gaps of her interview [here]on their website regarding what it is all about. It is a remarkable movement that embraces all faiths and people and is the clearest expression of
God and holiness outside a church I have ever seen.   click: RUMI FORUM

     In the last two days they have had two speakers, both Jewish, who were welcomed graciously to discuss their ideas, theology, books and missions. One was a Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason's School for Conflict Resolution and the other, the son of an Iraqi Kurdistan Jewish immigrant who was a Professor in Aramaic (the language of Jesus he reminded us) at UCLA. He has recently written  a book called "My Father's Paradise" about his journey discovering his father's early childhood in the mountains of Kurdistan.  This son, a former journalist, spoke about how the Muslims and Jews in Kurdistan before a mass exodus of Jews from that region in the 1940s were so close as to be considered family or brothers, living in harmony and peaceful mutually protective co-existence. Harmony is a good word, and the name of the Charter schools the movement has set up. Harmony is something musical that comes from a spiritual realm that resonates a balance, a beauty and a reverberating joy. If Rumi was the poet of Love, Gulen is the poet of Harmony-
and his presence in America is a tribute and honor to us.  We have an angel among us, one who prefers the quiet of a Pennsylvania mountain stream perhaps to TV interviews or a spotlight.

   While his presence may be hidden the fruits of his harmony are not- and you can glimpse some of them at the Rumi Forum in downtown Washington, DC and several other states now. The President of the Forum in America is a jovial Australian of Turkish background (ever meet a Turk with an Australian accent?) who opens his heart and his kitchen to everyone he meets. Lectures often come with lunch because breaking bread together in every tradition builds bonds of friendship and family. Truly, this is a piece of God in a sometimes dark place.

God is Great, God is Merciful and God Loves Us All.  On that, we can all agree.

More Sickness in the City

Who is Creating Viruses to Mandate Vaccinations? It's starting again as legislative bodies in the West mandates vaccinations and mysterious new illnesses pop up- like now a Whooping cough epidemic. Right. If you take the vaccine it might doom you (you don't know what is in it!) , if you don't you will get locked up in one of those FEMA CAMPS (google it. it's real people and it is starting.)

click: Too weird for words, stranger than fiction



Because Singing is Praying Twice (St. Augustine)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When can I sing with This Guy



     Franciscans on Youtube! Gotta love these guys! If you have not visited yet the Monestary in DC
you are missing a treat- rose gardens better than the White House.

It's Official



Now what's wrong with the rest of the world- start prosecuting.

Score One For Stopping Torture

A Court of Appeals has not granted immunity to defense contractors to engage in torture and various saddistic practices outlawed virtually everywhere. So the next time you want to commit crimes against humanity- be prepared to go bankrupt because we will sue you penniless.

click: TORTURING COMPANIES NOT IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION For the great work that the Center for Constitutional Rights is doing on this issue


Another Too Sick to Be True (or is it?)

What is the World Coming To story-

Abortion Industry Latest Horror

It IS Really Time

For a Grand Jury to look at Who is Really Responsible for 9-11.

--There is no statute of limitations on murder and around 3,000 people were murdered in the US. There should be a lot more manslaughter and murder charges out there.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Are Not Caving in or Giving Up

Until you all come clean. Because the whole quasi-fascist police state regime is predicated on this huge lie.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are Creating Terrorists by this Mess- Obviously

Government Contracts for Saddism

No Bid to Halliburton and Croonies If anyone would have told me when I went to law school in the late 80s that government contractors would actually be in federal court arguing that they had immunity to torture people I would have thought someone slipped something funny in their drinks- are you kidding me? But this is actually happening now- because we know that the government did sanction and justify and allow Torture of prisoners of war or enemy combatants or detainees in foreign jails under Bush-Cheney and their creepy cabal and outsource it to American companies. Even John McCain, former POW knows its immoral. The Geneva Conventions say it is immoral and illegal under international law. Various other laws and treaties and human rights documents declare it immoral. But American companies want to be able to do it with impunity. It has been widely testified to that Torture does not result in reliable information because people will say anything to make it stop. It obviously is used as a recruiting tool for the enemies who use it to justify hatred of us and attacks against us because we ARE TORTURING PEOPLE. And it is just by all measures of common decency disgustingly evil. No, they should not have gotten away with it then and they should not get away with it now. It harms national security to perpetuate it. It creates enemies unnecessarily and it is saddistic. Stop it. Make the bad men Stop it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

So Start Learning This is real Horowitz

The Loaded Gun

And This is the Stuff that Caused the Cancer rates in NYC to skyrocket after 9-11.

Conspiracy Theories Not Worth Researching

....Greece is not Outer Space and Ariana is not an Alien>Huffington ........................................ David Rockefeller's connection to World Eugenics movements and the International Planned Parenthood Federation- and Congressional investigation of Rockefeller Foundation to eugenics in Nazi Germany--that is real.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Don't Say You Were Not Warned. Things you should research: Investigate things that sound like a good idea or programs that were perverted referencing things like CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT-- The ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION and NAZI GERMANY (The Rockefeller Fortune came from the first John Rockefeller who created the first Monopoly Standard Oil- which is now EXXON of which Halliburton was a subsidiary that Cheney headed)--- The ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION AND EUGENICS AND THE BRITISH BASED INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION--- DAVID ROCKEFELLER the Patriarch's Belief in Overpopulation and urgent need to do something about it. The belief in Torture as a right tool of War still defended by Cheney. The creation of FEMA CAMPS which are concentration camps for forced slave labor in America which Right Wing Conservative Press spins disinformation about. The elitist view that there are genetic inferiors who should not be allowed to reproduce. The history of False Flag attacks in the world starting with Nero who set fires and blames Christians for the burning of Rome so he could turn them all into Tiki Torches and get Romans to feed them to lions for sport. 9-11 was a false flag attack to set up a War on Terror. The control of international banking enterprises on domestic affairs and ties with the Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department. If everyone wakes up we won't go for it and won't allow it to happen. But they are trying hard to set it up.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

oh lighten up, willya

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Barack Obama vs. North Carolina on Gay Marriage
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Seven Billion and Counting

Sustainable means what in Development.

    Seven billion strong- or are we. This article discusses how in mid-Fall of this year we are projected to reach 7 billion people on the planet and the 'elite' think that means we are a bit too top-heavy- by about 6.5 billion. The UNDP, United Nations Development Program insists this isn't sustainable. So there is a deliberate effort to do a mass elimination, by a variety of controlling means and mechanisms. The 'planned parenthood' agenda fits nicely in because it promotes abortion. Contraception must be provided everywhere to everyone and FREE even! Just get them all infertile now!  Chemical pharmaceutical birth control has now been widely cited even by government agencies to be a leading cause of blood clots which can cause strokes and myocardial infarction (heart attacks)

America is viewed by global 'elites' as a major culprit because we have an expanding population and expanding growth while we devour much of the planet's resources in a relatively high lifestyle index.
So America must be pared down, like that old pruned fig tree of biblical yore.

Note that this view flies in the face of the christian doctrine that every life is sacred, created in God's image and likeness and intrinsically valuable. And who are you to say who gets to stay and who gets to die? It violates the basic premise of the Thou Shall Not Kill of the ten commandments etched lazerlike in Moses' tablets.

This is why it is widely predicted something cataclysmic is going to befall the US in the Fall- Obama will have his hands tied and no other choice but to crack down on something that is going to be launched perhaps in spite of him. Republicans will view him as weak on terror if he doesn't capitulate just before the election.

US Military troops and foreign troops are already deployed on US soil drilling and maneuvering.

The Unsustainable Development crowd demonizing the overpopulation as the culprit of all the world's woes should strike you as bizarre- how can all the people be the problem in the development of the people? To save the planet we have to nuke 90 % of the people on it?

There is only one possible source at root philosophically for such insanity that would value the death and destruction of massive numbers of people. Who wants to kill off humanity? There have been various names for him but we know who it is- Mephistopholes, Satan, Lucifer, etc. The Fallen Angel who hates the world God created and hates those created in his image because he was cast in hubris from His grace while humans enjoy his Mercy

You cannot be a Christian and buy into this Population Control unsustainable development garbage.
You cannot plot to destroy humanity in the name of saving the planet or humanity's sustainability here.
You should revolt and rebel at any part of the plot.

The Plot Thickens and Marshall Law is Coming

This is an old interview discussing the fact that the Bush Admin wanted to use the telecom companies to spy on Americans by intercepting emails and placing phone taps circumventing the requirement to have warrants under FISA. They wanted to push forward legislation giving the telecom companies who did the government's bidding immunity from lawsuits or prosecution. This was the start of the Police State. The potential for systematic evisceration of Constitutional Due Process effected by Executive Order of March 16 explained here.

see also,

Before Nazi Germany mesmerized the nation into going along with its atrocities a legal regime was in place that made the measures technically legal and for the good of the rest of the country. Oh My God.

  You are going to see wild hysterical stories planted in the media now of flesh eating bacteria invasions,
and things to frighten  people into thinking a pandemic must be controlled with a mandatory vaccination scheme. It will sound freaky and it is. It is contrived to create criminals out of normal people so they can be detained. The plan is gruesome. Please research FEMA CAMPS. Fema is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It was subsumed by the Homeland 'Security' Department which has now been recently fully militarized by statute under the NDAA.  Something so sinister you couldn't imagine it is coming in the Fall.

Powell comes clean

As if We Didn't Know

    I love it when the players finally come clean on what everyone already knows with their own spin so no one can call them liars in their legacy. Colin Powell, the esteemed UN presenter of the faux Iraqi weapons of mass destruction game plan complete with photoshopped images of nuclear stockpiles on roving flatbeds and tales of fissile uranium from African countries that only he and his CIA team could know about has now written a book. No one believed it possible then- everyone knows it's diabolical truth now. I went to parties in Georgetown where lawyers from the Justice Department were outraged at the suggestion that our fine CIA would possibly contrive something at the UN. We are an honorable people. No one had a clue what photoshopping was then because there was limited knowledge of these computer applications and most people didn't even have digital cameras then. There were no Apple stores then.

   But people in Europe knew. People in Europe thought this was just bizarre- and why didn't they let the UN weapons inspectors like Hans whatever his name was finish his job? No one thought the Americans were dealing in good faith. Now everyone knows they were right-Americans were not dealing in good faith at the highest offices The system was somehow hijacked, not just a few planes. Someone is moving us in a direction so devious, so cleverly evil everyone thinks it is for the good security and protection of the country. How Dare You suggest otherwise. How Unpatriotic. Lets tap your phones and read all your emails.

  George Tenet, the Director of the CIA at the time, Mr. 'Slam Dunk' himself has recanted. Hoodwinked by Cheney's clan- and his fabrication machine at the CIA. One of his plugs was the son of genuine Holocaust survivors so his concern was how the menace of Saddam will potentially affect Israeli security.

   But something much more sinister was afoot while these fears were manipulated and exploited. And it is still sinister and still in progress in another form.

   So the next time some lawyer from the Justice Department says "How Dare You!" remind them that they had their head up their arse the first time around and perhaps they can't tell their arse from their head still. The system is still hijacked. We just changed sock puppet titular leaders.

What Would You Like On Your Burger- 1 Timothy 1:10

The Any Way You Like It Culture How would you like your steak done? Rare, Medium? What would you like on your Burger? So many choices. Goody goody, We get to pick now. Where do you want to live, you don't have to live anywhere near your parents if you don't want to. What kind of car would you like to drive- can't afford it-no problem, take out a car note. Where do you want to go to church? Oh you don't want to-no problem. What are you doing on your Christmas vacation? Nothing particularly family or religious? You are not 'religious' you say, you are 'spiritual' (which 'Spirit' exactly??) -going Sunbathing in Aruba? How do you like your relationships? No ball and chain for you? Loose not locked in? You have an 'arrangement?' Not the family guy? You prefer bunking down with something more familiar. Something like yourself that you understand. What would you like on your burger- what would you like on your Arse? Everything is now OK, normative, just your choice. Want to have actually a live birth with that baby you are walking around with inside you-no? no problem, we can take care of that. We can even pay for it for you. Everyone's choice like this creates a clear potential for All Hell Breaking Loose. What if you want to choose something someone else thinks is evil? Is there evil anymore or do you just not see it? Is there objective evil and what is it? In the last days, scripture says, people will trade relations with oppose sex with sex with their same sex. This seems to fall right in line with the Population control agenda. (but not as neatly as they want because opposite sex people are finding In Vitro ways to reproduce anyway.) But it does not say homosexual marriage is bad in the bible you argue. Neither does it say Thou shall not rape your mother or have sex with your three year old. Because everyone understood at the time those things to be so off the radar wrong they didn't merit mention. No one needed to waste their time talking about it. Jesus didn't need to spend a sermon telling people not to do what only people two thousand years later would think was OK to do. It only needed to be mentioned like this: in the last days there will be people who trade relations with the opposite sex for relations with each other (same sex.) And that is basically exactly what is written. The audience at the time would have gasped a "you're kidding me!" "how crazy are they!" The problem is now that we have a democracy, and civil liberties are cherished allowing people freedom, and we are governed by a Constitution in principle, so do we give equal right and access to that which some people find evil. Is there an equal right to access for all who feel comfortable or compelled to chew off their index fingers? Why not, it's their body, it's their choice. Is there an equal right to access for all who feel comfortable or compelled to streak naked down Madison and Pennsylvania Avenue at lunch hour because they abhor the feel of clothing on their skin. Where is the line? The 'limiting' principle as it were. The writing of Timothy in scripture classifies those who practice homosexuality with liars, perjurers, slavetraders and the sexually immoral. There is no question that at the time scripture was written homosexuality was viewed as depraved abomination. The name Sodomy comes from the town Sodom that God blew off the map for the sexual depravity practiced there after some men tried to gang rape Angels. Societies and governments do base laws on what is a social normative understanding of what is morally acceptable to the group. When the Bar drops, so do the laws. But is this a good thing- Even Martha Stewart believes that there are 'good things' and bad things. Is this a good thing? To answer that you must acknowledge that there is a 'good' and its opposite. If everything is relative you can't even answer the question. And if everything is relative then it is all an illusion and you don't have to put on socks or underwear or wash your face, brush your teeth or comb your hair in the morning any more if you don't want to. Do what you want. And if every person does what they want, what a mess.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Elite and the Christian

I Came That You Would Have Life And Have It Abundantly Said Jesus. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, said Jesus. No man comes to the Father but through Me, claimed Jesus. I and the Father are One. The Theosophist said 'there is no higher religion than Truth.' This statement is a religious premise in itself. Just like the devil it vies for supremacy over God himself. Theosophy is a philosophic frame of reference devolved into a Society complete with masonic like "lodges" (the one in DC meets at the West End Library) rooted in soothsaying, seerism, hypnotic mesmerism and occultism. It's founder is one of those basically bored 19th Century aristocratic clever women (Russian and German origins) with more money than she knew what to do with who travelled the globe, was seduced by travels to india and tales of chakras, reincarnations and spiritism of the otherworldly kin. Her ennui was cleverly and hubristically disguised as something she aspired to rise higher than the mundanity of the orthodoxy from which she came in jealous challenge to the French 'enlightenment' dames of the salon, as she sought to be the channel through which spirits rose higher through her guiding writings. Here she writes on the occult in attempts to create another 'no i'm not creating my own religion' exercise -- She sought affirmation and credibility by trying to gain admiration of Tolstoy in letters to him. Madam Blavatsky was however a tale spinner. A woman determined to parade her pridefulness before the Aristocratic literati to make up for lesser social graces and appearance. It is no surprise that she attracted similarly vain, insecure hubristic haters of obedience to Christ or the one Monotheistic God of the orthodoxy, be it Russian or Lutheran such as Hitler. Hitler hated Christians as much as Jews and it is not secret that while he killed 6 Mil. jews he also killed 7-12 Mil christians, catholics, priests and clergy- making great Christian martyrs who died for their beliefs against the Nazism which sought eugenically to rid itself of so called inferior intellects and races. The devil has been mocking God's people since the snake snidely accused Eve of being too simpleminded to know that eating the fruit of that tree wouldn't really kill her. Silly girl. The devil hasn't stopped his mocking. This is what is meant by 'elites' - not Ivy Law School graduates or people who went to Andover or Exeter. People whose religion is what they suppose to be the force behind all religion as if they could through their own imagination spiritualize the creation or anoint who did. This is the kind of hubris the fallen angel, the devil is made of. These beliefs and adherents to them are great proponents of the universalism environmentalism that determines to rid the world of overpopulation one genocide at a time to save the planet. They are aristocrats. The rest of the hoy paloy from Hoboken are expendable space takers with no right to eat their resources. What follows from this belief system is frightening. If the highest goal is the 'truth' you deem the highest truth than all else has to become subservient to it. If the highest Truth is that the planet is crushing under the weight of about 5 billion too many people on it than you have to do things like promote homosexual activity to make sure a good percentage don't reproduce, favor sterilizations, favor abortions and want as many people in the world to get access to it- to hell with their religious conviction. And that, my friends, is itself another religion- one that the First Amendment Non-Establishment Clause of US Constitution says you cannot favor with state funding, mandates or laws over another. It favors the OverPopulation Creedos over the Christians and Catholics. If your highest truth is the Planet is overpopulated by 5 billion people, You can self justify deludedly a staged false flag attack to justify suspension of civil liberties, promote warrantless spying, justify imposition of martial law even and ultimately connive and contrive whatever false pandemic you want to defeat the bill of rights and ultimately stage another eugenically inspired mass murder of holocaust proportion. The whole Agenda my friends is UnAmerican. In the likeness and image of God he created them all. He created them. You may not destroy them. The whole Agenda is Unchristian. And while the devil may mock, the last laugh will be on the Christian because Resurrection is real, and higher than theosophy tomfoolery. As it is written in Proverbs- The Fool Says 'There is no God'


is Stranger than Fiction

What are we voting on now? It's CLASSIFIED!

Start doing your research now


AND SICKNESS IN THE CITY There are people who believe that the world is too crowded and they want to do something about it. There is a theory that due to technological, biological advancements longevity has increased, birth related deaths and infant mortality decreased and people are having more and more children than the planet can safely hold, or so goes the theory believed by some very powerful people, many of whom influence UN Policy on Global Population Growth Control agendas and studies. You can Youtube people like David Rockefeller, the only surviving of his brothers generation (former head of Chase Manhattan Bank, Foreign Relations Committee Chair, Harvard Bd. of Trustee Chair, of Nelson, Mayor of New York) talk about this. When people think there is Rockefeller money behind studies agendas get developed to suit the theories. In any event this has become a platform belief of a group of people who would like to do something about it. When you hear talk of the 'elite' in a negative light, they are not just talking about Ivy League educated people- it has a negative connotation because they are talking about a class of people who believe that the rest of the world are mere pawns in their money making enterprises or labor for them to enrich themselves and the rest of the hoi paloy from hoboken are "eaters" taking up space, breathing air and eating unrenewable resources the elite want to preserve for their 'lifestyle' advantages. There are people who believe that the way they need to do this is by eliminating large parts of the population. It is deliberate. It is demonically 'occult' inspired.
 When religious people talk about the 'culture of death' it really is something real-inspired by the demonic forces inspiring 'death.' It is not imagined, it is real. But ALL WHO CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED it is promised. And it is for every person to open their eyes. Because those with that Agenda are working hard planning to accomplish their goals. Please do yourself a favor and youtube things like "FEMA CAMPS" and Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, etc...Google UN Population Goals and Growth, the NDAA-National Defense Authorization Administration and research the new military authorizations for domestic military action. Look at what is being currently reported as American Concentration Camps, 800 FEMA Camps sprouting up, and most disturbingly- look at the cremation coffins being shipped in the tens of thousands to these detention centers. Watch for a mandatory vaccination regime where people will be told that for the protection of the rest of the community they must be vaccinated or arrested and detained in quarantine detention centers- and if they take the vaccine they risk death anyway. This will get insanely ugly. This is Germany 1938 all over again. There is something coming that is bigger than you would have ever imagined in America. AND ALL WHO CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED. But you must wake up now.

   It will start all breaking before the election- don't wait until Dec. 21-
In the middle of the 14th century the "black death" or Plague killed off between 30% and 60% of all of Europe. They can easily manufacture a plague like virus justifying vaccinations and the plague like virus is being cited as being the pandemic justification for the vaccination program. There is already legislation on the horizon in California requiring that all school children must be vaccinated or arrested and/or fined.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Weapons Grade Mini ThermoNuclear Device

And Who launched the Weapon of Mass Destruction on New York? Arrest Them Now.

Who Is Susan Lindauer?

Never Never Never Again.


 Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and probably Condi Rice are War Criminals and they need to be tried. If the US Attorney General won't do it any European Court of Human Rights or other War Crimes tribunal body should figure out how to do it now. The jig is up. These people must be brought to Justice. They absolutely should be tried. Over a MILLION iraqi children died? Just the children. Over 3,000 people in New York died. Why has Obama not seriously demanded an investigation? There is No Statute of Limitations on murder.

Has the entire establishment permanently lost its mind. Please read this book:


Next Time You Meet a Right Wingnut who wants to Bust On

The Women's Rights Thing Show them this: .....

 And Somebody actually in Congress voted AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act??? They shouldn't be in Congress.

You Go Girl

Thanks but No Thanks

I have vacation plans with my family. or something like that. That is what Kathleen Sebelius should say to the Georgetown Invitation to be the commencement speaker. In today's episode of 'What in the World Was Jack thinking?' Georgetown invited the lightening rod controversial speaker Sebelius, a strong 'Pro-Life' in a choicest kinda way catholic who crafted the HHS contraception/abortofascient drug mandates and cow towed even Jesuit schools into liking it, to be the commencement speaker this year. How Cow! or Holy Golden Calf! as the idols of governmental sexual politics invades the country's first and oldest catholic college.

 Because massive protests and pressure from the Cardinal are likely to try to get her disinvited as soon as everyone finds out and every conservative parish from here to Skokie marches on the campus with signs posting bloody fetuses and Frank Pavone takes to YouTube again I would simply be on vacation were I Sebellius. Its a beautiful time of year in Cancun.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Compromised Witness

The Conservative Catholic Church's Fundamentally Dishonest ReCreated History on Celibacy

  Those who have argued that the forced mandatory celibacy in the church dates back to the early church and it is theologically founded are fundamentally dishonest. As we are to worship in Spirit and TRUTH they
defy the very nature of Christ in persisting in this dishonesty.  They blaspheme. There was NEVER a MANDATORY FORCED CELIBACY in the early church at any time. There were ascetics like John the Baptist who were so compelled by the message that they could do nothing other than scream in wilderness living off locusts and wild honey- and that was his particular mission. But no one mandated a rule against marriage for perpetual FORCED MANDATORY celibacy ever until the Catholic Church did it in the twelfth century in response to a host of political, worldly events having to do with preserving church property against inheritance laws. That is why the Catholic church is the only religion any where in the world that has forced mandatory lifetime celibacy imposed as a condition of employment on the priesthood.

It was a Jewish religion to start, with Jewish followers and Jesus came first to the Jews who largely rejected him then to the Gentiles. He didn't come to abolish the laws but to fulfill them. It was culturally required based on the scriptural commandment to be fruitful and multiply that Jewish people married and had natural progeny. It says in the old /first testament that women are 'saved' by child bearing. Jesus came into a "Holy Family."

     The early Jewish church would have thought a Mandatory Forced Celibacy of all its highest spiritual leaders to be so anathematic to the basic message it would have been a deal breaker.

In the Catholic World the forced mandatory celibacy of all priests as a condition of vocational employment lasted until the Schism- less than four hundred years before half the church split off believing it was wrong and ridiculous. It wasn't just King Henry the VIII who thought so. John Calvin, a catholic reformer who once thought of being a priest and instead is considered the founder of Presbyterianism and other Protestant movements married as did Martin Luther, a former Augustinian Monk.

     The reason it is so profoundly offensive is that it makes no consideration at all of the emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical needs of the woman involved. It runs 180 degrees in the opposite direction from who Jesus was in complete disregard for the well being of any woman involved or implicated. Jesus was totally about caring for women- his best friends were women. Mary Magdalene is the ONLY person we know of in scripture (other than his mother obviously) who had a one on one private audience with Jesus- all the others were in groups. Yet, there she is one on one at the tomb with him alone. He came to her alone.  The only time scripture reports he cried was watching the upset of Mary tell of the tearful death of her brother Lazarus. You cannot tell me that Jesus would be happy with this mandatory forced celibacy nonsense. I think he is appalled.

     There is absolutely nothing supporting theologically a Mandatory Forced Celibacy of all priesthood. There is good reason to have celibate monks in monasteries. There is ZERO reason theologically or spiritually to make  ALL priests in all diocese be celibate forever and it HARMS WOMEN.

    Frankly the church gets this rap on the war on women in part because of their total inconsideration of women along these lines which perpetuates the sort of gamesmanship, manipulations and delusions that create the psychological problems landing priests in the Saint Luke's Institute to get drugged into submission of something totally unhealthy.

    YOU MUST CHANGE. Pope Benedict You are not serving Christ by this Forced Mandatory Celibacy nonsense. The WHOLE CHURCH is crying out that you MUST CHANGE NOW.

If you think "Marriage Matters" act like it. Practice what you preach. Allow Priests to openly marry instead of the secret BS that goes on now.  It is not 'holier' to be not in Love. It is Less Love which is Less Christ.

How many priests have (a) died of AIDS

How many billions in settlements on the abuse because celibacy is a cloak for pedophilia?
How many priests in the US alone have gone to prison over the abuse (at taxpayer expense)?
How many secretly married, then left the priesthood (estimated to be over 25,000 in the US alone)?
PLEASE, GET REAL. Seriously. It's disgusting denial.

Just When You Thought

It Couldn't Get Any Politically Crazier or Stupider (is that a word?)

For todays YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME moment of the month:

An Obvious Connection

Between Forced Celibacy and the Abuse Scandal, declared the Australian Priest who has been secretly married for a year. Obvious.

Wait till the other shoe drops.
Then Get Real. Please.

  (now can we talk about Father Corapi?)

The Great Pretenders

Forced Celibacy in the Catholic church debate rears its head again whether the Pope likes it or not because an Australian Priest with twenty years of priesthood under his belt has just admitted that he has been secretly married for a year to a young Philipino woman he fell in love with. He is writing a book about it and it will be highly controversial. He claims "MOST" of the priesthood have some secret life they rather their congregation not know about. The Dominican House of Studies will be having a book burning in their courtyard (kidding--sort of). Google it- Huff Post is all over it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Fifty Million Dead Babies is Not Like the Hollocaust How??? There is a recurrent ruckus when anyone compares any tragedy, mass murder or genocide to the Holocaust, because it offends the memories of the Jews who think Holocaust is a term that should just apply to what happened to them at the hands of Hitler. Six Million Jews died. Beyond Tragic, purely demonic mass murder in the most horrendous way. So what do you call Mass Murder of Fifty Million dead babies before they are born? Not a Holocaust? Apparently a Pentacostal Minister, and pretty much EVERY pro Life person on the planet against abortion on demand thinks it is a Holocaust.

 If you have a biblical concordance you will see the word Holocaust several times referenced in the First/Old Testament and so it does not historically just mean what Hitler did. But apparently the Defamation League finds the analogy highly offensive. I find it highly offensive they do not get the Analogy. Fifty Million Dead Babies since Roe. We should call that what? Recess ?

You Gotta Be Kiddin Me

Is there No Legal Department in HHS now? You gotta be kiddin me here! She's done.