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Eric Garner Shut It Down March NYC: Columbus Circle

DA Mike Ramos Speaks Out in Support of Law Enforcement and Corrects Jon ...

The Fix Is In

Cried the Public

   at the apparent outrage of a number of white police officers trying to subdue a large black man (african-american, dark skinned american, whatever term is now descriptive and non-perjorative) in New York on Staten Island with one officer gripping him in a 'choke-hold' while another sat on him as he gasped 'I can't breath' over and over again.

     While it was difficult to believe in the Ferguson matter that a 12 person grand jury reviewing for months facts that made it look like a self-defense or fleeing felon causing danger claim could be valid, in this case, even the most hardened of conservatives are speechless. Its on video. And the only person who is being prosecuted is the videographer! Even the holy trinity of blonde talking heads, Ingram, Kelly and Sustern must be scratching their dark roots going "how do we spin this one!!" John Stewart says tragedy and time makes humor and bemoans "I need more time" to process something so wrong.

  New York is no stranger to questionable police profiling. Only recently have they started amending under Court order the 'stop and frisk' abuses that had many innocent blacks saddled with records for 'walking while black' in the wrong street at the wrong time. Blacks were stopped, rudely questioned and roughed up so the police could make their chits while stunned families saw their family members randomly picked on just to inspire terror it seems in the community. Legal battles (and an iphone recording creating evidence of one smart kid) made people look at it differently and forced change. Perhaps better community policing entails building trust not terror. A new paradigm.

   The recent no-bill return on indictment for the white cop with his tatooed buddies thrusting to the ground with his neck in a vice grip chokehold (a violation of police policy apparently) has more people on the street shouting "I Can't Breathe!" And suddenly it looks like modern day lynch mobs dressed in badges.

   The facebook post that got a lot of attention last night seemed to say it all: "America, You Are Broken." When its open season on black guys standing on the street because they are black guys standing on the street who may or may not be engaging in petty crimes-to be either shot dead, or choked to death or otherwise bullied into an early grave, what kind of country is this? The whole world watches us and shakes their head. How can a people so great, so innovative, so industrious, so creative, not fix this. Where is the political will? Why is this situation tolerated? Who are you people!

   One of my favorite Jesuit priests, Fr. James Martin, who has a family member in law enforcement, penned something poignant worth sharing here that I agree with one thousand percent:

You can support our country's police officers, as I do. I know a few police officers (as well as a former police officers) and I deeply admire them for putting their lives on the lines every day, something that I do not do. (Remember the police officers who sacrificed their lives, or who were ready to sacrifice their lives, on 9/11.) You can believe that the vast majority of law-enforcement officials are trying to do their best in often extremely complicated situations. I see that almost every day in New York. You can appreciate sometimes nearly impossible challenges of dealing with the volatile and dangerous people they must encounter. I see that too almost every day in New York. And you can understand that many of their decisions must be made in a split second, under the kind of pressure that few of us will know.
You can think all those things and still be appalled by the death of Eric Garner, who died after being subdued by police officers on Staten Island. His confrontation with police was captured on video and has been widely viewed:
At the beginning of the video, Mr. Garner seems belligerent. On the other hand he had, according to witnesss, just broken up a fight on the street. He was also under suspicion for selling "loosies," loose cigarettes, which is illegal. But Mr. Garner was also unarmed, and the chokehold or "vascular neck restraint" (or whatever one calls the maneuver shown in the video) and other subduing techniques led to his death. "The compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police," read the coroner's cause of death. (Chokeholds, by the way, are banned by the NYPD.)
As the video clearly shows, Mr. Garner, on the sidewalk, gasping for breath, chokes out the words, over and over, and calmly, "I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe." And then he dies.
You can admire police officers and still admit that they made a tragic mistake. You can support the justice system and still feel that justice has not been done . You can uphold the rule of law and still feel that the law is not being applied justly.
And if Mr. Garner had indeed just broken up a fight--being a peacemaker, as Jesus calls us to be--then it is an even more brutal tragedy.
I'm not a police officer, so I don't know what that life is like. I'm not an African-American, so I don't know what that life is like either.
But when a man says, "I can't breathe," you should let him breathe. And if he dies after saying it, then you should have let him breathe.


Friday, November 28, 2014

And the winner is in….

Republicans or no one.

   predicted to win the White House if a Dem ran against Minnie Mouse. In 2016 they will have won the House the Senate the White House and the Farm.

Why? One word:  FERGUSON

  This name, of a place no one knows really or has been to except it appears to be a ghetto attached to Saint Louis,  sparked a national obsession over race relations, police brutality and presumed racist cops. We saw a town and the cars in it go up in flames for days.

   Twelve citizens called a grand jury in a different town, with no particular beef reviewed piles of forensic, and physical evidence for months, and heard witness testimony as to how a shooting of a black male by a cop went down.  They could ask questions. For months and months an apparently completely false narrative was peddled by professional race mongers, hustlers, racqueters, and profiteers in the media who generated memes like his hands were up in surrender, he was a little ten year old with headphones on (the picture NBC/MSNBC keeps showing when he was shot as a nearly 300 pound looking 18 year old), and he was just an innocent little kid shot dead for no reason by a bad white cop. He was the poster boy symbol of police brutality and the R word.

   This was deliberately dishonest. Apparently his hands were not up, he was shot as an angry fleeing felon of around nearly 300 pounds who assaulted a police officer after robbing a store who resisted arrest and refused to respect the officer's request to "Stop, or I'll Shoot." Criminals who assault, taunt and bully cops get shot. No one should be surprised at that. It happens to idiots of every race.

   Is there seething animosity toward police in minority communities. Yes. Is there injustice in the minority community regarding unfair sentencing ? Perhaps. Should this kid's death be the funnel for all historic black rage such that an entire town should get torched because we can know that the grand jury made a mistake? Absolutely Not- no excuse. Completely unjustified to torch a town. The fact that the media ginned this up to this degree guaranteeing that people would feel a misplaced sense of deep unfairness is scandalous. Criminal even.

    Everyone feels when anyone loses a child. Its painful, its aweful and its tragic. Every kid or adult sitting in a jail has or had a mother. Its sad or tragic when people turn 'bad.' But Mike Brown, from the looks of the video of the robbery (owned by the way by a dark skinned Central Asian person) went 'bad.' He bullied the guy and shoplifted with a 'what are you going to do to me' attitude. He apparently assaulted a cop and 'tussled' with him to get his gun to shoot him in his car. Then he bolted.

   The grand jury determined that this wasn't a 'he said/she said' apparently in reviewing the forensic and physical evidence which included blood on and/or in the car. A grand jury doesn't get paid from a wrongful death suit, doesn't get paid by media to peddle ratings grabbing results and doesn't get paid to cover for a cop. A grand jury is impartial and there are ways to kick people off if they are suspected of being partial.

    The level of dishonesty doesn't end there with hyped false memes and exaggerated false claims of racism.

   Lawrence O'Donnell, a reliable left sided MSNBC commentator was the straw that broke the donkey's back last night because he devoted a segment to accusing an Assistant District Attorney of intentionally misleading the jury by giving them an old 'Fleeing Felon' statute that he claims was overridden in 1985 because she didn't answer the question as to whether the US Supreme Ct. over-rides the 'Fleeing Felon' rule. In fact, the Fleeing Felon rule was not completely over-ridden but clarified by the Supreme Court to mean deadly force could only be used when the officer was in fear of the physical safety of himself or others due to the actions of the fleeing felon. That was what was evidenced, that was what was proved, and that is what justified the fact the officer was not indicted.

    The Supreme Court recognizes that an officer doesn't have to wait to be shot first to shoot a fleeing felon. After Brown assaulted the officer and ran he was a fleeing felon.

   Its one thing to gin up false claims of racism, its another for a non-criminal lawyer (O'Donnell) to falsely accuse an Assistant District Attorney on national television of a degree of prosecutorial misconduct -something that would get her disbarred-  by name-that jimmied a grand jury- and I am beyond offended. Its outrageous. She is owed an apology.

   Its way over the top. The lengths the media,  and the race arsonists and hustlers, have gone to justify their misplaced indignant outrage that a kid who shoplifted, a robbery suspect who assaulted a police officer, resisted arrest and fled was shot dead is beyond unpalatable -its dishonest.

  And every Republican Presidential candidate from here till the turn of the century will play that "Burn this Bitch Down" clip to show just how off the wall out of their minds the established race narrators
will go to excuse people from having to create their own enterprise to advance their own lives and instead blame white cops and all whites who think law and order is a good thing as 'racist.'

   America is not going to 'heal' so long as people continue to be dishonest about the real hinderances to advancement in these black communities where a good portion of the disposable income in excess of government benefits comes from illegal petty drug trades generating contempt for all law enforcement.  Lack of Education is only part of the problem. Lack of Opportunity isn't as bad as perceived lack of opportunity. The socio-economic problems are not all whities fault. And whitie is getting sick of being blamed.

    Are there any real pragmatic solutions? Here are a few basic no brainer  things that have been suggested to make people feel comfortable that the cops are not being racist but doing their jobs:

1. small cameras on all cops on the beat
2. create a police academy in Ferguson and recruit from the community raising the number of black officers. Provide full scholarships for kids from the community who wish to go to the Police Academy, recruit heavily from the local schools.
3. involve the kids in church-community-police activities to generate trust and admiration of police.
4. create more police mentoring programs of black youth in Ferguson and St. Louis at large.

   And even when that is all done there will still be people who, every single time a black kid is shot by a cop will insist the kid is the reincarnation of the Angel Gabriel and the cop was a racist bastard who just likes to go out for no reason popping off the heads of black kids.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Rare Day

When I Pen a partisan diatribe. I try to see all sides. Its supposed to make a better advocate.

   But its now necessary. The President is going to issue some kind of unilateral statement on immigration reform tomorrow. Horrah. Finally. Good for Him.

   Senator Barbara Boxer has given a pointed speech where she notes that over the last 60 years, Presidents of both parties have taken immigration action of some kind on 40 different occassions. No one saw it as unconstitutional, threatened to shut down the government, or sue the President.

  She noted that 17 months ago the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill. It was passed by the Senate and the House did not act on it. Ever hear the phrase 'Do Nothing' House or Congress? That is because their response to a bipartisan immigration reform bill was to do exactly nothing. No Action.

  The President waited and waited and waited to sign a bill. Nothing. None came. It should be called the 'Sit on Your Hands and Suck Your Thumb House' Really annoying. So the President is going to do what the President should do and take responsible action to fix a serious problem.

We have a serious problem at the border. We have a serious problem enforcing the laws that exist. We have a serious problem in the way we are currently treating people who are here, who came here
with legitimate asylum claims. We aren't processing them fairly because evidence can't be ascertained fairly. People fled a civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s. They cannot go back because there is nothing to go back to in some cases. They and their children are American for all practical purposes in all but passport.

   Stories of how families are torn apart with some family members sent back to Central America after being mistreated in immigration detention facilities are too numerous to let go unnoticed. People who have been here contributing to society, paying taxes, raising their kids to be responsible people, educating them in American schools should not be subjected to cruelty of banishment and return to a place they don't know as home any more. This is home.

   I can't listen to people like Laura Ingram or any of the right wingnutty talking heads blast Obama's constitutional theories. They just look too white and too blonde to get it. There are massive numbers, 11 million roughly that we know of, people who have made their life and home here and we should 'Welcome the Stranger'- because families of  EVERYONE except native americans came from somewhere else, and because its the only kind thing to do.

We are not a nation of bullies who rip children from their parents arms to lock them up. We don't need to create that kind of trauma and destruction of families. We can be a kinder gentler place. Did we forget that we are supposed to Love Our Neighbors?

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A visionary

Who Was Assassinated 25 years ago

   with his friends, confreres and the horse he rode in on.

Because they couldn't stand it- he made them face themselves.

The 25th Anniversary of the assassinations of the Jesuit priest-philosophers is marked this week-end.
At least stop in silence and say a prayer. There are people in the world who won't be silenced in the
face of obscene injustice- even when the US government and the richest people in the world have a hit on them. Wrong is Wrong- even when the establishment insists upon it and feeds off it.

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Lisa Ling on Life

   Dishes on what it is really like to be a Priest.

Why Elections Matter

For Foreign Policy.

     This weekend celebrations from Coast to Coast are paying tribute to the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador. Because the Jesuits are on the front lines and cutting edge of bringing light to dark places they find themselves often between historical cross hairs of crucifiers and crucifixions.

    Around 25 years ago there was a blazing civil war in El Salvador which can be simplified as follows: 13 powerful families dating back to 16th century conquistadors who owned all the land were fighting off peasant workers who were awakening to the fact that they were being horrendously exploited and eat dirt poor.

  That would be none of the US' business you might think except for a few do gooding religious types who wanted to see that people didn't eat dirt.

   However, this was at the end of the long 'Cold War' and Reagan was terrified the communism that took over Cuba was going to spread to Central America so it was expressly part of US foreign policy to provide official aid to the military of the establishment to keep order so the masses wouldn't revolt in some socialist uprising. The military was supported by the US with arms and US AID, and  elections regularly rigged in latin and central america with the help of the CIA (directed by Bush, Sr. at one point Veep to Reagan). The military with our backing waged a brutal massacring slaughter of the peasant workers in El Salvador in a civil war that decimated huge portions of the population and wiped villages off the earth. Commonplace were torture, disappearances, mass graves, close to 100,000 dead and the worst human rights violations Amnesty International ever chronicled.

   The US funded a School of the Americas- to train people in allegedly ostensibly fighting communism in Latin and Central America. We trained military leaders to fight to keep the established inequity and impoverishment in place to support our puppets.

   It didn't end until 1992 after Clinton was elected and Democrats could not be relied upon for arms or USAID.

  Prior to Clinton being elected, the military officially put a hit on the Jesuit intellectual priests who ran the University in El Salvador who were seen as spreading such silly notions as - exploitation isn't nice,  fair treatment might be more Christian, and poor isn't something you have to really tolerate.

   Six Jesuit Priest Professor intellectuals and/or University Administrators, along with their cook/housekeeper and her daughter were killed in cold blood. The Archbishop Romero was also assassinated and there is a cause for his sainthood pending at the Vatican.

     The generals who put the hit out were trained by the School of the Americas faculty. Some of those guys are living in luxury in retirement in Florida. Not Kidding. Jeb Bush country. One of them has a deportation on appeal apparently.

    Elections in the US matter. They matter for the entire region in a direct way and the entire world obviously.

From Saint Isaac Joques to the El Salvadoran Martyrs, the soil of the Americas is infused with the blood of Jesuits who died to proclaim the Good News to the Poor, and set the Oppressed Free. So this weekend Hug a Jesuit and say Thank You.



Who Said

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,

The Ellacuría Tapes Introductory Video

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dare you to crank up the sound

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    A Pilgrimmage.

That is the title of the newest book of Father James Martin, SJ, a Jesuit Priest, editor of America Magazine in New York, who spoke at Georgetown
this week discussing his trip to Israel described in the book. Every time I hear him speak (third time now)  I am more and more in awe. He packed the house, as he always does and had the crowd both in uproarious laughter as well as 'ahah' lightbulb moments. People left with a 'Thank God For Priests Like That' feeling.

This Priest, whom I particularly connect with because he grew up not far from where I partially grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs is one of the single best advertisements for "Catholic" I know of- he is extremely witty (wrote also "Heaven and Mirth"), down to earth, and profoundly spiritually insightful. Moreover, he's just extremely kind and sweet and disdains trolling meanness on the internet. "We have to recover and reuse the word 'Mean'", he said describing some of the vitriol he received merely by posting something controversial. He describes how going to Israel aided greatly his understanding of Jesus' talks, noting that he saw places along the Sea of Galilee that were 'rocky' ground, and good soil that had things growing-and noted when Jesus spoke parables of the Word falling on rocky ground and good soil that bore much fruit, he wasn't making up abstractions but pointing to -that good ground over there with good soil, or that rocky ground. The book chronicles in part his journey with his friend George (a prison priest chaplain at San Quentin) as they followed trails to purple rocks spotting the Bay of Parables where Jesus taught from a boat to a natural amphitheatre because the acoustics were great as sound travels over water so well.

     He noted that when Jesus was called to the Tomb of Lazarus by his frantic sisters they likely didn't have a singsongy tone but one of exasperation and anger. What would you think if your brother was having a heart attack and you called a relative who was a heart surgeon and he didn't come for days- he noted in expressing the Jesuit approach to putting yourself in scripture to better connect with the message.

We can understand Christ better by embracing the Jesus of history- a historical Jesus approach. He was fully human and fully divine at the same time all the time. Fully human when raising Lazarus, fully divine when doing 'carpentry.'  The implications of that are truly staggering if you realize the fullness of what that means.

There are some encounters which have been called holes in heaven where light travels fast to touch earth and Father Martin walks with one over his head. An encounter with him leaves one with the feeling that you touched heaven for a few minutes, or an hour long talk and you didn't want it to end. This is a real Priest, and a really good man.

I highly recommend getting his book- (which make excellent Christmas presents and some of my relatives are getting it:-)

click to order here:

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Let Them Eat Croissants, Lots of Them

DOG TAG BAKERY- Not Just For Dogs.

    One of the most exciting things coming to Georgetown is a cool Bakery which is the brainchild of a Priest which he located on GRACE street, naturally. Yes, there is a Grace Street in Georgetown.

  Father Rick Curry who masters the art of one armed bread kneading (because he only has one arm, not kidding, no joke-was born that way, don't remind him), wanted to see disabled vets returning from the war fiascos get a break. He developed an idea, pitched it, got it funded and set up a non profit to allow returning disabled vets to get credit at Georgetown by working in a bakery especially equipped for disabled people.

  He calls it Dog Tag Bakery and it is strongly rumored to open this week (actually he announced it at Mass so its more than a rumor).

   I dare you to google it. You can also get his Jesuit's guides to breakmaking and soupmaking- which found their way under a few of my extended family's Christmas trees in years past.

I dare you to google him- its the most exciting thing you learned today. Plus they have chocolate croissants according to their on line menu which is my fav. breakfast of champions:-)

God's Speed (even if its slow rise in a dark place:-)
Love, Love, Love It!!

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Synod fathers on updating church language

all are welcome here


A discussion with Renown Jesuit Father James Martin, SJ.

     Tomorrow night Fordham University Lincoln Center in the heart of New York city is hosting a discussion with renown author Jesuit Father James Martin, SJ. on the latest from the Synod titled

   In keeping with the Popes theme of-- try not to obsess too much on gay issues driving people away, if a person is sincerely seeking God and trying to find him WHO AM I TO JUDGE, famously said the Pope.

   While the synod thinkers tinkered with syntax and wording on a document concerning whether we
should 'welcome' gays, or 'provide for' gays (whether it was right to shut down completely all catholic social services for adoption in DC and Boston because a gay couple might show up) the basic premise according to Fr. Martin's prolific facebook page is that gays are our brothers and sisters in Christ who have God endowed skills, talents and contributions to make to the Church. He wants them 'welcomed' with open arms. That's the Christian thing to do.

If you are in NYC this is a must see TV event (meaning I hope they film it and post the whole thing on Facebook/Youtube.

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note to self

Bach - Mass in B minor (Proms 2012)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Friday, August 08, 2014

The Jesuit Almost Martyr

     Pater Mayer

          Congratulations to the Jesuits on the anniversary of their Society's restoration. 
In Munich, a Jesuit died in 1945. He was co-operating with the resistance against the Nazi's and was thrown in prison. He was called The Apostle of Munich. Its a reminder of what 'religious liberty' means. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

God to Anti-Semitic Muslim Rioters: Arretez vos Conneries. Arretez Vous. Vous Etes Tous Fous


Des synagogues ont été attaquées, des magasins appartenant à des personnes juives ont été saccagés, des slogans antisémites ont été proférés, chez nous, dans la région parisienne.
Nous, évêques d’Ile-de-France, sommes choqués, comme l’immense majorité des Français. De tels actes ne peuvent en aucun cas être justifiés par la situation internationale. Nous demandons au gouvernement de tout faire pour maintenir l’ordre républicain.
Nous appelons les catholiques, mais aussi tous nos concitoyens, au respect mutuel, au dialogue, à la rencontre.
Face aux violences répandues dans le monde, au mépris de la sécurité à laquelle chacun a droit, et aux injustices dont tant de personnes sont victimes, notre pays se doit d’être un exemple et de montrer qu’une coexistence entre les hommes est réalisable, quelles que soient leur culture, leur religion, leur origine,
Nous croyons qu’il est toujours possible de dépasser les peurs et les enfermements idéologiques.
Nous invitons les croyants à prier pour la paix.
Lundi 21 juillet 2014
Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, archevêque de Paris
Monseigneur Eric Aumonier, évêque de Versailles
Monseigneur Michel Aupetit, évêque de Nanterre
Monseigneur Pascal Delannoy, évêque de Saint-Denis
Monseigneur Michel Dubost, évêque d’Evry
Monseigneur Stanislas Lalanne, évêque de Pontoise
Monseigneur Jean-Yves Nahmias, évêque de Meaux
Monseigneur Luc Ravel, évêque aux Armées françaises
Monseigneur Michel Santier, évêque de Créteil

Monday, June 09, 2014

It's Official

Lift the Ban on Marriage for Priests.

     ...Reads a Statement officially posted on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops website- from an Orthodox-Catholic Theological organization. Read

     Thank you to Fr. James Martin, SJ for pointing out the huge significance of this- which was also commented upon by the New York Times about three days ago.  But its just for the Eastern Orthodox catholics in North America- so who knew there was a ban on priests being married in the Eastern Orthodox world in North America in the first place. Small step for humanity.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Man Who Almost Was Pope

And Could Yet Still Be- He's young enough.

Cardinal Schoenborn is my new favorite Cardinal (no offense to Cardinal O'Malley who is also a favorite).

He had the gall to suggest that the mandatory celibacy might be re-examined in light of the crushing pedo scandals- which now have prompted a UN body to declare officially the Catholic church as a 'torturer' on the child rape front. Yes, child rape is torture. Are you seriously questioning that? I mean did you have to think of that for five seconds- when boys are turning suicidal and becoming drug addicts to self-medicate their pain. And the betrayal. Judas didn't do worse. Can you imagine any corporation in the world acting like that. Imagine GE having files on all its branch managers that they were raping children and the senior management ignored it or transferred the managers to evade service of process. Criminal Enterprise.
The people who challenge the connection between mandatory celibacy and pedofilia are such brain challenged people I wonder if they are veterans with traumatic brain injury or just totally brain-washed. More healthy married clergy men means less perverts.  D'oh.

People are (with a straight face and a publishing deal) declaring in the blind defense of hierarchy with the same ferocity that had a village of intimidated idiots declaring the Emperor's clothes were spectacular-  that there are scout leaders and teachers and police men who are also pedos so therefore catholic clergy aren't so bad because they too are pedos. This is like saying there are obese people in the world so its not so bad that athletic olympians are obese.  CLERGY are supposed to be so far above the perverted masses that no one would dare even compare the two. Presbyterian clergy have paid  zero in child rape convicted clergy cases, other than Al Sharpton I am not aware of Baptist ministers sitting in any jail for any reason  much less child raping, and Episcopalian priests don't find themselves defending allegations of raping boys with anything like the magnitude of catholic clergy who have paid over two billion (that's 2 billion dollars) in settlements and legal fees.  The apples to apples comparison is clergy to clergy- not catholic priests to the demented perverted masses.

     Does the Catholic clergy engage in emotional abuse? Yes. Is it sometimes "torture"- yes, according to the UN.
   Over 200,000 ordained priests have left the church in America due to the mandatory celibacy when they found God's call to fall in love with women and marry them and pro-create, just like their heavenly father who Pro-Created physically humans.  Falling in love with women has been demeaned to 'scandal' in the catholic church such that they drive priests out for doing it. That is DISGUSTING. It is scandal to rape a boy. It is Godly to fall in love with a woman. How this twisted theology took root is beyond reason. Its flatly heresy.

    Because of the priest shortage some theologicans had mass without one- and got excommunicated.

The Catholic church is afraid of itself. Its afraid of those evil mean women who think priests are their possessions and they own their sexuality so they have to demonize women who fall in love with them---because they can't have them. The twisted sister widows and married women who fall in love with priests because their marriages are so dismal and hang around parish houses keeping 'their' priests in line are pathetic old women who should not be running any policies anywhere.

     Stop demonizing women who actually are eligible to marry priests and love them, and start looking at your own eye-logs. And for Heaven's Sake (literally) stop deluding yourself that mandatory 'celibacy' makes anyone holier. Saint Peter himself was married and he was chosen as the Rock. If you aren't married, you aren't Saint Peter.



Monday, May 19, 2014


ERIC HOLDER -US Attorney General

  For his landmark prosecution against Chinese hackers stealing trade secrets from American companys. Brilliant. Well Done. Bravo Bravissimo.


Hacking is Evil. No matter who does it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

European Court of Justice

Privacy Rights and the Right to Move On

    Europe has stricter privacy rights than the US. Disparaging material is not something that Europeans want published about each other. Law suits against tabloids flourish for violating privacy rights even when true- or photos actual real and not photoshopped. That is why, for example, Julie First French Mistress to the President can threaten to sue the tabloids for exposing an affair.

    The European Court of Justice has issued a landmark ruling against Google that it must delete and remove any old disparaging information on line. Google is appealing it- why? Does Google wish to become the gossipmonger peddler of defamation internationally? Does Google become an international neighborhood bully of sorts if it won't delete or remove disparaging or defamatory material?  This debate will rage- on line no doubt.



Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Irish Catholics Overwhelmingly

Want Married Priests.

Six in Ten American Catholics want married priests.

So shouldn't there be at least an option?

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Ways to Defy God

    The fight against the married priesthood option takes a perverted theological turn in justifications launched stating things like Christ was married to the Church as the 'bridegroom' to the body of Christ, therefore priests have to be married to their parishes- and celibate. This is such a ridiculous theological perversion which has been debunked by no less than Pope John Paul II who said there is no ontological necessity for priests to be unmarried and it is a mere 'discipline' that serves an institutional pragmatic purpose. This Pope, Francis has said it can change- and I argue, Must Change.

    A priest is not Jesus. A priest cannot pretend to be Jesus. Jesus was Jesus. Jesus doesn't need a priest's sperm to consecrate his body or blood to become Jesus' body and blood.

The perversions that have followed from this biblical disobedience (there is an express Biblical mandate that Bishops should be the husband of one wife, as is the Jewish priesthood model and as was practiced in the catholic world for a thousand years and as is still the case in protestant denominations and eastern, orthodox, armenian, melkite, and maronite orders) are legend and have cost the church BILLIONS.

It is time to stop the BS- stop persecuting women who know that far far more abuse than Jesus ever would sanction or tolerate has been perpetuated disgustingly in his name over keeping priests unhealthy not heterosexual men in marital unions.

Time to get real. Before the world makes you.

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before the Lord other than the Lord- not even yourself. Its the First Commandment you break when idolizing celibacy. You are not Jesus. There should be a class in Seminary: You Are Not Jesus: Get Over Yourself Please.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

His Mercies to Behold.

Do you Believe in Miracles?  Its a good question to ask around Canonizations because it takes a few to make a Saint-

     If you have not seen the movie " HEAVEN IS FOR REAL" yet I highly encourage going. Its playing everywhere-about a four year old boy who had an out of body near death experience and claims he went to heaven then returned to talk about it.
Do you believe in Visions? A few Pennsylvania Minors apparently saw one of a late Pope. You can read the remarkable story in the Pastor's letter in the Bulletin of Our Lady of Lourdes, Bethesda HERE

Gone to Pot

Legalization of Marijuana

     The race statistics on arrests previously for MJ (marijuana) smoking in small amounts have been seen as a troubling point to judicial racism because they tend to weigh heavily in African American communities. It is a ralling cry for legalization everywhere of small 'personal' amounts. It might just be that black communities indulge more, hence the larger arrests. 

   In DC this morning I walked behind a large African American male smoking on the street in a fairly nice neighborhood on the way to work. Last night it was on the metro. The smoke is pervasive-you can't miss it- nor the roughly 300 pound rastafarian smoking standing still on a metro escalator. You cannot eat or drink in the metro but apparently you can now smoke pot. 

   It still should be illegal everywhere to smoke in public. The smoke has second hand smoking features that the rest of the non-pothead world doesn't appreciate.

   This morning after standing on the sidewalk behind a lethargic meandering pothead strolling while toking I stood in line at a cormer bakery where the guy behind the cash register, also African American was clearly stoned, gazingly dazing off into the horizon past cinnabon heaven taking dollar bills and repeatedly asking what sort of coffee that was that I ordered. He is supposed to immediately hand me a paper cup whereupon i get it myself on another counter and hand me the orange juice while he places the bagel order. I waited 20 minutes before getting bold and asking where my egg bagel with cheese was and it had been sitting behind him for a while. I thought that was mine there. Either clinically subhuman intelligence of an ardvaark or stoned off his gord. The loopy rolling eyes gave  him away. 

  Don't do it. Don't legalize MJ in your city/state. Or at least make it adhere to the same smoking in public bans that exist and ban them from restaurants and sidewalks and metros and train stations and everywhere people have to have oxygen.




Saturday, May 03, 2014

Paul, Paul

Why Are You Persecuting Me.

     Easter isn't over. It's never over. Because the Resurrection leads to ETERNAL LIFE.
The official calendar has an Easter "Octave" or 8 days after Easter, then another 40 days to Pentacost as
the Easter "Season"- We are still in the Easter "Season." Jesus lives, and reigns, still and forever.

   That means new life can resurrect out of nothing any day. Hard hearts can turn to Joy, spitting mean people can turn to generous loving people.

What happened after Easter on the road to Damascus (in Syria) was that the person persecuting the truest believers the most, Paul of Tarsus,  a learned erudite man boasting of his cosmopolitain worldliness as the speaker of multiple langauges (Greek, Roman, Hebrew….) and adherer to the law as a Pharisee owed all the rights and privileges of a Roman also, was flattened off his horse and blinded until he could absorb that Jesus was telling him to STOP Persecuting His People. Note to Assad.

   Sometimes the Lord tells people to get a grip and get over yourself. Sometimes when they refuse he knocks them off their high horse.

     Paul was on a rampage. The believers could not stop talking about the saving power of redeeming Grace through Jesus, and it drove Paul crazy. He couldn't stand it. He was out to stone them all to death- and succeeded with Stephen. We don't know whether he gave the orders on Stephen or not (first martyr) or whether he was part of the lynching party. However-- he was gleefully there cheering on the crowds to rid the place of the blight of Stephen's testimony- that Jesus of Nazareth whom you crucified LIVES - He Rose from the Dead- and you can't stop him. Not even by hanging him in a disgraceful manner for all the world to gloat. Go ahead, string him up on death row in a public execution and barter for all his clothing- still alive. Didn't work. Still Alive. Are you getting this?

    Sometimes some people's success makes other people mad with envy. They can't see straight. They want them destroyed. There are people filled with demonic hate who wish people destroyed. Paul was one of them. There are people threatened because people see through their game- so they want them destroyed.

    Paul, Paul, why are you Persecuting Me?

Love of the Jesus kind is a radical thing. People are threatened by it. They hold tight to their hate, vendettas, jealousy pride, and egos. They have to be superior. Jesus washed feet like a maid. Jesus did demeaning things to demonstrate love. Some people are offended by that. They want their leaders looking regal. Some people are offended by the notion that you should try to heal people on the Sabbath because saving a life obviously trumps the no-work rule. Even today. Some people are offended that Jesus said "bless those who curse you and spitefully use you and utter all kinds of slander against you." It outrages some people when Jesus says "blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth" "blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". Its a stumbling block to some and salvation to others. The more good there is, the stronger evil people will fight it.

     Who are the Pauls in your life who want to crush you? Who are the people holding fast to the cannon laws, legalisms, and pettiness of forms of religiosity without its true meaning trying to kill Love.

Paul, Paul, why are you persecuting me?



The Deer Whisperer

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

spaketh the papeth

A community of peace, forgiveness and harmony means "there's no place for gossip, jealousy, back-stabbing and slander," he said, according to a report by Vatican Radio.

To see how a community measures up to what Christ wants, look at how its members behave, he said. "Are they meek, humble? Are there battles among them over power? Jealous arguments? Is there gossip? They are not on the road of Jesus Christ," said Pope Francis.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Blessed Joy-filled Easter to All my friends, family and foes.  Jesus is Risen. Hallelujiah.

Resurrection Witnesses

The First Witness to the Resurrection was a Woman.

   The conservative blogdom went nuts when Nancy Pelosi went to an Episcopalian church to wash feet. A priest is supposed to do that and women are not supposed to do what priests do. That's the logic.
And its crazy. As for being in an Episcopalian church, the upper room was neither a temple nor a synagogue so any house of worship is an upgrade from a dining hall (likely on top of someone's house.)  Nancy Pelosi was imitating Christ in washing feet. Women are supposed to imitate Christ also. Do you have a serious question about that. What it is however, is reflective of a deeper sexism in the church that insists on all male fraternities of unmarried womenless men. Father Martin in his Washington Post essay reminds us that it is a myth or wrong statement that Jesus appeared to Peter first after the Resurrection. He appeared to Mary Magdalene- on purpose one assumes. There is reference to him telling her not to touch him because he has not yet ascended- which has been variously translated to mean 'don't hug too hard' or stop hugging me for those who know ancient aramaic and/or greek.

    So clearly there was a relationship between them that was close and special. She calls him Rabboni not Rabbi- which is a term of endearment not as distant as rabbi/student.  It always gets translated 'teacher.' It was more than that. Like calling one a cherie prof (in french), or something closer than Mr. teacher, Sir.

     The view of women perpetuates the myth that its holier to be without one, because they must be intrinsically dirty or unclean- all of them, all of the time.

    When I went to the church of San Pietro In Vincoli (Peter in Chains) the titular church chosen by the Archbishop of Washington, DC there was a plaque memorial on the floor of "Cynthia, wife of Bishop….." which struck me because that is my name- and because this was evidently someone so revered she ranked enough to be buried along with her Bishop husband inside not outside the church. The church is so old it existed during the time when it was commonplace for Bishops to marry wives.

    What has happened since the practice was banned, only about a thousand or so years ago, is that there evolved a theology intrinsically of the unclean unholy nature of priestly marital union-- rendering all 'flesh' evil- and a denegration of womenhood had to take place to justify it.   It was viewed as holier for men to just remain celibate among themselves. The theology changed to accommodate it. Any sexuality of priests became evil. It intrinsically adopted and incorporated a sort of pagan Platonic Realm of the Forms schism wherein matter was fleshly and spirit was superior and to live a holy life one had to swear off all forms of 'flesh'. It became inconceivable that Flesh could be used in a non- temptation way-that it didn't exist just for temptation but had a 'good' attached even for priests in proper context. That is why Jesus was 'fully human' and fully divine at the same time and in him there is no contradiction in that.

     The church needs to look at their views of women- what they believe they are capable of and expand it. Because otherwise it insults their creator who made women also in the image and likeness of God. God put talents in womenkind that have yet to be fully explored or nurtured. And this has to be one of the more egregious stifling of the Holy Spirit we ever witnessed or lived in.


Friday, April 18, 2014


A Pilgrimmage

    The new book by Fr. James Martin, SJ. is flying off the shelves and in its second printing already. If you get one Easter book for a loved one make it that one. Author of 'Jesuits Guide to Almost Everything', the beloved Jesuit author has penned an epic which he claims was 25 years in the making and includes his pilgrimmage to the Holy Land invaluable insights in scripture. Available at Barnes and Noble and all reputable book sellers everywhere as well as Amazon on line here:

JESUS: A Pilgrimage

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was dead and now I AM Alive

 I was dead and now I AM alive. 

What Good Friday  teaches us is that death comes. You will be one day dead. You may be dead many times over while walking in your lifetime. People might try to destroy you and they may even succeed. You could be dead in your business, your marriage, your career, your relationships, your family, a child's illness might destroy your emotional capacity to go on, your condemners might have convinced you of the validity of their judgment so you give up, you might lose your hope. But what Easter proves is that for those who have faith in Jesus the Christ/Messiah, you can't stay dead even if you feel like it and the people closest to you want to kill you off. Because God will resurrect you. He will break through all that darkness because he loves you more than any person could.
Dead is really dead. It looks grim. Bloody dripping on a first century electric chair out in the open for all the world to gawk. You control nothing, not even your own clothing which is gambled for by the very people persecuting you throwing you to the dogs. Dead is really dead not just sleeping like a monty python skit. Not just in a coma, really dead. But just like Jesus called Lazarus who was so dead after four days in a tomb he was stinking rotting dead, Jesus /God will resurrect you - Lazarus didn't even ask to be resurrected. God will resurrect you. Do you see how the frost covers the tree limbs bared of all leaves in winter over a frozen ground. It all looks dead. Jesus in physical form was deader than that on Good Friday. And yet, the life force found in him by God's power raised him to life. You have that same life force within you. Its greater than the life force that brings back dead bulbs buried under ground to become blossoming trees and tulips in Spring- its the life force of creation. Anything that looks dead, can be rebuked in the name of Jesus who stills storms and raises dead things to fullness of life. Even you. In the holy powerful name of Jesus.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Artificial Crosses

And Making Martyrs of your own People

     This holy week there should be More Life.
Jesus was a carpenter but it is fairly certain he never built his own cross.
He didn't put the nail in his own hands.
But this is what the church does in its mandatory priestly lifetime celibacy doctrine which is counter-biblical and in biblical error.

    In perpetuating the illusion of spiritual superior celibacy the catholic church demands that men not be healthy heterosexuals, in spite of the teaching that Jesus was 'fully human' at the same time as fully divine and those two things are not contradictory. It is not flesh itself that is evil it is the misuse of it. A mouth is necessary for nutrition and intrinsically good for the intended purpose, but turns evil if you put poison in it.  Sexuality is not evil when used properly for its intended use, in heterosexual marital union. It is evil when you use it to bang children.

    The church has confused for far too long 'lust of the flesh' with flesh used in Love and doomed all male sexuality in priesthood as evil.

  In what should be considered the most head-bangingly odd understanding of stewardship the church has allowed a policy of mandatory lifetime celibacy to cost it over 3 billion dollars in legal fees and settlements for perversely indulging in lust of the flesh instead of allowing properly channeling flesh used in Love. In insisting on the myth of superiority in celibacy it has attracted gays (about a third of the priesthood by the account of a famous Jesuit Fr. James Martin) and sexual deviants who have cost about three billion. That is just ridiculously bad stewardship. Its the GNP of small countries lost due to sexual perversions to uphold an illusion.

   Note to file: amount of money spent on perversity, deviancy and sexual criminality of roman catholic clergy:   about 3 billion.
                       amount of money spent on perversity, deviancy and sexual criminality of Presbyterian clergy:  about Zero.

  And that is not even counting the budget for the Saint Luke's Institute which will be largely unnecessary after you stop driving nails in your own hands.

   What is the difference? The teaching, theology and practice on Heterosexual Marriage for clergy.

Do not insult Jesus by persecuting heterosexual women. Do not insult Jesus by drugging your priests with prostate medication or sending to the St. Luke's Institute for female hormone therapy or contraceptives to perpetuate the myth of superior celibacy (with side effects of heart disease and other conditions and cancer.)  Stop lying to the world. Stop driving nails in  your own hands.

END the mandatory celibacy and create a marital priesthood option to get healthier more 'fully human' men in the priesthood. The world will be a MUCH MUCH better place. You won't have to lie about the men secreting lovers in the rectory. Over time it will be a much less gay population trying to counsel on issues of family life, and it will cost less in all the medication, saw palmetto, and female hormones you have to give priests not to mention the cancer and heart disease treatment for all the drugs you made them take to deal with their normal sexuality.

  No one is fooled any more. Or Impressed.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Idolization of Dogma

Tyranny of thought.

      Dictatorship of Ideology.

The Pope is concerned that people will throw out the baby Jesus with the bathwater of intellectual dogmatism.

He is getting at something serious here- do you destroy God's love over something as dumb as a
contraceptive mandate argument. --or substitute any canon law controversy.

Did Jesus die for Canon Law or for people?

and are you too closed-minded?

There is even now a very regrettable dictatorship of narrow-mindedness. Thou shall not shoot the prophet.

Monday, April 07, 2014


The Resurrection and THE LIFE

For if you do not believe that I AM,
you will die in your sins."
So they said to him, "Who are you?"
Jesus said to them, "What I told you from the beginning.
I have much to say about you in condemnation.
But the one who sent me is true,
and what I heard from him I tell the world."
They did not realize that he was speaking to them of the Father.
So Jesus said to them,
"When you lift up the Son of Man,
then you will realize that I AM,
and that I do nothing on my own,
but I say only what the Father taught me.
The one who sent me is with me.
He has not left me alone,
because I always do what is pleasing to him."
Because he spoke this way, many came to believe in him.

Pope Francis

Makes it Cool to Love Jesus Again

   We have a Pope who after only a year in office is making people ask such heretofore unheard of questions that its cool to love Jesus again. Not that we didn't always love him, but lots of us didn't wholly understand him. Now, even John Stewart loves him through this Pope. He is making catholic more christian again and people want it.  He's not a remote dogmatist with a knuckle slapping ruler on a narrow set of doctrines. He's a hugger. Kids want to jump in his car with him.

   This Pope's emphasis is where Jesus' emphasis was-on the Poor, the Marginalized, the Despised, the outcast, the lost, the lonely, the strangers. He is a Matthew 25 pope. This is the acceptable year of the Lord where Isaiah's teaching found in the mouth of Jesus is mirrored in the works of Francis.

  He has championed immigrants of the destitute variety, he has visited prisoners, given out gospels to thousands like a tract peddling missionary, washed women's feet, and embraced modern day leper equivalents like his namesake, cleaned house at the Vatican Bank, sent Blingey Bishops packing and selling their maniors, and has clergy wondering if they really should be fleecing the sheep. The Vicar of Christ looks more like the walking talking  heart of Christ than anything anyone recalls seeing in a long time in that form.

   One Cardinal said- he has freed the church from its bourgeois roots. [Because that was boring and missed the point]

 Jesus didn't come to protect your assets, get  you in a five bedroom in the suburbs with a butler and a lawn maintenance contract, or develop your portfolio-or build you a second home at the beach, a manior in provence, or set your retirement- he came to heal the sick, preach good news to the poor, free the oppressed and deliver from sin to eternal life everyone who believes in him, rich or poor.  You don't rank more if you have an honorific title, a snotty demeanor, or if you wear designer duds to church banquets any more than the guy sitting next to him on the bus on his commute off the evening shift. There are no luggage racks on hearses.

  Jesus is more than your financial planner- He is your best friend, your savior, your mentor, your father, your hope. Your inheritance is in Christ-forever in a beautiful place- eternal life to a place where there is no weeping or disease, no envy, capitalist competition, or striving. Pure Joy for those who love the Lord and walk according to his purposes. The guy with sores on his feet, sitting with no shoes on outside the city gate waiting for the rich passers by to toss crumbs at him may get to heaven before you do unless you notice that guy and try to help. We are reminded of the impassible chasm between rich and poor by the Feather Ruffler in Chief who wants us to notice Lazarus at the gate.

    Love your enemies- even when they trash talk, persecute and demean and demoralize you while scamming  you. Love them all- because you can't die now. Don't fear anyone who can do anything to your body- your soul is
in Christ secured if you get with the real program, not the fake one embroidered in dogmatic finery.   So now start valuing everyone you looked down on before- everyone who insulted you, everyone whom you thought deserved your haughty rebuke, everyone who smells like sheep. Love the least of these, my brethren.
Most of all those who didn't deserve your love- because you don't deserve God's either but he loves you anyway.  He loves the dirt poor as much as the petit bourgeois et grand bourgeois- all of whom he created and formed in his own likeness.

   This is a Pope who makes people happy to be catholic and want to talk about Jesus. He's less a Pope of wealthy suburbs and more barios and ghettos. He goes where the suffering is- not the places of pampered egoism. I love this Pope.

Tomorrow, Tuesday night, you can hear pre-eminent Pope watcher and religious news commentator Jesuit Father Tom Reese who will speak at Holy Trinity, Georgetown at 7:00 pm on Pope Francis- a year after the white smoke put him in his simple white cassock and crumpled brown shoes.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Religious Liberty Means