Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Extreme Women

   Extreme Women in America are taking children from pregnant women and turning them into lab rats, selling organs and tissue piecemeal.

   Extreme Women in America are demanding the right to be paid BY THE GOVERNMENT for burning alive children in a womb in saline so mothers deliver dead burned babies and they can harvest their organs.--because everybody should have to pay for that-

   Extreme Women in America think it  is health care for women to turn mothers into breeding factories for lab rat babies who are used for fetal research and their personal profit.

  Extreme Women think its remotely feminist to encourage women to kill their offspring for their profit.

  Extreme Women are Planned Parenthood executives and their Democratic women supporters.

These are not health care providers. There is not one doctor among them. Cecile Richards on her close to 600k salary and benefits is not a doctor.  No Democratic woman Senator or House member is a doctor. Not Pelosi, Not Feinstein, Not Boxer.

These are extreme positions and women. When they take a position that absolutely no recognition of the humanity of a viable child can be recognized such that they can be born alive and vivisected-that is an extreme position. These positions demean women lower than animals and insist you treat them like that by giving every sexually depraved man in America the option to tell anyone "Just Get Rid of It at Planned Parenthood."

These are the extreme women. And history will not be kind to them.
The lies will catch up to them. The Mammosham lie that Cecile Richards shamelessly promoted around the country to convince people that Planned Parenthood actually does do mammagrams when later admitting they do not under oath is but one example.

This is not "Feminism"
This is Mengele on Steroids Fascist FemiNazi Takeover of Government Funding.
In fact here is a fun fact- Mengele actually became an abortionist after the war.

No one is buying that the federal money isn't going toward abortion when they have no chinese walls. No one buys their "you pay only shipping and handling" late night infomercials about not profitting from sale of fetal tissue.

How do you give a despairing pregnant woman who just lost her baby a form saying- lets chop the thing up to use for science now? How do you do that?

How do you all sleep?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pass the Creamer

Would you like some dead baby with your Coffee?

    Shocking right? Now google Fetal Cells and Fetal Tissue Nestle. Do you know who makes International Delight and Coffee Creamer Cancer in a Can?

  They use Fetal Cells in production. So you are eating your neighbors dead aborted baby. Isn't that a lovely wake up call.

  Now google Fetal with words like "Vaccine" "Vitamin" "Food" and see what else it is all in. And we wonder why Americans have cancer at astronomical rates?

 Why is the US government subsidizing an industry that puts potentially carcinogenic cell material from dead babies in our food?

Why are we eating our Young?

Look deeper at the Industry propelling planned parenthood's fetal tissue harvesting. I guarantee you will lose your lunch.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Surprise speech with Ryan T. Anderson - The Cost of Equality / ACL Confe...

The Other Side of the Rainbow

Exploitation Is Not Choice

The Senate Should Defund Planned Parenthood.  Seriously have you all lost your minds.

    The abortion mill called Planned Parenthood exploits vulnerable poor women to serve fetal part harvesting profiteering industry.

   If you divide up half a BILLION dollars to give to the 300,000 women who walked in any Planned Parenthood any given year see how many would keep their babies.
Do not tell me this organization is about women's health. What a pathetic joke.

Women seek abortions often in the most financially and emotionally stressed times of their lives.

Instead of feeding an organization that exploits their needs by killing their offspring, why not pay the women themselves so they can feed their own children instead of kill them.

This monster called Planned Parenthood has the nerve to say that they are about women's health when they take fetuses from women without their consent to dismember, and sell piecemeal. They have the nerve to say they are about women's health when they conduct live vivisections on born alive infants to harvest their brains.

This is truly beyond sick- sicker than anything we have ever witnessed in our American history.

  Planned Parenthood is a campaign laundering organization that profits off sale of fetal body parts.

It engages in the mass slaughter of infants, some viable in a womb, often by burning with chemicals and suffocating in toxic solutions or by dismembering and puncturing their skull severing their spine.

This organization should not be getting one red cent from the government.

Now you know what is really going on- Now you know the real deal. So there is no excuse to keep this running. Anyone now who votes to keep this funded should be run out of office. It is a crime against Humanity, It is the greatest crime against Humanity America has ever witnessed. And its done on the taxpayer dime. Obscene. Just insane.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Introducing Stephen's New Lifestyle Brand

Human Capital - Episode 3: Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions for Sup...

George Stephanopoous you need to fire your researcher who claimed to have seen all these vids to call Fiorina a liar- because here it is. Around 7:00 this woman describes having to cut through the face to extract the brain of a little male boy whose heart was beating. This was a live vivisection done on a live infant birth to extract his brain.

     Anyone voting to give this disgusting Planned Parenthood immunity from criminal prosecution is not worthy of running any Justice Department.

Pay Up you Unpatriotic Slob-what you hate women?

      Your neighbors five doors down had a rough night. The teenager and the twenty year old who live there with their grandmother both just picked up a couple of guys from the club a few months ago drinking until two in the morning. Now they are both pregnant and "need" an abortion. They cost about $400. a piece at Planned Parenthood down the street. So please be home later today because they will be collecting $800 from you when you get home.

   In the other direction, three doors down lives the neighborhood Forker. Everybody knows he is a forker because he brags how many people he forks and gets the girl to pick up the restaurant tab. He is the biggest forker in his law school. Bill Clinton is his idol. He has a picture of him on his wall signed standing next to him. He lies to all of his "girlfriends" telling them they are the love of his life and he hates wearing condoms. So everyone he got pregnant (there are six and counting since he started law school) he told to "get rid of it." Six times $400 is $2,400. So have that handy also- K?

   None of those girls can afford it- they are living paycheck to paycheck and have to decide whether to buy a yogurt for lunch or bus fare. So who else do you think has to pay for it?


    What? You say- why should you have to pay for that? You don't even know those girls?

But that is what Planned Parenthood getting half a billion dollars from the federal government is doing. They are taking your money- tax payers hard earned income from them to give to those girls. Because they are Poor. And Dumb. And Sexually Irresponsible. Or Conned. Or Just never heard that choice begins when you calculate whether to unzip and strip.

   What? the government is actually doing that ?  you say.  Yes. What do you think the debate about defunding Planned Parenthood is about?

Oh, and did I mention that Planned Parenthood who gets about $400 from the abortions is also going to sell the aborted baby after chopping it up and spreading it around about another $100 an organ. So if they do it right and crush the right way with the brain in tact they can probably get another $1,000 off the dead baby.

Oh, and the CEO of Planned Parenthood gets a salary of half a million dollars annually.

So fork over your $800 now so Cecile Richards can live in style in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Because everyone has to have a "choice"- right?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's Not Your Body Your Business When Its Not Your Body.

That River in Egypt

Called Denial.

     Those Planned Parenthood videos that MSNBC says don't exist are below for you to watch.

Will you people please wake the Eff up.

We have effectively in America a US Department of Baby Torture, Murder, Dismemberment and Chop Shop Sale. We fund with half a BILLION US Tax Dollars annually Planned Non Parenthood.

Do not tell me they only do 3 percent abortions. That is fuzzy math on steriods.

Do not tell me they do not "profit" off the sale of fetal "tissue" (e.g. suzie's heart, liver, and kidneys and little johnie's gonads) in their schlock house 'you pay shipping and handling' only schemes some starving lawyer told them they could get away with.

Do not tell me that they do not "harvest" fetal tissue because they confess to it on tape.

Do not tell me the videos are selectively edited or doctored. They have all been released in full.

We are at a moral crisis and crossroads in this country. Do we want a federal department of Baby Murder, Dismemberment and Chop Shop Body Part Sale to vitamin manufacturers, frankenscientists at Universities and BioTech firms and research labs that make Mengele look like Mary Poppins? Do not tell me this isn't going on because the industry admits it.

MSNBC actually ran a social media push back declaring Fiorina wrong in making the statements she did at the debate. No, MSNBC, you are wrong. Morally, Factually Spiritually and in terms of basic human decency.

This monstrosity must stop. This "company" Planned Non Parenthood isn't fooling anyone. They are a laundering middle man outfit for Democratic Campaigns. They are an abortion mill not a woman's health care facility.

They are surrounded by witches, wiccans and satanists offering dead babies for human sacrificial hex and curse purposes.

This is so hard core evil it harkens back to what the Lamentations and Baruch books described as total psychotic meltdowns where Jews at the time of the Babylonian invasion were eating their young, such were the economic deprivations. This must end.

Anyone with half a brain cell left should vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood should not be operating on a penny from any American, and yes, you all need to shut the whole effing government down until it is off the dole.

This IS a character of the country issue. This IS an issue where we as a nation have to ask ourselves whether we want everyone in the country subsidizing something so evil that they chop up, and dissect like your seventh grade formaldehyde frog, little people so Merc can put it (him and her)  in their MMR vaccines, and Kraft can put it (him and her)  in your processed foods, and the Mengele frankenscientists can pretend at Penn and Yale that it does one iota of good to combat disease.

HALF of all pregnancies in New York City end in abortion. Half the residents of the last generation in New York City are dead. That's a lot of MMR vaccines with dead baby "tissue" in them. Do you want to know what the link between vaccines and 'autism' might be? How about the cells of a tortured in utero infant in the vaccine- who but for the amniotic fluid in their lungs would be screaming bloody murder- because they were murdered. How about that in your kid's mandatory vaccines? Could that cause autism?

Please God, Make Them Stop. Just.  Make.  Them.  Stop.

Horatio Sanz's Uncanny GOP Candidate Impressions - Late Night with Seth ...

Pretty Hurts by Beyoncé - Official Note-oriety Cover

Close your eyes and crank up the sound.

Merch Madness

Popalooza in Philly

     Merch (as in Merchandise) madness hits full stride as everyone and their cousin's dog tries to profit off the Pope coming to America. There are T shirts, Pope waterbottles, even Pope bobbleheads.

   I'm getting emails daily on things like where to stand in parades in two cities, why not post a video welcoming him, where to sign up on line for Mass lotteries, where to donate on line to light candles and send in intentions that the Pope might actually look at.

    This etsy store has my fav. - the Philly Pope bobblehead holding a cheesesteak in one hand and pretzel in the other. Or is that a meatball sandwich and a hot dog?|Papal%2BVisit%2BTo%2BPhilly&utm_custom1=7bf6d549-7cec-4b2c-a5bf-58eb2140a4cb

   All in good fun. This all has me thinking of Jesus flipping over money changers at the temple- but really I think Jesus would approve of Popalooza. The money changers were changing the sacrificial coins needed to pay tithes so the system was way more warped. This is all just amusement park fun and no one thinks buying a Bobbleheaded Pope is going to get them closer to heaven.  Unless of course they are crazy in which case it actually might.

  So knock yourself out buying Pope holy water, Pope vessels into which you put your Pope holy water, glow in the dark Pope nightlights, and your PopePouri of T shirts and papal hoodies. If you are lucky you might get him to sign one of them!

   I have never taken a video of myself and don't even have the equipment (and wouldn't pain anyone else having to take one of me) so let this suffice to say- Welcome Pope to America. I hope you have a great time and get around town more than Prince Charles got to. Try not to gum up the traffic too much or I will never hear the end of it from my coworkers who already think this is all a bit much. As for me, I am not big on crowds. If your motorcade runs by my office I will waive. Otherwise know you are in my prayers for safe travels and good friends, food and fun. P.S. the only cheese you should order on a Philly Cheesesteak is Provolone. Or just say "the works."


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Merci Mille Fois Encore et Toujours

to the French Ambassador
     Gerard Araud.

    Once again the French Ambassador to the US kindly hosted a discussion, this time taking it on the chin a bit from a fellow compatriot, an attorney law professor, who seemed to want to blame anything he thought was wrong with France on the "political class", the August vacation recess and the stores being closed on Sunday. Ambassador Arnaud defended the Republic by noting one should not live to work but work to live and quality of life consists of Sunday family time together, worship and reading Proust.  The character of the Republic depends on the creativity spawned by the day of rest and a month repose to reconnect with one's humanity.  France is after all  historically Catholic and I was happy to hear the Ambassador affirm it in noting Sunday worship is a good thing. Bon Dimanche! He affirmed there are better things to do than go shopping on Sunday. Here Here.

     Along with the affable Steve Clemons, who discussed gay adventures of marriage of gay Tunisians in France assimilating meeting immigration obstacles, with the esteemed Stanford law professor bemoaning the backward "political class" the Ambassador held his own quite nicely fighting the false "France is sunk" paradigm, in stating that the politicians in most countries have to catch up to the vision of the people, this is not either especially a French phenomenon nor seriously the root of the issue. France, he explained, is fundamentally a welfare state with the best health care, child care, and education for children in the world. That requires people pay tax to subsidize the system and it is a challenge to keep industry and the people capable of and willing to support the system in the country. Shades of famous actors becoming inexplicably Russian as tax avoidance schemes comes to mind.  France is a fundamentally fantastic country but has its challenges duly noted by the Ambassador. Everything seems better over the French wine he serves at the reception complete with fois gras and brie and blue cheese. Can anyone seriously doubt the French menu is worth joining the Foreign Legion over? (On that note Le Grenier on H Street, the newest French Restaurant in town is fantastic and I highly recommend their champaign brunch.)

  Racial integration is a serious challenge now in France.  The Ambassador noted that when he went to public school it was all white, caucasian and that is not the case now.  The cohesion of the European Union is also a challenge. He described France as a country originally agrarian which didn't welcome much immigration. They stayed insular. The issue of the migrants poses a challenge to French people in terms of fighting fears and prejudice, real and/or imagined, especially in light of the radicalization of Islam and acts of violence such as they witnessed at the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year.

    The Ambassador noted that Germany is only now the leading power in Europe by virtue of the fact that it has economic power, but France is going to be catching up because France has a higher birth rate. France has babies, the Ambassador delighted in saying, reminding me that I wanted to have one even being in Abraham's Sarah territory of too old to dream.

  The subtly snarky critic of the French "political class" attorney Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, (who excused those of the political class who were lawyers (of course) in his book "What's Wrong With France" (I am only on page 20 but the trashing of the Political class theme continues), was a bi-continental Paris-New York big deal lawyer before starting his own firm and teaching at Stanford. He  bemoaned being the only one in his building in Paris in August to which I thought - why were you in the building in August? Shouldn't you be at the beach?

Merci Mille Fois again, for the supreme kindness of the French Ambassador who once again did his country proud not only with the fabulous french wines, cheese and fois gras but with a temperament so gracious in the face of those pesky murmurings of "why can't the French work harder."

Thanks for hosting this at the Sofitel- much easier to get there after work. I hope more Embassy events are hosted there.
My only criticism- i wish the whole discussion was in french. Je T'aime.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Jewish New Year.

      "not forgiving someone is like drinking poison hoping the other person will die."

May this year be more sweet, more loving and caring.
May all your dreams come true.

L'Shanah Tova.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Christians At Risk: Fr. Bazi Asks for Help to End Genocide in Iraq

Illegal Immigrant

The Most Famous Illegal Immigrant Without Papers

  Was Jesus.

When Jesus was born Herod called on a violent jealous retribution against what he perceived threatened his power- he sought to kill all the children under two years of age in Bethlehem. He slaughtered all the small children who looked around 2 yrs old in an entire town.

  Joseph took Mary who had just delivered a baby and they traveled to Egypt and were illegal aliens, refugees from conflict/war from their home "state" of Israel, leaving behind everything, their parents, their belongings, their home in Nazareth to travel to Egypt.

  Scripture tells us that Jesus as an infant lived in Egypt until his father Joseph felt it safe enough to return to Nazareth. We believe this was several years where he lived under cover as it were as a migrant, an illegal alien in Egypt.

   Pope Francis has now called on every Parish in Europe and every Monastery to accommodate the refugees fleeing war in Syria and house them. Space is a Luxury. If you have taken a vow of poverty and have space to let someone throw a mattress on the floor you should give it to them. In fact, you should make it as nice as you would want to live in- because that is what it means to "do to your neighbor as you want done to you." You should house, clothe, feed and shelter these people, of any and all religions, because that is what it means to be a Christian.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

May it Please the Court-Have You Lost Your Minds?

That is what I want to say to Judges who make people accommodate gay marriage demands. But of course I won't-i might be locked up for contempt. That's what happened to one poor marriage clerk registrar in Kentucky-for violating a Court Order. That of course cannot be tolerated and Judges of course can't stand it when it happens, but look at what is at issue really.

   Forcing anyone to capitulate to gay marriage in their official duties or by mandating services to them is a clear violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause and in some cases the 13th Amendment against forced labor (in the case of forcing people to bake cakes) many argue.

      No one should be under any illusion that gay marriage is considered moral by Jewish law or Christian scripture. Gay sex is called an "abomination" and  a "detestable act", it is rendered equal to "drunkenness" in precluding entry into the Kingdom of God. It is considered so corruptive of society and morality anyone committing acts of gay sex in jewish law had to be put to death by stoning.

     Gay sex is considered against 3,000 years of Jewish law and tradition with a penalty actually written in Jewish teaching of death- by stoning for men sleeping with men.  If you doubt it- look what they do to gays in the middle east now. Traditional Muslim cultures in the Middle East more closely reflect first century Jewish attitudes.

   People who say "Jesus never said anything against it" are clear morons. I can't even be nice about this. During the first century Jewish law held that gays had to be stoned to death.  Sodom and Gomhorah were not metaphors. They were real towns that were wiped off the map such that nothing grows there because of the gay sex practiced there aggressively. In fact the names Sodom and Gomhorah mean in Hebrew "burned" and "buried" because they were leveled in a firestorm and brimstone sh^*$fest likely caused by earthquakes releasing natural gas explosions.

   Do you think if they were stoning people engaged in this around Jesus that he might speak against the practice or say nice things about gay sex? He never did. To quote the Savage Dan, "Jesus never said a word about gay sex." So that should tell you that he never overturned the law on the subject. He never said Jews were too harsh and not sympathetic with it- because that would be like saying Jews were too mean toward drunks or "licentious" adulterers. It was clear sin. It is clear sin.

    So to force ANYONE who has a clear religious objection against catering to what is viewed clearly immoral is a First Amendment constitutional violation of Equal Protection.

And furthermore, its nasty. Its really sick and twisted. Its nothing at all like discrimination against Blacks and the hijacking of the civil rights movement by screaming gays is obnoxious and inapposite.

    Watching this all unfold into insane persecution against bible believing Christians is disgusting and disturbing.


The law is now that gay marriage has to be recognized by all States as a constitutional right- but the law isn't that people who object have to sign the marriage certification or any paperwork having to do with it. So the people who object should be able to take their names off the seal without jeopardizing their jobs. There is a solution. And it isn't lock up everyone who can read the Bible.