Monday, March 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

If you watch these two videos you see that Clinton admitted to deleting 30,000 emails (when exactly? while under subpoena to the Congressional Benghazi Committee?) because she deemed them "Personal." Bill says he almost never uses email, maybe one or two, three maybe emails he sent (not even specified to her). So who is she getting personal with? Chelsea must have had a lot of dental appointments (like a 20 something Stanford grad has their mother make her dental appointments.)  or-she must have had so many yoga appointments she should be so limber she can stand on her head on a paddle board.  Seriously Hillary?

Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation


Hillary's Greed Screed

     When people talk about "Wall Street" influence, they are  concerned about rigging an economy to favor rich at the expense of middle class working people.
     The concern isn't just that Hillary gave Goldman a speech and charged over 250k for it- the concern is that she is essentially married to them because two guys from Goldman started a hedge fund with Goldman money with her son in law to found a hedge fund that lost investors their shirts.
Why should that be any of the American citizens' concern? Because Bill and Hillary want to start if she is ever President an Infrastructure Development Bank likely tied to Hedge Fund owner son and his Goldman buddies--- whom one might ask- are exactly how qualified to play around with the US Treasury and who exactly will profit from that cozy enterprise?

   Bill and Hillary ARE Wall Street. They are married to it. They epitomize "limosine liberal" and go one step further because they are setting up the country- the world-for the biggest scam of Western Civilization. How to raid the US Treasury, to set up an Infrastructure Development Bank to enrich their family- the MO clearly demonstrated by their handling of the Family Fund.

   They take the American people for fools and pansies- because these people are about amassing power- massive power and wealth. And just wait till they get their grubbies on the US Treasury.