Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under Cover of Lightness

John Paul II

When the Polish were being invaded by the Nazis - Jews, Priests, homosexuals, and Romani 'gypsies' were all considered genetically inferior and thus thrown into concentration camps and 'exterminated'- by the millions and millions. Hitler was a jealous demagogue.It was illegal to be studying for the priesthood. Moreover, it carried with it a certain death sentence if you were caught. This was the cultural and social environment that John Paul II, the only Non-Italian Pope in 400 years, faced as a young man when he entered the underground secret Seminary in Poland.
When you are called by God the threat of civil authorities cannot stop you. You really do not have a choice in answering the call. Who God calls he also equips. He survived the war. Now, millions of pilgrims are in Rome to celebrate the memory of this Pope who is considered the single greatest catalyst that brought down communism in Eastern Europe. Whatever one may think of Newt Gingrich, one must give him and his wife, of Polish American ancestry credit for chronicling the story of how the Pope's pilgrimage to his homeland sparks a revolution that undermined communism and renewed the faith of people to throw off oppressions of a militant athiesm. "The Nine Days That Changed the World" is a fascinating film. Today in DC festivities commemorate JPIIs beatification on Divine Mercy Sunday tomorrow.
Here is the story of the FRENCH Nun (yes, again, another reason to love everything French!) who was cured of Parkinson's after a mysterious night of deep prayer to him.

I am convinced that if you realize that Christ by his stripes healed all, that he is the quintessential lover of your soul and healer of your body that you can't stay that sick that long-as out of balance as modern society propels folks, while some sickness is for the soul's redemptive purposes and he never guarantees to cure everyone. I have had phenomenal things happen like an astigmatism disappear after a trip to Lourdes and a breast lump disappear after a trip to Medjugordje. Who knows whether these things would have eventually cured themselves anyway- but I attribute it to the phenomenal love of God who prefers people be maximally functional to get his work done. So everyone pray to JPII for whatever ails you and you never know, you may be in the company of a good French Nun one day.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Norman Inversion

Edward the Confessor -the only Canonized British/Anglo King considered a Saint in Roman Catholic circles.
He lived off and on in Normandy, France. He is depicted in the famous Bayeux Tapestries in a Norman village by that name which is on the same train line from Paris as Lisieux where one can hang out with the bones of Saint Therese every October 1 (her feast day). Today during the Royal Wedding the secretive part of the ceremony closed to cameras took place in the chapel of Saint Edward the Confessor where his relics are. He features prominently in coronations as you might imagine. King Louis of France is the only French King to be canonized -which makes it fun that one of Prince Williams' middle names is Louis. One imagines after the Saintly King.

God Save

The Queen

And all her lovely subjects with her. Isn't it fantastic!! I got up at 5:00am to watch this wedding- streamed live on Having lived for a good while in London I was enraptured.
I also remember watching Diana and Charles tie the knot- and imagined having such a long train just like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music!
Today's wedding struck a perfect tone- and it was, did you notice, highly ecumenical. Not over the top stuffy- classic hymns like Jerusalem sung by everyone, and even me staring at my computer:-) Did you notice the two Catholic nuns sitting next to the royal couple on the altar while the sermon/homily was given? And there was a fair smattering of Monsignors praying in hot fuscia cumberbuns. It looked really inclusive. Quite impressive.
Then the private moment in Saint Edward the confessor's chapel- which had me googling who Saint Edward the Confessor was. Apparently he's the one just before Guillome Le Batard or William the Conqueror.
Everyone loves, or should, a good wedding- and what an amazing show of affection to have that many people applauding something so pure and good and beautiful. "oh Wow" was what the Bride could even be seen mouthing as she stepped on to the balcony to see the massive throngs. When that many people love a good wedding, you know we are in good shape.
Well Done, Well Done. Even the rebellious lot of Americans across the pond are walking around with beaming smiles and a cheery-OH! May they have many many little Princes and Princesses.

Every Wedding

Is a Royal Wedding


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Truth with Love

Makes Fearless


The whackadoodle dame from Moldova doesn't like the black President? Messes with her idea of American President no doubt. Can we please talk about something else now?
Like, unions, jobs, China, currency manipulation, war and peace, more peace, less war, feeding the hungry and Carla Bruni??? .
I think Obama has a better american accent than the Moldovan Madwoman. Actually I think he was hatched in an Easter Egg.
The real constitutional issue is about fighting an air war without declaring one via congressional authorization--not about the birth issue. He's as American as
apple pie a la mode (oh, that's french american:-) my favorite:-) Bisous.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

On the social security bit? Mine has numbers issued identified with Maryland- because I lived in London England at the time so they just gave me a random number. I never had a permenant address in Maryland and never even been to the State prior to getting that social security number.
If you live out of the country at the time you request a number (I was living in high school in London when I had my first reportable job)they just give you a random one from any state. This trying to disprove his legitimacy is offensive. Really. Who else did they do this to? Ever? Get over yourselves!

Miracles of Loaves, Fishes and Herb Gardens

God Loves to Feed His Sheep

One of my more memorable stays in France was living in the Mediterranean town of San Rafael on the Riviera. In the middle of the old town there was a Fourth or Fifth Century Monastery. While friends were gawking at the topless women on the beach I was touring monestaries in San Raf and Frejus. I'm a bit wierd that way.

This monestary was near enough to the water that the monks could easily catch fish. They also had an extensive kitchen herb garden that was amazing, served the entire monastery and has survived to this day some five centuries later. Along the walk path in a beautiful garden there were large plants of herbs dating from the fifth century of every variety - huge Rosemary bushes (not just plants, bushes) and thyme, oregano, basil and sage and herbs I barely heard of.
Still there, after the Monks planted it, in the 21st century.

The climate is of course ideal in the South of France for this sort of thing- imagine if your garden lasted five centuries. The monestary also had in the garden an old wheat Mill stone- round that one crushed wheat into meal or flour, presumably to make 'hosts." This monestary is now a museum but one can see that at one time it was the lifeblood of the town. It fed the sheep.

As we enter an era of what some call "food insecurity" where a shameful and astounding number of people are getting some sort of food assistance or food stamps in America and 'famine' looks like a sign of what some call 'end times', it would not be a bad idea to resurrect the idea of vegetable and herb gardening as the French know how to do and have led the charge in their organic farmer's market movement. Kudos also to Michele Obama at the White House veggie garden-and look for her gardening book to come out soon.

The weather in DC is georgeous now-spring rains and sunlight breaking through the refracted sky. Now all we need are roses, and a rosemary bush. (rosemary goes great on chicken with lemon and onion and garlic-which you can also grow in DC)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did you know Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as other kinds? something about a double straining process. Monks- not to be confused with the Eastern Orthodox parish priest who typically are married and have families--because that makes sense, doesn't it, if you are ministering to families. A good example helps.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

I'm Sorry

But That's Just Crappola

You can go along with pretty much anything they dish you until once in a while someone says something that is just stop you in your tracks astoundingly wrong. Just ignorant crap. And you can't let it slide.

It doesn't matter who it comes from, if it is wrong, it is wrong. Such a statement kept issuing over the issue of a papal white paper of sorts making it an article of faith that women clerics should be automatically excommunicated (and anyone who helped them get there) while men bonking boys
don't get automatically excommunicated-WHEN THEY ARE PRIESTS!. Astounding. That's how much they hate, fear and loathe powerful women. And how much they view sex with women beneath sex with boys. (Because women aren't allowed to marry priests)- Twisted and perverse and no excuse for it. Should be heartily retracted.
It's evil.
Then just now, the Pope issued a statement (see Zenit article to the right) in which he states (paraphrased) essentially that those who don't accept that God and Jesus works within the confines of his church and ministers are being sifted by Satan like wheat. No, sorry, also Crap. Also wrong. Also insulting.
Jesus does not merely work within the 'confines' of anything- he is the creator of Heaven and Earth and owns everything in it. Ministers serve him and he is not remotely bound by their pathologies and bigotries today any more than any Pharisee had power to stop his resurrection. The Church by its pathologies ad bigotries creates death in some cases whereas Christ elevates to Life. A sadistic pedofile priest is an agent of Satan, not the woman who wants to read Scripture in a Mass, not the woman who wants to marry a priest she is in love with. The Church
has crippled Christ's manifestation on earth by it's doctrinal absurdities that are heretical and profoundly against the nature of God.
The Church has within it the smoke of Satan festering underneath Billions of dollars of settlements on sexual crimes with minors and males to cover and excuse it's pathetically exhaulted dysfunctionality with regard to women. The Church is being sifted like Satan from the highest ranks downward. And the delusion is stunning.

One can pretty much ignore that the Pope has the look and feel of Grandpa Munster with a hangover, but when he issues statements like this, just like all the other PR faux pas that have marked his Papacy, there is only one thing you can do--ignore Him. Or blog about it.
Jesus isn't bound by any human. That's what Supernatural means. Jesus can unleash chains and open doors of even an ecclesiastical prison. When Jesus rose from the death there was a massive earthquake that no Pharisee could stop and the dead rose and walked about the earth- and no Pharisee had any power whatsoever over it. When Jesus wants to raise the dead, they are raised in a twinkling of an eye.

When Pathology Becomes Theology

Sick Things Happen

I feel sorry for Donald Wuerl's step mother.
He must have been the brattiest kid. I bet she had to whack him. I bet he didn't like her a lot of the time. Like JPII he lost his mother when he was young and his
father remarried.
If that happens to a young boy, it causes profound trauma and they start to idealize and even idolize their deceased parent projecting her as this almost mythically larger than life figure in heaven. He migiht have found himself as a young child trying to talk to her and wishing she would show up to talk to him. She may in fact have in his dreams. If you are catholic, this notion can easily conflate into the understanding of the Virgin Mary, as an etherial otherworldly being in heaven. You grow up with a very distorted view of women, and have difficulty possibly forming healthy relationships with women. No one can possibly measure up to the idealized version in the sky. Your love for your birth mother takes on then on a fierce loyalty and you resent that your father remarried- it somehow disgraced the memory of your birthmother in your mind as a young boy.
You become fiercely loyal to that image of motherhood/womanhood.

So real girls mean nothing. They are inconsequential. Insignificant by comparison, and to think otherwise is a betrayal of your mother, and thus in a sense viewed as a betrayal of your own existence.
You construct a world of men, where only men rank. Women are accoutrement and dispensible- except to the extent that they facilitate this illusion by financially supporting it. They can be treated cruelly if they challenge the order, just like he probably gave his step mother hell.

The way that some priests were raised and their own personal traumas color their theology without them realizing it. It has profound implication regarding how they treat people. There are other priests with other traumas. Divorce. If you blame your mother for a divorce you may even hate women subconsciously-- and I am thinking of a priest in particular here. What kind of man constructs a world with all men and is happy in it? If you look deeper you can often find a pathology mistaken for a theology.
Do you think that God only wanted this type of man to become a priest?
I have a vision of a healthier church.
There is a profoundly good reason why it states in the book of Timothy that those who preach against marriage are in sin, error and wrong. If a man cannot maturely respectfully relate to a real flesh and blood woman (like the Holy Spirit did and Jesus did) then he should be disqualified as a Bishop. A Bishop MUST be the husband of one wife.
Because Honor has EVERYTHING to do with how you treat real women.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Garden of Gethsemene

And Sweating Blood

Tonight, Jesus goes after Passover to a beautiful garden by a brooke where he often went to pray with his disciples.
There he is so intensely in preparation for what he knows is about to occur he sweats blood. Literally. Blood trickled down his forehead (and possible elsewhere.)

You make men twice the children of Hell that you are. This is what he loudly proclaimed to the highest religious authority of his day. Sooner or later they were going to get him. And he knew it.
Now we take lightly the word "hypocrite" which is synonymous with Pharisaic. Hypocrites flatly don't get into heaven, scripture tells us. Jesus knew that the highest religious leaders of his day were not going to make it to heaven. He wanted to save the people from them.

This point is somehow often lost on today's religious hierarchy who battle whether Jews or Romans killed him. The point is that he chose to die, he had power to lay his life down or not, to save the people from the religious leadership. Because they were all going to hell.

Who were at the foot of the cross? Women. Who came first to annoint him with oils at the Tomb. Women.

Who did he save from a pile on of men seeking to stone an adulteress? A woman. Who did he
let wash his feet (with her hair) a woman. There were possibly twelve men standing around- who washed his feet? A woman. Show me one 'footwashing' ceremony at a Mass where a Woman gets to wash the feet of the priest. It never happens.

There are certainly some of the religious hierarchy of our day who are going to hell. There are some who are worse hypocrites than the Pharisees and there are some as vindictive in their rage against the light.

Sweating blood. Why blood? Women bleed. Once a month for a week or more. Pouring out of their wombs. For the sins of eve? Women bleed. And so does Christ. To redeem us from Adam's sin.

Men don't get this connection as women do on as deep a visceral level I am convinced. Women bleed and drink the blood of Jesus to recover what was lost from Adam's sin.

Sweating blood. And pouring it out for the world.

A more woman friendly world

Imagine it

Every public restroom and government building restroom and hotel restroom and restaurant restroom has free toiletpaper, right? Why don't they also have free tampax or sanitary items for women. Women between the age of about 11 through 55 (more or less) need them every month.
What if all the office and government buildings had 'nursing rooms' so that if you wanted to nurse a child in private you could go there during working hours)- and what if there were also
pre-day care, infant care places where you could check on your baby while at work in the same building staffed with nannies?

Imagine that women who were pregnant could get free pregnancy massages at various locations through the city. Imagine that you could get free prenatal vitamins at McDonalds.
Imagine that there was a free breast milk exchange so that no pumped milk ever went to waste and there were a way to ship it fresh to third world countries with high infant mortality rates.

Just a few things that might change if a Woman were President.
Imagine if the Blessed Mother showed up in Fatima and said to the kiddies "go and ask your Bishop if it would be OK if I showed up and talked to you kids here for a while."
Or imagine if she showed up at Lourdes and said "go ask your Bishop if it would be OK if I came and miraculously cured tons of suffering ill people for hundreds of years with a miraculous mountain stream here- i'll wait here, go ask and let me know what he says."

Silly, right? Preposterous. She doesn't need to ask, she doesn't need permission- if God sends her to do profound unbelievable good, she just does it. Who cares what the Bishop thinks.

Now think about it.

When ever does Love need permission? Permission is required to release from bondage.
Free men don't need permission.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pentecostalism: A Challenge to the Historical Churches

Pentecostalism: A Challenge to the Historical Churches
Mirror Mirror on the wall
came the vain haggard crackling call
of the green evil eyed sclerotic dame
I know how I will spread my fame
she thought with glancing evil eyes
and unremitting slander
toward all she viewed as competition
to eliminate any distraction
from her prey. I know how to capture
his heart forever, I shall slander
so wide and far the younger
they will want to lock her up in a dungeon
and we can move to ShangriLa
and I will never have to hear her call
He will be all my own
and we will live in our own home
He will disgust her just you see
then I can have him all for me.
The slithery corruption of her botox
injected aligator skin shone
under the pancake gloss of make up
that made up a personna appealing
and when she died the aligator
came back and attacked her from
inside her heart so full of bile and envy.
All that was left was a coffin of italian meatball gravy.
When Mary Kissed Jesus
and poured out fine oils
the perfume wafted the noses
of men too annoyed to see the beauty
of her hair as it softly fell over his legs bare
and exposed to her hair
as Mary kissed Jesus and massaged
his body with perfumed myrrh
the envious glare and rebuke heard
was that of the thief, the corrupt chief
betrayer. When Mary kissed Jesus
she didn't care who else was there
because Love overcomes darkness
and Jesus was there.

Things to Die To and For

The Cross and Resurrection.

Within the whole Christian understanding of Resurrection is that it must be preceeded by a death to self such that following the way of the Cross in Christ's footsteps means living for a higher truth and reality-an eternal world hereafter-, and putting away anything that takes you away from that. The eternal world hereafter is bridged by Love, and one gets there by Love that is God through Christ whose atoning sacrifice is the Passover Lamb needed. His blood is that on the doorpost and lintel of your soul. When you drink his blood in the form of wine the angel of death cannot touch you-and you make it over to eternity. His body broken for you, the priest , in the priesthood now of all believers, is the lamb's blood like the Jewish high priests ate for the atonement of the sins of the people to re-establish covenantal grace.
So anything that takes you away from truest Love is bad, wrong, not in His plan. Love is who he is existentially. Anything that elevates rules (whether Talmudic picayune proscriptions on dietary laws, or canon laws) over Love is a bastardization of his existential reality. God is Love.
God is Love. God is Love.
In trying to bring this message home to the people he preached to Jesus did all kinds of things that were deliberately in your face of the rule driven Pharisees to make his point- he cured on the Sabbath-made a blind man see- when work was forbidden then. The Sabbath is made for man not the other way around- if your donkey fell in a ditch you would get him out on the Sabbath so why shouldn't anyone cure a human on the Sabbath restoring him to heath? You should be elated not annoyed. He spoke to a Samaritan woman at the well when Jewish men were not supposed to be addressing single women they didn't know on the street much less stranger Samaritans who were like social outcasts. His purpose in doing so was to show her the living water and reveal himself to her in a way that had her talking to the whole town and thus he turned her into an Evangelist. He broke the rules when not giving the Pharisees their place of presumed honor in addressing them "white-washed tombs full of dead men's bones" and "vipers" and essentially extortioners who placed burdens on men too heavy for them to bear with their oppressive rules without lifting a finger to help or save. Rabbis were supposed to kiss their rings in effect-they were the college of cardinals of the day. He broke the 'rules' when insisting over repeated objections of even his male disciples that Mary be allowed to rub his body with expensive perfumed oils (prefiguring his burial oils) -and that she be allowed to wash his feet with her hair. She touched him- intimately. And who was balking the loudest about the perfume waste? The disciple who was the crook- the one who had his hand in the till. The one stealing from the ministry. Because he wanted the money instead of using it to magnify the Lord.
This intimacy magnified the Lord. Her Love was His Love. She drew it from him and gave it back to him. God is Love. Jesus is Love. It was wrong to condemn its manifestation-then and now. Wrong.

Jesus taught that the Spirit of Love trumps the rules. Rules are guidelines to keep order. They are never to be idolized over or mistaken for Truth. The Truth Sets free, the rules bind.
Jesus is the Lord of even all the rules, all the Popes, all the canon lawyers and laws and
everyone who hangs their hat on them. Jesus is the giver of all life. The rules never birthed anything but canon law degrees.

So what should you die to and for? You should die to anything that binds you away from Love. Anything that cramps your ability to Love. Anything that hinders your Life Procreation.
God is at root CREATOR. If you deliberately hinder your Pro-Creation you are a stumbling block for God to live and move and have his being on earth.

Fatwas and Mistaken Revelations

To Die For One's Own Ignorance is No Glory

Recently in Iraq Islamist fundamentalists proclaimed a "Fatwa" indicating it is right and good to kill all Christians, deemed pagans. They are willing to die for this misguided belief- in fact they view it as supreme martyrdom sacrifice in the service of their distorted perverted twisted understanding of who God is to die for this belief in their 'truth.'
Thus while Christians comprise something like only five percent (5%) of the Iraqi population, they are migrating out of the country en masse and comprise over forty percent (40%) of all refugees. Much bemoaning of the fact that they fared better under the Secularist Saddam Hussein is now being discussed in terms of what democracy actually looks like when the majority rule is fundamentalist Islamicist. Does this really help us?
Then I read in the DC Catholic Standard that Donald Wuerl is taking to insulting a woman theologan (what's new) whom he calls "feminist" like it is a dirty word, and proclaims that the
church "revelation" concerning all things is something worth dying for. I haven't read this woman theologian but I can imagine.

This evoked in my imagination a definition of 'revelation comprised of Images of the Pope with two hands covering over his ears yelling "la la la la la la la I can't hear you!" like a five year old.

For he who has ears to hear.

God has been trying to speak to the Church "Fathers" about their intentional blindness to women's dignity issues for centuries. The church "fathers"-all men refuse to listen to the women. They
create a man made theology contrary to Biblical truth, call it 'truth' and fabricate a theology around it. Then demean and insult anyone who begs to disagree. This hideous Catholic standard article dares to insult this Sister theologian by referentially calling her less than intelligent and lacking in intellectual rigor in formation. Gag me with a Maggot.
And Donald Wuerl is willing to die for this?

There is nothing noble, glorious or even accurate about the church's demeaning of women. There is nothing 'truthful' about any alleged so call 'revelation' concerning the persecution of women in the church, particularly ones who point out how off the wall it is, and there is absolutely nothing "Holy" about the church's De Facto "FATWA" against women who insist that priests conduct themselves honorably with regard to women- which means if they fall in love, the women should be married to them so as to not suffer the emotional manipulation of emotionally adulterous situations with serial emotional filandering priests such as Donald Wuerl has in his Archdiocese (you know who you are.)

Revelation My Arse.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ways That Seem Right To A Man

Are Sometimes Garbage

If you lived in the States that comprised the Southern most states in the US for the first 100 years of the country's not so perfect union, you would likely have the firm conviction that owning another human being for labor and profit was not only perfectly all right morally, but biblically permitted, and essential to sound economic institutional functionality. Unless of course you were 'owned.'
They knew no other way, of course it should be done like that, how else could it possibly work.
Immorality had no discussion when economy justified it. Lack of creativity justified cruelty.
I see little difference in the church's understanding of women's roles with regard to it's division of labor- wherein for a billion people they deny that God speaks as forcefully through a woman, in a manner that allows a woman to serve as either priest or wife of one. Church women work for free for the most part and are the oil that keeps the machine well running in most parishes. They do everything a priest does not want to. They are not equals, they are unpaid help.
The women religious are treated abysmally by comparison. Warehoused, denied pensions, not able to earn enough to save for pensions while priest build for themselves sometimes little kingdoms on earth with minions of harems of free labor.
This situation was tolerable to Christ's followers barely for about five hundred years until it caused a massive schism, splitting the catholic world in two after the great Byzantine East-West schism, after the "Reformation." You would have thought that the other half would catch on.
Instead they created more perverse theology to justify the unjustifiable and five hundred years later are still driving priests from their ranks who insist that it's off the wall wrong.
What is off the wall wrong is the notion that failure to creatively address issues of division of labor is not a theology. It's a perversion.

My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts, says the Lord.


Zero Tolerance For Isms.

There is a self-proclaimed "unwise" individual working for the GOP in California who sent an email with a racially slurious slanderous photo of the President. It's too appaulling to republish it here so I wont but you can google it. It's one of those "I can't believe anyone is so racist" kind of pictures. I will give you a hint- Jane Godall would adopt him.

It is clear that if this person doesn't resign she should be fired. Because most people recognize that we have to have a zero tolerance policy toward that kind of base racism- it's too incendiary, it's provacative and it is profoundly unkind. What of the first amendment you say? What of Title VII I say. It's harassing to everyone around per se to have to read that sort of an email in an office.

So while it is clearly off the wall inappropriate why don't we have the same reaction where there is clearly sexist stuff pervading. I am talking about institutional sexism. Rampant in your face institutional sexism.

I went to a "chrism Mass" yesterday and I could not help but note that not one female was attired in the priestly or Bishopric attire of an entire altar of men. Not one female is allowed to be a catholic priest. They are opening a seminary ---for all men of course. To be all male priests. This is an 'article of faith' this instrinsic sexism. Like Jesus needs hu-manly sperm to come earth in a consecration when he didn't need it to man-ifest his hu-manity in the first place.
To compound shock with absurdity, the official papal position is that (if you read canon law punishment) it's worse to be a woman cleric than a child rapist pedofile.

This should invoke the same sort of reaction that the aforementioned photo of the President invoked- disgusting. Outrageous. Should never happen. Fire the jerk. But it doesn't.
The church gets to perpetuate the same myth of male supremacy by bold defeminizing all women 'religious'-putting them all in the same drab color-challenged grays , blacks and on a good day dark royal blue habits, --segregating them (yes, just like 'separate but not even pretending to be equal' segregation) into lesser financed religious schools and houses, and
refusing them the status of even being good enough to marry priests as though conjugality somehow dirties them or precludes service -something expressly flatly stated by JPII is NOT integral existentially to the priesthood. He would be shocked to learn a Totus Tuo notion of giving all oneself to God definitionally precluded honoring a woman with marriage. That is a sacramental holy way one does in fact give oneself to God- these are not mutually excludable-only in the tiniest meanest minds are they incompatible. God is Love. Church serves Love or it is not Christ's church.
It's time in this upcoming Month of May, the Month of Mary and Motherhood, that the Church figured hierarchy figured out that Mary is more than a myth, more than a statue, but to honor her means to honor the flesh and blood women in your midst. She is a flesh and blood mother who nursed Jesus with the food from her own breasts, who held him up when he fell down, who taught him how to speak. You do not honor Mary by demeaning women, or considering them lesser than they are, intellectually, virtuously, or emotionally or try to keep them socially in your box.


And the Nature of God

Anyone reading this blog can get the sense I really love the French- most all things French and some people in particular. Blame it on my georgeous mother whose ancestry is part French and her maiden name all French.
I particularly love the language (and beg forgiveness for not getting it always right. I am a work in progress)

By way of one example of how great it is- let's look at how they say "God Almighty". It is such a common English phrase, as in "I believe in God Almighty maker of heaven and earth." So common it takes on a banality when said by memory. Yeah, that guy- the God Almighty. In French, it has more meaning. The word in French is Dieu Tout Puissant.
Directly translated it means "God All Powerful." The Puissant comes from the verb Pouvoir which is where we get the word Power from. The conjugation of Pouvoir (je peux, tu peux, il peut) directly translated means "I can, you can, he can, etc...." God Can. As in "Can he do it- yes, he can!"
Because he is ALL POWERFUL.
God The All Powerful. He can do it.
The notion that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD" oomes directly from his name. His name means "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" -He is ALL POWERFUL.

So what do you think of as impossible right now for you? What do you hope aspire and dream can happen to you? If you team up with ONE who is ALL POWERFUL all things are truly possible, because imagine the Power that it took to create Heaven and Earth? Your drama he can accomplish with a breath. Team up this Holy Week with the ONE who is ALL POWERFUL and watch your life change in bigger ways than you ever imagined.

Love is bigger than a breadbox, it is bigger than all your problems, all your heart-ache, all your destruction and all your disapointment and all your problems. Love Rescues from the pit, it Raised from the Dead.
That's what Easter is all about.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Je suis tres desole
si te plait me pardonnez
La verite, c'est que j'etais
peur d'avoir ma coeur
battu au fond un autre fois
C'est tout que j'ai eu
et il a tue mon coeur en rigolant
j'etais devaste
est c'est pour quoi j'ai tomber
de grace et perdu mon place
tres pres de toi mon amour toujours
Je t'enprie de laisser la porte
ouverte. J'ai assez d'espoir
et courage maintenant et
j'ai tout confiance en toi
enfin je te crois. Il n'y a rien
a declarer sauf que je suis la
tienne jusq'au eternite.

Real or Memorex?

T-Mobile spoofs the Royal Wedding hilariously on viral video--- expect a wee bit more decorum for the real thing -(but darn good doubles here).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hear the Bells Ringing

Easter Music from the national Basillica- the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.


First they laugh at you Then they fight you Then they try to lock you up Then they build a Basillica where you walked. BERNADETTE PRAY FOR US

Happy Feast Day

SAINT BERNADETTE!!! Political activists should all take Bernadette Soubirous as their Patron Saint- she is one of my favorite. Openness to new ideas or ways of thinking often come with resistance and this was certainly the case for Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes, France. Imagine you know you see something that is actually in the form of a beautiful woman who is talking to you. Imagine she tells you to go dig in the dirt and wash your face with it and there is nothing there but dirt. So while a whole crowd of people are looking at you, you go dig frantically in the dirt and dig a little deeper into some mysterious moisture and rub your face with mud. Everyone watching thought she was crazy. Until a gushing spring of living waters flowed out of the little hole she dug and a mountain spring was discovered that has cured incurable diseases was revealed. OMG! Yeah, really. OMG. That's what happened to a destitute asthmatic young teenager in a mountain village in France in the middle of the 19th Century. Not only did they think she was crazy- they sent the police after her to harass her into silence, locked up and around the location where she was seeing this vision of supreme loveliness and demanded she shut up or be locked up. She should be the Patron Saint of Code Pink. I Love Her. Her family was so destitute they lived-the entire family in a one room hovel that doubled as a prison cell when they weren't in it-their father barely got odd job work after a work injury in a mill left him near blind. The water -mud mixture, like the biblical story also cured his blindness-but, shhhh, don't tell anyone or the whole world will want to go visit the town. Which is exactly what happened. Here is an official account of her life: Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who was born in Lourdes, France on January 7, 1844, almost lived in a padded cell and did live in a jail cell…That’s right! Due to hard times for the Subirous family, Bernadette spent her youth in a single-room basement-level home that formerly housed prisoners, known as “the dungeon”. And the padded cell? Well, that was nearly the result of her fascinating story. From February 11 to July 16, 1858, 14 year-old Bernadette experienced 18 visions of “a beautiful Lady” in a local grotto and by the time of her final apparition, as many as 20,000 people had traveled to witness the events. During one vision, the Lady asked Bernadette to drink from a spring in the ground, only there was no spring. So, a confused Bernadette used her bare hands to dig up the ground before finally splashing some damp mud to her mouth. This prompted many locals, who could not see the Lady, to claim Bernadette had gone insane, but within days, a powerful spring began to flow from the muddy hole and reports of miraculous healings soon followed. Further vindicating the visions, the Lady revealed her name to Bernadette as “The Immaculate Conception”: an 1854 dogma defined by Pope Pius IX, and a phrase that Bernadette had never even heard before. To escape her new found and undesired fame, 22-year old Bernadette left Lourdes to join the Sisters of Charity convent in Nevers, but upon her arrival, even the mistress of novices complained: “If the Blessed Virgin wanted to appear on Earth, why would she choose a coarse and uneducated peasant, rather than a learned and virtuous religious?” Bernadette spent the rest of her life there, working primarily as an infirmary assistant. But after years of difficult health issues, including asthma, Bernadette died from tuberculosis in 1879 at only 35 years old. Amazingly, Bernadette then joined a small group of saints, known as The Incorruptibles, whose bodies have refused to decompose after death. St. Bernadette’s visions in Lourdes have inspired dozens of books, and four major motion pictures…including 1943′s Oscar-winning film, Song of Bernadette. Today, in France, only Paris has more hotels than Lourdes, and more than 5 million pilgrims seeking healing and renewed faith visit the small town every year…To-date, 67 people have experienced cures that the Lourdes Medical Bureau has classified as inexplicable. But, St. Bernadette herself said that only faith and prayer can cure, which is probably why she was named the patron saint of the sick. Bernadette was beatified in 1925, then canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1933…and while the Vatican declared the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes “worthy of belief”, Bernadette’s canonization was not founded on the visions, but rather on the holiness she exhibited in her life. …and that’s how a shy, young French girl became the saint we know today.

Britain's Inane Royal Succession Laws

and Ancient Anti-Catholic Bigotry. In England, because the head of the Church of England is also the reigning Monarch (even if they have like, uh, zero theological training) the monarch cannot be married to a Catholic. That prohibition dates back to the 1600s and the bloody religious wars after the reformation and King Henry offed the heads of a few tossed wives. No Papery in the Royal House of Head-Offing. So if the reigning Monarch is a Man, the King, he can still be King or King-to-be if he is a batchelor, if he marries a Scientologist, a practical Athiest worshipper of snideness a la Hitchens, a Satanist, a New Agey crystal wearing voodooist or a Muslim. He just can't marry a Catholic. ARE YOU KIDDING! HUGE numbers of Catholics live under your House. More than Half of all of Ireland is Catholic. Tony Blair's wife can be catholic and Tony can turn Catholic, but Prince Charles cannot ever give Camilla a title "Queen" because she is Catholic- and divorced (another story.) She also is a bit on the trampey side if you ask me for carrying on adulterously under Diana's nose (sorry Prince Chuck.) And lets not talk, shall we about the eldest daughter slight. If there are ANY male heirs, even the youngest child who is a dolt and completely uninterested in anything but cricket, polo and football, he gets to be King over the smart saavy oldest sister who speaks five languages and writes poetry in three of them. I for one sincerely hope that they do change the mess. It seems too gracious to call it 'discriminatory.' I think it downright nutty. Schtupit. - and it's not because I think dashing Prince Charles is eventually going to leave Camilla and marry me:-) He does paint lovely watercolors doesn't he.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Both Right

Both Wrong

That's a possibility maybe.
The thing most obnoxious about the birthers is that they impute some nepharious fraudulent motive of the President. What if he was actually born in Kenya but was never told about it and everything was done to ensure that he always believed he was born in Hawaii and a US Citizen because his family are great patriots? Perhaps his mother did travel to meet the rest of the family (if you love the father of your child, chances are you really will want to visit his homeland and travel wherever you need to in order to meet the family especially if you know you are pregnant.)
But suppose that she decided she didn't much care for living in Kenya after a few weeks so as soon as he was born, she flew back to Hawaii. And he never knew he was born in Kenya. Then it isn't some nepharious plot. It isn't some master con. It's just a mother protecting her son who believed her. So we are going to undo a President because of innocenet mistake of birth verification? We are going to undo two years of legislation over that? That's a rather sui generis case, don't you think- and not worth bothering over. I repeat, Trump is a Chump. Get over it already.

Quotes by Rumi-a Lover of Souls

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

OBAMA is a One Termer.

There is little doubt in my mind. Maybe a five percent doubt on a good day.
The alternatives are still frightening. Nothing pallatable has emerged.
I don't just base it on what has happened over the last two years or resistence to Obamacare or the kind of 'change' that looks like happened or is coming- but on the fact that all the Red States are now (Arizona just passed it) forcing in laws that require Proof of Citizenship before someone is allowed to be on the ballot in their state for President to comport with the Constitutional requirement. What "Proof" actually is required will be tied up in courts-my guess for years.
The birther bonkers is stirring up an angle --anything to hang their hat on- flimsy or credible or not- and with Trumps money dump it is taking hold in previously unheard of corners. He is shedding light for example on statements of people in Kenya indicating that folks in Kenya say that they know with certainty he was born there and there are under the radar markers and celebrations- (making it look like the biggest con this country ever saw which ticks folks off whether true or not.) Will the "Certificate of Live Birth" suffice to "Prove" citizenship according to the Arizona Law and others like it? Don't know. But the Don't know part makes the return on investment look a thousand times riskier.

That is why I have always said the Dems need to put someone up in the Primary next to the Fearless Leader. Just saying- or else lose everything. Kind of a big gamble for people who think the policy agenda is at risk (and not saying I am on board with all the policy objectives either- just sayin.)

AZ Law vetoed by the Governor.
OK- so much for trying that trick.
Will it catch on? How many states are totally red with red in all chambers??

What About the Civil Wars

Where There Is No Oil?

25 Event Details from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bethany, Where Jesus Raised Lazarus

Bethany, Where Jesus Raised Lazarus

Employment Law

The Crib Notes I have to give this talk to prospective clients repeatedly so I thought I would just put it here for you. Please read this before you try to retain me and waste my time. This is not legal advice because I don't know you. It's just my particular perspective on life as an attorney who has litigated for longer than I want to. It is not illegal or against the law to be an arrogant jerk. If it were we would have to construct courthouses in every 7-11 and Starbucks for all the claims. That goes for bosses and for you. If your coworkers hate you it is not legally permissible to disguise the fact that you are an arrogant jerk by calling them racists, homophobes, or religious bigots. If you do, they are required to investigate it or they will be charged with "Retaliation" which can be a worse bite than the first accusation. So when they "investigate" it is not grounds for a Retaliation charge. That's their job. Lastly, juries have mixed feelings about giving arrogant jerks the lottery winning of a punitive award. Some of those huge multimillion dollar awards you have read about involve more than one person and involve lots of serious facts and I have to evaluate fairly whether you have anything close. So don't get mad if I tell you that the comment you thought was discriminatory wasn't. Finally, because you cry at the sound of your own heartbeat doesn't mean everything is emotionally distressing under legal standards. That is a high threshold to meet. If it were not so we would have to have courthouses in every 7-11 and Starbucks. So if you are an arrogant jerk who cries at the sound of your own heartbeat my advise is try to get along with your coworkers unless you want a long unpaid vacation or prefer what the Brits call 'the Dole.' Because there is actually such a thing as "work competency" and "fitness for duty."

Stunning Moral Eclipse

Cultural Collapse. Remember in law school when they joked, look to your left, look to your right, one of you won't be here at graduation? Because they wanted to scare you that statistically a third of the class dropped out? (in Georgetown I don't think it was that bad but that was the scary joke.) Here is no joke: Sit in any collection of women under the age of 40, look to the left, look to the right, one of you had an abortion and possibly more than one. One third of all American women under the age of 40 has had at least one abortion. (present company excluded-I never had one but for the Grace of God alone I was saved the cultural slaughter). So Democrats are playing a numbers game- a third of the country isn't going to outlaw what they did to turn themselves into something unrespectable for doing so. This perpetuates the cultural intentional blindness. The more it goes on, the more people seek to self-justify themselves. That's exactly the psychology of how it worked during the Third Reicht. For those who knew what was going on, it was so commonplace and so many people involved in knowing about it (entire towns watched and did nothing while their Jewish neighbors were being rounded up and carted off) that they seek to self-justify to placate their consciences. Because thinking the reality of the alternative- that a mass killing spree totally unjustified is going on unabated-and you participated in it- is too much to bear. For every abortion there is a man behind a torched pregnancy who did what? Left? Abused emotionally someone? Pressured her to get rid of it? All guilty as sin. Look to your left, look to your right, and now count the Democratic registrations among them.

Bell Towers chiming at Epiphany Church Georgetown.


Welcomes Springtime. "The beautiful spring flowers are made possible by the brutalizing cold and snow of winter."-Korean Poet.


In the darkest places. What does this look like to you? It is a scrap heap of schrapnel and armaments from the Bosnian/Balkan war. In Bosnia now there is a town called Medjugorje where war orphans have been looked after in a place called "Mother's Village" now under the care of Franciscan Father SVET. If you turn this pile of schrapnel and armanents on it's side axis to the left you see a hanging crucifix. That is how it is standing in the chapel in the heart of this orphanage. Palm Sunday we see Jesus riding triumphantly on a humble donkey into town hailed by all as a miracle working hero. A week later he is strung up to die in humiliating fashion after an occupying power tortured him to near death by merciless flogging. This cross stands in reminder that Jesus turns War into Resurrection. Not even death can hold him down. Not even War, Not even Torture. What could be a better basis for Hope.

Note to Alan Simpson

I am a Woman and You Don't Speak For Me.

Abortion encourages demeaning of women and sexploitation of women. It is a man's solution to their unbridled promiscuity. Just "take care of it" if you find yourself with child after I get to have my way with you as many times as I want and we don't need a mere "paper" of marriage. The social covenant was lost. The Abortion exponential explosion came hand in hand with the "sexual revolution" where the mass deception ethic of unlimited sexual gratification and pleasure with no natural repercussion was propagated that demeaned and demoralized women and turned them into objects for male sexual gratification without emotional connection or any sense of social responsibility. This is harmful, not helpful to women.

Additionally, it is beyond contention that health risks of abortion to women have been wildly understated, in the service of the same above ethic. Abortion mutilates women in large numbers. It renders them forever infertile in large numbers. It psychologically destroys them in large numbers, because killing off your child, if you realize what you have done is about the biggest betrayal of womanhood that exists. It is a denial of self in a profound existential way.

So it is totally astounding that Planned Parenthood is allowed to perpetuate their myth of being a women's movement issue, and it is disturbing that so many women have bought into the myth.
I don't care whether the legislators are male or female who look at this seriously- but seriously they must- because we have not done a good enough job instructing people on the evils of abortion and it does not help to lie to the country about what Planned Parenthood is all about and pretend we aren't federally funding the mess.

Those issues all have to be looked at, and that is even before you even get to the part about abortion being the tortured delimbing dismemberment of a live tiny human- worse torture than Guantanamo ever saw. Torture into shredded death. It's appalling. Stunningly outrageously appalling. So evil.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birther Bonkers

Is that any way to run a Campaign? Astonishingly, the population is enthralled with a self made mogul who fires people glibly on TV and who ran a few casinos into the ground (bankruptcy stiffing creditors how many times?) The ego on Trump surpasses his towers. And he launches his campaign sending 'investigators' on this birther bonkers madness? There are legit policy issues to disagree respectfully on concerning how the bailouts worked out-there is the abortion planned non parenthood issue-there is the auto industry boondoggle-there is the take the whole wife's entourage and a few hundred of her closest friends to a resort in the Costa Del Sol in Spain with the kiddies thing talking the Spaniards out of prosecution of Bushie torturers thing. The not quite shutting down Guantanamo thing. etc. But the Birther Bit? Come on. Imagine what kinds of resources he will allocate to other dead end investigations. Perhaps he will send Justice Department mob prosecutors on all expense paid vacations to Sicilly for a few months on taxpayer nickels. Sign me up. I now like the "Awe Shucks Huck" straw chewing guy better- The birther bit just has such a subliminal racist overtone to it- like they think that the Dunhams would be so scandalized by their daughter marrying a black guy they sent the two of them back to Africa to have the kid so no one would notice in polite cucumber tea-sandwhich company. Come on. She didn't give birth in Kenya in 1961. Do you know what Kenya looked like in 1961?

Bet you didn't know about this

Democratic Pro Life Presidential Candidate

too Kind

and they still don't get it. Michele Bachman calls Planned Parenthood the 'Lenscrafters of Big Abortion.' This is too kind. And a slander on Lenscrafters. Nothing wrong with a company that mass produces glasses cheaply and affordably so everyone can see. Planned Parenthood is the Auschwitz of Big Abortion. It's the slaughterhouse of Abortion. It's the Burger King of the cattle ranch. There is nothing healthy about Abortion- to the mother or the child. It's not a health service at all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

There Goes the Trumpsters Theory

In the Dumpster. Voila, the kindergarten photo of Obama in Hawaii. If only people remembered him? His teachers sure did- and their remembrances are all over the internet. Donald is looking like a Duck. Of all the things to ride riot on- given the economy and all. Maybe Obama was, can you imagine, a bit shy? Maybe he didn't make friends all that easily- because he was a mixed race kid with an absent father, and looked a little different than the Hawaiian kids? Maybe because he had international background, with a father from out of the country he felt a little different and had a hard time relating to kids? Then he moved to Indonesia and had an international experience that not a lot of people could relate to? I was born in Pittsburgh and you won't find anyone there who knew me when I was little because we moved when I was four to New Jersey, then again to two places in Boston, then to a suburb of Chicago, then back to Philadelphia - all before the eighth grade when we moved out of the country to London England. Next to none of the people in any of those towns will remember me- I would be shocked if they did. We lived in 11 different houses in 13 years (my Dad was a business guy who kept getting promoted to bigger and bigger territories until they gave him all of Europe and moved us to London.) Anyone who had a transient experience growing up would be hard pressed to have good childhood friends that remember them from elementary school. Doesn't mean for five seconds he wasn't born in the country. I was born in the McGee Hospital for Women. If you were pregnant, your father was sketchy on the reliable side but you had good solid midwestern parents who loved their grandkid, are you going to travel half way around the world to deliver in an African village with no running water and who would be your OBGYN? Not likely- I suppose it could happen, but not likely- and Hawaii says he was born there- so is Trump calling all Hawaii liars? Trumpster's theory hits the Dumpster. Focus on the economy and outsourcing jobs to China-you looked less like a muppet with a toupee.

Benedict XVI: Croatia Has a Role in Europe

Benedict XVI: Croatia Has a Role in Europe

TSA- Too Sick to Address

What's a little friendly Groping by your large Uniformed Government Employee? I have had it with the airport security- not just in this country but around the world. Frankfurt airport I rate the worst. During a recent connection I was pulled aside for not just the hand wanding but the full body pat down- and it involved a macho large German woman ordering me to take my belt off whereafter she grabbed my underwear from the inside and lunged a finger around the waisteband- checking no doubt for the 'underwear bomber.' Remind me never to wear that full length black Jones of New York raincoat overseas again. This was horrifying to my friends watching as they saw my face turn a bright speckled pink (I think my freckles turned color). I couldn't believe it. When it happens to an adult- shocking- when it happens to a six year old-disgusting and inexcusable. The Government should not be touching children or groping between their legs. A ticket to ride an airplane is not the government's ticket to molest children. Stop It. Really.

Presidential Priorities

And Budgetary Backlash How are you going to fund Planned Non Parenthood and take money away from Seniors and poor folks by defunding portions of medicaire and medicaid? Planned non Parenthood is an abortion mill- at least nearly fifty percent of all revenue comes from killing the unborn off according to their accounting- they are playing worse numbers games than Enron if they say it's only 3 percent of their business. It is against the law to fund abortions- and we are. Plain and simple- we are when we give money to Planned Parenthood-so all the sanctimonious clap trap about how you ignoramuses out there think that this money is going to abortion- is obnoxious and as deceptive as their whole operation. This is an outfit deeply rooted in deception- it is in fact demonic. From their falsifying information to get permits to build where people don't want them in communities, to falsifying information regarding risks of abortion to women, to coerse uninformed consent, to falsifying statistics in harms, infections, butcher jobs done, to falsifying that they are not in the killing business when they are. And this is what Obama is protecting while throwing grandma under the bus. Get it together people- it's indefensible- morally, politically and rationally. Just indefensible.

Fashion Police

And They Are Not Kidding The French have outlawed the public wearing of the Burkha and hijab-women's muslim veils. The ban took effect today, several women defied it and sported it, of all places, in front of Notre Dame Cathedral -literally an 'in your face' sort of showing of defiance. So they were arrested. Carted off in a police van- news cameras everywhere. Would this be a politically inspired law just on paper or would they actually enforce it? Question answered: they mean business. \ Some of the women threaten to take it to the European Court of Human Rights in Strausberg- which is an org. that hears cases having to do with a wide expression of rights- a brief survey of their current case load includes cases involving a Roma in Turkey who finds discriminatory official published language calling Romas all kinds of names, a lesbian couple from Belgium trying to adopt a child, and other issues of things people in Europe consider "rights." Sarkozy's defense is that this is a 'secular' country- so no overt religious expression at all is permitted in a public context. Very large crucifixes in fact are not permitted in public schools-only small discrete ones. What of a nun's uniform habit? Could a secular government say- we really don't want any public manifestations of religion-and we prefer seeing women's legs-so no skirts in basic black longer than your knee? Could a 'secular' government say- no yarmulkas may be worn on the street? Where is the separation of church-state or mosque -state logic when one religion is allowed to be favored over another? Or is that just the way Europeans want it?

Sunday, April 10, 2011



How Old Are Obama's Girls Now?

Congressional Investigation

Into Sacred Cows. If I went to Congress and all over the media and said, please give me 350 Million dollars because what I and my organization are doing is national building, building infrastructure and bridges and hospitals, and it turned out that really what i was doing was nothing of the kind. I was really a secret Blackwater sort of assassin outfit killing off large segments of the poorer population in countries where we operated- would that warrant a Congressional investigation into FRAUD? That is basically what Planned Parenthood is doing in so many words. They are not in the cancer prevention business, they are not treating breast cancer (it has been argued to the contrary that multiple abortions so disrupt hormone cycles mid pregnancy that it can create favorable conditions for breast cancer to develop), they do not perform mammograms. What do they do? They extract from live human tissue growing fetuses in women's wombs and they kill them off and toss them in the dumpster. They kill off growing life inside a womb. And for that they want 350 Mil. of taxpayer money- and are getting rich off their deals with the devil. So why isn't Congress investigating this massive Fraud? Because Congress appears too bought and sold by the industry that funnels through symathizers (like Nazi sympathizers) contributions back through various pro-choice orgs into campaigns. Mostly All Democratic ones. They are not nation building, they are population mass destroyers. They recently settled a Medicaid fraud case, they have been sued in California for massive billing bilking fraud. There is clearly enough for a congressional investigation in light of bold misrepresentations made by their President (who clearly should know that they do not offer mammograms and went all over the press touting their 'family planning/mamogram' non-existent program. It's fraud people. And you are paying for it.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Let There Be Life

And There Was.

French Miracles.

"I Am The Resurrection And The Life"

Miracles Live In France

Too much of that great Bordeaux Wine or did 14 people see something amazing? The Eyes of Faith see Miracles. And some of my favorite ones live in France. More French Easter Miracles

The Holocaust

Was Legal Too

People forget- there was a 'leader' in the country. He was the President. The "Furer" meaning leader. He had, by an instrumentality of the state under direction of the state a 'program' in which a segment of the population was blamed for the economic ills of the country. They were too taxing to the country's budget.
So he, by use of the country's rules, laws, powers and agencies, expended resources budgetarily alloted to set up camps and exterminate six million people.
It was at the time ALL LEGAL.
Legal clearly does not mean Moral.
So the abortion arguments that the Supreme Court has rendered all this Legal, therefore the government can allot hundreds of millions of dollars to setting up 'surgical' clinics to effect abortions-targetting a group of people for the economic ills, personally taxing economically people- the entire class of the unborn-does not answer the question is it MORAL? Is it MORAL to nuke off 45-50 Million people you think get in the way of a personal economic agenda? How is that not a state fostered Holocaust when the government heavily subsidizes it?




IS POSSIBLE THROUGH THE LOVE OF CHRIST Even Resurrection from the living Dead. EVERYTHING.

Mandatory Reading Before the Senate Vote

Because I know you don't read the Washington Times

Hillary's DisConnect

Stuns African American Anti-Abortionists. Saying "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously" for all the great stuff she did for the women's movement is like telling Jews "I admire Hitler greatly" because he was such a popular mass mobilizing charismatic figure that raised Germany from the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty. Margaret Sanger popularized and institutionalized a force of genocide that forced changes in the legal landscape that has allowed us to witness 45 Million dead pre-born infants since 1973-at a rate of three to one, African Americans over non-blacks. It is a holocaust. Mostly of poor people of color. Time the country got real.


Shallow or Real The government won't shut down. Some compromises were reached- DC won't get any federal money for abortions. DC will get federal money for school vouchers. Those look great on paper. The issue with the Planned Parenthood business is that when money is given to them, under the pretext that they only do a small percentage of abortions (doubtful and numbers vary depending on their defenders) is that the clear laws against federal funding of abortions are cleverly circumvented by allocations to the corporation which has no accountability regarding which funds are or are not used for the prohibited purpose. The primary purpose of planned parenthood is not general overall health care for women. They are not staffed by gynological specialists. They are staffed by abortion doctors. Go look for yourself. They don't even have state pharmaceutical licenses and yet act like dispensaries for abortion pills. If you give 300 Mil. to a corporation, a private corporation, with national tentacles, and have no contraints or regulations or oversight regarding where the money goes, it is going to circumvent the ban on no federal funding for abortions. Suppose the abortion doctors are on monthly retainers and they also do pelvic exams and pap smears once a month, but 100 times a month they are performing abortions. The retainer is circumventing federal funding for abortions-and calling it a pap smear. The logic of the people who just want to throw 300 Mil to Planned Parenthood is just obviously transparently fraudulent. And people see through it. There will be serious consequences to pay if in any future vote planned parenthood is not defunded but given a budgetary pass- millions and millions of dollars for what? The Senate looks like it's padding its own pocket and campaign coffers at the expense of women and the law. This isn't as clear as everyone thinks. And no, I don't believe for five seconds that Planned Parenthood only has three percent of its budget "invested" in abortion. Not for a New York minute.

Perception is everything

When You Are Blinded By Your Own Piety

There was once a professional who thought he was being religiously persecuted as an evangelical Christian at his high level job. His co-workers on the other hand claim that he had been just objectively offensive, insulting and rude repeatedly. It was personality and had nothing to do with evangelizing. Every time some incident occurred the client thought it was the religious persecution (and he was owed money under a statute precluding it) and the coworkers insisted on their belief that he was just being a jerk and most unChristian. It was impossible for the protagonist to see beyond his paradigm construction and try to see things from the other side's perspective. The more heated it got, the more money he demanded.

I look at that scenario and look at what happened over the Planned Parenthood abortion riders in the budget impasse. The Planned Parenthood people kept insising that they -the bad republicans- were just trying to 'throw women under the bus' and deny and deprive them of free "health care", which included abortion. The other side insisted that abortion is not "health care" for anyone, it is murder of a pre-born yet quite human life, and all the other so called 'benefits' offered by Planned Parenthood for women like mammograms, cancer screenings, etc. were smokescreens, overstated statistically and further, any money supposedly going to that 'free health care' would funnel into abortions one way or another as the clinics expanded exponentially as money is fungible.

The "they are throwing women under the bus" side could not see that abortion is damaging and dangerous to women, and done in unregulated places like Planned Parenthood is outrageously risk-ridden in terms of infection, incidents of covered up abortion hackery, even unreported deaths of women which are later blamed on the emergency care they get at regular hospitals after an abortion went wrong, emotional devastation of losing a child, exponential rates of suicide increase, and the like. The side trying to stop abortion think that they are protecting women's health also. The "they are throwing women under the bus" people are stuck, like the evangelical Christian above, in the paradigm. It's free, it's about a woman's body, it must all be good. It isn't.

Before there is a Senate vote each Senator should go inside a Planned Parenthood clinic. Like a Raid. Each one should go and look at the state of sterilization of equipment and get the medical credentials of each 'doctor' who conducts abortions. Further they should send teams of people in to see what percentage of clinics actually even have any equipment to conduct mammogram testing or pre cancer screening and what they charge for it compared to the going rate at the local hospital or university clinic.
Then they should decide if the money is better spent on putting free cancer screening health clinics attached to major hospitals that have health controls, or university clinics, and segregate this from the influences of the abortion industry- the -we will keep you on the bus so we can carve the life out of you for profit- people.

Friday, April 08, 2011

The Dirtiest Demonic Dupe you ever heard of since the Aztecs sacrificed vestal virgins

The Budget Impasse - is about the org. founded by this twisted soul

How Long?

How Long Did you all think that the country was going to tolerate an entire party held hostage by a powerful lobby of sleazy abortion providers who couldn't get real jobs in real hospitals if their lives depended on it? How long did you all think the country would be dupped into thinking that the planned parenthood advertising half represented what they really do? How long do you think people were going to buy Harry Reid saying it's all their fault for not wanting abortions covered under Federal Funding when he knows full well that there are no Chinese Walls regulating allocations of budgeting oversight in any Planned Parenthood office. You are all incredibly strategically blind. This isn't flying further than Orville Wright in a blizzard. The DEMs are going to pay for this big time- no one blames the Republicans for insisting that the Planned Parenthood Fraud game is up. No one blames them.

Planned Non Parenthood's

Political Slush Fund Strategy Looks like it is easy: just wildly overbill (an educated guess)- 300 Mil FOR WHAT HARRY!.

What Harry Doesn't GET

and the DEMS refuse to Listen To. THEY DON'T DO CANCER SCREENINGS AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD. If you want to give women free pap smears give 300 MIL to Georgetown Hospital and fund a free medical clinic at the Lombardi Cancer Center for free cancer screenings/paps/mamograms. PLANNED PARENTHOOD DOES NOT DO FREE CANCER SCREENINGS. Total Disinformation. Total Lies. Total House of Crap.

Free Speech, Religious Toleration and Provacateur Fundamental Christians

What if they burned a Bible? The Catholic Conference of Bishops in Pakistan is outraged that the Protestant Pastor in Florida actually did participate in a Koran burning and wants him punished. At least detained. Something. Because it is all over You Tube and foreseeably will incite a riot-or worse-Christians get killed in those parts. I t has already taken on negative repurcussions elsewhere. Or should we say-hey we have free speech here-we can do what we want ? Even when it incites murder elsewhere in the world? Who knows what the constitutional First Amendment says about that? Sounds like fodder for a few law review articles. Assault and battery on books isn't a crime- but what about when it is foreseeable to incite murder?


Charges Against Planned Parenthood And the gov't is supposed to give them 300 Mil- ??? For what? BAIL? READ THE COMPLAINT READ THE COMPLAINT. This is what you want the feds subsidizing? This is what the DEMS are holding the government hostage to? Beyond RIDICULOUS- really immoral.

Cecile Richards

You are Full of Crap Hate to name you by name but you remind of the slick women that corporations hire to fight against sexual harassment allegations- You are full of crap. Women go to their doctors, university clinics for their medical care when they want a child. They don't go to Planned Parenthood- you know you are full of it- that is not why people go to planned parenthood. If the government wanted to fund FREE health care for women they should pour 300 mil. into regulated, recognized medical schools, universities, and hospitals, not Planned Non Parenthood. Not a private monopolistic corporation that is insulated from med. mal suits. Who goes to Planned Parenthood to have a healthy child. NO ONE. People go there for abortions. They don't go there for condoms- they go to the drug store for that. They don't go there for pregnancy testing- they get a test at the CVS for $7.00 and if it is positive and they want the child they go to a regular physician, not planned parenthood. Sickening. Go Away.

Not A Penny To

Planned Non Parenthood It is a cesspool of coverups of statutory rape of underaged girls too shamed to report it. It is a cesspool of medical malpractice and negligence of women butchered and too shamed to report it. It is an unregulated mess. It is a scandal. The Feds have no business funding what some people consider arguably a RICO enterprise that will loop in some dem campaign contributions. It is disgusing that the Dems are holding up a budget for this and easily traceable to Emily's List and other circuitously funnelled campaign contributions. Someone is predictably going to sue Emily's List for RICO violations. ABSOLUTELY NO FEDERAL MONEY FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD. What other corporations, monopolies get 300 Mil by name without any regulation and threaten to hold up an entire govt budget? DISGUSTING. It's not about women's health. At All.

Are They Kidding?

Planned Non Parenthood

Is an unregulated slaughterhouse franchise. There are more regulations governing how a meat packing plant has to butcher beef and sanitation requirements regarding food handling than Planned Parenthood has. It is not a women's health center, it is a women's mutilation lab. They do not offer mamograms for breast cancer screening.
It is lie. Go send any incognito person into a Planned parenthood looking for a free mamogram and they will tell you they do not do it there. They don't have the equipment.
Since when do the Feds give hundreds of millions of dollars to a totally unregulated enterprise without any oversight whatsoever? Don't tell me the funds can't go to abortion by law so three hundred million dollars are not going to support abortions or the equipment or infrastructure.
The Republican Rider is sane. The Democrats, yes, you Schumer, are being ridiculous. It's really enough to make me want to change parties for good.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Keeping the Baby

And not Throwing it Out With the Budget MOM decides not to abort while they discovered breast cancer during her pregnancy. VERY SPECIAL DELIVERY

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Do Not Cave

On Federal Funding For Abortion There is absolutely NO constitutional right to federal funding in abortion. There is a law called the Hyde Amendment against it and there was an executive order when OBAMA had his back against the wall in the negotiations on obamacare regarding it. The DNC is now headed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz- a Emily's List A rater- a spit in the face of any pro-life Democrat, and the party is going to see how well that plays in 2012. There is absolutely NO Constitutional Right to Federal Funding in Abortion- it is absolutely sickening that the Democrats insist Planned Parenthood be anywhere in the budget. Inexcusable. The majority of the country will let you all know how they feel in 2012 and don't say I didn't warn you. So dumb i can't believe they pay anyone over there political consultant fees (including the DNC Veep, Ms What 2004 voting fraud herself)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Happy Birthday RYAN

Soon to be ONE.

Mother single, father African American, Ryan (my great-niece)- not obviously aborted.



or 'Path to Poverty'???

If we are funding one dollar of Planned Parenthood we are crazy. Beyond the Pale. This isn't "muscle" (per Schumer) this is Placental hemmhorage. Don't fund Planned Parenthood. It's insane that should even be on the table.