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Don Mclean

if we try (don McClean)

COME TOGETHER - WHOSE CAMPAIGN THEME SONG IS THIS? Robin Williams/Bobby McFerrin sing Beatles'

holy roller, i know you

The Other Men In Black

The Rock

Hey Jude-pray for us

Paul McCartney - Blackbird - Live

Utaly Brilliant Daalings

Next you are in London

Go see the exhibit at this Gallery:

There are rumored to be enormous floating pink fetuses in all stages of gestational development rendered in pink marble floating about.

It's Marc Quinn's Exhibit

This exhibit is in London until the end of February.
It needs to come next to AMERICA.
Marc Quinn has exhibited in many important group and solo exhibitions internationally including Sonsbeek ’93, Arnhem (1993), Give and Take, Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2001), Statements 7, 50th Venice Biennale (2003) and Gwangju Biennale (2004). Solo exhibitions include Tate Gallery, London (1995), Kunstverein Hannover (1999), Fondazione Prada, Milan (2000), Tate Liverpool (2002), Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2004), Groninger Museum, Groningen (2006) and MACRO, Rome (2006).

Riverdance-kiss me, i'm irish

Riverdance (Lord of the dance)

River Dance

can't touch this

No Doubt -- Hamburg -- (live)

Laudate Dominum (Vienna Boys Choir)

Taize - Laudate Dominum - Kirchentag 2007

Taizé - prayer and songs - Gebete und Gesänge - Part 5

Taize - Zagreb (part 5)

Venite populi -- PHS Choir

This goes out to Sam at Princeton Seminary

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Beethoven - Ode An Die Freude / Ode to Joy #1

'Ode to Joy' (finale) from Symphony No.9, Op. 125

Lily and James: An Old Fashioned Love Song

An Old Fashion Love Song / Shambala

John in Ephesus; Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom - Live in Ephesus

Bobby Kennedy - fearless

happy valentines day

When the Pharisees heard that he had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together, and one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question to test him.

"Teacher [Rabbi], which commandment in the law is the greatest?" He said to him, "'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."
- Matthew 22:34-40

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if i had a hammer

Bobby(2006)-The Sound Of Silence (Robert F. Kennedy)

Eulogy of Bobby Kennedy

differing evils

TAVIS SMILEY | Guest: Sen. Ted Kennedy #2 | PBS

go figure

At Last

Elvis - Can't Help Falling In Love (Live/1968

i was 8 in 1968, how old were you?

Johnny Cash - You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven THP 1958

practice--makes perfect

tears of the saints

Gregorian - live

Gregorian - The Sound Of Silence

visions in santiago de compostello

Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly with his song

Phil Keaggy - Castle's Call / Pilgrim's Flight



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Stephen the Martyr

St. Stephen Martyr

Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul
and All That Is Within Me
Bless His Holy Name

Herb Albert- Rise

Herb Alpert - This Guy's In Love With You (1968)

check out the fake eyelashes-this is great classic stuff

Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life

Lifesong - Casting Crowns

Praise You In This Storm

Sign Your Name - Sananda Maitreya

ace of base happy nation

Sign of Hope at the March for Life - 40 Days for Life


Foundations for a Catholic Ethic of War Termination

Start: Feb 1 2008 - 12:00
End: Feb 1 2008 - 14:00
12:00 noon-- Handlery Dining Room, Lone Mountain Room 100, University of San Francisco
Msgr. Robert McElroy, Bay Area priest, scholar and author, will explore an ethical framework within the Catholic tradition that might inform a position on withdrawal from Iraq.

Robert W. McElroy is pastor of St. Gregory’s Parish in San Mateo, CA where he has served for eleven years.
He is the author of The Search for an American Public Theology (Paulist Press) and Morality and American Foreign Policy reprinted by Princeton University Press in 2007.

He is a frequent contributor to America magazine, having recently published the highly regarded article “Church Teaching on War: Why We Must Withdraw from Iraq” in September 2007.

Msgr. McElroy holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, a doctorate in ethics from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and a Ph.D. in international relations from Stanford. He teaches social ethics at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, CA.


Link that to your blog

Ace of Base - All that she want

Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Ne me quitte pas [Don't Leave Me]

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Actually, no, a Prophet

Here's what he says today:
Thus says the Lord, in this place which you say, "It is a waste without man or beast," In the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem that are desolate, without man or inhabitant or beast, there shall be heard again the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride; the voices of those who sing, as they bring thank offerings to the house of the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for his steadfast love endures forever." Jeremiah 33: 10

Joy to the Word,
All the Boys and Girls
Joy to the Fishies in the Deep Blue Sea
Joy to you and me. (Tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi)

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Bowie Meets Crosby

David Bowie (feat Nine Inch Nails) - I'm Afraid Of Americans

Eye on the Prize-Non Solo Castita

Things Off the Love Track= Sin

Sin is an act or state of mind or heart that is against LOVE. Creation is made of Love. Every sin can be traced back to a violation of the commandments to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength or to Love neighbor as yourself.
The Cardinal Sins all point to a failing to love God or neighbor. Lust demeans and objectifies neighbor, it doesn't love the neighbor. Adultery steals from neighbor a spouse. Avarice is a disordered greed tied to pride that insists on more to puff oneself up in a disordered way above true love of God first, envy wishes harm on a neighbor which is the opposite of love. Slander harms neighbor and destroys reputations. This is an assault on love.

In the Old Testament sin is set forth as an act of disobedience (Genesis 2:16-17; 3:11; Isaiah 1:2-4; Jeremiah 2:32); as an insult to God (Numbers 27:14); as something detested and punished by God (Genesis 3:14-19; Genesis 4:9-16); as injurious to the sinner (Tob., xii, 10); to be expiated by penance (Ps. 1, 19). In the New Testament it is clearly taught in St. Paul that sin is a transgression of the law (Romans 2:23; 5:12-20); a servitude from which we are liberated by grace (Romans 6:16-18); a disobedience (Hebrews 2:2) punished by God (Hebrews 10:26-31). St. John describes sin as an offence to God, a disorder of the will (John 12:43), an iniquity (1 John 3:4-10). Christ in many of His utterances teaches the nature and extent of sin. He came to promulgate a new law more perfect than the old, which would extend to the ordering not only of external but also of internal acts to a degree unknown before, and, in His Sermon on the Mount, he condemns as sinful many acts which were judged honest and righteous by the doctors and teachers of the Old Law. He denounces in a special manner hypocrisy and scandal, infidelity and the sin against the Holy Ghost. In particular He teaches that sins come from the heart (Matthew 15:19-20).

LOVE is the Goal. Unity with Love, Oneness with Love is Heaven. The Kingdom of God is very near. But Love requires more than the absence of assaults upon it- it requires an affirmative expression of it. That is why Chastity alone is not Love. Love is more than the absence of sins against it.
Keep Your Eye On The Prize.

Blood and Water

This is the image of the vision that Saint Faustina saw (close enough...she actually was a bit upset that it wasn't exactly the vision- he probably looked less like Brad Pitt and more Semetic and like the Shroud of Turin image because Jesus is Israeili Jewish...)
The red depicts his blood (the blood of the covenant, the blood shed for the atoning sacrificial forgiveness of sins) and the blue depicts the water that poured from him when he was lanced. There was a build up of water because it occurs from the severity of the scourging- the torture that occured just prior to his crucifiction. The injuries caused swelling and water to build up that was expelled when he was punctured by a lance of a roman soldier while on the Cross.
Water also symbolized baptism and purification. Jesus is the "living water." The water that will allow us to never be thirsty if we drink of it.
Where else in the natural do you see blood and water pouring out like this? Birth.
When a mother is going to deliver a baby the first thing that happens is that her "water breaks."
Then when a baby is born it is covered in her blood and her blood pours out of her. Blood and water.
This blood and water pouring from the heart of Jesus is meant to depict the new birth, new life that is found in and through his sacrifice. It came with suffering. The water was produced through his innocent suffering. This the broken water for our new birth.
Nicodemus asked, how is it that a man is born anew- does he enter his mother's womb a second time? No, Jesus meant when he said that a man must be born again, that he is born again through Jesus' water breaking, and his blood shed and his innocent suffering sacrifice for us to form the new covenant of life. This blood and water comes from his heart so we are born of the Holy Spirit into the Sacred Love of his heart. It is the manifestation of his love. It pours from his Sacred Heart. He is Love, He loves so much that he himself became the sacrifice shedding of blood so he could bring us to new life through the breaking of his water, birthing us into new creatures in his Love, birthing us into eternal life.
If the Sacred Heart pouring out blood and water does not point you to doing likewise to creating new life, there is something wrong. Meditate on it again. And Again. And Again.

The Miracle of Damascus: Part One

Miracle of Sun at Medjugorje -

Miracle of sun at Medjugorje, Herzegovina June 25, 2006

No Apologies #4 - Fra Joseph explains Mary is the New Eve

No Apologies #5 - Fra Joseph on Mary as Queen Mother

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Michael W Smith - Love one Another - Change Your World Live

Kelly Clarkson - Walk On By

Kelly Clarkson - Respect (Reprise)

Aretha Franklin - R E S P E C T


March Madness:

The spectacle of a stadium full of single male catholic clergy marching as to war on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade on the
Supreme Court to make a statement about the evils of abortion would be quite moving were it not for the fact that these are men who by choice or capacity have either totally rejected or are totally incapable of forming intimate loving supportive respectful relationships with women they call their wife, and have no children of their own, either adopted or natural. They would have light-years more credibility if they actually had children, or remotely understood the realities of intimately relating with the opposite sex from a distance closer than a confessional screen, put their money where their mouths are in supporting pregnant women or in any remote capacity attempted to have their own families for whom they were directly responsible.

If they actually truly wholly loved women in word and deed people might pay more attention to them.

The family model of church relationships where women get to support male priests who have no responsibility financially for any woman is not one that provides the sort of lessons or model for young men who are encouraged to emotionally support their girl friends or wives during pregnancy instead of pressuring abortions to avoid the life time of child support obligations. Priests don't have much sway or say with these sorts of people because they don't trust the empathy factor on this point. Anything a Priest would say is often deemed experientially irrelevant. The "do as I say, not as I do" preaching method to young men has only so much preaching to the choir effectiveness.

Some Priests , even ones considered good priests, sometimes make or model supremely rotten bad examples to young men who are desperately looking for solid role models in relating to girls/women, in that they only know how to support and veer males into vocations, away from any real responsibility for women and they themselves sometimes treat women with abysmal disrespect. Some love-them-and-leave-them priests will emotionally exploit women in a way that causes more emotional harm-trauma even- than casual sex ever does. This is scandal, brings disrespect on the church, and mocks the Church's mission to create cultures where families are positively built up and women truly honored and protected. You could fill a stadium with the Catholic women who felt at any time disrespected, emotionally dishonorably misled, abandoned, exploited or mistreated by a priest.

The only women elevated by the hierarchy of male priests are the ones who swear off childbearing in "holy" orders or are incapable of it by virtue of advanced years. That is no model for empowering women to bring children in the world. This does not model love for womenhood.

The Church is in some aspects more decidedly rooted in the misogynist blatantly sexist women bashing demeaning writings of Saint Thomas Acquinas than it is on the Word of Jesus the Lord with regard to relational issues and respect for women. I was shocked to learn from one highly placed Monsignor that they actually teach how NOT to be friends with women in Seminary- and that their dealings with women are supposed to be along the lines of a business relationship. They are instructed not to bond in friendship with women. Basically, so long as the women don't get too close and keep writing checks everything will be fine. The Dominican order of friars actually contains as part of their rule that they are to avoid the gaze of women and never look any of them in the eye because they are intrinsic temptation. They don't know how to view them as anything other than check-writers with temptation potential. This is just juvenile and totally evil- as if an entire culture of clergy were time warped in an adolescent fear of Cooties.

Contrary to the Canon Law 208 statement and instruction that there is an equality of all baptized believers such that there is a church mandate to respect the dignity of all persons which is necessary to build up the body of Christ, the church in practice preaches that women cannot be peers of priests or good enough to marry them and live with them. The inherent disrespect and institutional demeaning of women in this regard communicates a message to the wider society. It also screams hypocrisy from the foundations of the Canon Law.

On top of that general disregard for the emotional well being of women perverted as a taught virtue, now there is the overladen near hysteria of litigation paranoia such that clergy fear even trying to get close to women as friends for fear it will generate a lawsuit if it doesn't work out well. They thus view women as threats to their very livelihoods.
Perhaps they would have peace of mind if they could require women to sign waiver forms like the ones signed when participating in school sports: "I understand that Priest......(fill in name) likes me and has expressed an intention to get to know me outside church. This intrinsically poses certain risks of getting hurt. I fully assume all the risks and agree to participate understanding that no Priest will require me to disrobe without first presenting a four carat ring and a marriage certificate and engaging in some sort of ceremony involving peach roses, singing an Ave Maria and playing Ode to Joy." I am joking, but I am not. A waiver might allay the wierdness that irrational litigation paranoia has generated which has caused clergy to really deeply harm women emotionally. This waiver could come with a friendship ring. Imagine a church culture where everyone had to respect the women who had the friendship rings rather than lob vicious gossip at them. Imagine a church culture where it was applauded that male priests could form loving long term stable holy healthy monogamous relationships that honored one woman as their beloved. If it doesn't work out they get the ring back and can pawn it for the
organ fund.

All of this fear and loathing of women and keeping them down and at a distance is completely contrary to the Holy Spirit who overpowered Mary sufficiently to impregnate her, creates an ethic that destroys families and undermines God's mission in the world. It also insults Mary, who wouldn't be anything to anyone if she were not a Mother.

If one in Five Women in America are getting abortions, lots of them are Catholic and lots of Catholic boys are getting them pregnant. That means lots of Priests are not getting through.

A cultural institution which allows Priests only to be friends of men and fears women dooms the entire culture to a profound spiritual deadly disrespect of women- which disrespect piled on top of the extant cultural disrespect is manifesting itself in 48 Million abortions. One in Five women get an abortion in America at some time in their lives. One in Five women have been failed, dumped, disrespected and their offspring discarded by men who fail, dump, disrespect and discard them and their offspring. The cultural norm in America is that Men do not know how to be friends with women, how to uniquely respect them, how to protect their emotions, or how to honor them. In short, they don't know or act as if they know what love really means. A man who does is a rare diamond in the dung pile of sexploitation, abuse, neglect, adultery, whoremongering and emotional manipulation that pervades the current culture. Where Jesus intended his leaders to model this (instructing all Bishops and Deacons to be married honorably to one woman) the church spits it back in his face- and destroys women who in turn destroy their offspring.

Men do not get modeling relationships with women from the media- they get rampant sexploitation. They don't get it from home as the families disintegrate and the economy forces both parents to work more and spend less time raising children. They get a selfish fend for yourself ethic there. They don't get it at catholic church from the priests because they can only befriend men, and they can only live with men. The catholic church puts on a pedestal and worships the Virginity of Mary which distorts the scriptural teachings on proper healthy holy inter-relationships between the genders. The homosexual and other sex scandals do nothing for modeling proper heterosexual friendship behavior toward women either.

The Church does not need another Pavone -style 75 million dollar lobbying enterprise order of single men to lecture pregnant women. The Church needs an order of Married Priests who are actual fathers living community as faith families to model to society- this is the Biblical model. It is pure scandal that only the Protestant world gets this and attempts to model it-- and stupid that the Catholic world rejects it as being too Protestant. It is biblical.

The current all male cast of quasi-castrati institutional gender slighting priests spits in the face of Saint Joseph. It is the exact opposite of what he did to provide solid care, support and protection for Mary. It spits in the face of Jesus who did know how to love, respect, befriend and honor women.

This lack of respect for the relevance of catholic clergy is another obvious fall out from the scriptural disobedience of forbidding any priest to marry. In this case it's directly traceable
affect on the decline of the moral fabric has profoundly deadly consequences. If Priests knew how to conduct relationships such that they modeled the "no sex before marriage" rule, actually did marry and had babies in the morally ordered way the church envisions, loved their wives enough to support them emotionally and even financially so that their wives sung of their loving kindness forever, society would have to sit up and take notice- and the entire culture of death would be resurrected.

As it is now, young men more often than not have an OH PalEEZE "talk to the hand Padre" disregard for any moral authority who cannot say he has been there.

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Our God is an Awesome God

Michael W Smith - Awesome God

The Platters - Only You (1955)

The Hour

Saint Faustina got the word in divine revelation to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the hour of Christ's death. She lived in Poland. She got the word to say it at 3:00 pm, presumed to be the hour Christ died in Jerusalem. Poland may be in the same time zone as Jerusalem. Jesus died Jerusalem time which is either 7 or 8 hours ahead of the US Eastern Standard time. Someone look it up. If it is 8 hours ahead, people in Eastern Standard US time should say it at 7:00 am. If your church has a morning mass around then, you might suggest incorporating it in at that time.

For the Sake of his Sorrowful Passion........

Worldwide Divine Mercy Congress to be held on anniversary of John Paul II’s death
, Jan 25, 2008 / 06:09 am (CNA).-
On Thursday January 31, at the Holy See’s press office, the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, will announce the details of the first World Apostolic Congress on Divine Mercy, which will coincide with the anniversary of the death of the Servant of God, Pope John Paul II.

The event, which will take place in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican from April 2-6, 2008, will be presented by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, OP, Archbishop of Vienna (Austria) and the President of Congress; Fr Patrice Chocholski, General Coordinator of the Congress and Msgr. Mauro Parmeggiani, Secretary General of the Vicariate of Rome.
Cardinal Schönborn recently pointed out that the opening day of the congress would deliberately coincide with the anniversary of the passing of Pope John Paul II, “because he was a true witness of mercy.” The Austrian cardinal also recalled the words spoken by the late Pontiff during the consecration of the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki in 2002: “Apart from the mercy of God, there is no other source of hope for humanity.”
Lagiewniki is the small city in Poland where St. Faustina Kowlaska (1905-1938) received the visions that would lead to the devotion of Divine Mercy.
St. Faustina was canonized by John Paul II on April 30, 2000; on that same day he also established the second Sunday of Easter as the Feast of Divine Mercy.

You've Got A Friend---carole King,Celine,Gloria,Shania

FAITH HOPE AND LOVE-and the winner is........

(You knew that since you were 3 )1st Corinthians 13

You hear this verse at almost every wedding. These are called the "theological virtues" by some. In scripture we are told that we are nothing without the later. Really nothing. We are just clanging gongs, noisy symbols, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Sometimes we can get paid handsomely for being full of sound and fury clanging like gongs, but nevertheless- IT's NOTHING. It's vacuous vanity. Even if there is a huge following for this vacuous vanity, without Love, it's NOTHING.
Even if I am the greatest philanthropist and give away everything I have to the poor and wander the earth in a brown rope-belted robe, if I don't have love I am NOTHING. Zero. Zip. Zilch. So if you did it without love, you lost your clothes and still have nothing. That statement indicates that the Caritas word does not mean Charity in the throw money in the bucket sense, it means Love in a much larger sense. Even if I am martyred, Paul says in 1st Corinthians- and give up my very body, my physical self to be burned at the stake I am NOTHING. Zero. Zip. Zilch, if I do not have LOVE. Love is a state of the Heart and Soul-a State of more than Grace, it is a state of Being that wraps us in the Divine Sacred Heart. It is more far more valuable than Martyrdom. Martyrdom without it means nothing.

Now the folks in robes who did give up everything to the poor or their cousin Vinnie, sometimes mistake that definition of Charitas to exclude Love as we know it or as God means it, and they call it "Charity". This is really lost in basic mistranslation.

The kind of Love that is spoken of here is something that far surpasses even the act of Martyrdom in its State of Heart. It surpasses even martyrdom in its sacrificial giving of one's entire self. It surpasses even Sacrificial Suffering. It is caring but beyond caring. It is giving but beyond giving. It is sacrifice but beyond sacrifice. In the most intimate marital form of it, yes, of course, it involves a complete total giving of one's entire body.

When the Pope talks about the need for "purification" it scares me because it sounds like the way Germans talked about Purification in WWII. That meant just an elimination of all the Jews. Just eliminate them. Purification of Heart spoken of by King David did not mean elimination of all the women who could pose any temptation. He married and stayed married to Bathsheeba even.
Purification of Heart, to create a Clean Heart means much more and something much deeper than abstinence, chastity, or sexual continence. It means purification of everything that stains and hinders LOVE. It means elimination of hatreds, petty ego trips, resentments, thoughts of
harm, selfishness, certainly selfishness bred of fear, thoughts of revenge, self-righteous anger, slander, malice and other things that offend the Sacred Heart, the God who IS Love. Purification is the transforming of everything that takes one away from Love to turn into Love.

Purification of Heart means more than reaching for the highest Love, the heart of God it entails a transformation to become love. It means Loving in a way that provides for the needs of others even when it requires sacrifice. It means oozing the love that you are from your pores in everything you do; putting another's interests ahead of yours. It means serving them. It can mean if necessary even dying for them. It never means demeaning, trashmouthing, slandering, insulting, or humiliating them. It never means putting them down, in their place, assuming them less than God made them or assuming yourself better than they are. The Greatest of all was the Servant of All in a humility that is hard to grasp. God himself became Man for us- took on the fraility of human flesh. Out of his Supreme Love.
The Church has veered away from the Sacred Heart in a very juvenile way in insisting that the only thing God cares about in purification of heart terms has to do with sexual chastity or abstinence to a point where it can be idolotrous. Most people understand that the way to Love is not through sexual expression but that it is a natural form of giving and the most intimate form of effective communication when one is actually in Love and a state of commitment already exists to further manifest that love. They don't call it "making love" for nothing.

Jesus cares much more if your heart is transformed into his compassion in terms of
feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, overturning oppression, setting the prisoner free, visiting those in prison, rescuing those who have fallen into despair, restoring people to hope and healing. Jesus spent most of his time on earth healing people and feeding them and casting out demons, only one of which is called "Lust." Another one is called "Envy." There are legions of them that need casting down.
People who are completely sexually abstinent, continent or chaste can have the most IMPURE hearts because they harbor the other aforementioned evils and more. Someone who has no sex but is a vile malicious slandering ego tripper who thinks themselves better than the next guy is really not a person closer to getting to heaven than someone who has sex with someone they love but are not yet married to and who harbors no such evils in their heart. "Slanderer" ranks right up there with Fornicator and Drunkard in the litany of those excluded from Heaven. And don't get me started on "Envy"- one of the top ten is also You Will Not (thou shall not) Covet- your neighbor's wife, his house or anything belonging to him or her-whether her youth, her good looks, her figure her income her standing her profession her great hair. That jealous old -love sabotaging evil-eyed hag is less likely to be greeted by Peter with a smile at the gates than the teenager necking in the back of the movie theatre.

A pure heart cannot look at a homeless person and not want to find him shelter. A pure heart cannot look at a sick person and not want to lay hands on them, pray for them and do whatever else is in their power to make them well and comfort them. A pure heart cannot watch a hungry child and not feed it. A pure heart cannot see the robbed person lying on the side of the road and walk on the other side of the street as the priest did instead of doing what the Samaritan did. A pure heart is one that Loves because Christ is so much more powerfully in them that Christ manifests himself through them by the transformation of their heart.

Jesus defended the woman getting stoned who was caught in the act of Adultery- Adultery even, not just sleeping with her lover outside marriage- she broke one of the top Ten and was caught in the sheets. He calls it a sin and tells her to stop but he doesn't condemn her. Nowhere does he call anyone out for sleeping together when not married and reads them the riot act. You don't see Jesus in scripture yanking any teenagers by the ear and scolding them for necking. Nowhere. Who does he read the riot act to? The money changers at the Temple get a pretty good whipping. The Pharisees who want to use the law of the Sabboth to prevent him from healing someone get a pretty good tongue lashing for perverting scripture against the Heart of God who cares deeply that people are whole and well. He even gently puts Martha right for being envious of the fact that Mary got to do less "work" and just sit and listen to Jesus at his feet while she had to do all the dishes.

A pure heart pours itself out in an abundance of giving, just as Jesus pours his blood and body out for us continually. It doesn't count the costs, it doesn't count the wrongs against it. It doesn't keep track of the many offenses against it- it just takes the licking and keeps on ticking and pours itself out over and over and over again.

The church is more than a bit off the tracks when defining "Purity" in merely sexual terms. The Sacred Heart is so much more Fire than that.
It is a burning Fire like the inextinguishable burning bush.


THE NYT Endorses Hillary- and that short guy

(Stay tuned for the short people song later.)

JOEL OLSTEEN has a great word today about Worship- if you don't know who he is you are living under a rock as opposed to ON THE SOLID ROCK ON WHICH I STAND.

If you are having trouble viewing this email, then click here to view it online.
Worship Brings Power
The Word:
But now bring me a minstrel. And while the minstrel played, the hand and power of the Lord came upon Elisha” (2 Kings 3:15).

The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people. When you worship the Lord, His presence will manifest wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, in your car or at work, God will inhabit your praises. And where God is, there is tremendous power available! The enemy cannot stand in the presence of our Mighty God! What do you need power for today? Do you need God’s healing power in you body? Worship Him. Do you need God’s restoration power in your relationships? Worship Him. Do you need His delivering power from a particular situation? Worship Him. As you worship Him, you will see your perspective begin to change. The things that used to bother you will no longer bother you. Old habits and addictions will automatically break off of you. Things in your life will begin to change when you live a life of worship. Start right now by worshiping the Lord out of your heart. All throughout the day, sing songs to Him and declare His goodness. As you do, you’ll experience the life of victory He has in store for you!

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Gregorian Send me An Angel LIVE at ARD 30.sep.06

Gregorian - My Immortal - Evanescence

Litany of the Saints

Fr. Stan Fortuna - Everybody Got 2 Suffer

You are my God

The Way The Truth The Life

Cardinal Ratzinger plays the piano

INFO ETHICS For All you Journalists


Papa Bendict Might Like Blogs: I reprint this from the Vatican Info folks in full without sarcasm because I totally agree:

VATICAN CITY, 24 JAN 2008 (VIS) - This morning in the Holy See Press Office Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli and Msgr. Paul Tighe, respectively president and secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, presented the Pope's Message for the 42nd World Day of Social Communications.

Noting how the communications media "can be instruments of our hope", Archbishop Celli stressed that "they can and must also be instruments at the service a more just and united world.

"It is no coincidence", he added, "that the Pope mentions, though briefly, the 'decisive' role the media have had and continue to have". The Holy Father also recalls those sectors of human life in which the media "are a real resource, a blessing for everyone: literacy, socialisation, the development of democracy and dialogue among peoples", he added.

The president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications dwelt on "the Pope's clear awareness and knowledge of the fact that unfortunately the media 'risk being transformed into systems aimed at subjecting humanity to agendas dictated by the dominant interests of the day'. This is the challenge facing the media, the challenge we must all face in our daily lives in order to become men and women who show solidarity to all mankind".

Benedict XVI notes the fact that "the media can be used to 'create' events", Archbishop Celli observed before going on to ask: "If the media, rather than recounting events, 'create' them what happens to mankind?" In this context, he noted, the Pope suggests that "many people now think there is a need, in this sphere, for 'info-ethics', just as we have bioethics in the field of medicine and in scientific research linked to life".

These words of the Pope, the archbishop concluded, "make us even more aware of how much the social communications media are profoundly linked to mankind, and invite us to protect human beings jealously in all their environments and in everything that mankind is and is called to be".

For his part, Msgr. Tighe, speaking English, noted how the "true measure of progress is not to be found in the technical or logistical efficiency of the new means of communications alone, but in the purposes which the serve". In using new technologies, he continued, the media can place them "at the service of individuals and communities in their search for the truth or they can allow them to be used to promote their own interests and/or the interests of those they represent in ways that manipulate communities and individuals".

This Message, said Msgr. Tighe, encourages those who work in the media "to be vigilant in their efforts to make known the truth and to defend it 'against those who tend to deny or destroy it'. Media professionals are invited to defend the ethical underpinnings of their profession and to ensure that the 'centrality and the inviolable dignity of the human person' are always vindicated".

Finally, Msgr. Tighe recalled the numerous journalists throughout the world who "have suffered persecution, imprisonment and even death because of this commitment and because of their unwillingness to be silent in the face of injustice and corruption".

Wonder what he thinks about all the 9-11 Truth Sites. Wonder if he gets that the Main Stream Media (the "MSM") establishment
played 9-11 like a pre-programmed Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

From Whence.....

The Lord God helps me; therefore I have not been disgraced; therefore I have set my face like flint, and I know that I shall not be put to shame; he who vindicates me is near. Who will contend with me? Let us stand up together. Who are my adversaries? Let them confront me. It is the Lord God who helps me; who will declare me guilty? All of them will wear out like a garment; the moth will eat them up.

- Isaiah 50:7-9

Michael W. Smith - Cry for Love

Rich Mullins - Creed (Credo)

Rich Mullins Hold me Jesus

Love and Responsibility

Social Responsibility for the Least of These defining campaigns.

An article appeared in todays Dallas News indicating that there is more to living the Gospel than shouting down Abortion:

"Any movement starts out as, you're against something," he said. "It's kind of like the middle-school years. You define yourself by what you hate, what you're not. And as you grow up, you have to start defining yourself by who you are, by what you want to build. That's where we are right now."

Anti-Abortionists are taking a more global approach for maximal effectiveness: change the socio-economic structures to make the country more hospitable to pregnant women carrying their babies to term and they will be far less likely to abort. A woman with no skills or education in her teens or early 20s who is pregnant without any familial infrastructure of support is far less likely to want to keep her child than one who has paid for health care, housing and educational opportunities. Change the environment, they argue, and you will change the "choice" equation.
Merely coercing under criminal penalty someone to maintain a healthy pregnancy could have the opposite effect of causing someone to jump off a bridge- The matured element of the movement is looking at the incentive structures carefully in society. Coercion always has a way of backfiring. Republicans who traditionally didn't want to create any pregnancy related incentives because they view that as paying someone for their assumed immorality, are now looking more compassionately and less judgmentally at the "unfunded mandate" aspect of compelling someone to maintain a pregnancy without any support mechanisms making it truly possible. Whereas the more neanderthal judgmental assumption is that someone's pride or selfishness caused an abortion, the socio-economic realities of skyrocketing foreclosures, homelessness, hunger and unemployment compel a more honest look at the economic disincentives to maintaining a healthy pregnancy to full term.
A woman so emotionally or financially desperate that she kills off her offspring if under a coercive legal regime is just going to go into her bathroom and shoot herself up with 407 cleaning solution or any other toxin potentially wrecking herself for life. There are a thousand under the radar ways to induce a miscarriage. Society as a whole fails women who fall into the desperate choice of abortion where it should fill in the gaps left void by familial neglect or abuse.

That is why evangelicals are looking closely at fighting Poverty as a moral mandate- a Matthew 25 mandate that separates the bleating goats from the sheep.

Taking care of people unavoidably involves economic assessments and incentives.

George Soros has an article worth reading in the Financial Press- he is concerned that we are seeing the worst economic market melt-down in 60 years:

One Day = $720 Million

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your Italian Lesson Today

CON TE PARTIRÒ (Italian lyrics)(Words and music by Francesco Sartori and Lucio Quarantotto)-The Song Andre Boccelli sings below.

Quando sono solosogno all'orizzontee mancan le parole, Si lo so che non c'è lucein una stanza quando manca il sole, se non ci sei tu con me, con me. Su le finestremostra a tutti il mio cuoreche hai acceso, chiudi dentro mela luce chehai incontrato per strada. Con te partirò. Paesi che non ho maiveduto e vissuto con te, adesso si li vivrò, Con te partiròsu navi per mariche, io lo so, no, no, non esistono più, con te io li vivrò. Quando sei lontanasogno all'orizzontee mancan le parole, e io sì lo soche sei con me, tu mia luna tu sei qui con me, mio sole tu sei qui con me, con me, con me, con me. Con te partirò. Paesi che non ho mai veduto e vissuto con te, adesso si li vivrò. Con te partiròsu navi per mariche, io lo so,no, no, non esistono più, con te io li rivivrò.Con te partiròsu navi per mariche, io lo so,no, no, non esistono più, con te io li rivivrò. Con te partirò.Io con te.

I'LL GO WITH YOU (English translation)When I'm alone I dream on the horizon and words fail; yes, I know there is no light in a room where the sun is absent, if you are not with me, with me. At the windows show everyone my heart which you set alight; enclose within me the light you encountered on the street.I'll go with you, to countries I never saw and shared with you, now, yes, I shall experience them. I'll go with you on ships across seas which, I know,no, no, exist no longer; with you I shall experience them.When you are far awayI dream on the horizon And words fail, and, Yes, I know that you are with me; you, my moon, are here with me, my sun, you are here with me, with me, with me, with me.I 'll go with you, To countries I never Saw and shared with you, now, yes, I shall experience them. I'll go with you On ships across seas which, I know, no, no, exist no longer,with you I shall experience them again. I'll go with you On ships across seas Which, I know,No, no, exist no longer; with you I shall experience them again. I'll go with you, I with you.


Theologicus Interruptus

You didn't expect that the Canon Law of the Catholic Church should be an internally consistent document did you? Turns out that you need look no further than Canon 24 to see where it goes off track and stays there.

Can. 24 §1 stated "No custom which is contrary to divine law can acquire the force of law."

We know, however, that the mandatory celibacy rule and mandatory prohibition on marriage were first customs that did not exist for the first 1,000 years of church history after Christ- they were customs that find no origin in any rule imposed by Christ. Pope JPII admitted as much when stating definitively that celibacy is not central or the character of the priesthood. While Christ defines the spiritually superior in Matthew 25 terms, the church evolved to impose an understanding of holiness that suppressed all natural passion and heterosexual attraction. "Temptation" for all the priesthood was distortedly and perversely redefined to mean any heterosexual attraction. What God called good, indeed commanded take place, man called evil.

We know also that it is Divine Law that created Eve to be the only suitable helpmate for Adam, before there were even the ten commandments. Before there was Solomon's Temple,
before Sarah begat Isaac, before God parted the sea to deliver Moses and the Israelites from Egypt, before Jesus was born, before a 1st or a 2nd Covenant there was a pure innocent garden and man and wo-man, created to live together with the order to Be Fruitful and Multiply (the First Commandment).
That is Divine Law inscribed in the biology of parts that find their wholeness only when put together. Not only is mechanical hand- in- glove perfection achieved only through this union or making "one" but the entire emotional, hormonal balance reaches it's maximal health and all points toward the oneness, because real true love compels Total Union and a physical binding of heart, mind, body and soul. That Divine Law is so manifestly obvious and self evident from the physical creation that God didn't even have to explain it by giving Adam a book in the garden instructing him to do anything-no paint by numbers diagrams survive. It was all manifestly naturally obvious- as it still is. It is written in the human genetic code- more natural proof of God's will than any Canon code.

God never exempted any part of the priesthood from it's genetic code. He expected Jewish priests to marry and told them to marry Virgins.

When Custom took a detour from that, then Canon Law codified the detour, all Hell broke loose and Hell has kept the Church captive ever since in this area. The Canon contains the false premise that any clergy would be double minded or distracted if he were also in a marriage. This false premise is contrary to Divine Law-and as a matter of common sense is hogwash. It is directly refuted by scripture and three thousand years of the Jewish married priesthood. A few Protestant ministers would likely disagree as well (some of whom are serving God lightyears more productively and effectively than priests). The closest justification for it is found in Saint Paul's egocentric admonition that he wished everyone was single as he was. This, he is careful to state, is not the Lord talking through him in this egocentric admonition, but just his personal preference. A skinny man might wish that everyone like him was a vegetarian, that doesn't give the Church authority to ban all eating of meat upon excommunication.

There are cases or occasions where, due to the emotional disposition of a particular clergy, the only way that he would not be sexually sinning in thought or deed would be if he were actually married to one person. Not only a guard against fornication or impurity of heart and thought life, but the appendage of a wife would make such a person about a thousand percent more effective in ministerial duty. He wouldn't waste energy battling the demons of his temptation and he could put his wife to work. The bible could not be clearer in noting that Bishops and Deacons should be married to one person, with their children and households in order- because otherwise the temptation to run around and be emotional philanderers, emotional adulterers or worse, toying with and trifling with the hearts and minds of the people that they are supposed to serve, creating false hope and deceptive encouragement will undermine God's purposes. It will cause hurt and harm where God calls people to Love. Love contains within it respect. This sort of conduct is really joy-robbing. It insults the emotional intelligence of mature people.

God is Love (says John.) Thus to pervert the ability of any clergy to Love fully in mind, body and soul, really undermines their calling to fully and deeply know and love God.

This is an internal contradiction within the dogma and Canon of the Catholic Church.
It needs to be corrected. If it is not, absolutely no Unity between the larger Catholic Church and the Protestant world is realistically achievable, because Protestants view this aspect of Catholicism as worse than the practical hypocrisy and sometimes obscene perversions that it can generate, it is direct disobedience to God and his Divine Law. The church mocks itself by adhering to such a false view of sexuality.
God created man to express love physically not just platonically- platonic love is not the full measure of human love, it is just a fraction of it. Mary would not have loved God fully had she not given her entire body over to the Holy Spirit and then to house in her womb and birth Jesus. Her entire body was wrapped physically around the Lord, and her entire human being was given over to his nourishment and care. The Mary as model mother instructing us in how to love through an incarnation in human form a human life insists that we look at Love not merely as a platonic
bodyless spiritual thought or exercise of the heart alone, but through the humanness of our entire bodies. To do less is to love only in half measure. Love in the heart finds expression physically or it is not manifest in the manner Christ manifested himself and his sacrifice manifested itself in the earth.
Imagine if the Angel Gabriel said to Mary, you are blessed among women because you will cherish in your heart the notional love that has no expression in any physical expression. That's nice- Jesus would not have been manifest incarnationally- and there would be no one there to nurse upon. Jesus' love for humanity now manifesting itself in his feeding himself to the world came to him first as Mary fed herself to him in nursing him at her breast as an infant. Mary loved God/Jesus with her whole body and gave whatever he needed of her whole body to form him and feed him. She fed him through her very body. She gave him human life that he needed to survive through her body. Mary without a body is a nice idea. Mary with a body is the vehicle through which God comes to earth, the Theotokas, Mother of God who redeemed the world only through his blemishless human flesh dying the atoning death for us on the Cross. God demands that we love with our whole bodies, just as his mother did, just as he did. A non-corporeal love is a half-assed Love.
It's not half real.

Don't get me started on the Canons against trash-mouthing slander when no one gets trash-mouth slandered more than people with normal healthy heterosexual attraction anywhere near clergy....that's a book and a better mini-series than The Thornbirds.

Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro (Original solo version)

Annie Lennox - Sweet dreams (at Live 8)

Annie Lennox Every Time We Say Goodbye

Annie Lennox- Why

Al Green - Let's Stay Together - Live at Dublin 2007

Put a Little Love in Your Heart-ANNIE

Annie Lennox - Heaven

Heaven is the home of the hearts
And heaven don't tear you apart
Yea heaven is the home of the hearts
And heaven don't tear you apart

There's too many kinks wanna hold you down
And the world is a window gone underground
There's a hole in the sky where the sun don't shine
And a clock on the wall and it counts my time

Heaven is the home of our hearts
And heaven don't tear you apart

There's a song on the air with a love-you-line
And a face in a glass and it looks like mine
And I'm standing on ice when I say that I don't hear planes
And I scream at the fools wanna jump my train

Heaven can take you up take you high
Take you up to the place
Where you're gonna find peace
Peace in your heart
Peace in your heart
You don't have to suffer...

Sting and Annie Lennox - We'll be Together

Lying Bastards

People Finally Figure Out What Everyone Already Knew (over 200 documented untruthful statements designed to defraud the country into perpetual Hell called "War on Terror"):,1,5828692.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

And if you believe that the US Pentagon is so unguarded and vulnerable that a wayward airplane could plunge into it without anyone noticing without co-operation at the highest level of government I have an island called New Amsterdam and a bridge in Brooklyn I just put up on E-Bay for you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And None Too Soon I Say

....and the news header the following day reads: "and nothing changed."
Let's pray this is not the case this time.
The Vatican released a press report as follows (red italics are mine and the Pope didn't authorize them):

VATICAN CITY, 22 JAN 2008 (VIS) - In the Holy See Press Office at midday today, a press conference was held to present a forthcoming congress on the theme: "Canon Law in the Life of the Church, research and perspectives in the context of recent Pontifical Magisterium". The event has been organised to mark the 25th anniversary of the Code of Canon Law which was promulgated on 25 January 1983.

Participating in the press conference were Archbishop Francesco Coccopalmerio (who has the funnest name to say fast three times) and Msgr. Juan Ignacio Arrieta, respectively president and secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts. (What isn't there a President for? I'll bet there is a pontifical president and secretary for cleaning out the main fountain in Saint Peters and for stacking the pontifical dishes.)

"Twenty-five years ago, the long process of revising the 1917 Code of Canon Law came to an end", said Archbishop Coccopalmerio, explaining how the revision "had been announced by Pope John XXIII on the same day he proclaimed the celebration of Vatican Council II" and how it aimed "to re-examine the central corpus of the Church's legislative code in accordance with doctrinal aspects contained in the conciliar documents". (Let's hope at least one of the "conciliar documents" is the bible)

The archbishop then went on to consider differences between the Code of Canon Law and the legal codes of nations. (There is a difference? What was your first clue? Maybe most nations do not preclude any woman or married man from government office?) The former, he said, "contains the law of the Church, just as a State code contains the laws of a particular nation. And it is called 'Canon Law' because it is made up of 'canons', which are equivalent to the 'articles' of a State code". (The better to shoot you with my dear)

However the Code of Canon Law "is not just a collection of norms created by the will of ecclesiastical legislators", it "indicates the duties and rights inherent to the faithful and to the structure of the Church as instituted by Christ". (So lets hope as the 'bride of Christ' that it's foundation is laid in scripture because otherwise it's just a man made body of institutional precepts that man thought served an institution trying to worship and honor God as opposed to God instructing man how to worship and honor him-too much to ask?)

And the legislator, having identified fundamental duties and rights "also establishes a series of norms that have the aim of defining, applying and defending [those] duties and rights". (Get ready- Dust off the stocks)

"For this reason", the archbishop went on, "the Code of Canon Law is like a large and complex painting depicting the faithful and the communities within the Church, and defining the identity and 'mission' of each. And the painter of this work of art is the ecclesiastical legislator" (I thought it was supposed to be the Holy Spirit, silly me-the "mission" should be imposed from the top, that way you can entirely swing Presidential elections in other countries regardless of what the local people think) whose model comes "from the doctrine of the Church and from ... Vatican Council II, as Pope John Paul II taught us when he promulgated the current Code" (as opposed to the model taught by Jesus? Who runs this joint anyway?).

Turning his attention to some of the "novelties" of the 1983 Code with respect to that of 1917, Archbishop Coccopalmerio mentioned Canon 208 whence, he said, "arise many tangible consequences that concern all the faithful and especially the lay faithful: all are called to play an active role in the Church". (That's the non-ordination of women rule --institutional job discrimination, women need not apply--not the unfit for office Canon that allows the Pope to "resign" those priests who are deviants, homosexuals, people too ill in mind or body to honestly look up to-the ones who rake in huge funds or have great marketing appeal get to stay no matter how wierd, mean or tortured, emotional adultery with multiple church wives permitted so long as no technical sex involved and the church wives come with lots of cash and don't get any serious ideas, because women are only counted when counting tithes) Other novelties include "the definition of matters concerning the Roman Pontiff, the College of Bishops, the Synod of Bishops and the episcopal conferences". (Like the ridiculous heresy that only unmarried ones can be considered sufficiently holy unless of course they were first protestant ones that converted, or eastern rite/ byzantine when St. Peter was MARRIED-hello????)

The 1983 Code of Canon Law, said the archbishop, was, "like all human works, ... perfectible". (You don't say!!) Hence one of the aims of the current congress is "to identify certain points in need of a little restoration". (no kidding? like elimination of the mandatory celibacy rule so normal heterosexual men who were made to be with women as God created Adam and there was no other suitable helpmate, should not be driven crazy or out of the clergy; God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and steve, or Adam and deacon dave--or are they just going to call all normal heterosexual priests of unfit mind and character to be priests-like they did to ONE THIRD of all of them who left because they found married life a hell of a lot healthier and holier? )

In closing, the president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts enumerated the functions of his dicastery: "helping the supreme legislator (the Pope) to keep Church legislation as complete and up to date as possible, ... overseeing the correct application of current laws" and "helping the Pope in the delicate process of interpreting norms". (Lets hope "norms" include a few scriptural truths, a few biological ones wouldn't hurt either.)

For his part, Msgr. Arrieta affirmed that the aim of the congress is "to undertake a purposeful study ... into the progress of the application of the Code, and of all the other norms that the various offices of the Roman Curia and individual legislators have produced over the last 25 years". (It took 25 years to make up stuff this good)

The congress will begin with an "overall assessment of the development of these norms" (because if you can trace the tracks you can argue it's not off track and ignore the switch at the crossroad-or maybe you'll find that the current tracks are laid over an active volcano? Building entire institutions on false myths tend to belie the Rock principle, e.g. on this ROCK I will build my church, not on shifting sand) presented by Cardinal Julian Herranz, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, who is, said Msgr. Arrieta, "the historical memory on this subject, having followed the entire process personally since Vatican Council II". (When are they convening Vatican III?)

The secretary of the pontifical council highlighted how, due to the time limits of the congress, only some offices of the Roman Curia had been chosen to study the process of the Code's application over the last quarter of a century. (Other people may have an open mind or be younger than 70?) Thus, for example, Cardinal Ivan Dias, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, will speak on the theme: "Acceptance and operation of Canon Law in the mission lands. Cultural encounters and technical limitations".(Like we allow women and married men in positions of authority---because that is the biblical model?)

Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops will deliver an address on: "Universal law and the production of norms at the level of particular Churches, episcopal conferences and particular councils", while for his part Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, will turn his attention to: "The formation of ministers of God: the teaching of Canon Law". (Formation meaning conforming to the "norms" that were made up?-If Jesus took 6 years to learn to preach he would be dead before he got his degree-if Jesus studied at the Dominican House in America they would have to expel him for letting a woman get close enough to him to wash his feet with her hair and annoint him with oil---way way too erotic!)

Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, president of the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum" will give a talk entitled: "Spontaneity of charity. The needs and limits of normative structures". (Translation; love me tender, love me true, just keep a safe distance because I am not allowed to fall in love with you)

On Friday, 25 January, before their scheduled audience with the Pope, Cardinal Franc Rode C.M., prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, will address the gathering on: "Consecrated life and normative structures. Experience and perspectives of the relationship between general norms and particular statutes". For his part, Cardinal Peter Erdo, archbishop of Budapest, Hungary, and president of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences, will speak on: "Rigidity and elasticity of normative structures in ecumenical dialogue" (subtitled the political necessity and usefulness of fabricating the highest virtues of frigidity and barenness) . Following a brief debate , the congress will conclude with a contribution from Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone S.D.B. on the theme: "Canon Law and the pastoral government of the Church. The role of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts".(When do they get to the part about reading the bible?)

The congress, which is due to be held in the Vatican's Synod Hall on 24 and 25 January, will be attended by members of episcopal conferences, and by professors and students of Canon Law from Italy and the rest of the world. (Can't wait to see what they come up with-should be a fun time guaranteed for all the single white males over 70 who attend to proclaim that nothing changes-I'm holding my breath.) Canon Law 1001 will be irreverent smart-ass women can't come any more to anything.


It's 2008-We can read. Here is the Canon Law - (read it for yourself and tell your Bishop what you think it should mean)

Did your Mom Sing this to you too?

You are my sunshine

This one is for all the Marchers for Life today (and the boy in black)

Alicia Keys - If I aint got You

Christina Aguilera - It's A Man's World - Grammys 2007

Impossible - Christina Aguilera ft. Alicia Keys

Fallin' - Alicia Keys (Live)

Alicia Keys - No One ~ If I Ain't Got You (Live)

Talein - His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Jennifer Holliday - His Eye Is On The Sparrow Part.1 (1986)

What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Mahalia Jackson

Monday, January 21, 2008

Big THANK YOU, GRAZIE to ALL (including Bush) for this one

Pelosi Statement on Largest Increase in Veterans’ Health Care in History
See, (see how good it feels to work together)

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement praising the President’s release today of the $3.7 billion in additional veterans funding provided by Congress:
“Today, America’s veterans will finally receive the resources and benefits that they have earned and that they deserve. The release of the $3.7 billion in additional veterans funding, approved by Congress last month and signed by the President today, provides the largest single funding increase in the 77-year history of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
“With this historic veterans funding, the New Direction Congress is fulfilling a critical need for our nation’s veterans. On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. And with this national investment, we fulfill our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind.”

john Mayer- No Such Thing - live at the chapel


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers

does it get any better?

Better than Moonwalking

How we will feel when they pass Universal Health Care for 9 Million kids. (You have to see this whole thing)

Annette Hanshaw - We Just Couldnt Say Goodbye


From the Mountain of Despair
Let us all pray together this week. On Our Knees


ENDING The Long Night of Captivity, for all those under oppression to those who would do them harm- whether the slave-owner, the discriminatory employer, or the
fearful or selfish mother who destroys the Life of the Human in her own Womb- living on a lonely island of poverty in a vast ocean of material prosperity, languished in the corner of American Society in exhile in their own Land, ALL men (and women) guaranteed the unalienable RIGHT OF LIFE- America has defaulted on this Promisory Note and SACRED obligation to the Unborn. America has given the UNBORN a bad check that has come back marked "insufficient funds" but we refuse to believe that the Bank of Justice is Bankrupt- as morally bankrupt as the abortion on demand license provides. The Fierce Urgency of Now- arise from the dark valley of injustice- Now is the Time to lift the Nation from the quicksand of Injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. We can never be satisfied as long as the Unborn is the Victim of the abortionists knife. We won't be satisfied until Justice rolls down like waters and Righteousness like a Mighty Stream. I have a dream that the Unborn will one day LIVE in a Nation who will not allow those that would terminate them before they see daylight let fear, despair and hopelessness triumph over Hope and Love. Every Valley Shall be Exhaulted, the Crooked Places shall be made Straight, and ALL FLESH SHALL SEE IT TOGETHER.