Friday, June 28, 2013

All Joking Aside

Global Warming-Putting all the Pieces together. Global Warming is now getting attention of the State Department with appointment of a new Special Envoy who is reaching out for your brilliant ideas. If Carbon in the air is what is creating the atmospheric changes when we solve the problem by cutting back on carbon release into the atmosphere and we prevent the destruction of trees that store carbon to create oxygen. Apparently more carbon is emitted from the killed trees in the rainforest deforestation slashing/burning trees than in transport industries. Remember from your sixth grade science class that plants eat C02 to create oxygen. The C02 is causing then global warming climate change that the President had to address in his speech (see entry below). That in turn causes massive floodings (a la Lourdes), heatwaves, droughts, and other extreme freaky weather. We have to both cut back on emission of Carbon into the Atmosphere as well as save the trees. This isn't earthy tree huggy nonsense from people with too much time on their hands and too little hardship to understand the economies needs. What environmentalists know is that the budget for addressing climate disasters is enormously taxing - the costs in ignoring it will bankrupt us. Think Sandy times ten in twenty years in five cities. Think more of Manhattan and New Jersey underwater for longer periods of time. Think droughts that drive food prices up. Its too expensive to ignore. Its not fluffy science any more. Its get real time folks.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


the Defense of Marriage Act has been voided as an unconstitutional Fifth Amendment equal protection violation.

    On July 1 the Catholic Info Center in DC just blocks from the White House has a panel that will break it down for you.

   For the liberal wing to side with State's rights in a federalist inspired opinion is a different twist but not unsurprising for a group that wanted to reach a specific conclusion. It is an opinion that says essentially the federal government has to go with what the states say is a marriage and can't give a federal blanket rule for it- even when it comes to definition for purposes of federal rights like federal taxation. That is an odd statement.

   The opinion was predictably 5-4. The Judges who spent most of their lives in states with large gay populations that are married with children formed the liberal majority and the guys who go to church the dissenters. One of the guys who goes to church is the father of a priest.

   There is no moral statement about whether gay marriage is moral anywhere- there is no applauding the great gays who adopt. There is a straightforward statement that if the states make a decision historically reserved for the states to enact then the federal government for all its rulemaking purposes has to accept it. Its a reverse pre-emption argument.

   So if Utah decided polygamy was legal, the entire country now has to accept Utah's decision and give
joint tax breaks to one guy and five different women if Utah says so??  This is actually the reverse of what allowed the civil rights movement to take hold- the Southern states were the bad actors and the feds could send in the Marshalls.

   It is a question of federal power. And the feds just lost some.

Kennedy, originally from the great State of Californicate, where multiple marriages are more the rule and San Francisco hosts the largest gay population in the country, wrote the opinion keeping in mind the children of gay couples who want equal legitimacy to kids of opposite sex parents. Hopefully more kids will get adopted now- that could be one unintended fall out in a fallen world.


ONE thing we can all agree on: The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it. - And we are tasked with being responsible caretakers of it. Obama's speech yesterday at Georgetown on the Climate Change initiative was hailed by Al Gore, unofficial Green Czar, as being one of THE best Presidential addresses in history.  You can find it on c-span.

Record heat-waves, fires, droughts and devastating record flooding -extreme weather of all kinds- are in large part a result of our carbon dumping in the sky. The biggest culprits are those coal smokestacks spewing tons of waste into the sky which do not magically disappear but affect the atmosphere in undeniable ways. Immediately after the speech the Heritage Institute sent out emails and facebook posts urging people not to threaten the $1,000 a month that coal families earn with stricter environmental regulations on coal plants.   Special interests kick back. That missed the point of the speech as Obama urged that conversion technologies are even more economically potentially profitable. Jobs will and should be created in R&D, installation tech, growing, sourcing and applying green technological innovation, and marketing it. He is open to any and all great ideas from any and everybody. Put your thinking caps on.

Do you realize that only one generation ago we did not have personal computers or cell phones?
What if someone screamed then don't innovate into cellular technologies, the guys who make the curly phone wall cords and plastic surrounding it will lose money! We really put those abacus makers out of business didn't we. And what if we let the makers of clunky typewriters stop  R&D on laptops??

      We have to be careful about natural gas because fracking has its own hazards. No one wants to drink water on fire. But alternate fuels are just starting to get our full attention.

The speech was great and historic. Its the first time a President has put the pieces together in a public speech and challenged the next generation to step up to the plate on the climate change challenge.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


The Pyranese needs your support-
Here is a link

to a video (showable in some countries)- and an article on some of the devastation in the Haute-Pyranese region by the flooding.  Lourdes is a town larger than the Sanctuaries and it will take quite a lot of support to get the whole thing back on its feet.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Jesus Broke the Rules

And When He Didn't. Jesus royally ticked a lot of people off- he broke the rules in a couple cases where it was thought sacrosanct territory. I can think of two without even researching far. The disciples were on a long trek with him going from village to village, and they got hungry-they started picking off the grains of wheat and eating them-why not, its just bread without the water, and yeast not cooked. The problem is that it was the Sabbath and it is against the rules to do any work on the Sabbath-they violated the rules- they collected and ate what they harvested. Jesus said, haven't you heard about the time when King David was on the run and so starving he ate what was in the Sanctuary for the priests? Sabbath was made for man not visa versa. The Sabbath is to regenerate by rest. If you can regenerate or revive immediately on the Sabbath of course you do that. Someone comes into an emergency room on the Sabbath you don't tell him to wait a day or two to take out the knife in his head. Another time a man with a withered hand approached begging him to heal him. The Pharisees advised him that it was not permitted to heal on the Sabbath. In their faces he told the man to come near him and he instantaneously cured him. The Pharisees were furious. He did the same thing to the blind man whom he cured by rolling up some mud with his own spittle and putting it on his eyes and he was cured of blindness. Jesus said- look, if your ox or beast of burden fell in a ditch on the Sabbath are you allowed to pull him out? Of course everyone agrees you shouldn't let him just die there because it is the Sabbath, you should rescue him. And how much more important then is a human's life or health? So the rules were determined in some cases to defeat the purposes for which they were intended and in that case, they have to be broken. So why isn't gay marriage and anal/oral sex till you die like that? Shouldn't we all just be really compassionate toward anyone's sexual practice, -its none of our business, we should just bless whatever they want to do with their bodies? No, that is not compassion. Because first, Jesus says if you love me follow MY commandments because they are not burdensome, they are light. Do not be deceived, says Paul in Corinthians 6:9 (...) men having sex with men, homosexuals ....will not enter the Kingdom of God. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Sexual purity is something serious. Nowhere does Jesus say - see that bunch of gay guys groping each other like a bunch of drunk Romans over there? That's OK too because the Sabbath was made for anal copulation. No-its an absurd result- We are to hate evil, hate sin and love what is good. Every argument for gay marriage circularly reasons that it is good and should be recognized as such. But that is not what it says in Scripture. In Scripture the twin towns of Sodom and Gommorrah full of homosexual lust was leveled and thousands of people died under an ashpile of hailing sulpher (hence, the name Fire and Brimstone given to sermons that remind us of this historic episode). The wife of Lot, a nephew of Abraham was turned into a pillar of salt for even debasing herself by looking back on it when told not to. To this day nothing grows there-God cursed the land itself he was so disgusted. Jesus has some pretty clear rules of things he does not think are OK. Corrupt money-changers at the Temple Courtyard, for example. There is never one account of any disciple or apostle being given a blessing for a blessed union of body anywhere in the New Testament- and with 12 guys traveling around together you would think it would get a mention if such a thing were blessed. No, Jesus calls them his brothers. Whoever does my Will is my brother or sister- like those apostles. Not his married homosexual lover friends. Even given the trajectory of Jesus' compassion, there is no spiritual or scriptural justification for putting any sort of legal blessing on a homosexual union. It is a sign of the later days we are told. It is sign of the general debasement of humanity encroaching on us and demanding respect like the demons following Jesus and the apostles yelling louder and louder for attention because really, they are trying to trip him up. There is no requirement to make equal things that are not. Good is not equal to evil, there is no Constitutional right to be bad. The assumptions required to find homosexual sex 'good' in any fashion, as a matter of psychology or science are not valid or real. It is a psychological fiction demanding to be treated as good.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Truth to Power

During the days of what some call the 'early church' (others call it the Jewish rebel sect called The Way getting out of hand), there arose a legal debate and discussion about whether gentiles who wished to be included with the Messianic Jews following Jesus of Nazareth had to learn and adopt all the 613 plus Jewish laws to be included in the tent of worship meeting as it were. Those gentiles who responded to and accepted Jesus' teachings wanted to join the Jewish Apostles and disciples, and those Jews had the right to set the rules- who are we going to let in. Are we going to let in just everyone or do they have to learn all our laws and keep all of them. There were a lot of rules. In scientific hindsight they all make sense practically from a health and survival perspective-kosher kept people from dying from shellfish allergies, etc.. but were they all mandatory to be included as a follower of Jesus? After a discussion between Paul and Peter (the first Pope) it was decided that gentiles did not have to follow all the levitical laws, or even be circumcized (likely a painful procedure for an adult.) Paul was a Pharisee- which is like a lawyer-theologian. He was well versed in all the laws. It was decided there were three non-negotiable laws that the new converts MUST follow -levitical laws ,that had to be kept. 1. the Jewish laws against eating meat sacrificed to idols. The pagans offered animal sacrifices to foreign gods and it was a form of idolotry to eat those sacrifices. 2. Do not eat blood. It is a levitical prohibition. and 3 Keep the Jewish marriage law---no 'unlawful marriage.' Anything not lawful marriage was sexual immorality- whether it was sex with cult pagan temple prostitutes of either gender, same gender homosexuality-rampant in greek culture particularly, or any form of sexual activity outside lawful Jewish marriage which was legally regulated. It entailed a ceremony and a legal binding contract of marriage which detailed obligation regarding child support and what would happen in event of divorce. Those are the three Non-Negotiables to be called a Christian. The culture of the time was one in which adultery was a stoneable offense-they stoned adulterers to death. That is what the woman running to Jesus from the men seeking to stone her was guilty of- (he who is without sin may cast the first stone)- Jesus did away with capital punishment for a repentant adulteress (go and sin no more- a second offense might have been less merciful.) But Jesus did not do away with the Jewish marriage laws. There are three non-negotiables of the faith to be considered a christian according to what the first council of Peter and Paul determined that allowed the faith to spread into the gentile world: 1. do not eat meat sacrificed to idols, 2. do not eat blood, 3 no unlawful marriage. Keep the Jewish marriage laws. All the laws and all the prophets are summed up in the supercommandment "Love your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and your neighbor as yourself." And Jesus did not come to do away with the laws but to fulfill them. So all these three must be kept as non-negotiable to the precept to the fundamental one- You shall Love the Lord Your God with all your Heart, Mind, Soul and strength and your neighbor as yourself.

Sing a New Song to the Lord

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



 Recently revelations of suspicions of a blackmailing 'gay lobby' in the Vatican have been officially
confirmed and acknowledged by the Pope. There is an admitted 'gay lobby' in the Vatican. Who are they, inquiring minds want to know. Wouldn't you want to know if your Bishop was banging your husband?
      Do they just bang the big bucks donors or just the sexiest ones? or just each other?
In any event, it should tell you that they have ZERO authority to tell women they cannot try to save their marriages by accommodating their married sex lives by taking contraception so as not to burden
their husband with expenses they cannot afford driving him instead to the world of Gay Clerics.
Perhaps the gay clerics prefer that form of getting off, but women might prefer to keep their families in tact.

Do you not see how it is beyond twisted to be suing HHS over contraception mandates while gay clerics are committing adultery banging husbands?

   Seriously. Enough to turn you completely bulemic.

Best Quote

From Stephen Colbert:

"Dan Savage] says that monogamy is outdated. You know what never goes out of style? Hell." 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Note Bene

The reason why the catholic church has to change (MUST CHANGE) its married priests rules is because love is sacred between a man and a woman even if the man is a priest-meaning it is of God. if you want to ignore all the evidence in the bible, all the evidence in the world when it goes awry- understand what you yourself preach. Marriage is a sacrament because Love between a man and a woman is Holy and Sacred and contains within it the potential to create life which is the Highest reflection of God's creative power on earth. Love is Holy, Sacred and from God. When you defy it, desecrate it, malign it and abuse it in the name of religion you spit in God's face and God is not pleased. In fact, I venture to guess that everyone who deludes himself into thinking there is anything appropriate, much less justified about harassing Holy Love is going to Hell on the first train out. Priests included. Think hard. Hell. Forever.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Green Dreams

  In a townhouse in Dupont Circle a remarkable thing happens every first friday- it turns into a  Galleria where the spanish-latin Neo-Impressionist painter Rafael Gallardo has his work hung. Its a brilliant bursting colorful energetic display with trees laced in real gold leaf that stand larger than the windows. This does not do it justice- but here are some of my favorites. He splits his time between Barcelona and Washington, DC. His gracious gallery host Barbara loves showing people his newer work excitedly.
For a private showing contact Barbara at 202-255-2893. .

sing a new song to the Lord

Monday, June 03, 2013

The Missing Link

The Love Gap

     Speaking the Truth in Love.

Washington is a polarized place. It can be vicious, vindictive, it creates enemies and adversaries- because that's how people think the political game is won. Acrimony, Sanctimony, Aspersions of Moral Inferiority, name calling (Faux Catholics, Catholic lite, Cafeteria Catholics, Babykillers, etc.), bannings, exclusions, ostracizations, nasty emails, and slander pervade the political climate.

    This is obviously the opposite of how Jesus persuaded people. He first did miracles, he healed, he fed, he was the life of the party turning water to wine, he hung out with the derelicts (john the baptist you thought a locust- eating freak and Jesus you call a glutton and sinner because he hangs out with prostitutes and tax collectors)--

Take the whole gay marriage issue. Arrogance doesn't win arguments. Calling people moral reprobates doesn't win arguments.

Jesus , John tells us is God and God is Love. Where there is Love there is God.

So what would Jesus do. He would first explain that he loves you- he created you and is proud of his creation. When God created everything he sat back, looked at it and said "Wow that's good!" Really proud. Mankind is especially awesome because we are all mini-self portraits of God. Like God sat in front of a mirror and made Mini-mis in all shades and colors. Wow, that's Good. I Love YOU he said.

   He made them male and female, and that's all good. He made them with parts specifically for going together so that man and woman leave their parents and 'cleave' to each other in Love making ONE flesh together. When that happens God's creative power is most greatly manifest because that makes another human in the image of God, thanks to God. Wow, that's Good! Really Good!

  The people who want Gay marriage are not crazy, and most of them are well intended kind people-
It does not advance the argument to remotely malign them.  They are not scared of your fire and brimstone and we are turning into Sodom on the Potomac.  They want to raise nice kids just like you do.

What might be missing is the communication of Love-because it is badly reflected in the condemnors. God is Love, so when he says don't do something it is because he Loves you. If you understand how much God really loves you it is easy to understand why he says don't do certain things to yourself. Why
might you not want to couple yourself with the same sex in sexual expressions with the same gender?
God made you, and wrote the operating manual and says don't do it. Why is it a good idea to follow the operating manual? Someone who reads them , like an engineer could tell you, and other people who just buy the car follow it because they trust the maker of the model.  God knows that women's Vs have a protective mucas lining that mouths do not have, for example. So it is much easier to get oral cancer from oral sex than it is to get cervical cancer. google Michael Douglas, oral sex, cancer and you will see what I am talking about. Also, an anus does not have this special mucas lining and is not as elastic as a V- so repeated anal sex can cause tears and fissures that over time will leak fecal matter into your body cavity which can pose life threatening infections. There is an intrinsic health risk. Just ask anyone who has been in a gay relationship long enough experimenting with where they can put a penis and ask them how much medication they are on.

    When God says- you have choices in Life he gives you free will. They are big choices. Life and Death ones. Because the wages, or income, or paycheck for doing something contrary to the operating manual is death. You go to a job you do a job (say a BJ) and God says, here is your pay-would you like it direct deposit? - you die. There is a medical reason and a spiritual one- and they are in the fine print in the owners manual.

Do you want to follow the owners operating manual? Choose therefore LIFE. For yourself and those you love. Do you want to make it illegal to follow the owners operating manual? If I poured orange juice down a car engine what do you think would happen to it over time?

    If this policy making business were not about funding for lobbyists who will scream nasty things from arrogant positions of moral superiority, but were trying to Love people better, more constructive things would be accomplished. We are all sinner schmucks in God's eyes. No Republican is better than any Democrat in God's eyes- we all need him and Jesus' atoning sacrifice for our salvation- every last one of us, every last Cardinal and Bishop and Monsignor and Supreme Court Justice.

     Can we all choose life together?  Because we understand how much God loves all of us, from Obama to Pelosi, from Scalia to Roberts to Breyer to Kagan and everyone in between?



War Is Madness

says the Pope

On the other side of town

The Glove.

   Padre Pio they say could tell you what was on your chest before you spoke it. He could 'read hearts.'
He is a highly venerated Saint who, like the founder of his order bore the Stigmata- the wounds of Christ.

   Here is his glove-with dried crusty blood, on display at a small shrine in the church of Saint John the Baptist in NYC.

Yes, Just a pretty face

How not to be duped by an overpaid actress posing as a medical spokesperson
    The media is getting reckless and irresponsible again. This time with the glorification of a total moron freak show of someone who bought into the myth that there is a cancer proclivity gene so before there is any trace of sickness or disease much less cancer you should lob off both your breasts and cut out your uterus.
   Then go on hormone treatments for the rest of your life and get cancer from that.
Now it is being reported that Angelina is so brave because she did actually have cancer and is a cancer survivor- all hail angelina. This too is crappola- she never had any disease, no trace of cancer, no pre-cancerous cells, nothing. Just insane fear that because she had a few relatives die from breast cancer she should cut out her breasts to now parade around ridiculously large synthetic ones to enhance her profile and no doubt jittilate a few dumb guys .

   Never mind all the environmental facts like the fact that part of LA where the relatives lived were toxic dumpsite and polluted groundwater zones- lets ignore the environmental impacts of cancer.

    It appears that the jolie-pitts  have some of the same paid PR people that the royal family does, or at least Prince Harry because someone pretending to be his official fan club just sent me a picture of Angelina smiling in her new breasts. Why? Their agent appears, by his mis-spelled grammatically awkward sentence construction to be an asian speaker by birth with a strange fixation on digging up royal family old photos and putting tiny hearts next to them. He calls himself the 'official' fan page.
The unofficial ones might or might not actually be British subjects, and for the Camilla shots I am guessing NOT.

     This fixation with celebrity may be harmless but for the fact that when they purport to be real medical spokespeople there is a great danger. After Angelina's announcement came out a rash of men fearing prostate cancer in their family apparently wanted prostate surgery.

  The paper urged everyone to get this genetic testing just so we don't think we have breast cancer, feeding off a fear frenzy with the implication that if only you lob off your breasts you could look stacked like Angelina. And who owns this one genetic testing company doing this medical quackery? You can bet its covered by your governmental Obamacare.

Sunday, June 02, 2013