Saturday, December 31, 2011


Blessed New Year to All.

Please don't drink and drive, swim, ski or operate machinery:-) Be safe.

American Barnstorming

In a Town Named After French Monks.

I wonder if Mitt Romney knows that Des Moines in Iowa is a French name. A Moine is a Monk or Friar in French. I wonder if he realizes that large portions of the breadbasket of America were settled by the French who came down the Saint Lawrence and up the Mississippi and that the Mid-West is full of French names. In Fact, prior to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 from Napoleon one third of the Continental US, the land from the Mississippi West almost to the Rockies was under Napoleanic control and rule with massive numbers of french settlers. There was a 'French and Indian War' Gingrich probably knows about. There are towns named things like Saint Louis (after a French Saint King) and Duquesne and Des Moines, to name only a few of the hundreds. There are Americans with surnames that are originally French and other Irish ones that were originally Norman. Our French heritage is proud.
So it is beyond a bit funny that we have someone who wants to be President who thought as an American Mormon he should go to France to missionize them.
This becomes less funny and less comfortable if you realize that this mentality translates into a Foreign Policy orientation and when you realize someone as a young 20-something was so patronizingly arrogant he thought that he could teach the French Catholics anything about Jesus. What Mormons believe about Jesus is not exactly orthodox Christianity of any denomination. Perhaps this is why seventyfive percent of his party is a bit troubled with him being their leader- to where exactly? Mormons can be fierce bigots against Catholicism.
Mormons like any cult protect their own. Mitt Romney is worth half a billion dollars.
Mormons generally think Catholics are idolotrous heretics with a cultlike affection for Mary. That should give Catholics and all Christians pause, because he isn't investing half a billion personal dollars in anything Catholic Social Services believe me.
And he isn't hiring out of the John Carroll Society either. If your greatest virtue is that you can turn profit, and are sober, I want to hear more than you are a good business guy who built your own net worth into half a bil. Which are your favorite charities for example?
And the Republican discrimination and aversion to things French has to stop. It is appaulingly ignorant. Don't get me started on Freedom Fries. The French, particularly Chirac was absolutely corect that the Iraq war was based on pretexual lies and the UN Colin Powell presentation an absurd photoshopped fabrication on the WMD front. Even Colin Powell is embarassed. (dumb move for Gingrinch to start naming already people who had anything to do with the Bush Admin Iraq fiasco for anything )- Sarkozy's mother is Jewish by the way which makes him technically Jewish. So if any of the anti-French Republican disorder pervading conservative politics
is based on catering to a Jewish belief that France is anti-semetic, get serious. What a sadly ignorant perspective on what the country of France is. Sad and Stupid.

Mitt might be the nominee but he isn't the President. No amount of voting fraud or voter IDs is going to make it so.

Where Are All The

Aborted Fetus Cemetaries?

We have had about 50 Million abortions in America since Roe v. Wade. So where are all the little buried fetuses? Where are their gravestone markers? You would even bury a dead pet and there are pet cemetaries, but where are the Fetus Cemetaries? What's that? You say there are none? Why is that? Because there is a market for the discarded 'afterbirth' of unbirthed placenta and fetal parts- they are valuable for their stem cells, and there is a billion dollar pharma research stem cell industry of companies who are raking in hundreds of millions in venture capital to create new pharmaceuticals out of this research. It is an industry. It is largely under the radar and unregulated at the research level. No ban on stem cell research means the market is all the more thriving. And who benefits? Abortion mills. Planned Parenthood.

In Maryland late term abortion doctors were arrested for murder this week. Because it is. It
is blood money.

This is why people like Michele Bachman are very agitated at ObamaCare having for the first time in it under the radar benefits for Planned Parenthood in any form of federal subsidy for abortions. I saw the most disturbing ad recently wherein abortion was called "abortioncare."
There is nothing 'caring' about Abortion.

The choice is to have Sex or Not. The mass societal delusion that says it is a constitutional right to have sex without natural consequences is demonic- and it has taken over party platforms.
It is a woman's right to choose- to have sex or not. When you have another human you have been given physical guardianship over, it becomes an issue that its fellow citizens have a say about.
If the Democratic Party wasn't totally hijacked by the abortion on demand mentality the Republicans would be getting a lot less play now. This is inciting the base against the ObamaCare that looks like slight of hand scammery to benefit the abortion industry- and yes, it is an industry. That industry promotes wild promiscuity and death- for obscene profit.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Le Cathedral

de Le Havre.

Do you think civilization existed here prior to the Mormon mission invasion of Romney?

Turns out Le Havre is the second largest port town in France, the first being Marseilles.

Turns out I was actually in Le Havre during the Vietnam War because the Hovercraft from Dover England went to Le Havre or Calais- so if you went not by air but by Hovercraft after taking a train from London to Dover to get to Paris, you could go through Le Havre. They also have a train station that has been there since prior to the Mormon Romney invasion. This was prior to the Chunnel which is now a high speed train that goes right under the English Channel so you can take a train from London to Paris now. Imagine that. The French have a sophistocated high speed train system that can go under water. In fact,they have been trying to sell it to us so we can become as modern as the French but there is an odd political aversion to things French mass transit in America because during the German occupation trains took Jews to camps. So the SNCF can't even sell us peanuts for the political pressure and intrinsic anti-french sentiments that absurdly pervaid Congress.

In the seventies where in America did we have a Hovercraft ferrying people to other countries?

Who knew, well, Thank God for those Mormons. Le Havre was badly bombed by the Germans during WWII and so much of it was rebuilt. I sincerely doubt that Romney ran into any apartments without indoor plumbing. Note to file- send someone there to see if they remember any door knocking Mormons trying to convert anyone at this Cathedral. Are you kidding Mitt?



I am a fair minded person. I am willing to see what a Mormon can do that doesn't disparage Catholics from someone who spent two years trying to convert them in a civilization older than the text they call holy called the Book of Mormon.
But, give me a break please. Marie Antoinette? First of all, gag me with a maggot, Mitt Romney's broken french accent is ridiculously appauling. For someone who spent two years in any foreign country to have an accent that bad is just moronic. It means he doesn't have an ear or doesn't listen. It's the typical ignorant bruttish American accent that has everyone running for cover.
France has one of the oldest Christian traditions in the Western world with some of the finest cathedrals that rank among gothic architectural world wonders. France is the envy of the world in cathedral architectural wonders. Can you imagine an American Mormon walking door to door in Le Havre France so arrogant he thinks he can 'convert' the poor french catholics?
Stop the French bashing- it looks so ugly you can't believe how stupid you look.
ps. I don't speak Chinese, but if Huntsman's Mandarin or Cantonese accent is as bad as Romney's French accent, I expect them all to attack us just to make us shut up.

Happy New Year

To Waterford Ireland!

The ball that will fall in Times Square is a Waterford Crystal ball, and Waterford is Irish.
Not kidding. It is actually a town in Ireland. You didn't know that? Waterford Crystal is an Irish success story. Google it.
Waterford is not far from Kilkenney. Google Butler, Kilkenney Castle Ireland.

We Love this Country.

Gingrich Preaching-the Ames Games

To The Choir

In a midmorning meltdown today Gingrich spoke tearfully about his mother who used to sing in the choir as he glanced winkedly over to Calista his wife who now sings with the National Basillica Choir in Washington, DC. He spoke of his mother before a group of mothers at Java Joes in Ames.
This should be endearing but it looked really soft. I should like Calista because she sings in the choir and I appreciate greatly good music, especially liturgical chorale singing. I have sung a bit myself in choirs (before a Cardinal even) and have a trained mezzo soprano voice. But I can't get around to any warmth for Calista. Sorry. I have tried. Here's why. She can't shake the Capitol Hill staffer tramp moniker- the small town girl who slept her way to the top carelessly homewrecking while secretly sleeping with the guy persecuting the President for his relatively speaking minor indescretion. Is the sin lack of discretion or actual adultery? Also, the angle shots on her wicked witch of the West nose angle
look really scary. How does someone with a half a mil. Tiffany's account not figure out that she needs a nose job. OK that was mean.
It just should not be rewarded, this homewrecking sort of political whoreishness. Sorry- we have all had the chance, more or less to do something stupid like sleep with a powerful married guy and if we slipped we slapped the sense back to ourselves and didn't let temptation turn into something that destroyed other people's lives- or at least that is what a lot of women are going to think of themselves. They would hope better for their daughters. And in keeping with the many illusions of who Gingrich wants you to think he is, she is peddling now a children's book when she didn't have any. When I told my mother that she said- well, isn't she OLD? No, she is still in her 40s, and tries illusorily to look older with that helmet hair fake blonde McLean do from the 60s. Are you kidding?
She started messing around with a guy twenty years older when she was in her 20s. If she wanted kids she could have had kids. And now she is trying to be a first lady peddling her children's book?
My grandparents were from Iowa. Jessup and Grinnell. They met at Grinnell college as freshmen. If I pulled a Calista I would have been disinherited. Are you kidding?
So sorry, but this is just not First Family material. Appoint Gringrich on the oversight board of the NIH so he can champion mental health research. His campaign is over.

It's Still Christmas

For 8 days after the 25th.

Remember the 12 days of Christmas song? We are still in the Christmas Season. I love it- like Easter is actually a 50 day season. I never want it to end. Really Christmas should be something you get all year.

Things that should stick with you all year-
Jesus was born in a Manger. This should tell you that you can make a home for an infant out of pretty much anything. They are really small. You can make do with what you have for a new life, even a bed out of a basket for an infant, so you are not too poor to deliver a child who will make you more spiritually rich than you can imagine for all the love that will come. More than that, it should tell you that Jesus is food. What? Jesus doesn't do anything not on purpose for a reason.
He was born in a Manger- which is a feeding trough for sheep. He would become food- real food.
And its really funny-he would talk parables about sheep and sheepherders and reference himself as the good shepherd, and there he is in a feeding trough for sheep and other animal life. The shepherds in the field would come to visit this infant, sleeping in a sheeps feeding trough. Jesus has a sense of humor.
Get it??

Another thing that sticks with me is that Jesus died after only living about 33 years on earth, dying in the prime of life. It hit me that when he feeds us he is feeding us blood that was
earthly blood in the force of vigor of the prime of life. Are you looking for the fountain of youth?
He is the Gift that Keeps on Living. In the force of vigor of the prime of life. You want to stay young? Go to daily Mass. You can have Christmas all year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ten Things

You are going to be kicking yourself you didn't do.
Remember we had a census taken when Obama was in office just a while ago. Weren't you amazed at how efficient they could track everyone down. You got a form from uncle Sam under your door and you had to fill it out and send it in or someone would actually come a knockin.
So how hard would it have been to affix a government ID to that form with instructions that if you want to turn it into a formal government ID with a photo go to your nearest post office with a photo and for free they will affix it to the form (like a sort of domestic passport). If you don't have a photo you like, the post office will take one for you. Or you can upload it onto some government webpage and then print the form. Voila. How hard is that. Then a government ID isn't like a poll tax, because its free and the govt. is sending you the form. They could even affix a change of address form to walk to a post office if your address changed before an election or for registration purposes.
That's the No.1 thing you didn't do- you can think of the other 9.
If everyone gets some government ID for free (like to pick up your tax refund they will process one, or to get any sort of government benefit you get one, for free, etc...) then who is complaining. If you are alive and eating you can get a free government ID. How hard is that?


Memorex or Just Made Up?

The words describing Gingrich's decline are amusing: cratering, tanking, plummetting, etc.
Its as if the press totally fell for whatever he flung out there for them to spin silly, then started to feel wierd for falling for the game.
There is so much about Gingrich that is just illusion, any journalist covering him has to question their journalistic integrity for thinking anything credible. Start with how his name is pronounced. It apparently, according to his step sister is not the way we have always been saying it. Its more like Gingrick (rhymes with.) And the clincher- his step sister is gay and married in a gay marriage. So much for family harmony. Family values, except for wives no. 1 and 2.
There's more. He champions himself as a Southern conservative. He's from Pennsylvania originally. He did a stop in Georgia and maintains a mansion in McClean, one of the fanciest subburbs of DC where he and his lovely wife have resided for a while now. He's from Georgia like the cookie monster is from the North Pole. His accent is about as Southern as Santorum's. He said in comparing Romney to him that Romney is a New England moderate and he is a 'Georgia Conservative." Except he lives in Virginia, and was born in Pennsylvania.
He thinks anyone who took money from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac like Barney Frank should go to jail. Except he did, but not for influence peddling, for being a strategic historian. Right.
And what about the rant against the Judiciary? He would haul Judges into the oval office or Congress, or (dunno, maybe the Smithsonian?) if they don't write opinions he likes? At least Santorum is an attorney actually and respects the rule of Law. So is Mitt- at least a Harvard JD with an MBA. You won't hear really totally whackadoodle nonsense like that from either of them.
Santorum hasn't thought through some positions he holds strong religious views on but at least he respects the Judiciary. You can't see in a million years Newt being the head of anything that appoints Judges or runs the Justice Department. His main experience with Justice was Divorce Court apparently.

I could go on, but why bother. Not my dog fight this time. And I do mean dog fight.

Occupy DC and the Fourth Amendment

Today C-span ran the oral arguments on an important case involving Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights and prohibitions under the Constitution-for jails/prisons. Not sure if it was a rerun or if
all the yorkie pudding and egg nogg merriment is overwith and they are all back to work there.
The case involved a guy who was arrested and picked up for not paying a fine (a court fine presumably from another charge) and was incarcerated. There he was subjected to a strip search.
It sounded from the oral argument like it involved some sort of 'squatting and coughing' to expel any contraband he may be depositing in his derriere. They also discussed oral cavity searching but I am not sure if this particular class was so subjected. What a sight to see Scalia asking the attorney if he was supposed to write an opinion on 'squatting and coughing.' Might use other words, perhaps, jette, torgette and plea.
My couch potato C-span watching was preceeded by a quick read of today's Examiner in which it was remarked that twice as many parking fines are given in DC than in NY, which is an abominable statistic given the comparable square footage. This reminded me not only of the
'get a life' parking ticket cruisaders who will ticket anything with a non diplomatic plate for kicks
in the tires, but also of the fiasco a few years ago in which the DC cops DUI machines were proven so defective that they were giving horrendous amounts of false reads provoking wrongful arrest litigation (preceeded by hideous wrongful arrests.) Imagine getting arrested for not paying parking fines, dragged to the DC jail, strip searched and subjected to a 'squat and cough' regime to see if you stuffed your car registration or something more marketable down your trousers. Could actually happen. Don't laugh. Could actually happen to Scalia or Roberts. Still, don't laugh.
And have you seen the coverage of pepper spraying in the Occupy camps across the country and arbitrary arrests for protesting while unemployed?
I finally got up the nerve to check out the DC Occupy campsite in McPherson Square- provoked by the mean article in the same Examiner that begs Obama to shut the mess down before they start actually lobbying for whatever it is that they are upset about. Probably everything. I admit I didn't spend a lot of time hanging around there because it basically looked like the regular homeless guys mooching off the protesters' Tea Tent goodies. I was glared at by the tall white Rostablonde dude who hasn't cut his hair since Eisenhower was in office (no, he wasn't born then, since Nixon resigned maybe.) The sign says beware, there are occupiers there- meaning what? We will assault you for wandering? I got suspicious glares like I was either the undercover Cagney and Lacey or a Nun (yes, I know it is a floor length black coat but it is Jones of New York not Vatican issued.) Undeterred I delivered my signature mini-cupcakes in egg cartons- they looked hungry. Then I laughed to myself as I hoped no one would think it a 'let them eat cake' mockery. Next time I will put some protein powder in the mix so its more nutritional.
I thought of my tall white blonde rastafriend getting picked up by capital police and thrown in the clink and forced to strip, squat and cough. Perhaps a cupcake will come squirting out. Perhaps they will force him to "lift his genitals" (actually those words were discussed in oral argument at the Supreme Court). That will teach you for protesting a twenty five percent unemployment rate among Veterans! (or whatever you are protesting!)

In my Lion on the Wizzard of Oz Moment (remember him singing "If I were King Of The Forrrrrrrest!) I say, if I were sitting on the Supreme Court, I would say nobody gets to lift anyone's genitals for anything not supervised by medical personnel and a priest for confession for watching.
Seriously. Prisons must be the most brutal abusive envionments that exist in this country.
If people who are not convicted of anything yet (just arrested) are subjected to this, we are all in trouble. Even Scalia runs a few red lights.


Christmas Baby Boy Born to

Becky Blasier Wilhelm and Tim Wilhelm named Eliott Wilhelm.

Christmas Miracle No.1.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Presque Prete

Almost Ready

  I am dreaming of a White Christmas -
as White as a spring Wedding dress. 
Sugarplum fairies and marzipan angels
dancing elves in pancake factories
red berries tossed over holy leaf fruitcake
and stockings drooping heavily around a chimney
Carols sung in foreign languages
as Bing Crosby smiles from heaven
and the little children brush the snow off their little red sleds
I am dreaming of a White Christmas
and other miracles in my head.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Advent Reflection

Dragon Software

And the Great Commission.
There is a program of software which allows one to merely speak wearing microphone headsets and it registers exactly what you say on your laptop. It is voice recognition software. It has existed in military technology for a while before it went to the public at large. It is trippy to watch- how does it know!

This brings us closer to how prayer telepathically works. Do you think God can't hear you with a headset? Don't you think when he invented prayer he knew how to program the atmosphere to register what you were saying somewhere? Maybe a minion of angels manages the AIM interface.

This also brings me to the biblical command that if you 'confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord' he is. God is famous for speaking things into being- from the beginning. So obviously he wants you to speak your affirmation of his salvation to seal the deal.
If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is will be saved. Not kidding. That's how it works in the ionosphere that God created. Something mandatory about speaking truth.

It works the same way with relationships on earth. You have to confess Love to get it back the way you want it. You can't imagine everyone reads eyes and minds. You have to say it like it is and it will be.
That is how it works on earth as it is in heaven.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Is Not A River In Egypt.

My mother used to say that. This timeless mother wisdom aptly applies to Cain who astoundingly is wondering if he should still be the President of the Free World. I wonder if he
even knows where Egypt is actually. Somewhere near Uzbeckybeckybeckystansky maybe.

This latest revelation of the 13 year alleged affair with someone who clearly at one point enjoyed a mutually caring relationship behind Cain's wife's back on top of the harassment allegations should have the party 'leadership' having a serious discussion with the Danny Crain meglomaniac of junk fast food and fast women to tell him to get a life. But apparently no such 'leadership' exists. No, this should not be the private life decision of just one privately scorned wife who might just not care where her Herman stashes the family jewels. It should be the business of any leadership that should exist. Lets see if they do.

Loose Canon

Another word for 'Undisciplined'

Which is what Harkin apparently is calling Gingrich- who looks it merely due to his weight issue which isn't a wide angle lense problem. He looks like a heart attack waiting to happen with the protruded belly- I would get serious nutritional attention, the kind that Clinton got after his heart attack and radically alter the diet. Go macrobiotic.

But I digress.
The problem with the big idea man is that some of them are looney tooney. The problem with the economy is not that 12 year olds from the ghetto aren't cleaning other people's toilets. Child labor laws are generally a good thing, and especially when protecting children from hazardous jobs, like cleaning other people's toilets in an age of AIDS. Get serious. Sometimes you want to applaud him for boldness and other times you want to shout 'Are You Kidding!'

No, kids age 12-13 should be focused on reading and homework, or working on science projects for the school science fair or advancing their sports skills, not looking to clean toilets.
High School kids apparently do get jobs of all kinds- and always have. I did. Generally thought to be a good thing to intern or get paid developing some talent or skill by that age as supplement to education. Work study programs exist in most colleges. Something you might imagine a history professor should know about.

So Gingrich's fly by the seat of your overalls works sometimes and sometimes just makes him look moronic- like this time when one wonders how involved he was in his own children's rearing if he could send a 12 year old into someone else's toilets. Where are his kids by the way? Are they
gagging that this is the guy who dumped their mother for Papal Barbie or do they like their Dad?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Gingrich

Who Stole Christmas

or Third Base. Anyone's guess.
What is not a surprise, however, is Santorum polling at one percent. Because, aside from his famously funny name (google it) his brand of conservative republicanism means just mean-hearted bigotry to a lot of people. 'Family values' means only the kind I like- man, woman and six kids apparently. Women's rights, one fears, means the right to choose which supermarket one can budget for. Aside from the foolhearty gay bashing litigation that didn't succeed in Washington, DC which even the Cardinal of DC Wuerl wishes he could do over, every time that the same Cardinal appears on the altar there are at least three or four known gay servers, sacristans, eucharistic ministers, lectors, or other helpers front and center who are living with their partners. And everyone knows it.
This thanksgiving I went to my sister's in laws country house and there were gay women cousins-(one was a cousin, the other by gay marriage-we aren't from West Virginia!) who have been living together for 30 years. The day after thanksgiving when most people in the world head for the Macy's black friday after thanksgiving sales, these two women put on men's hiking boots, and took chain saws to the woods to chop firewood. Not kidding.
Being around them did not make me want to put on men's hiking boots and grab a chain saw. Neither did it make me want to look furtively or longingly at someone of my same gender.
Perhaps the recent scare about Thalites in common household chemical products being an endocrine disrupter created more gayness. Who knows. Genetic or acquired tastes? I am not God. All I know is that to hate anyone for this or judge anyone for this is not my business -or yours- Santorum. So get over yourself and send your wife to college already.
Cain, now we can just call Candidate Dirtbag. When he says no one listens to 'that garbage' his one finger pointing outward points four back at him. He's more done than that Turkey you ate last week.

Monday, November 21, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

Is a Bakery.

That's what Jesuit Father Rick Curry must be thinking. He is the renoun author of two books-on Jesuit breadmaking and soupmaking --and gave a demonstration on how to just right rise a loaf with a little leaven. Thanks for the great tips of the trade.
A little leaven rises a lot of loaf as they say. Sprinkled in with the cornmeal and flour he told tales of one armed kneading (he was born with only one) like he was hitting a pastry punching bag. When asked when one should stop kneading he replied "when you start liking people again."

Father Curry is uniquely gifted to working with war veterans who have lost limbs or are otherwise disabled. He has counseled them, mentored them, absolved them and one-armed hugged them. And now he has a big plan. He wants to reorient them transitioning back to productive working life through a bakery. It is not a novel concept-he has succeeded in doing it before in Maine and New York. He wants to teach them entrepreneurial skills, and even how to 'ship and handle' with prosthetic arms.
His bakery in Maine pioneered recipes, even for dog biscuits- and so wants to aptly name his
new bakery "Dog Tag Bakery" or something similar. Veterans he noted are disproportionately
among the homeless statistics. Miriam's kitchen recently noted about twenty percent of their homeless guests are veterans. It does not have to be that way. Because of modern science, people who might not have survived in previous wars are coming home badly maimed and injured and barely surviving, some with severe traumatic brain injuries. Unless they are caught when they first come back, noted Fr. Curry, they can dangerously downward spirol into drug and alcohol abuse. So he wants to teach them entrepreneurial skills, industrial sized baking skills, and a host of other reintegrative skills so they become productive members of society rather than another statistic floating in and out of shelters from town to town ending up on Santa Monica's beaches. They can either have jobs or be taken care of by the 'state' forever- he wants to give them dignity and hope. We can help.

Father Curry is inspirational-with a fantastically fun sense of humor. He tells the story about how the relic of the fore-arm of Saint Francis Xavier traveled to his local basillica in Philadelphia where he got off school to kiss and venerate it as it was the right arm and he was missing his right arm. I asked why the church chopped up people when they were dead, especially when they were incorruptibles. He noted, Marilyn Monroe's dress sold for a million dollars at an auction recently- the right forearm of Xavier baptized thousands of people. He felt that worth kissing more than Monroe I am sure.

Father Curry needs just one thing for Christmas to realize his vision of his program in tandem with his institute that mentors returning disabled vets-- the location for his bakery. He is half way to his goal and only needs about a million and a half more to pull it off. I know you can help.
To get in touch with Fr. Curry simply email: RCURRYSJ [at] (replace the [at] with the @.

Or, you can find him at Holy Trinity in DC.
You can also buy his books-the Secrets of Jesuit Soupmaking and the Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking (amazon) which make great Christmas presents.

On a personal note, my father came back from serving in the Korean War with a bad head injury and half his hearing lost in one ear. He went to Pitt then on a GI bill and thereafter rose to be the CEO of the European Division of a major Fortune 500 corporation and senior executive positions in other corporations.

Any serious Candidate running for President should be able to get Father Curry into his bakery-
Write me when you get it done.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

And the Second Runner Up

Gingrich has more character than Cain who attacks his accusers with the lame-they are troubled and had litigation over similar stuff in the past. So what- doesn't mean he didn't do it.
Predators go for precisely people who are 'troubled' financially- it is a weakness they know they can exploit. Cain is the archetypical harasser. No serious person can now disagree.

Gingrich at least had a conversion. He admits he was a cad. And he sure was. But he made amends and has stayed with the same woman for a time longer than a lot of marriages. He openly admits his faults. He takes blame. He comes off as just more integrous that way. He should however be faulted for his disdain for people not buying christmas presents on layaway at Tiffanys. He is too pretentious for his background and as well coiffed as he and his wife are he still looks like the gray haired version of Danny DeVito. Green tea and yogurt might help shed about 50 pounds he looks like he needs to loose.

I just feel sorry for Perry who is an intellectual lightweight whose platform was cut and pasted from the Petroleum Institutes policy playbook- like we need the oil and gas industry running Washington again.

Huntsman gets points for noting that you can start a trade war if you start leveling tarrifs against the Chinese (duh) and Romney gets points for at least tackling the issue of IP thievery at the WTO or WIPO level- because not enough now is being done about it obviously.

Nothing much memorable about anyone else unfortunately. I think I will take a walk in
the GE park, which is where?? Gingrich also has a hard time telling the difference between Sexual Assault and 'gossip' which makes him downright dangerous on top of arrogantly dumb while trying to be the smartest guy in the room. It's just disturbing all around that there is only one woman contender- and allegations of sexual harassment seem to be taken seriously only by the one news questioner. Very disturbing all around.

The Pennsylvania Peanut Gallery

Lucky for Everyone Joe Paterno got fired.

That, and the subsequent 2,000 college kid riot that followed totally eclipsed most coverage and after-show debate debriefing.
2,000 college kids didn't read the grand jury indictment. Nor do they know how the law works on issues of negligent supervision and culpability for known criminal acts of subordinates. Then they might have agreed with Penn State's Board. Because otherwise their tuitions might have to triple to cover the settlements.
The debate booers who shouted down lovely Maria on her question regarding Cain on how can the country hire someone of such suspect character looked like riotious Penn State kids all grown up. Totally clueless regarding legal liability issues surrounding sexual harassment. Newt came back and attacked her as a financial reporter saying its sad the financial press doesn't report on how the economy works- an intended direct hit on the only woman questioner. He smugly, arrogantly, patronizingly chided her on the fact that no reporter has asked any Occupy person who pays for the park they are sleeping in if corporations don't make profits (as if anyone wants corporations not to make profits.) Aside from the absurdity of the premise- because corporations don't pay what individuals do (GE is reported to have paid nothing ) Parks are paid for by governments. The spot the occupy crowd has tented in across from the DC Catholic Information Center familiar to Gingrich is a DC City park partially paid for by a private-public park consortium of DC money, Federal Money and private enterprise in DC. There is a Federal Park Service, which anyone running for President should know about.
Cain, who looks like a cartoon character taking a condescending approach about his accusers neglected to mention the two contemporaneous affidavits and other people who have witnesssed him in the presence of the person he claims he never met. His third party bloviating narcisistic references to himself look scripted out of the "Danny Crain" annals of Boston Legal-which if you recall, is a comic satire-just like Cain's Presidency. Perry's Senior Melt-Down moment should be the introduction to an add for Ginsing memory enhancers. Check for early Altzheimers.

Romney will be the Nominee. His Veep? Anyone's guess and anyone of those knuckleheads will cause him to loose.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Note to Allred

Is there a suit for Slander now that he has denied everything by innuendo at least?
Multiplainitff multijurisdictional slander suit. Go for it.


Mr. Bill.

Normally fairly erudite albeit from a certain perspective Bill O'Reilly missed the mark when saying that people are out to destroy Cain. What we are out to destroy is the ethic that says women don't matter and men can lie about whatever they do with them regardless of how they feel about it. As an attorney I have seen it - professionally and personally. And it is absolutely disgusting. There is an EEOC for a reason.
In the 1990s in Washington the head of Washington social life and the free world was someone whom I wouldn't vote for now, knowing what I know about his sexual morality for dog catcher- while that may be a good job because it takes one to catch one. It should eclipse every good deed he ever did- because it destroyed women. Cain reminds me of the sleezebucket guys hanging around the bars on L street bragging to other sleezebucket guys who they bedded or what they got away with doing. And see the wagging finger on national television rebuke 'I never ever had sexual relations with THAT woman.' How many women coming forward to describe really what Cain is does it take? For every four that say he hit on them inappropriately there are likely three that did sleep with him- while married or pretending to be.
Sexual ethics have to matter in the highest office of the land. Lying to SLANDER women's integrity, dignity and honor is absolutely disgusting and should be a no -brainer disqualifier. The country is a long long way from taking this with the seriousness with which it should be taken. And comments like those attempting to defend the indefensible don't help.
The Washington Times running a Cain like version of the wagging finger in front of a backdrop of American flags simply desecrates the flag.

There are two kinds of men who would vote for Cain; those who are too decent to find that this is fathomable because it is beyond the realm of their experience and too fantastic to believe, and those who just don't care what he does in his 'private life.' Lets hope Bill is in the first category.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

If Only

A Woman Were President

That is what I thought when Hillary Clinton last night gave a foreign policy speech before an international democratization organization last night that looked frankly, Presidential. Check last night's C-Span -it is worth watching in full. Introduced by Madeleine Albright, her speech was brilliant in the scope of its vision. So brilliant in fact you had a sense, whether you liked her policy platforms or not (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't), or wanted her to be President or not, that this Better Half is the helmswoman at the head of our Ship of State internationally that is going to get it off the shoals before she is done. This is a brilliant woman.

When I watched the sad saga of this morning's news trot out the old tired arguments against Cain's accuser say- perhaps she is paid, and that Alred, nuff said, etc. I wanted to scream. If only a woman were President. Why don't you ask her, just like George Stephanopolous did and see why she came forward. Perhaps she doesn't want to live under a rein of President Jack-Arse.

Every campaign donor to Cain should be asked the question- Do you wish your daughter to be treated like a prostitute? If they have no daughter ask it of their mother. Poll that number.
Because a Cain will likely gut the EEOC, trivialize, mock and derride any women who makes a sexual harassment allegation, and continue to lie his way into a foreign policy where no one trust us, just like the good old days of Bush. Lying Skeevemonster. Get him off the TV before some tactile object is trajectoried into it.

Monday, November 07, 2011

It's a dignity thing


Who seems to think allegations of harassment are mere 'gossip.' And the news is gossip obsessed, he claims. Leave us poor sleazeballs alone and focus on jobs, is probably what
he laments.
News Flash.
The issue of the civil rights of women who are half the electorate, is not a matter of gossip. It is a matter of survival for many women. It is a matter of equality and fairness. It is a matter of distinction between for some homelessness, abuse and living in quiet dignity. A job harasser can persecute someone's live for a very long time- they get blacklisted for complaining, hence there is an aspect of Title VII for retaliation. The glibness with which this is treated by republicans -who think all they have to do is trot out an attractive old conservative blonde to trivialize it on talking head shows, is disgusting and appauling. No one mistakes 'innocuous' remarks for harassment. Harassment, when it is actionable is definitionally "pervasive and severe" and in Cain's case, apparently it was. So much for idiot old conservative bottled blondes.

Three Time's a Charm

for Gingrich in the Republican Roustabout.

The field looks really pathetic- clownish if you ask Chris Matthews of Hardball. And the circus continues with Gloria Alred defending yet a fourth woman who has sexual harassment allegations against Cain. He's so done it's amusing to watch him flail like a fish out of the water of contemporary sensibilities.
This clears the unlikely path for the Non-Mormon, Non-Harassing Gingrich who is on perpetual book tour with his wife, who has a children's history book of her own without children of her own. That's because she is wife no. 3 in his latest adulterous romparoom- but to his credit, he didn't harass her- it was totally consensual. They married and stayed married, and that has more staying power than the gratuitous harassment of half a dozen women just trying to do their jobs with a little dignity.

The foibles of Cain strike one as neanderthal in a world where it is still lamentable that men don't seem to get it. As someone with a working niece, executive working sister and god-daughter, I have to say it makes me sick that men still don't get it, as if women didn't have to work FOR A LIVING. Or to support other people- as if we live in a world where mortgages and rents of women are paid by a mysterious male benefactor or trust fund so women can all just afford to lose their jobs unless they submit to the male ego demands of attention and flattery or a brutish harasser.

I think I am going to be sick. It appears a thousand times more serious to me that Herman Cain was clueless how to behave himself as the boss than that Gingrich had a sincere, albeit sincerely adulterous relationship with someone that was actually Love based and lasted through the years. At least Gingrich has the sense to be discrete-especially when prosecuting Clinton hypocritically for the same faults and fax pas.

The Republican camp is a circus this time around. And he without sin can cast the first stone and stay home when it comes to voting for anyone. The disaffection of the masses is going to by default give it to Obama.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Are They Crazy?

Head Scratching Continues

It boggles the mind that Herman Cain is still supported by more Republicans than any other candidate. Because why????

This phenomenon I believe is attributable to the underlying racism of preferential treatment of defective characters because they are black. That is racist. We have a black President- lets get a black alternative, like there are no other worthy CEOs of third rate fast food joints. Where is that guy who founded Checkers when you need him.

Not that all Affirmative Action programs are racist- but picking a guy because he is black and standing behind him no matter what he does, does not help the cause. It undermines it.

Obama stands on his own laurels and was not elected because he is black. Some black folk don't think he is black enough. I rather like his Irish side. But he is a Harvard JD with a keen intellect unparallelled. He is there on merit.

Cain is full of cheese. Speckled with the fat of too much pepperoni.
Cain is not Obama's equal on any level. And no. China is not 'developing' nuclear capability- it has been there for decades. And no, we don't need more 'investment' in defense spending- when the rest of the world is shouting disarmament.

When Hillary looked like a winner they said- lets get us a woman. Hence Palin. Now it's time to get serious about character, just like Martin Luther King advised.

p.s. If a guy is so oafish that he doesn't comprehend why three women felt the need to contemplate suing him for harassment, that is not a person we want engaging in delicate diplomatic nuanced discussions with anyone who speaks another language as their first language.
Two or Three sexual harassment suits against you should be immediate disqualifiers.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Cain Drain


That is what I predict the headlines to be. Unless something disasterous happens between now and then- which could work in his favor depending on how he handles it.
Phew-now I don't have to campaign this season- it's in the bag.

Herman Cain, aside from not having the first clue about China's nuclear capacity who sounds like your friendly neighborhood car mechanic when opining on his 'china strategy' clearly has caught that bug plaguing generally the Republicans. The Truth Allergy. We saw it with Bush, who does look like Voltaire next to Cain on foreign policy, when fabricating about the
nigerian uranium fissile material and WMDs in Iraq to a point where almost a third of the Democratic Party thinks he had some foreknowledge about 9-11. Unbelievable. Not believable.
Cain, it is now learned, without admitting or denying, signed a settlement agreement with a woman who claimed she was sexually harassed by him- for the equivalent of a year's salary. What, who me? What settlement? What harassment?

As someone with employment labor litigation experience I can tell you that this virtually never happens without some facts that could surface in a trial. Without a trial to get a year's severance or salary on a sexual harassment charge is a good deal and means there likely were credible facts. These things are defended by insurance companies on officer and director policies and hard lines are drawn in the sand. Something scared them into paying a year's salary.
Baseless charges virtually never get one a year's salary for not having to work without a trial. Insurance company lawyers don't want people cashing in on false allegations and they don't generally pay on what they think is false. So not only did this get the credibility pass of the accuser's attorney who likely vets out frivolity but it got the credibility pass of insurance lawyers who are hard to convince.

So the 'high tech lynching' joke that Clarence Thomas got over on when a black woman was making the charges of sexual harassment against him (ridiculous) plays about as well here as a
a fart in a symphony. It just smells. I do agree with Ann Coulter, my classmate at Cornell, on one thing however:
If Romney is the nominee Obama will win.

Obama will win.

The fact that Cain raised more money yesterday than any other day in his campaign speaks volumes about the Republican party's problem with respect for women. Clarence Thomas famously made highly offensive absurd remarks about the problem with the country being this sort of smearing that derails careers at his confirmation hearings. Cry me a river. He has not been able since to shake off the Justice Creepazoid feeling one gets while watching him doze at the bench after his confirmation performance. A far more serious problem with the country is the lack of general regard and respect for women professionals like Professor Anita Hill, whose academic background and government career was every bit as promising and stellar as Clarence Thomas' - such that even taking a stand against this sort of disrespect sends one packing out of town for the hinterlands of Oklahoma.

Shame on you Ann Coulter. Shame on you Herman Cain. Shame on you Clarence Thomas.
And shame on every talking head defending this garbage.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

For Roland

Champagne Gala and Ball
at the Embassy of France


Dear Friends of La Maison Française,
Our Champagne Gala is just around the corner - Saturday, November 5 at 7 p.m. - and our online auction has just been posted! We welcome everyone to explore all the marvelous travel packages listed. From Los Angeles to San Diego, to Hawaii, and of course France, you'll love discovering all the exciting destinations! Click the following link to bid on this year's vacation packages:

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PARKING: Valet parking provided*Proceeds from this event will go to the French-American Cultural Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) collaborator of La Maison Française.
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TUES, MAY 22 AT 7:30PM: Nemanja Radulovic, violin & Laure Favre-Kahn, piano - CLASSICAL Violinist Nemanja Radulovic is the winner of the City of Belgrade's October Prize for music, the Talent of the Year from the Ministry of Education of the Serbian Republic, among many other international awards. Pianist Laure Favre-Kahn studied at the Conservatoires in Avignon and Paris - where she was awarded a Premier Prix. Ms. Favre-Kahn is also the First Prize recipient of the 2001 International Pro Piano Competition.MORE INFO / TICKETS

Forward email

French-American Cultural Foundation 4101 RESERVOIR RD NW LA MAISON FRANCAISE WASHINGTON DC 20007

Here we Go Again

The G-O-Perverts

OK, took a while to get up the gumption again but I am awake now.

No, Mormonism is not like Catholicism. Catholicism is the oldest Christian religion dating back to the commission given Peter by Jesus himself numbering over a billion members now. Contrary to what Huntsman said, Mormonism is not like Catholicism in terms of people's perception that it is a cult. Mormonism is not anything like Catholicism- the Book of Mormon was found under a Rock by a disillusioned cast off Presbyterian in America. So wierd hardly worth commenting on. Mormonism is a cult. So shoot me. The sister wives in Utah can probably tell you all about what dignity they afford to womankind. It's called Adultery everywhere else.

And Cain is a fabricating piece of the same nonsense that Clarence Thomas got away with and should never have. What reason on earth did Anita Hill possibly have to lie about him?
Really, who in their right mind, much less a woman with a Yale law degree has anything to gain by it? It risks everything- and anyone who does challenge it knows what they risk and have to do it out of a sense of personal integrity to press the issue anyway. How sickening.

The GOPervs should keep their sleaze to themselves. We've seen it all before.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation holds Mass of Remembrance for Archbishop Sambi Wednesday

Archbishop Sambi was an avid supporter of the work of HCEF and a champion for peace. In 2009, he was the recipient of the HCEF Path of Peace Award in honor of his lifelong commitment to the cause of Peace in the Middle East.  Through his tireless personal efforts, HE  Sambi promoted peaceful reconciliation between Arabs and Israelis, and/or amongst Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Holy Land. The  Path of Peace honoree is an eminent statesman, clergyman or citizen of any country who is, locally or internationally, recognized as a visionary and humanist for this role.  Truly these words capture the epitome of Archbishop Sambi's character. 


HCEF President Rateb Rabie conveyed his admiration for Archbishop Sambi and stated that "The HCEF Path of Peace Award" was also a heartfelt expression of HCEFs appreciation for his work, dedication and truly remarkable personal contributions he made toward building peace in a world troubled by unbelief and indifference. This world has lost a Godly man, great friend and true advocate for peace."


In his honor, HCEF is holding a mass at 8:00 am on Wedensday, August 24, 2011 at the Church of the Annunciation located at 3810 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016.   A Memorial Massfor Archbishop Sambi will be held on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Greek


      A Presbyterian preacher yesterday referred to the 'Greek Filter'  in which as evangelism of the apostles spread to
the gentile world, which was 'greek' predominantly from the time of Alexander the Great, some church doctrine or dogma matters took on familiar widely accepted philosophic notions, and I would argue even from 
a governance perspective mutated to take on familiar structures of authority.  The gnostic gospels, considered inauthentic because they far post date the resurrection are case in point in development of incorporation of a greek dualism where
the material world is deemed evil and somehow extrinsic to the spirit world. This is a classically greek notion and Plato wrote on it. The Greek Gods were spirits, the jewish messiah however, deemed Divine, was a human.
The more Greek it became the less Jewish it looked. Jesus, however, is and was and ever shall be a Jewish man. So the more authentically Jewish the closer to the real Christ not the hellenized one.
     In terms of authority structure, the Jewish world had a Sanheidren, a body of Pharisees and Saduccees, which 
was a more consensus oriented structure than an 'empire' with one Ceasar at the top. The roman catholic church 
took on an authority structure which served it's expansion well throughout the world with a model of authority very linear
with only one Ceasar god-like figure at the head to which strict obedience was demanded and free thought 
suppressed- at times, brutally inquisition style .  The priests to this day wear roman aristocratic robes everywhere in the world, nevermind large parts of the world don't put men in dresses or robes any longer. 
The Augustinian monk reformed Martin Luther sought to make it more
like the first century church where Peter was one among many Apostles- and the conception of "petra" or you the rock, Cephas, upon which I build my church, referenced to the sort of building blocks with Christ himself as the 'cornerstone' 
that make a stone church as it were. The reference in that context meant, some argue, Peter as described and named by Jesus, is and was a foundation stone- and the reference to the keys to heaven are given to the collective church, not one seat of peter as it were. The binding on earth as in heaven reference is thus understood by protestants to refer to the ability of the body of christ and each member to bind on earth the same way each member in christ has authority to lay hands on the sick and heal or cast out demons in His name.
    The earlier church, closer to the Jewish authority model  had councils and Bishops and was modeled naturally more after the Jewish spiritual authority structure and it was not until after the fall of Constantinople when the church headquarters was moved to Rome that it took on a more
gentile notion of authority after a Ceasar or Alexander the Great model with near deification of the head as opposed to the priestly hierarchy of Jesus' time in the jewish world--which also had a chief priest, (Caiphas) who was not like a Pope or greek god figure. He was the head of the priests in the same way that there is a majority leader in the US Senate.

     This greekification or hellenization of church structure has caused the church problems- it has in the 'infallibility of the Pope' notion created almost a greek god of him.
     It clearly causes people to be oppressed if they differ in theological approach historically. It creates a blind loyalty to an emperor who is wrong on occasion when no one allows him to be.  It also translated into a royalty model, where the higher up one goes in clerical life, it takes on more worldly status complete with more elaborate robes and accoutrement- something the antithesis of Jesus's preaching.  Blind loyalty to authority structures that disallow free thinking is something that easily allows heresies to take root, and doctrine to evolve to protect the hierarchy. Hence, the 'scandal' and resistance to serious institutional changes to prevent it. 
It also allows some priests once elevated to become authoritarian, even when incredibly ignorantly wrong- to a point of abusiveness. There is no shortage of historic examples or even in modern times. 
     The church is being called to purify its ego. It insults Jesus when it operates from any place other than Love. Because God is not a Pope. God is Love.



Legal Journalism At Its Finest Hour

Watch this-it's all free

It's all good.

Je Suis


Je suis pour toi
mon ame, ma joie
je suis pour toi
n'importe quoi q'ils disent
Je suis pour toi
si tu est proche ou loin
Je suis pour toi
jusq'au fin
du monde
je le jure
main sur 
la bible.

I Love You


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well Done!

I pinched that right off HRHs Facebook page.

London Bridges

Burning Down?
   Everyone please take a minute and pray for London. All of it. Especially those who feel so 
disaffected they are on a rampage. Pray that all their basic needs are met and everyone is
kind to each other. Just pray. Like this. Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread and Forgive Us
Our Trespasses as We Forgive Those Who Trespassed Against Us (and looted out shops, broke our windows and shot the dog.)

    Heaven help us all.

You First

Say You Are Sorry.

If you have something against your sister, leave your sacrifice at the altar and first make peace. 
How can you say you love God when you hate your neighbor?

  Ever hear of someone being so mad they see purple? Or their face turns purple? They can't imagine that they did anything to provoke what causes them the fury. They just see purple. 

If someone is in that state they need a diffuser mirror. An intermediary. A person who will calm them down, and allow them to self examine and self reflect. Look at yourself. Every energy has a consequence. How did that happen? WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE HER DO THAT?

   The power of life and death is in the tongue, it says in Proverbs.  
If you say -be the change you want to see in the world- say you are sorry. First. 
Don't wait till the other person figures out how they hurt you. 

   Interrupt yourselves with the sorry. Call first. If you can't because you still see purple, get a friend to call for you and schedule a meeting.
Like in Jerusalem. 
How can you say you love God when you hate your neighbor?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Two boys were walking home from Sunday school after hearing a strong preaching on the devil.
One said to the other, 'What do you think about all this Satan stuff?'
The other boy replied, 'Well, you know how Santa Claus turned out.
It's probably just your Dad.' 


Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother,
'Why is the bride dressed in white?''
The mother replied, 'Because white is the color of happiness,
And today is the happiest day of her life.'
The child thought about this for a moment then said,
'So why is the groom wearing black?' 

A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was running as fast as she could,
Trying not to be late for Bible class.
As she ran she prayed,
'Dear Lord, please don't let me be late! Dear Lord, please don't let me be late!'
While she was running and praying, she tripped on a curb and fell,
Getting her clothes dirty and tearing her dress.
She got up, brushed herself off, and started running again!
As she ran she once again began to pray,
'Dear Lord, please don't let me be late...But please don't shove me either!' 

Three boys are in the school yard bragging about their fathers.
The first boy says, 'My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a poem,
They give him $50.'
The second boy says, 'That's nothing. My Dad scribbles a few words on piece of paper,
He calls it a song, they give him $100.'
The third boy says, 'I got you both beat. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper,
He calls it a sermon, and it takes eight people to collect all the money!' 

An elderly woman died last month.
Having never married, she requested no male pallbearers.
In her handwritten instructions for her memorial service, she wrote,
'They wouldn't take me out while I was alive,
I don't want them to take me out when I'm dead.' 

A police recruit was asked during the exam,
'What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?'
He answered, 'Call for backup.' 

A Sunday School teacher asked her class why Joseph and Mary took Jesus with them to Jerusalem ..
A small child replied, 'They couldn't get a baby-sitter.' 

A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds.
After explaining the commandment to 'Honour thy father and thy mother,' she asked,
'Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?'
Without missing a beat, one little boy answered, 'Thou shall not kill..' 

At Sunday School they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings.
Little Johnny seemed especially intent when they told him
how Eve was created out of one of Adam's ribs.
Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill,  and she said, 'Johnny, what is the matter?' Little Johnny responded,
'I have pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife.' 


At the well 
and quietly hemorrhaging

     Jesus has an encounter with two different women at two different times who were suffering
in two different ways. 
     One was at Jacob's well minding her own business and he asks her for water. He tells her everything about herself and she senses he must be some kind of prophet. He tells her that
she has had five husbands the guy she is  living with is not even her husband. He must have sensed a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. Why dump five husbands---he tells her he has
something that will completely satisfy and make her whole- and never will she thirst again, which may be a sort of metaphor for a perpetually dissatisfied life. 
She can't get no satisfaction. Until she met Jesus. She is then turned into an evangelist because she runs and tells the whole town about the guy who knows everything about her and offers something that will quench her soul's thirst forever. 

   This woman was surely the town slut- five husbands, give me a break. Lucky to have one.
After this encounter with Jesus, no longer. She is then the herald of the great news. 

  There is another woman he met not quite on purpose whom he nonetheless made whole. This woman too was a town outcast likely. She suffered a medical condition of the perpetual issuance of blood, which likely was a female disorder, not unknown or even too uncommon, 
in which she perpetually had some flow of a mensus. Probably a light flow that never went away.
     As it was ritually unclean for any man to have relations for anyone in this state she was likely not married. She had the condition for 12 years. If she was at one time married her husband likely left her- and one can only image the heartache she lived with and under.

    She just gets a glimpse of his robe and grabs it with the extreme faith that merely touching him he could make her well. Immediately he felt a power flow from him, an energy, and it cured her. Immediately. She was made whole immediately. Miracle-but also every day stuff for Jesus, because the power of all creation is within him in perfection. 

   So this woman who struggled with heartache, loss probably, disappointment and anger  probably, who spent all her money on doctors, so she was broke, met Jesus and was restored 
to humanity where she could have a family, have a husband and likely then could conceive children.  

   Jesus cared profoundly about making women whole, satisfied, and dignified, restored to places of honor in society and with potential for healthy families.

If we all could only follow suit. Who would ever stop talking about him.

Frozen Chosen

Presbyterian Wisdom
Worth listening to.

Sunday August 21, 2011  
10:00 a.m. Worship
"Transforming the World"
Text: Romans 12:1-8
 John Wimberly preaching
At times, the church has taught a dualism that devalues the reality of the world.  
As a result, things such as material possessions, money and human sexuality have 
been viewed as temptations rather than gifts.  
Can we love God and the world at the same time? 
This Week at Western
Sunday           August 21st     
9:30 a.m.         Nursery Care & Childcare Ages 5+
                        and Up    Room 101
10:00 a.m.       Worship
11:00 a.m.       Hospitality (N-S)
11:15 a.m.       Summer Documentary Series:  Bullied     
On the Horizon
Great Films After Summer Worship
August 21st   BULLIED: a Student, a School, a Case that made History is a powerful documentary created by the Southern Poverty Law Center, about the precedent-setting ruling that school administrators have a duty to protect gay and lesbian students from bullying and harassment. In 1993, 17-year-old Jamie Nabozny stood up for his rights and brought awareness and protection to all youth.This story is important for parents, friends and educators who care about LGBT children and teens.  Brought to you by Western's Open Doors leadership.