Friday, April 27, 2012

Persecution of the Righteous

And the Right to be Moral. You don't have to be particularly religious to be moral. You don't have to belong to a specific congregation to be moral. Heck, there are studies of chimpanzees who are altruistic in their behaviors of communal sharing and protection, etc. Some behaviors we consider moral are even in the animal world and people actually devote careers to studying it. (don't ask me to replay that chimpanzee video). These may be weird people, but they have a point. Some things are considered respectful, dignified, altruistic, and other behaviors are not. There is a reason why "motherfu***er" and "c*&cksucker" are perforative terms. People know what they mean and they know that it is bad behavior. So why are people who are trying to teach good moral behavior being blasted in social policy? Why have the Democrats so stupidly become the party of motherfu*T&*ers and c*^*&cksuckers? Seriously. There are however, highly moral people doing things like devoting their lives to teaching little kids how to be good, nice and what the scriptures said and mean. There are highly moral people who are trying to teach people to take care of their neighbors and love them like themselves. There are highly moral people who are out there every day of the week trying to give young girls a sense of dignity so they don't squander themselves on trash. And so why is public policy insisting on undermining all of that- by forcing for example a contraception mandate on people who don't suffer c*^&*^*cksuckers lightly. This is a mistake. It is a huge mistake. Even if Obama gets re-elected it is a huge mistake. Because the country can't allow persecution of the righteous under the guise of equality or equal access or anything else that pretends to be more altruistic than the altruism that morality brings under the name of fairness or secularism or enlightenment or anything else it wants to call it. There is a good, there is a right, there is a truth. And it is not and can not be defined by political flavor of the season. You know it when you see it. I know you do.

The Oh Please, Get A Life Moment of the Decade

And the First Amendment Right to A Sense of Humor This is not legal advice. While I went to the same law school as Sandra Fluke this is not legal advice. Neither is her diatribe for the most part because she is not a member of any bar yet. She is a STUDENT. Which definitionally means she has something or two to learn. Not to mention she is twelve. So lately. Can we talk? Now some television quasi-editorialist journalist blondish (Loreal for $7.00 I don't care) woman says in response to Fluke's engagement "to a man?" and everyone goes apoplectic like she is a raving homophone. Pallleeeeze. Can't the woman have a sense of humor? Perez Hilton can blast the heterosexual world from here to Studio 54 and an innocuous comment like "to a man" gets the politically correct police pounding at her door demeaning an apology for the insensitivity? People, people, people. Do you know there is a nuclear program afoot in Iran and women in Saudi can't go out in public showing their ankles? Congrats Sandra Fluke on your engagement. I don't know you but engagements generally are very good things. If a man loves a woman enough to put a ring on it they should be given the metal of honor. But give us a break. Really. Lighten up.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


The Good Wife

Brings Home the Bacon. Who can find one of those? That's the primordial quest of the Proverbian. According to Proverbs 31, the biblical definition of a Good Wife, which is adhered to by Jewish and Christian believers alike who believe the Proverbs to be good advice, the paragon of virtue in a woman is an income generating woman. In fact, Proverbs 31 has her buying real estate with her own earnings, and planting vineyards (vineyards made grapes which makes wine, which was also income producing) The Proverbs 31 definition of a Good Wife has her being a small business woman with assets. Stay at home Moms are great, but ideally, if they generate income to help out the household all the more virtuous according to the Bible. So will everyone please lay off those who criticise Ann Romney's stay at home to raise the kids model. I am more impressed that Pelosi has a tribe of kids and works and owns a vineyard in California. Most Americans cannot afford not to have two people trying to generate some income. Most Americans are not in the my husband only gets a quarter mil. a speech category. Those who say Ann Romney is clueless about the economic struggles of most American families are totally correct and should be supported in their criticism. Hillary Rosen- you go girl.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


WITHOUT Parole Is bad enough don't you think? Congrats to Connecticut for being the latest state to abolish the death penalty. Should be done federally everywhere. Bad-A murderers in Texas should have the same Right to Life as Bad-A murderers in Connecticut and the same Right to Life as Fetusus don't you think (note to Texas Pro Lifers)

  As an attorney who has done research on Habeus cases I know it is very difficult to exhonorate someone- even when they may be innocent- The system makes it difficult because we don't like overturning juries. But juries can get it very wrong and do. Judges can tilt the system and do. And the laws regarding double jeopardy and laws regarding what type of evidence is or is not allowed as new evidence makes it difficult if not impossible to exhonerate someone wrongfully convicted.

   On the odd chance there is even one person who is wrongfully convicted we shouldn't get to kill anyone off--but the odds are better or worse than that. Since DNA started to be tested on people who had DNA to test around 300 people who were scheduled to be killed by the state were let go because they were wrongfully convicted.  There are many many capital cases where there is no DNA to test. For each of the roughly 300 wrongful convictions that have since been overturned the jury found that beyond any reasonable doubt the person did it. They were wrong- they missed the reasonable doubt or they were not collectively reasonable. Juries in this country can be Not Collectively Reasonable. Often. That is why we really need to eliminate a death penalty.

Juries cannot always put the pieces together properly. They cannot always grasp nuance or suggestion. They are not always smarter than a fifth grader. They get it wrong- often.

  People have vendettas against people. I recently read a case where a child who was manipulated by one parent in a divorce setting to falsely claim that the father raped them did many years on a false rape charge until the child recanted later. There are motivations for falsely impuning criminality to someone.
The system is not always right. Habeus petitions are rarely granted cert. by the Supreme Court.

   It thus really should be a Federal initiative - a Federal law that a Democratic President should want to take seriously. We need to abolish the death penalty for good in this country. France did it decades ago. Most civilized western countries don't have a death penalty. Texas doesn't look that civilized.

  It is just flatly CRUEL AND UNUSUAL to kill anyone off. If the 8th Amendment does not mean that, it does not mean anything. There is no greater torture than death.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spread-Em Pops

How cute is George Clooney's Dad getting arrested with his son and Congressman Moran- all of whom by virtue of the latest Supreme Court precedent could be subject to strip searching down to their bare skivvies if the DC police wanted to throw them in the clink and they were denied bail. They look really dangerous don't you think?  Clooney's Dad said something like 'we didn't know it was illegal did we' to deprive any prosecutor fool enough to paper it with the requisite mens rae while the son lauded the publicity by saying basically we staged this to bring more attention to the genocide. Nice going- except you just undermined your Dad's no mens rae argument to deny criminal conduct. You were after all- arrested for some crime.

Luckily I think no one was thrown in the general population of DC (murder capital of the world) serious criminal malcontents-  which is not a place you want to be. So don't worry, Clooney's knickers weren't in a twist or a wedgie.

In Vincoli

There is a church in Rome called San Pietro In Vincoli. I was there years ago on a pilgrimmage.

It means Saint Peter in Chains. You can see there in a box what purports to be the actual chains that
Peter wore while in prison that the Lord released him from miraculously. This is the church that the Cardinal of Washington chose as his Rome church- they all get one.

      A Monsignor on the pilgrimmage drew my attention to the fact that on the floor of this church there is a plaque. There are a lot of plaques in fact that line the side of the wall because people are buried underneath the floor so the floor plaques are like cemetary markers. There is one that caught my attention or was drawn to it after the Monsignor pointed it out. It had my name on it. My first name was on this plaque. That is not so unusual, it is a Greek origined name but is a common one in French, English and there is an italian variety of it also. The French and English spelling of the name was on the floor. It has been there hundreds of years. Maybe a thousand. I wondered who this woman was that got herself so finely buried and marked in this great historic church. She got a plaque because apparently she was married to a Bishop. It says her name, then wife of Bishop somebody.

    Once upon a time there were wives of Bishops. Saint Peter had one. You can't find a statue of his wife anywhere but the wife of another Bishop is buried in San Pietro de Vincoli in Rome.

    The irony of this being in the church marking Peter in chains struck me. Fear is the Prison of the Heart. Persecution of women who love priests creates a fear founding the prisons of the heart that the bad doctrine creates.  I recall standing staring at the plaque and the chains.  Jesus sets the prisoner free. He comes to proclaim good news to the poor and set the captives free. He frees the oppressed. All the verses flooded my mind and imagination.

       Perhaps one day the cardinal will look down on the ground on which he is stomping.

The Women Problem

 Half the World are women. Half the World still has a woman problem. Do you believe it? I am 51 years old. That's half a century. Until I was six years old no woman had run in Marathons. They couldn't run in races. Unladylike I suppose.  Then this woman tried. She was the first woman to try it and nearly got kicked out or tripped up in the process.

Watch again and think hard.  Read the article about the 'official' who tried to rip off her numbers. He just decided women can't run more than a mile and a half. Just decided they couldn't do it.  And who wants to see women running races with men? He just decided no one did.
  Women could not vote in America until around the 1920s. Women could not vote in France until
well after WWII.

Today, girls are aborted in China and India because they are girls at sickening rates.
  Until the passage of the Civil Rights Act Amendments of 1992 (that's just twenty or so years ago) women who worked in this country were routinely sexually harassed just for working outside the home and the men were never punished. If they complained they were routinely fired. Until only about twenty years ago there were mens exclusive clubs that only men could join. They were whisky- stocked cigar dens of men's egoism.
   Now it is estimated that still at least one in ten women in America faces some form of sexual assault at some point in their life.

    There are places where women are still not welcome. Under a sort of 'separate but not pretending to be equal' ethic religious men and religious women enjoy totally different accommodation in the catholic world. Convents are regularly under maintained and strapped and stressed for cash and priests live in relative oppulence in palace style rectories and cathedrals in many places in Europe and the US.   Any talk of equality and 'rights' is dismissed as antithetical to Christian service. Women
who want children cannot be at the same time 'religious' under that calculation. It's odd.

This feeds into religious views on the women's 'reproductive rights' discussion where celibacy is revered as synonymous with piety. People with NO nuclear families of their own, e.g. no wives that they emotionally or physically take care of dictate to people who do how they should plan their families from a presumed moral superiority. It is hard to imagine a greater "Sin of Presumption."

   Women are not asked how they feel. They are not considered in the process of exclusions and demeaning treatment. They are told from above, from males above what to think, how to act and what to do, even when it concerns their own very bodies.

    Whether the contraception discussion is a correct framing of the issue (which should look more in my view at actual hazards of pharmaceuticals) the fact that it can credibly be framed as a 'war on women' is troubling.  It is credible because of the lack of women's participation in the moral decisionmaking. They are told what is the proper moral way to think rather than listened to by people who consider celibacy the highest form of piety. The emotional life of women which is not understood at all by the male hierarchy is totally discounted and ignored if not simply exploited. And they use female cover to engage in female discrimination.

   This is a serious process problem.
It is why male authority often does not understand how abusive what they do is. It is why someone like Clarence Thomas can sit there in a confirmation hearing and deny straight faced he did anything wrong (also why its about time he retired because he never should have been seated.)

  This is the same mentality that says the male authority is morally superior and compels that no woman is good enough or an equal yoking enough to marry a priest or get the same seminary degrees. It is junk theology.

     There should be a Mediation office, like Georgetown has, called an "Ombudsman" established in every Archdiocese in the world wherein the voices of people who dissent, disagree or feel hurt or imposed upon by the church can be heard before they leave all together. I recommend that they start at the Cathedral head in Washington where Donald Wuerl is supposed to sit. They should establish a church Ombudsman and a well staffed Ombudsman office of mediators to start a process of badly needed reform.


Monday, April 09, 2012

Je m'en fous de tout les jeux je m'en fous de tout les pretentieuse de la bourgoisie Je m'en fous de tout les mensenges et tout l' hypocrasie Oui, je suis folle car je m'en fous de croire en tes paroles faux illusory. Ca veux dire rien de tout. Car la coeur de toi est un put.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Said Mary To Her Neighbors

He fed you all. He cured you. He made you see for the first time when you had been blind from the time you were born.  He made people sane by driving out demons. Legions and hoards of them.  He even brought the best wine to the wedding you all came to in Cana. He taught you kindness and peace. He cried when someone died and he raised them from the dead, he even paid your temple tax for you. And you killed him- for what? Because you were afraid of his Love? You didn't think it was real? How can I possibly stay here now? 

You didn't Deserve Him.


   Trust Me.

You didn't deserve him. You didn't come close. You didn't do anything great enough to be excused for your self-aggrandizing petty meanness and the sins of your selfishness, your corrupted heart your stupid thoughtlessness, your unbelievable malevolence, your calculated rudeness. You didn't do anything good enough. You can't.

    That is why you need Jesus if you ever hope to live in peace with God.
Say it with me-
Mia Culpa Mia Culpa Mia Fortissima Culpa. and beat your breast until you pass out- because you are so wretched in the eyes of God without Jesus you should be dead like he was.

Until you get what God's Justice looks like, you don't get why he had to come and die for you.
The Cross is not Jewelry. It is an electric chair, a guillotine, for a prisoner who did no crime so you could walk. He did nothing to hurt you. He did nothing to deserve death- so you, who DO deserve it
can Live.

    Are you getting the picture yet?

Friday, April 06, 2012

What Jesus Really Wanted to Say

You are a Fake, a Fraud a Pretender to Piety. You killed your salvation in a fit of mockery You didn't understand the whitewashed tomb parable so let me be more clearly understandable. Your heart is a shit pile of egoism and pride. Your love of neighbor only works if they give you a ride. Your love of God is transparently to hide from your sins. Your love of all else is lacking and thin. I am dying to save a people who don't care and don't hardly even know I am there. Why did you send me to this nasty place? I was happy back home making the furniture and drapes.

How Good is Friday

You only know Love from books and dreams. You don't really know what it really means You recite prayers for hereafter with your eyes closed herein, as though the Kingdom was not really within. You like the places of prominence before large congregations and feastly celebrations to recite your profundity spun from fecundity without reality to understand its trajectory. You are very wise in your own eyes. And they are wide shut. You see your own lids not the life out front. I tried to tell you how much you were loved and you strung it up for latest mockery I thought I forgive you for your barbarity while you imagined yourself gentility I thought to myself, how sad you have no idea who you are really.
He bent to wash the feet of corpusculed chubby cancled toes beloted from gout and other luxuries in a marbled hall from a velvet chair in flowing silk embroidered robes and such finery only palaces of noblemen of ancient yore explored. Not one foot a delicate womans, not one a washerwoman. Not one the maid, the cook the wife of priest because that would be unseemly it seems next to the corpusculed chubby cancled toe rot beloted from gout from a velvet chair. Someone said there was a whiff of Jesus in the air but you had to listen real hard to hear Him.


Devant Dieu que tu a tuer contempler que la coeur de toi est fabrique en merde.

Thank you Saint Anthony of Padua

Dieu est Amour et Je t'Aime

What's so good about

Friday? My Jewish friend wanted to know. After Friday comes Sunday- and Resurrection possibilities you can only dream of that will come true.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

employment contract amendments

for all priests

  henceforth, all priests who wish to go no.2 must either affix coloscomy bags surgically for waste removal or go standing on their heads and with a plastic bag to catch it to avoid clogging the ancient pipes in the historic church properties. We estimate and our lawyers confirm that  this will save millions of dollars in plumbing bills and latrine renovations  if people just dispose of their waste in cans the same way dog pooper scoopers work.
 A months supply of pooper scooper bags will be made available at each archdiocese. Collections for priest pooper scoopers will be every alternative third sunday.

    A thorough study of this new canon law has demonstrated the massive savings to parishes and rectory properties (no pun intended). While not everyone is as 'gifted' at this technique as others, the majority of people who wish to serve Jesus have adapted hesitatingly to it. Keep reminding them that this is God's will and keep repeating God's will not your will be done. There are some instances of messes created for people who find this unnatural. Not humanly wise or possible. Those who refuse to either surgically get colonoscopy bags or use the pooper scooper and insist on squatting to take a dump will be excommunicated to do their business squatting on the lawn in front of everyone.

   Those who really insist that this is unnatural or those who create messes due to the awkwardness this creates will be punished, transferred or otherwise disciplined if they are too revenue generating otherwise to be excommunicated.

    "But it's not in the bible!" protested one dissident and seventy five percent of his archdiocese who agreed. Yes, but it's tradition now!  In a thousand years everyone will think it always was tradition and they will forget how to squat.


Jesus died at age 33 to create a hierarchy run by 75 year old single men exclusively? really?? How many 75 year old men were at the tomb- ever? You can create a condition of employment by contract of any condition. You must promise never to wear blue sox, never to waste money in dying your hair, never to wear pants to a funeral, never eat meat in the rectory, never go on a date. But don't confuse that with biblical truth. Peter the first Pope was married. Jesus' closest allies were women- his Mother for starters and we all like her. Then the Apostle to the Apostles Mary Magdalene and someone named Mary who got close enough to wipe his feet with her hair and shower him with expensive perfume who could have been the same Mary. Then there was the woman at the well, and don't forget women deacons. Sometimes the Pope just insults my intelligence. He did that today in his Holy Thursday homily blasting the group of dissident priests who have full backing of their congregations regarding a married priesthood. Sometimes pure meanness is mistaken for piety. Did anyone ask the women what they think? Thought not. Piety does not compel these exclusionary rules. Married men can be just as pious- and single men just as jerky as married ones. Substitute fake marriage happens anyway among priests. Get Real. Isn't Truth a basic characteristic of the Holy Spirit- we worship in Spirit and Truth? Where does it say in scripture (I am checking my concordance and I can't find it) that all the people who thought people serving Jesus or following him had to be single or they get kicked out or excommunicated? Probably the same place where it says all Popes and Bishops must face mandatory retirement at half pension at age 62, beyond which age your thinking is too deaf to be relevant. Right- that's not in there either. When did Jesus say at the last supper Passover- everyone who is married raise your hand, and everyone with a girl friend raise your hand, now get out! What a Holy Thursday Homily!!!

channeling pavarotti

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


This might easily be caused by her birth control pills. Google The Pill, contraception and blod clot. Yes, it can kill you without even knowing. And this is what we have to buy in Obamacare?

Be Careful, Prendre Soin

The Suffering you create follows you hereafter. It is understood in the natural world that one cannot reproduce alone what one is not. One cannot reproduce with one like oneselve and get something the opposite. One cannot be an ardvaark and reproduce into a human. Two Ardvaarks do not a human make. More and more ardvaarks don't increase the odds of getting a human. To get anything like a human from a species not human there has to be an intervening agent of human DNA interjection. A human five foot tall can produce a human six feet tall if it mates with someone seven feet tall however. Within the same species there can be something different than what one is characteristically reproduced from something it is not. This does not alter the essence of the thing-only its characteristics. We will come back to that. In the spiritual world misery does not reproduce joy. Misery reproduces misery. More and more misery does not increase the odds of joy. It makes more and more misery. The laws of Karma hold that the more and more misery you create bounce back to you and you suffer for what you spewed out to the universe. What you intend for others boomerangs onto your head. Be careful the gratuitous misery you make. People were creating so much misery that they were putting themselves all in perpetual hell. God saw this and was sad. So he interjected an intervening agent. This intervening agent was species similar enough so that it could alter the characteristics of the species. It couild reproduce something spiritually different into the species. It was the same species but had ability to elevate the characteristics spiritually. It was a human but it was spiritually part of God. When you spiritually attach spiritual DNA of this human/God with a human it elevates the spirit into a different dimension. This is how the misery of man coupled with the human suffering of the human/God can reproduce into Joy in the eternal world. Without the intervening interjecting cause, misery is trapped in its Karma and reproduces misery and perpetual hell. The human-God is Jesus, from Nazareth. The Eucharist, his communion is his reproducing agent wherein he attached to us internally to elevate us spiritually into Joy eternally. This is why without it, you are trapped in human Karma. This is why he is the exclusive intervening agent for the human species to translate spiritually into eternal Joy. This is why they say "No man comes to the Father but through" the Jesus human/God. This is why they say it is impossible to get to heaven without him, heaven being that place of eternal Joy in union with the essence of Love that is at the core of all creation. But this is not a free ride. To reproduce your spirit into this Joy, which is called 'born again' or 'born anew' or 'resurrection into new life' you have to be a willing participant. You have to forgive everyone who caused you misery to escape misery. You have to forgive everyone who caused you harm to escape harm. You have to not judge or condemn to escape judgment or condemnation. You have to give to receive. You have to bless not curse to be blessed. You have to be a willing participant in the spiritual reproduction drama called resurrection. It is for that reason that it is said that people create their own hell. It is also for that reason it is said that the Kingdom of Heaven is inside you and the Power that raised Jesus from the dead is inside you to do the same for you. It is also for that reason Jesus said 'go and sin no more' because you cannot keep creating misery willingly and escape it forever. What you create entraps you without intervening Grace. Grace is free to you but cost someone else to give it to you. It cost the human/God. It cost him his Life, so you could have one of Joy. It insults him if you keep creating misery as if that creates anything other than more misery. He didn't pay this cost to give you misery. It mocks the price. If I pay the doctor so you can have antibiotics because you got food poisoning, and you eat it and are well my cost had value and cured you. If you however continue to eat wormy poisonous fish after I paid the doctor to get you the antibiotics to cure you, you are mocking my sacrifice. You are wasting my spent money. This is how we waste Grace. God will not be mocked. Grace will not be devalued. The human/God who attaches to you, couples with your soul, to regenerate and reproduce your spiritual 'new life' or 'born again' soul creates a new being of profound eternal Joy, but you must let him, and be a willing participant. And you must 'sin no more.' You cannot keep creating misery, or you mock God. Your misery does not create Joy, it hinders it. It wastes the Grace. The suffering of Christ is the cost paid for your Life into Joy. Your suffering as human suffering alone reproduces just more suffering and keeps you and others in suffering. God will not be mocked. Grace will not be wasted without really angering God. You cannot keep wasting his Grace. This is why it is said that the intervening agent of this interjection of the human/God into human history is the single greatest event in the history of the human race, for the redemption of the human race. The cost of this sacrifice is the exclusive necessary price paid for the spiritual elevation of your soul and mine into internal Joy in the place of purest Love with the essence that created all good things. Without it you are trapped in the misery you made and the mess you made of yourself.