Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cleaning Hearts

House and La Magdalene

There is a beautiful church in the middle of Paris- named after Mary Magdalene who is believed by many french folk to have graced their southern shores after the crucifiction and assention of the Lord. La Madeleine. It's a very popoular place for a wedding and beautiful flower vendors circle it's stoned perimeter.
My fav. wedding gown shop is also found on an adjoining street with french designer wedding gowns at almost affordable prices. I almost went inside and tried some on just for fun and luck.
Last I was at La Madeleine I noticed that it needed a good scrubbing on the outsisde because it is in the middle more or less of a large traffic circle- so fumes and car exhaust pour over and around it constantly in one of Paris' busy intersections. This reminded me of the large City Hall building in the center of Philadelphia's Center City- which underwent a lengthy expensive cleaning with scaffolding that went up and on forever.
After the cleaning it looked positively glistening and is the pride of the Center City.

It is possible to clean these buildings even in the middle of a traffic intersection. I hope the next time I see La Magdalene that it will be clean and shiny. I wonder how many people would marvel at this spectacular church who now just dart through the intersection oblivious to the majesty of it were it properly thoroughly cleaned up on the outside. Just a thought to pass along to Sarkozy- vous avez lu ca Ambassador Vimont ou Roland?
Que le Seigneur vous bénisse, vous, votre famille et vos amis.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

On the Biggest Pork in the Budget

The No.1 preventable condition (with a little common sense and social responsibility-and OK, a dose of basic virtue, self-control and intelligence) is Abortion. They are 100 Percent avoidable. It's not like we don't know what causes them- it's not like we are all sitting around wondering-gee, how on earth did someone 'catch' their pregnancy condition. Lets commission a study at the NIH.

So if they are 100 percent avoidable and 100 percent preventable isn't it just flatly insane for the federal government to pay one penny for them? Lets put aside the fact that it's already illegal to do so and a guy named Hyde- it's just insane. We need the money on other things - if we have billions to spare instead of planned parenthood send the money to the states to pay for the unfunded state pensions, or build free dental clinics. Tooth decay is pretty much universally inevitable and unavoidable- teeth break, fall out, and this is not in many cases preventative because you cannot stop eating. You can stop having reckless sex. Try tennis or embroidery. Join a yoga class.

So this shouldn't even be an issue- but it is apparently- everywhere. People out picketing and protesting. Planned parenthood with a lobbying budget paid for by the Feds. INSANE people. Tell the jerk to buy the ring or you won't go out with him any more.

Like we have billions to burn.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Next Best Thing To Being There

Sacred Spaces-

St. Peter's:

Sistine Chapel:

St. John Lateran:

St. Paul's Outside the Walls:

(thanks Maureen at St. Matthews Cathedral for this one; use your directional cursors and get 360 degree views)

Your Mission

Should You Choose To Accept It

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Jalal ad-Din Rumi: Poet-Philosopher

"Ask anything in the name of the Lord and it shall be given to you."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Non-Ordination of Women

Comparison to the gravity of Pederasty:
About as Correct as this guy:

"The papacy of Alexander VI heralded a low point for the Vatican during the Italian Renaissance. The pontiff made little secret of having four children with his longtime mistress; it was also revealed later that he had conducted a sexual relationship with one daughter, who later bore him a son. Despite his vices, Alexander was given slack by the curia for his appreciation of fine art, having commissioned work from Raphael and Michelangelo."

Moral of the story: As long as you commission great works of art who cares.

So much for papal infallibility through the ages. and the Curia has a price.
Somehow I don't think it was terribly shocking that a character with a spine like Martin Luther surfaced eventually. -What do you mean you can buy an indulgence for the Vatican building fund to pay this guy and get into heaven?

Pinch Hitting

One's Head Against the Wall

And putting out the fire after you set the house on fire. That's what priestly shrink places like the Saint Luke's Institute remind me of- the church sets the house on fire when it mandates the
universal celibacy then has to send a bunch of them for recovery. You can live a double life lie for just so long- wouldn't it just be better if the church allowed men to marry rather than make us pay for reprogramming drugs and exercises?

Celebrating St. Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem

Celebrating St. Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem

She, Magdalene not Mary his Mother was the First to see Jesus after he rose out of the tomb from the Dead. She, not his mother went to the tomb to annoint him with burial oils/herbs-like Myrrh.
Mary Magdalene- more important than you know.

Why the Girls

Are UnGlued.

And Jesus still Saves. Trust Me.

The juxtapositon of the new rules regarding pederasty with the non ordination of women, were it just 'mal adroit' or ineptly poor timing in poor taste, may be excusable on some level. But it isn't because these guys are really too smart for that. They mean it- it is rooted in an intrinsically deep seated discrimination and disdain for womankind. Until it is viewed in its proper context it's meaning is a bit lost- It isn't just that catholics don't have women clergy and the rest of the protestant world does. It's the way it views and values women- or doesn't. It is intrinsically sexist in a way Jesus wasn't.
It is not found in scripture. It is found in part in between the lines and subtextually in the writings of the deeply sexually dysfunctional or oversexed Saint Augustine and the flatly chauvinist Saint Thomas Acquinas. These Saints- named in a generation where women just didn't much matter to the intellectual world had deep flaws regarding their views of women- and their teachings should be revisited in that light.
The 'New Evangelism' is nothing new unless it newly re-evaluates the church in light of who Jesus really is and was and did. The Holy Spirit doesn't oppress, suppress, crush, persecute, disdain, dismiss, disparage or destroy women. That isn't the Holy Spirit doing that-don't fool yourself.

Saint Paul, who didn't walk with Jesus but saw a vision of him said women should be quiet in churches and go ask their husbands when they got home what was going on- this is not because NONE of them had authority to offer anything-even then there were women prophets- but because that particular church in the letter to that particular congregation had disruptive women who were likely jumping up and down interrupting the service with contention. It was a question of order not authority.

It has been used to justify suppression of women for centuries. Women then were also told to cover their heads- and later it is said that women's hair is a covering for their head- so some churches require mantillas and some do not. It would be as absurd to deny someone communion for not wearing a mantilla as it would to excommunicate some woman prophet who spoke in a church.
There simply is no male nor female in Christ. Do you get what that means?

"As regards the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power. "Saint Thomas Aquinas

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow

Which Nobody Can Deny
If Archbishop Dolan is made a Cardinal my faith in the church will get a
jumpstart electric jolt in the rear.
He's what a Cardinal should be-
Kiss Me I'm Irish.

Catalonia Spain's Historic Vote

To Ban Bullfighting

Thank God.
What could be cruel about chasing a bull down while spearing it until it rolls over frothing at the mouth?

I saw one of these as a child and had nightmares for weeks. Gory- bloody- torture of an animal for sport. How could that be entertaining?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Green Cosmetics Company For The Masses

Toxins in Toxins Out

Is the FDA watching how much lead is in your lipstick? Does the massive proliferation of Breast Cancer incidents in the last 30 years have anything to do with what we use as deoderant? Some people are paying attention to what they put on the largest organ in their body: their skin.

Hence a company called ARBONNE ( that actually is what they call "pure, safe, and beneficial" because it uses vegan certified organic ingredients formulated by Swiss biochemists in fresh alpine air.
To learn more, get detailed information on how to order or become involved email:

If You Are Keeping Score

Someone get the Pope a Yankees Hat

The American Papist proudly sports a photo of the Pope with a Cleveland Indians logo on it- (coincidentally perhaps after the comment below on Dominicans taking spiritual baseball bats to the heads of women in their international sport of competitive misogyny) - so I thought I should advise of the recent score:

NY Yankees 3, Cleveland Indians 2- July 26 game.

Cleveland may "Rock" But New York Rocks and Rolls.

By the way- the Pope I think has better taste- the real hat didn't have the cleveland logo on it:
it was magically superimposed. Leave the magic to Fegen (

Monday, July 26, 2010

Going To Print

August 5. The Program

YOU ARE INVITED to the Kennedy Center, September 4, 2010 (Free) for a fantastic treat of

performances in works created by former prisoners courtesy of the Prison to Stage program which is part of the Page to Stage Festival.

See the "Kennedy Center Invitation" entry below (scroll down-July 13 entry). Due to popular demand the venue will now be in the larger elegant Terrace Theatre. It will be fantastic.

Because the program is soon going to print please get your contributions into the office as described on the Kennedy Center Invitation below as soon as possible this week so we can include your name or your organization in the program.

Any questions may be directed to Cynthia at 202-466-0998.

Safe Streets Foundation and Sister Organization Prison Arts Foundation, sell works of art created by prisoners. Items may be ordered on line and various works will be displayed for sale at the Kennedy Center.

The Most Pro Life Movie I ever Saw

Wasn't put out by any traditionally religious organization.
It is a french flick featuring the famous Gerard Depardieu and the beautiful isabelle adjani.
Very famous french actors.
This is the strongest pro-life movie I ever saw because it shows the role of a man's indecision in a woman's decision to abort-and her mental consequences.
Depardieu plays the famous french sculptor Rodin, and she his aspiring apprentice. She falls hard for him- he dilly dallies with hearts and souls.
It should be on the Papal top hit parade of must see movies. (too risque to show in a place like the CIC-Catholic Info Center) but really important piece of art.

Come Out Come Out

Where-ever You Are

Says the Pope who wants the guys leading double lives to fess up and pack up. Syanara.

There is a place for you in West Holywood. Go West Young Man.

Lucky you are not in a Muslim country or you would have a few body parts whacked off before you
can whack yourselves off again.

Sorry to be so crude but alas- you do rather define "full of Sh***" in new ways.

We still love you all, but we prefer you give your collars to women who would rather die than molest a child.

The notion that men behaving badly can still be priests even if they molest children-and even if they are criminally convicted of molesting children sitting in jail, or out on bail, or on ten years of probation, but women cannot is just theology off the tracks. Sorry, the guys teaching theology are making up the theology- off the rails. Insupportable.

This is a good PR move but if it is not followed by any enforcement or investigation it will be deemed meaningless.
They have to be caught literally with their pants down to do anything? This is the "honor system" - anyone who is out there being gay actively raise your hand and turn in your pension, leave your free rent-free residence and try to get a job in this economy when your only skill is pontificating.

If a quarter of the priesthood is gay and even only ten percent actively so that would cause rather serious administrative difficulty operationally if they all leave at once. And volunteers (meaning unpaid) of gray-headed church ladies would have to pick up the slack- and they are already overworked and underpaid.
The ranks of official Sisterdom are also dwindling. You would think as a practical personnel matter they would want to recruit healthy heterosexual women to do more things- like be DEACONS (that's easy)- because WHOLESOME is better than All Male.

Wouldn't you rather have even half wholesome female than a quarter scurrilous skumbucket male?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Thank You Thank You (Jesus)

For all the kindnesses of everyone who remembered. The day is only half over and I am already overwhelmed.
The big 5-0 is a tough one - but it's the new 35.
Grazie Plena a tutti.

This is Fine

But You're Out if You Ordain A Woman.

And the Woman is beheaded. Signed, the great imperial high Emperor, Kiss My Ring, De ANNOYA, OP

Cassanova Priests and Gay Priests

Giving the rest of the Gay Priests a Bad Name

The article bemoans the "closet" more than the gayness. This scandal is rocking Rome on its hiney.

I personally like gay priests.
I don't like the ones who take spiritual baseball bats to the heads of women to cover for their own depravities and dirty minds. It is not the fault of women when they are built like hour glasses and some of their brethren prefer glaring at them rather than their jealous brethren.

When gay priests start cat fights with the women in congregations you know why God created Presbyterians.

And the most dangerous: the Emotional Cassanovas who commit serial adultery while pledging undying commitment to everyone with a checkbook. Holiness? You have to be kidding me.

I don't even know what to say about this one:


Friday, July 23, 2010

Remember When You Said

... if we are faithless, he remains faithful — for he cannot deny Himself.

So how faithful are you?

Utterly Delightful


All Saints Church in Manasas, the largest Catholic Church in Virginia has a youth ministry theatre program is putting on the classic GUYS AND DOLLS and it is spectacular- as good as anything you would see on broadway and I expect that is where some of the cast is headed- especially that Sky Masterson character who is the son of a rather famous international attorney (he may be more famous internationally for his work freeing Italian hostages from Somali pirates).

It is led by a guy who has a spectacular theatrical voice, and who actually was a real 'clown' for Barnum Bailey Ringling Brothers and a graduate of a Clown College.

The program is called the Upper Room Theatre Ministries
and it presents...
Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon
Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Book by Joe Swerling and Abe Burrows

You will recognize the songs- ear worms some might say- Take Back Your Mink, Take Back Your Pearls, Sit Down Sit Down You're Rockin the Boat, etc. The sets are fantastic. The choreography enchanting. The characters lovable.


Friday July 23rd 7:30pm
Saturday July 24th 2:00pm
Saturday July 24th 7:30pm
Sunday July 25th 2:00pm

$12 Adults
$10 Senior Citizens
$8 Youth

Reservation Line:
703.393.2141 ext 400

Performances at All Saints Gym
9300 Stonewall Rd, Manassas, VA

Proceeds will support All Saints New Church and Youth Ministry
Guys & Dolls is presented through special arrangement through Music Theatre International.

Oh- and the part of the Mission Priest is played convincingly by a real Priest. Talk about method acting! I think he borrowed the vestments right from the rectory. Didn't need the constume budget for that one.


Do You Break The Commandment of God For the Sake of Your Tradition?

That was the seminal question to the Pharisees by Jesus- read Matthew 15 in its entirety. The issue then seemed petty- there is a ritual washing of the hands in Jewish tradition- it is a good rule that has probably done a lot of sanitary good in keeping people in good health in hot climates. Wash your hands before you eat.

Jesus point was not this was a bad rule, but there is a deeper one that trumps it- what is unclean is what flows from the heart- not what goes into your mouth. What comes out of your mouth is what you should be paying attention to because life and death are in the tongue. We are told that EVERY idle word will be judged. If your heart is unclean with malice, envy, hatred, spite, etc. whether you wash your hands is totally trivial.

This is the very definition of 'Pharisaic"- a term now synonymous with hypocrisy. Rules of men trumping and obscuring Divine Law.

So what is the Divine Law- it is the Law of Love.
Love your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Love. Love. Love.
It is ALL about the SACRED HEART, all about the Divine Love that is the bridge to the hereafter.

When man made rules trump the SACRED HEART, you are on the wrong track- it is as misguided as priding yourself for washing your hands while your mouth spews vile slander against a neighbor. Just misguided. Just wrong-headed. Just profoundly missing the mark.

This is how I view some of that French Castle dwelling order of self-righteous rule makers in that Dominican House of Studies puffed up with intellectual pride by giving themselves degrees and engaging in acts of saddistic mysogeny to cover for enough of their mother issues that would early retire a staff of shrinks in Palm Beach style.

Man made rules. The rules against ordaining women are not from the SACRED HEART. There is nothing in Jesus' life, teaching or ministry that precludes him from manifesting himself through women. In fact, that was the ONLY way he chose to incarnate- through a woman. There is no male nor female in Christ Jesus, we are all one in the Lord. He made it clear. The Dominicans are still obsessing over washing hands. And don't get me started on the married priesthood mess-

Love. If you are not about Love you are not about God- you are about the puffed intellectual hubris giving yourselves your own degrees to make the world think you are smart when nothing could be further from the truth.

And Jesus on Blind Guides?
"If a Blind Guide leads a Blind Man both will fall into a pit."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stunningly Outrageous

Do the Research Yourself.

Go to your 'googler' and do some research now. I am not publishing any comments submitted below (which are all anonymously submitted) defending the insanity of the Cracked Curia or the OP Queens on coming out with statements and rules that put ordaining women on a par with pedophilia- no more seriously 'sin' because pedophiles are not defrocked or automatically excommunicated but anyone attempting an ordination of a woman is.

There is a Dominican pedophile, now "out on Bail"- A.J.Cote (still a Dominican, still a priest)-who was protected and covered up by the Dominican Order- the same order that calls itself the "order of preachers" (OP) which order is the same one that one of the highest, if not the highest ranking cleric in the office making these rules and statements which have the gravity of cannon law comes from. DeNoia- he is the guest homilist this year at the Red Mass. Do not send me a ticket, do not ask me to serve on the brunch committee, do not call me. Outrageous. I'm thinking of starting a boycott movement if I get any more self-justifying comments.

This same DeNoia is the one that linked in the statements regarding pedophilia and that of more serious category of 'grave sin' being the ordination of women- Women who love God so much that they would serve him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength analogyzed in any regard to being sinners of a more serious category than Pedophilia is outrageously offensive.

Outrageous. Stop sending me comments to read articles and books of the mentally defective people who would subscribe to such a view of morality. Insane.

(my apologies for the previous typo -the priest's name is DeNoia not DeGoia- DeGoia is a President of Georgetown and no relation that I am aware of.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"He that is strong hates no man, is angry with no man, envies no man, is indignant with no man, despises no man." - Baruch de Spinoza

On a Lighter Happier Note

A Reason to Believe Notwithstanding those in the Church who bite their Congregant's tongues to spite their Congregant's Faces:

Something refreshing for the summer:

Les Petits Chanteurs de Ste. Crois de Neuilly is giving a series of concerts in DC. That is the Boys Choir from Paris, who, if they are anything like that from Monaco will be a truly rare and special treat.

They will be at the Basillica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on July 24th (my birthday thank you very much) Saturday Night at 7:30pm then at Epiphany in Georgetown (the 'French Church') next Monday, July 26th and also singing with the Saint John's Episcopal Choir at the church opposite the White House. You don't want to miss one of these concerts.
All Free in DC.

Here is a map to Epiphany which is a gem of a church with a beautiful nativity window.

I'm Sorry,

I've Had It.

Do you all realize that there are federal anti-discrimination laws which protect women who are a 'protected class?" You cannot harass women in a church setting because they are women deemed too attractive thus tempting the potential wandering-eyed clergy. It's against the Law in America. You cannot only admit men to educational programs and only pay for men to go to educational programs and get degrees and not the women- that is also against the law. Federal Law. How you have been getting away with it in America this long is a mystery.

You should not as a moral matter, persecute people who hold differing views on contraception especially when they are mainstream and supported by government health findings and ministries. I personally don't believe in using a "Pill" or "Abortofascient" sort of medication post conception and find abortion morally obscene, but condoms should be used to prevent disease because Jesus is all about healing and curing people.
Running people out of churchs for believing in Jesus' healing properties and mission in this regard is just flatly stupid. Tying that into prejudices about ostensibly loose women when the advocates of this public health measure don't use the Pill and don't believe in it is abusive.

The church is emotionally abusive to women. It obscenely thinks it is justified morally.
It does the most massively unChristian things in the name of the church.

Time to take Inventory- and a few keys to the rectories back.


I have never used a or the 'Pill'- but I know at least three gay men who would be dead from full blown AIDS like their late partners if they did not use condoms. I prefer them alive. So you can take your Humana Vitae - I prefer to read the Bible.



Please accept this, my resignation from the John Carroll Society. The John Carroll Society is the organization whose mission is to assist the Archbishop of Washington, DC in various charitable endeavors. I still support those charitable endeavors, I can no longer support the Archbishop of Washington, DC.

I also hereby resign from the Red Mass Committee and any Committee affiliated with the John Carroll Society on which I have in past previously served voluntarily.

I cannot now in good conscience support the Archbishop of Washington, DC and thus resign from
the John Carroll Society, an organization of Catholic professionals and judges in Washington, DC until such time as either the Archbishop is removed or replaced or the statements on the ordination of women being of more serious grave sin than pedophilia are retracted.

They are profound moral error. They are profoundly insulting.

Cynthia Louise Butler, Esq.

Not a Sign of Disrespect says Wuerl


On the protesting too much score, the latest bit about how calling the ordination of women a grave sin or dereliction of something (even more serious than pedophilia) justifications ring as hollow as Notre Dame's bell. It gets the 'You have to be kidding me' award.

When the church is more about it's own self than about Jesus' message it is in trouble. Serious trouble.
When priests care more about self-preservation of their institution over the very Gospel message it has lost its way.

Ordaining women is not as serious as molesting a child for which "it will be better for him than if a millstone were tied around his neck and he was cast into the sea." In other words- Jesus words for those who commit pedophilia is- just drown the bastards because that's what I am going to do when they come knocking.

Putting the ordination of women in the same category to justify the persistent sexism of the church in disrespecting women, abusing them, trashing them, and dumping them is so off the wall as to be not worth dignifying with ten seconds of a blog post- and yet I must- because it's too crazy to let the old OP Queens get away with it.

Here is what else is sexist- showing someone the door because one of the friars is 'distracted' by the attractiveness allegedly of a Third Order lay woman, making Dawn Eden sell her record collection and jewelry for her theology degree instead of getting it free on the Knights like all the friars, and harassing with police action someone who could conflict thoughts verging on the impure of clergy. SEXIST. INSULTING. DISRESPECTFUL and DISGUSTING.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unicorns, Buffallo with Wings, and a Mandate For all All Male Priesthood

Things Not In The Bible.

I confess (again)- I can't find the rules for the all male priesthood, and non ordination of women in the bible. Doesn't mean it isn't there. I just can't find it on any manual concordance
on line condordance or the flip and land a thumb method.

Also, however, are not in the bible are the rules against not kicking your granny's cane to watch her fall and break a hip, not speaking with your mouth full, and not leaving your kids in a car
in 100 degree heat with the windows rolled up. Not everything is in the bible. There is something
called tradition, and that is distinguished from something called 'custom.' Both are maleable and
not dogma at times. Some things aren't there because they are so manifestly obvious no one needs to raise the point- it's an 'everyone knows' sort of thing. Only everyone doesn't know this one.

There are women Rabbis and women Episcopalian priests, women Presbyterian Ministers, women deacons of all protestant stripes and women missionaries everywhere.
I was told by the Dean of a Catholic Seminary that as a woman I could call myself a 'preacher' just not a 'homilest' and can't for the life of me tell you the difference. The Jesuit church I am part of once got in a spot of trouble for inviting a woman guest lutheran preacher woman. Head-scratchingly odd.

But why is this thing about non-ordination of women not in the bible? Should we look at
what is there which might touch on the point- we know that 'there is no male nor female' in Christ. We know that women and males are 'equal heirs' to the kingdom through Christ. We
know that he surrounded himself by supportive women in his ministry. We know some were
closer than the men; his mother, Mary Magdalene, and he enscripted evangelists and apostles;
the woman at the well was a believer and an evangelist, there are people like priscilla and Acquilla, and Junio an apostle, Lydia, and the others too numerous to mention who were helpful to Peter Paul and others.

So why does this non-ordination of women rank in such serious 'sin' that now it isauto-matically excommunicable for anyone to attempt it? (when not even pedofilia is auto-matically excommunicable?).

I confess. Again. Coming from traditions where we have been long comfortable with women deacons and ministers, this strikes me as just whacked. Not even a little sensible or correct. Just plain head -scratchingly wrong.

So I invite anyone to explain it to me- I'm not going to try it so don't start the excommunication proceedings- I just don't get it. I will sit in silence and wait for enlightenment. or another encyclical on the virtues of mysogeny.

off the wall.

Just my gut- so offensive in fact that I question the sanity of the old OP queens making the rules (don't get me wrong, I love all old OP queens equally).

That will get me in a lot of trouble. And that's what they are good at sometimes-just making
trouble without clear explanation.

Perhaps this is the reason: God was so reliant on human male sperm to reincarnate himself that he requires males sublimating their celibate sexuality to manifest himself on earth. Clearly WRONG. Mary was a Virgin- needed NO MAN of human form to manifest Jesus on earth.

This is the sort of stuff that makes people really not only scratch their heads in disbelief,
but flat out defect. Historically women have been ordained in the early church and there
is even rumored to be one female Pope (I wonder if she shaved her head and went around in drag.)

My suggestion; before the old OP Queens start lighting the pile fires for the burning at
the stake perhaps there could be a bit of public education concerning why this rule- and
what on earth they think it serves?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why is Prophesy in this Blog title?

According to one Good Rabbi:

Christians often ask me about the Jewish view of prophecy. Just what is prophecy? Some might say that it is like predicting the future — studying the Bible, piecing together its words like a puzzle in order to determine the time and the place certain events will occur.But there is another view that I believe is more biblical. Prophecy is God's way of revealing Himself at a particular time in history to people. God, in His transcendence, enters into the natural order and speaks to people, often using individuals to do so. It is one of the vehicles of communication between God and man. The classic case of prophecy is the Ten Commandments — God speaking to the people of Israel directly at Mount Sinai.A prophet's role, in this view, is to cut through hypocrisy by bringing God's word into a world that has gone astray. Think of the 58th chapter of Isaiah. There, the prophet goes to the people and says, in effect, "if you've been fasting, but you're not getting the salvation you expect, then ask yourself why." Fasting, he tells them, isn't just abstaining from food. It's not just refraining from drinking water. A real fast, Isaiah tells them, is "to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter — when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood" (Isaiah 58:7).The idea that we can predict the future is tempting. It has led some, for example, to name the precise date and hour of the dawning of the "end times." But while Jewish thought addresses matters like this, it is vaguer in doing so. We approach the subject with great humility, treading lightly in the belief that certain knowledge of such things belongs to God alone.Of course, though we may not be privileged to know the exact time when events will happen, we do know that history clearly shows God's hand at work. The formation of the modern state of Israel, the reunification of Jerusalem after the 1967 Six Day War, the return of Jews to Israel from "the four corners of the earth" — none of these events are accidents. There is a difference, however, in saying that we are living in a time when events seem to point to the end of days, and saying that we know definitively when the events leading up to the end of days will occur.My friends, as we go through our day-to-day lives, let us do so prayerfully and with humility. Let us plan for our and our children's future, doing our utmost to help others and improve the world we live in now while preparing ourselves spiritually for the world to come. And let us all pray for the day when God will bless His children with the most precious gift of shalom, peace.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You are cordially invited to the fourth annual FREE
"From Prison to the Stage" program of justice-related music, drama and comedy at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC:

Saturday, September 4 at 7:30 PM,
as part of the Kennedy Center's popular Page-to-Stage Festival works created by people who have experienced first hand the prison system will be presented. This year we will be presenting a prisoner-written rock-rap operetta (sung by professional singers), music by a police band (who will perform in uniform), a new play by a well-known ex-prisoner playwright (about a teen with addicted parents), and a dramatic reading of an original work by a probation officer and former corrections officer (with musical accompaniment by an ex-prisoner composer).
This has been in past an enormously popular event that packed the house.

THE SAFE STREETS FOUNDATION and PRISONS FOUNDATION which, jointly, are the main sponsor of the event provides resources to prison inmates nationally to cultivate the arts, visual and written, of prisoners to elevate their souls, encourage their hope and provide productive vehicles for successful reintegration to counter recidivism. Art work from the Foundation have been featured in exhibits at Georgetown Law Center, the Wilson Building in Washington, DC, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgetown (MOCA), the Museum of Crime and Punishment, various Church gallery collections and private collections nationally.

Because the event is free as a public interest service, while actors/singers are paid competitively, the production relies exclusively on the kind contributions and support of benefactors and sponsors.

It's tax-deductible and you'll get recognition on the front cover of the program that will be distributed to our justice-oriented 800-member Kennedy Center audience and be allowed table space to distribute any promotional literature of your organization, campaign or effort. Contributions of $1,000 or more will be given special recognition from the stage as well as invitation to a VIP reception with cast, producers and authors.

Please send your check made payable to
"Safe Streets Foundation" to:

c/o Cynthia Louise Butler, Esq.
Assistant Executive Producer,
Kennedy Center Prison to Stage Festival
Safe Streets Foundation Development Office
1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006

Kindly indicate with your check how specifically you would like your or your organization's name to appear on the Program.

You will receive our acknowledgment and information regarding other benefits (such as an invitation to attend working rehearsals and meet-the-cast parties, the VIP reception, and even the chance to introduce one of the acts on the Kennedy Center stage, depending on your level of contribution). Here are the donation levels to choose from:

Sustainer - $60
Contributor - $140
Donor - $350
Sponsor - $750
Angel- $1,000
Patron - $1800
Arts Ambassador- $5,000

Please feel free to forward this widely. We look forward to seeing you at the Kennedy Center.

All art on this page created by imprisoned artists and available at our Prison Art Gallery in downtown Washignton, DC, or online at (prints are available for purchase on-line)
Further inquiries may be directed to Staff [@] or to Cynthia Butler at Butlerlawfirm [@] and emails will be forwarded appropriately.

"The Safe Streets Arts Foundation, incorporating both the Prisons Foundation and the Victims Foundation, is proud to sponsor the annual From-Prison-to-The-Stage Show at the Kennedy Center and the Prison Art Gallery at 1600 K Street. NW, Suite 501, Washington, DC, three blocks from the White House."

Monday, July 12, 2010


In My Dreams

And in my church!

The Boys Choir of Monoco from the Cathedral in Monte Carlo is in DC. They are adorable kiddies. Voices like Angels. Ils Chants comme des anges. Tout a Fait Adorables!

Really exquisite sublimely spectacular pieces they sang, some in symphonic harmony with the Saint John's regular choir as they they sang for the Mass at Saint John's Episcopal Church in front of Lafayette Park Sunday and tonight will be at Holy Trinity doing a classical repertoire of beatiful sacred music at 7 pm.

Not to be missed.

This Cathedral (above) is where Philadelphia's own Princess Grace, may she rest in peace of blessed memory, is buried. No doubt she blesses the boys and their sweet voices from above.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Planned Non- Parenthood

Who Are They Kidding? Seriously.

What health care provider or clinic do you know that has a need to stand on street corners and pass out fliers? Legitimate health care clinics, like regular hospitals that regularly care for health don't send employees out on street corners to pass out fliers to get customers, donors or contributors or signatures on petition drives do they? The only time they are on the streets is when they are running a Red Cross Blood Drive with a van full of phlebotomists drawing blood.

Yet, yesterday, and I imagine every day it is not too sweltering in DC heat to stand there around Dupont Circle young women wearing "Planned Parenthood" Blue T-Shirts with clipboards were out on the street collecting signatures and checks for Planned Parenthood.

Who does that? Lobbying outfits like PIRG (the Public Interest Research Group) does that, sometimes the Human Rights Gay lobby does that, and all persons running for office send field workers out there doing street campaigning, among others.

Why is "Planned Parenthood"- an oestensible alleged health care facility doing this?

Because it's Not.
It's a Mill- an aggressive abortion Mill- Planned Non-Parenthood, that is determined to lobby to protect its status, standing and money. It is engaging in a huge grass roots lobbying effort now. Wild.

Pretty sick.
Does your Dentist hire people to stand on the corner and collect signatures and checks? Why would he need to?


This has me thinking: what if all the planned parenthood money went instead to Free Dental Clinics everywhere. Then instead of extracting your in utero infant you would instead not have to have your teeth extracted but preventative dentistry would save people's grills and no homeless guy would walk around with half his teeth missing. Just think of it, billions of dollars spent on Dental Care, Hygiene and Preventative Oral Care and Treatment. Free Implants, Free Crowns, Free Root Canal.

Has anyone realized yet that if abortion was not free, far fewer people would tend to get themselves in a position where they would have to have one?

Do you have Toothpaste in your medicine cabinet? Is that because you don't want your teeth to fall out or rot like swiss cheese?

If the country (legislature, etc.) said - hey girls, it's a good idea after brushing not to put alien male body parts inside you because you may have to incur an expensive procedure that no one is paying for or you get a baby- perhaps people would -what- not brush their teeth?

You know who should be saying something like that- Michele Obama or anyone who speaks on issues of Health and Wellness at the National Level. You hear nothing like the obvious on a national level.
Time to smack some sense into these ladies- seriously. This is a joke.

Sorry Ladies

The Prince of Monaco is now Taken- Engaged to a South African Swimmer.

You can however hear some of the Kingdom of Monaco's adorable little boys sing in their Boys Choir if you are around Washington, DC. at two venues; one in front of the White House (Saint John's Episcopal Church) and the other at that fabulous famous Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown (Monday night at 7)

Happy Bastille Day Roland et tout le monde!

Feeling French?

Support a worthy charitable cause by going to the Bastille Day celebration Saturday (tomorrow night) at the French Embassy.
The org. sponsoring this supports among other things the french widows of WWII.
It's at La Maison- just behind Georgetown U. Hospital on Resevoir Road.

Apparently, I'm Not Alone

On making less than legal conclusions:

And the Worst PR move of the Vatican Century goes to : the new report on sex abuse that puts
Ordination of Women in the same category of grave automatically excommunicable sins.-----oh, no wait-
sexually sodomizing a youth is not automatically excommunicable- but ordaining a woman is.

Any wonder why the world thinks that the all male catholic hierarchy is intrinsically sexist ??
Same category of grave sin? Are they kidding? What century do they think we are living in?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Setting Prisoners Free

Great Things that the Catholic Church is Doing in the World.

Thanks also to the help from Spain. Brilliant. Cuban political prisoners will be released and allowed to relocate to Spain. You have to love it!! Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I'm Going to Be Way Mightily Ticked Off

If the Hyde Amendment guarantees in Health Care are a Sham

And I hope Joe Biden will be too.

This is the email going around the world now from the Family Research Council.

Congress Goes Buck Hunting

Babies aren't the only thing vanishing at Planned Parenthood clinics--so are taxpayer dollars! According to the latest Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports, the abortion giant can't puts its fingers on a cool $1.3 billion in federal funds. Of the $2.02 billion that the International Planned Parenthood Federation raked in between 2002-2009, only $657.1 million is accounted for. Twenty-six House members and five senators have filed an information request demanding to know where the missing money is.
With the government swimming in debt, you'd think that the administration would take keen interest in locating its lost billion. On the contrary, the White House's only response has been to give Planned Parenthood some control over its new grant program. Translation: "You've lost a billion dollars? Well, by all means, let's put you in charge of more!" Late last Friday (when the press is least likely to notice), the Department of Health and Human Services announced the creation of a Pregnancy Assistance Fund, a new grant program that's designed to help moms-to-be, particularly teenagers, with education, health care, child care, and housing costs. In an email from the President's Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, the White House claimed this program would fulfill the President's promise of finding "common ground on abortion." How can he find common ground on abortion if the Fund never mentions it?
Or does it? According to our sources inside HHS, Planned Parenthood actually helped draft the rules that decide who is and isn't eligible for grant money. In other words, look for the pro-abortion crowd to be at the front of the line, ready to cash in on even more taxpayer dollars.
As you know, FRC has been a leading voice for life-affirming pregnancy services (see our booklet, A Passion to Serve), but we strongly oppose the idea that these grant recipients should include any group that financially profits from abortions. See, there's a reason that Planned Parenthood performed 307,310 abortions in 2007 and only 4,912 adoption referrals that same year. (Hint: One of those services yielded more than $168 million in revenuey"and it wasn't the adoptions!) Asking Planned Parenthood to oversee where our money goes is a huge conflict of interesty"not to mention an irresponsible choice, given the group's massive failure to manage their own grants!
The only way to help these mothers and their babies is by funneling the $25 million to organizations that won't make a profit from their work, namely pregnancy resources centers. And if President Obama truly cared about these women, HHS would have issued real regulations--this time enforcing his Executive Order to strip abortion from the health care bill.
NASA Defies Gravity of Muslim Outreach
Charles Bolden, President Obama's choice for NASA Administrator, is a former astronaut. On the one-year anniversary of Mr. Obama's Cairo speech, Bolden decided to tell the Arabic language Al Jazeera network that the U.S. can no longer even achieve low earth orbit without the help of other nations. Speaking in Cairo, Bolden said, "[President Obama] charged me with three things: One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world..." To do what? To boast about our canceled space programs? To tell them that the America that once sent men to the Moon can no longer send anyone anywhere without help? According to President Obama, we would reach out to the Muslim world "to help them feel good..."
Generations of young Americans were inspired by President Kennedy's call to go to the Moon. His bold challenge fired the imaginations of the young, even as it ignited our mighty space rockets. President Kennedy led this nation to the Moon. He said it poetically: "America has thrown its hat over the wall of space and we have no choice but to go after it." President Obama hasn't thrown America's hat anywhere. He's sat on it.
America Answers the Call... 2Fall
Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Call2Fall! Although there's no way to determine exactly how many people joined us in this special time of prayer, early estimates put the number of participants at more than a half-million! We're pleased to report that friends from Micronesia to Argentina--and churches from all 50 U.S. states--heeded the call to repentance. FRC was especially humbled to see a significant number of these participants were military men and women, who were praying for America while serving her overseas! Tony had the opportunity to preach on Freedom Sunday at Houston's Healing Place with his friend Pastor Dino Rizzo. Together, they recognized that the journey back to God, to His forgiveness and healing, begins on our knees.
** Feeling patriotic? Check out Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski's column for the Fourth, "Opposing Obama's Blueprint by Celebrating American Exceptionalism." For more from Ken Blackwell, don't miss his op-ed on how National Public Radio is rewriting the rules on the abortion debate, "NPR: Choosing Sides...with Our Money." **

Family Research Council: 801 G Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001P: 202/393-2100 or 800/225-4008

Laying Down The Law

Pope' s Much Awaited Report coming out soon.

You will probably be able to find it on places like that "american papist" website if he isn't at the beach.

Murder By Anger

Sin either Way You Cut It-so Cut it Out.

Matthew 5: 21-26.

If you nurture unjust anger in your heart against your brother/neighbor, you have murdered him in your heart according to Jesus. Not good enough to 'be gone' rid of someone if you haven't converted your heart to a place of peace, forgiveness and overcoming love. Do not let the sun go down on your anger we are told (its repeated at almost every wedding as a tip of long marriage)-
Get over yourself. Don't be Angry. It's nothing but hard core sin. It's even Murder.

Nurtured bitterness is what is called eating poison and hoping that other guy will croak.
It's poison to your soul. Get over yourself.

Here is to hoping that the Peace Talks resume in the Middle East-
Sounds like a productive start today with Netanyahu at the White House.


By them you will know who they are.

Do you get figs from thistles or grapes from thorns? (matthew 7-16)

You will know who they are by what they produce. If they produce envy, strife, bitterness, rancor, hatred, resentment, vindictiveness, meanness, arrogance, vituperativeness, their heart isn't in Christ. If they produce love, joy, patience, peace, longsuffering and those things called "Fruits" of the Holy Spirit-they are in the Holy Spirit.

Another reason James said Faith without works is "dead." Another reason mere "lipservice" isn't going to cut it. You have to get out there and do real good. Really.

Food for Thought

Save a Woman

Save a World

Start with this likely trumped up conviction getting a women STONED to death for alleged adultery. Now.

Hello Hillary.


YAHOO! The Israeli leader and our fearless one are meeting today. Say a prayer.

Eli's Deli on 20th Street delivers.

Back At You

Monday, July 05, 2010

The Protestant's Guide

To the Roman Catholic Priesthood

Having been raised in non catholic traditions, mostly presbyterian (baptized and confirmed) I feel like your tour guide here to the roman catholic priesthood. I never met an RC priest until the age of 24 when i went to Georgetown Law School. Saint Isaac Joques it turns out was a Jesuit martyr and a church by that name sat next to my junior high but I never went inside. Later I visited his Shrine and thanked him.
My family was traditional conservative religious and we have deacons in the family (father and grandfather actually who insisted we read the bible and did from the time we could read which is why I know chapter and verse better than some priests and love being a lector.) The good and kind priest at law school there started me on a journey where i wanted to meet more in California after graduation. He was cool-wore berkinstocks before they were fashionable and was Byzantine Rite- he knew how to decorate elaborate russian easter eggs and was eceumenical in his approach, warm and embracing. He had an obvious care about the students- there he is over 25 years later still serving the community of eager legal beagles.
You don't probably know his name because he isn't one angling for publicity- which he could easily get as the pastor to students who went on to become legislators, judges and esteemed legal professionals all over the country.

Then there is the lawyer turned priest who is the pastor and runs a society named after the first Bishop of the US John Carroll whose brother was actually a signer of the declaration of independence. He has heard the confessions I imagine of a few Supreme Court Justices. He is a scholarly sort of priest and went to the place where I think the best priests come from in Rome (except from where all the Jesuits come from because you will never meet a bad Jesuit priest, they are all definitionally exceptional I find)- Gregorian, and the North American College in Rome. I love all the priests I have ever met who did their studies there staying at the North American College. Something about being steeped in the history of Christendom surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses as those Roman martyrs forged the character of this fraternity of priests. They are all living testimonies to the Gospels. If you were inclined to donate to the priesthood, the North American College in Rome would be top of my list- Fr. Kevin, Fr. Evelio, Msgr. Vaghi, and now the bright and brilliant Fr. Charlie Gallagher (don't call him 'chuck!'). They are internationally experienced-they speak multiple languages often (at least passable italian) and they are smart fellows. Really smart typically in a spiritually discerning sense.
These guys are a cut above in their humility, gentleness and frankly, brilliance in expositing the gospel and most importantly, desire to see the goodness of God manifest in the world. When I think of the year of the Priest, now over (thank God ) , I pray for them.
Fr. Evelio literally casts out demons- there are a few that visit the homeless ministry in the basement of Saint Matthews Cathedral to create havoc and he puts order in the place. He brings people back from the edge. You won't see him angling for publicity in the Catholic Standard or lauding his background which is indeed impressive. He was an El Salvadoran immigrant who came to America with the clothes on his back after the civil war there. He patiently kindly gently reads scripture to the spanish speaking homeless men and women in the basement of Saint Matthews and leads a discussion group over breakfast. He also is hysterical -great sense of humor. Now with budget cuts he has taken over the mantle of the social justice ministry as well as his other many duties- so please pray extra hard for him as he does the work of ten men and women.

Fr. Kevin is hard to call Father because he looks 12 and a half. But he is deep. I remember that I was arguing federal cases before federal judges at his age so he must be qualified- even though he looks 12 and a half. His homilies are more inspiring than even Joel Osteen at times. He was disarming in his humility as a new lecturer in the Saint Matthews scripture class, and showed slides of his trips to places Saint Paul visited in Greece. He has no pretentions. Unpretentious- just a good kind priest.

Fr. Charles is a brand new baby priest so if you run into him give him a few pointers and breaks and pray for him also. Young women working on the hill will call him 'Father What A Waste" because he is so georgeous- so he will need more of your prayers until they change the rule. He will have his heart broken in twelve.
You can't say enough about the singularity of mission and devotion of a priest like Msgr. Vaghi whom it was once remarked of his downtown parish when he was there that he knew the first names of his homeless friends as much as the paying customers.
He reminds me of those saints like Teresa of Avila who were given the vision that "no one gets out of hell" so he is about your soul's salvation and he means business. He gives regular lectures to professionals in DC expositing scripture- you clearly understand some people are called by the Spirit to Teach- he is one of them.
With the exception probably of Fr .Evelio, who as a hispanic american grasps discrimination in different ways, They all likely suffer from the generally wrong attitudes about spiritual deficiencies of womenkind no fault of their own- it's what has been historically taught-

There are a few of what my father called the "Elmer Gantries" of the lot, and I am not talking about pedofiles who are so unworthy of a clerical collar they should be on street cleaning duty in orange jumpsuits spearing garbage off the highway. Why even dignify them with press coverage, just lock them up, end of story.

Temptations to ego, cults of personality and social climbing status seeking are not alien to the priesthood, and good ones know how to cast those demons out also. Here is a hint- if your priest is all about him, and can't stop wanting to read about himself in blogs, the catholic standard or the various sodality newsletters powdering his nose for his next close up, he's not all about his congregation, he's probably struggling with his 'vocation' and doth protest too much. If he loves to see his name in lights and press, cater to whomever is giving out free pilgrimmage trips to priests, he is angling to be a Bishop and he cares about you less than the next Sera contributor who writes a bigger check. If your church bulletin doesn't contain any scriptural exposition ever in the pastoral letter, watch for the cult of personality. And Run little sheep, run. There are few more sinister things than a cult of personality in a priesthood- and lessons abound regarding predatory priests where God rails on self-dealing self-serving priests in the First Testament. There is more than one way to be a predatory priest. There are some who do profound spiritual destruction. The same can be said for those white robed ones hiding out in houses of study idealizing Saint Thomas Acquinas, that mysogynist sexist who wrote that female fetuses could be aborted much longer in the gestational process because women were just watered down men- try to develop an entire theological orientation with your head wrapped around that deception and you will figure out why there are no women priests and they rank only as customers or distraction.

All in all, priests are still not Rabbis to whom, the book of Hebrews teaches, the 'oracles' of God are given. The oracles of God are given to the Jews. So you still need a good Rabbi.

I have been a lawyer now for over twenty years. I don't have to convince anyone I am a lawyer, it's just who I am. I know stuff- I regularly read cases and legal blogs and file things in courts and argue before judges. I don't have to go on TV and say, here's why I knew I would be a lawyer. One day I was in rosary throwing distance of a judge, a big judge- actually I sat next to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor at a brunch, or I met Thurgood Marshall, or Rhenquist and that nailed it for me. If I have been a good lawyer for 20 years no one needs to know that to know I am a good lawyer. Priests do that though- I remember when I was in earshot of JPII....

I can say that too- I saw JPII twice alive, once in rosary distance at Saint Peter's. I have seen Benedict in person twice, once at the regular Wednesday audience at the Vatican and once as he passed by waving from the fortified armored Popemobile.
Nothing about any of those experiences made me more pious. Because that is something internal and doesn't come with the wave of a papal wand or sign of a cross in the air. Spiritual character doesn't come with club membership or officer training camp. It's something much deeper. Some priests get it. Like all the above.

God Save The Queen

And That Motley Crew of Royals With Her

I confess. I love the Queen of Great Britain. I also loved the Queen Mum, may she rest in peace, her lovely pill-box hatted matriarch in pastels and pumps. I recall as a high schooler living in London waving at the Queen Mum who was out for a stroll in Regents Park gliding across a bridge over a lake while I was rowing a boat underneath the bridge. She waved back, I was sure of it- right at me, I thought. The Queen Mum. And I of part Irish heritage via Liverpool to New York, now rowing in Regents Park. Rowing well, I might add as I placed on the Cornell crew team later.
The Queen is coming to New York. I hope she gets a hearty cheery welcome from everyone in the big apple. I may have to go stand in line with the minions. I hope Keith Olberman lands an interview with her. Rachel went to Oxford- maybe she can score an interview!!

The Queen was the Queen when I lived in London, a subject for high school years. Maggie Thatcher, the Iron Lady, or was it the Iron Horse, was also at the helm of those Isles British as Prime Minister. Two Grande Dames running the entire government. You have to love it!

This was my high school experience. No wonder I think that an entire authority structure of religious males is more than a wee bit whacked. Not to mention biblical characters like Deborah, Rahab (in Jesus' lineage notwithstanding her lady of the night previous attributes) Mary Magdalene, Lydia that pusher of all linens Royal Purple, Ruth, Esther, Junia the Apostle, and shall we not forget that figure idolized in every parish garden-the Blessed Mother herself. The most famous Jewish mother on the planet- who makes the occasional appearance just to remind us in places like Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugordgje (I never know to spell that one).

So women- they rank. And it's bloody good and right that the Queen come to remind us of it.
Fetch my gloves Jeeves, carry on James. We're off across the pond.

It always amazes me the degree to which unmarried men don't get that when they say "hail Mary full of grace, Blessed art thou among women blessed is the Fruit of thy womb Jesus" that what they are saying is "Hi Mary, full of Grace, So Blessed are you because of what is coming out of your Uterus!" (check the greek, aramaic, hebrew and latin; Womb means uterus- all we women have them, that's what makes us in large part women.) You know that commercial "what's in your wallet?" What's in your uterus?
Oh- you are a boy, I forgot, you don't have one.

Blessed are you among women for what is going to come out of your Uterus. Think about it.

Carry on James.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


IN Christ Jesus

Male and Female.
Galatians 3:28.

Neither slave nor free, greek nor jew, male nor female.

There is an entire chapter devoted to the neither Slave nor Free principle- Philemon.
Philemon was a slave who likely stole something from his master and found himself in prison,
the same prison next to the Apostle Paul. To make matters worse and talk about a small world, Paul knew and was quite friendly with his master. In fact he likely converted his master. So Paul writes to them when he knew Philemon was going to be released and said- listen, I love this kid like a son, so now treat him as an equal heir to the promise and hope- you owe me, you owe me eternity actually so what is this small favor in return. And since I have every hope I am getting out of here too, make the bed in the guest room for me because you are getting a visitor! Paul says, whatever he took from you, charge it to me- he is like my son.

This is what Jesus does. There are no second class citizens in the kingdom. He is the Great Redeemer. He does it for thieves on the cross or in prison.
The slave is one with the Free. No one is above the other. There is no slave nor free in the kingdom. There is no male nor female in the kingdom- we are all one in the same Spirit of the Lord.
That is why it is scandalously obscene to persecute women in the name of the Lord.
We are ONE in the Spirit, ONE in the Lord.

You Cannot Persecute


in the name of the God who is Love and call yourself His Servant.
You may call yourself a Fraud, a Phoney, or a Perverter of Truth. But you may
not call yourself His Servant if you do not honor his commandments which are this:
LOVE your God and your neighbor as yourself.

Women are "joint heirs" (see Peter I and II). Harassing women is obscene.

If you torture, persecute, imprison or harass Love in the name of God who is Love you
persecute, torture, imprison and harass Jesus. It's that simple.
And there is a special place in Hell for You, the gates of perdition won't be wide enough to let you all in-
whether you wear a red or pink beanie or a starched white dickey.

If you keep doing it, expect a federal lawsuit. Worse, expect all hell to break lose and catch a few of you inside. It's intolerable. It's obscene. It's anti-christ.

Ever wonder

Who that guy is in statue form at that corner of Dupont by the starbucks?

Its John Witherspoon. He was imprisoned in scotland his homeland for not siding with the jacobians who wanted King James on the throne- it was a religious war of sorts conflated with a political power battle. He was exhiled to Princeton in America and was a signer of the declaration of independence. He championed religious liberty and freedom of worship as First Amendment guarantees and the non-establishment of organized state sponsored religion.
He is also the first President of Princeton NJ, the college formerly called the College of New Jersey. When it got too dangerous to meet in Philadelphia he housed the continental constitutional congress in the college for a time- exhiled briefly across the river from the city.
Here is what he wrote that is inscribed on the statue on the side that faces the starbucks:
" For my part, of property, I have some. Of reputation more that reputation is staked, that property is pledged on the issue of this contest, and although these gray hairs must soon descend into the sepulchre, I would infinately rather that they descend thither by the hand of the executioner than desert at this crisis the sacred cause of my country."

Did i mention he was an evangelical presbyterian pastor?


Of Heart

Is your Heart Incontinent? Do you get distracted and fall in love with a new thing every week? Do you fall in and out of love and change your obsessions faster than some change their clothes or the oil in their cars?
Are you a trifler? Do you promise undying love then jump on the next better paying gig? Is your heart for sale to the highest bidder or best credit rating?
Do you think Freedom means Free to get treated to dinner by someone new every week?
If you answered yes to any two of the above you are twelve. If yo u answered yes to only one of them, you are 13- and still need to 'go and learn the meaning of the words- I desire Love Not Sacrifice.'

(and check your translation, mercy is 'love' most places-now its for you to find out what that means.)

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Priest

Who would murder his own potential for offspring and harass and insult his 'temptations'

Because he has such little regard or appreciation for a uterus that his own sexuality intimidates him. Has he castrated himself yet? Pathetic. Disturbed. The things people do in the name of God .

That is why in part things like the Front Page article of the New York Times today is all about how Benoit the Beast let priests pervert the name of piety to preserve the credibility of his office.

I am so glad my mother is presbyterian.

UTERUS UTERUS UTERUS UTERUS. shocked you didn't i. We have them, you don't. We incubate humans into life, you don't. We bleed. You don't. You only talk about shedding blood to save the world. We actually do it.
An entire hierarchy of male domination- who in part have not a clue what damage they do.
And they do it with bravado and smugness, like a doiley dress makes for holiness.

Does the 'New Evangelism' need to take a page from the protestant reformers? Is the Pope Nazi Youth German? Perhaps ve vill just eliminate all the women. And all their damned offspring vith them.

You should be sued from here to Bucharest and Back. You thought I was going to say Buchenwald didn't you.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Hermeneutics

of Grow the F Up Already.

I am tired of the same old litany scape-goating your war with your flesh.
Aren't you for G-d's sake yet?
I checked so out of here mentally when you pulled the last fiasco.
Spiritual wife-beating disguised as tough love is just raw ego
mixed with fear-baiting. I need another bottle of cabernet please.
My stomach is churning with your burning need to tell me
your job is to love me. Gee, who paid for that?
Spiritual hookery rather than sincerity is what I want to see
don't you, Mr. Magoo?


Of Worship.
remember this- norman rockwell.

Note to Parish Council

Unless she was wearing this----she gets to worship in Peace. It's a US Constitutional right-freedom of assemby, freedom of worship.
Keep it up and it will be a Federal Lawsuit- in the Ninth Circuit- Morons. Really religious morons.

Just When you Thought the Waters Were Safe

Two things happened you barely noticed:

The Ninth Circuit ruling on Vatican liability for sexual misdeeds of priests was let lie as the final ruling by the Supreme Court denying cert. apparently (so no potential for overruling it thus the pope is on the hook if priests can be considered employees ultimately of the vatican- and of course they are because they are bound by all the rules of the priesthood, hence thousands of them converging on the Vatican for the year of the priest ) and The Washington, DC Catholic Standard reported it.

Because the 'command and control' center of the church, the one church , proclaims everywhere that it is under the authority of the one papal authority and office, of course priests are all 'employees' of the vatican- thus the pope, while a head of state cannot deem or presume himself immune from all employee laws while operating a business in the US under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. He is the head of a corporation essentially as well as the head of state. It has more assets than most Fortune 500 corporations.

Thus "matrimonial discrimination" is against our US Constitution, marriage being a right of everyone, the Pope cannot fire a priest who marries- neither can he take any constitutional rights away from any priest without incuring some liability- like payment of his salary for life in one lump sum.

A priest saying that because they consecrate the eucharist they are not able to marry is like your mother saying that because she makes you dinner she cannot now sew any more clothes because that distracts her from making dinner. Because she makes dinner forget about her tucking you in at night because she has to supervise doing the dishes. Because she makes you dinner she cannot go to your little leage game, she cannot watch your ballet, she cannot drive you to your piano lesson, and she certainly cannot read you bedtime stories. The gestault of making, preparing and serving dinner and clean up is too all consumming and that is all that family life is about.

Of course making a rule that priests could optionally marry and rearrage priorities would not make a run on marriage- everyone would not want to. most would not want to. most would want to remain pampered without immediate family responsibility or hardship with everything paid for and having no real responsibilty over ones own family reciting a litany of saints. Most of them are not casting out demons in exorcisms and drained of energy to do anything but the Good of the Lord. Some of them couldn't survive without the adultation
of sheepish masses.

But a few good honorable ones would marry - real women. They would understand that persecution of Love in the name of the Lord who is Love is oxymoronic. But yes, a few are moronic. Goes with the territory.

Yes, there is something called a Curia. It's curiasly cracked, but it's central command and control. Yes, there is something called an office of propagation of the faith- there is something that used to be an inquisition office that in the middle ages invented torture. It's doctrinally in control of everything and Dominicans have too much authority doctrinally over all of it. There is something called Canon Law which is supposed to be the rule of law governing the whole joint -all billion plus of us, and there is something called the "catechism" meaning the creed for everyone- some billion plus of all- all under the command and control and authority of the one pope. It is the central defining difference between protestants and catholics, this centralized religion that was once even called a "holy roman empire" while it was mostly neither holy nor roman then- and a huge stumbling block for those who think this particular pope in particular is a bit too daft to be at the helm, notwithstanding the pretty red shoes and does rather insane things through his minions.

Insane. Yes, totally insane. Unjustified, hurtful, hateful, insane. Don't get me started. You know who you are.
Should the Vatican be on the hook when everything is centralized like this. Haaaiiieeeelll Yeah. Sick B-stards. I am going to throw up. Did I say misogynist? Can you spell Misogynist boys and girls? Can you spell GROW THE F UP already.