Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jesus Sets A Table For All.

Oh that you would know the Depths, and Heights and Width and Riches of his Love

You cannot drive out darkness with more darkness. It just gets darker. You need a candle to penetrate it. Light drives out darkness. You cannot drive out hate with more hate. Love penetrates it.

This was the theme of the gathering for a press conference of national interfaith leaders at the Western Presbyterian Church in DC yesterday which included IMAMs, protestant leaders, and Jewish Rabbis. The heart of God is so huge it can fill the whole world.

The alarming tide of anti-islamic sentiment is something that must be stood against. Waiting and doing nothing isn't an option. We are witnessing things that would have been considered intolerable agaisnt any other faith- in NY a cab driver had his throat slashed for merely stating he was muslim, mosques are being not only opposed but desecrated, a guy actually came into a mosque and urinated on the prayer rugs. In Gaithersburg, a Maryland DC suburb, they announced Sept. 11 as national Koran burning day . This is intolerable and unacceptable and clearly motivated by ignorant hate.

. I am a product of a "mixed" grandparentage- my grandfather was irish catholic and my grandmother lutheran protestant. In that day it was considered a scandal to marry outside the faith for a catholic, so they were not married in a catholic church. In northern ireland during that time, this marriage would have been plagued with persecutions such as firebombing of the house, social shunning everywhere, my father would have been tormented at schools, and it is unlikely I would even exist. Such was the hatred of protestants for catholics in northern ireland. Thank God my grandparents lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In this country we have seen our share of persecution of religious and ethnic minorities. Irish catholics are always cited as having born the brunt of early religious persecution but italian catholics saw their share of it as well. Catholics in general were considered a lower life form pretty much until JFK was elected by protestant majorities. The sentiment still exists in darker places.

Racial minorities were discriminated against and that story has been well told so I need not repeat it here.

There are communities, beacons - laserpoints-of light, witnesses to the Love of God and it's power to transcend petty ignorance and hatred, and demonstrate how deep, how wide, how large is the heart of God for all his people.

The Mount Airy part of Philadelphia was one of the first truly integrated communities in Philadelphia- in Pennsylvania for that part where black and white and mixed families lived side by side as neighbors developing community together and served as a laser of light to challenge the rest of Philadelphia. Google it. I am sure it ruffled a few feathers of the Chestnut Hill self-annointed aristocracy back in the day.

Western Presbyterian Church in DC is another such laser of light. It is a house of prayer for all people like the National Cathedral in Washington, where that is actually their moto as we were reminded yesterday by the Anglican Canon who visited Western Presbyterian to join in the press conference (see note below). Western houses the Friday prayer services of the GW Muslim community which has expanded to other muslims throughout the community. They are in constant inter-faith dialogue. It hosted the press conference yesterday and the pastor there announced that any assault against any faith community is an assault against us all and we all stand together in opposition against bigotry and the violence it inspires. He noted that the feeding program that Western runs in it's large basement and industrial kitchen, "Miriam's Kitchen" has Muslim volunteers and serves Muslim homeless clients. This is a model of how faith communities can work co-operatively to be God's heart and hands in the world serving the poor. A laser of light.

The Christians might say, we don't feed them because they are Christian we feed them because we are Christian. The Muslims might say, we don't feed them because they are Muslim, we feed them because we are Muslim. And here is Common Ground. Each teaches that a central tenet of their faith is to serve the poor. We can do that together.
We will be blessed to the extent that we did to the least of these.

Another laser of light is Georgetown University and it's Woodstock Center and Center for Islamic Christian understanding and the affiliated Jesuit church Holy Trinity with it's strong social justice emphasis and ministry- which recently hosted a dinner at which Drew Christiansen, S.J. Jesuit Editor in Chief of America magazine and former chief diplomat with the Bishop's conference spoke poignantly about the need to reach out to other faiths of good will, particularly moderate muslims. Georgetown has a campus in Quatar and have had a muslim chaplain on campus for years (both main campus and at the law center).
Jesuits- Lasers of Light- living the Largess of the Love of God.

Rabbis at the press conference yesterday spoke about the fact that Muslims in the US benefit from and learn from our traditions of egalitarianism, and can export that. We can learn some things from them also. They noted that the Jews were so persecuted in this country early in its founding that they were not only villified and called all manner of vile names but synagogues were so resisted that it took an act of Congress to establish the first one in DC in the early 1900s.
They noted that the American Muslims trying to build a Muslim community center at 'ground zero' come with an olive branch and are seeking reconciliation.

Each religion teaches that God requires a humility before that pierces pride and acknowledges that we are but children of God all seeking to do his will. Lest you become like children you won't see the kingdom- it is a profound humility that God is looking for. Muslims are an Abrahamic tradition that recognize aspects of Jesus' life, and they revere the Virgin Mary. There is a lot of common ground if we stop the noise long enough to listen. And it requires an intentional effort to educate ourselves better.

Hatred, hate speech, inflammatory rhetoric that inspires bigotry and a nationalistic jingoistic recreation of God in the image of a distorted Republican party or agenda isn't truly purely of God- it's out of the mindset of some seriously misguided people. It will not serve in the long run either the Republican party nor the country. It's the same sort of flash in the pan insolence defying the great Love of God as the people who hosed down the civil rights marchers, the people in Ireland who firebombed houses, the people who burned crosses and churchs in Mississippi and the people who desecrate synagogues- all in the misguided name of God.

God is Love. Would you rhetorically urinate on your brother's carpet?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blessed Are These Peacemakers

Nations Interfaith Religious Leaders

Speak out strongly against the alarming Jingoistic Islamaphobia, prevalent anti-Muslim hostility and defend faith communities.

You are invited (press especially) to come to Western Presbyterian Church (very near the State Dept.) Monday at 1:00pm for the Press Conference -2401 Virginia Ave, Aug. 30, 2010.

More details, email John Wimberly at

"Islam is an enormous world religion and it's really important that we not confuse nor conflate the entire religion with those whose interests are adverse to ours." Scott Dean, Foreign Officer, US State Dept. (not speaking for the State Dept. -remarks after a catholic church service.)

"It's a frightening sociological phenomenon. I could only watch about half an hour of it" Princeton Seminary graduate and Retired Pastor George Pera (of Middle Eastern heritage), formerly Pastor of the Greenwhich Presbyterian Church and the American Church in London, England commenting on the Beck rally yesterday.

"It's really important that we be able to work co-operatively toward peace with the more moderate muslim leaders." Father Drew Christiansen, S.J. former diplomat with the Bishop's Conference in Middle Eastern affairs.

Those confirmed at the Press conference include:

Nihad Awad, Council on American Islamic Relations
Naeem Baig-Islamic Circle of North American Council for Justice
Rev. Karen Brau, Luther Place Church
Imam Mehdi Brey, Muslim American Society
Jean Duff, Center for Interfaith Action
Rev.Jeffrey Haggray, First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, DC
Sr. Asman Hanif, Council of Muslim Organizations
Rabbi Bruce Lustig, Washington Hebrew Congregation
Rabbi Mindy Portnoy,Temple Sinai
Rabbi Jonathan Roos,Temple Sinai.
Rabbi Ethan Seidel, Tifereth Israel Congregation
Haris Tarin, Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Rev. John Wimberly, Pastor, Western Presbyterian Church

and others.

Note to Olberman - please also get a copy of this week's issue of the Rock Creek Press, a truly independent paper that has a 911 Investigation insert which details the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth who dispute the official government story with proof. The smoking gun may be in the smoldering dust. It is a must read for anyone truly concerned that we get to the bottom of the 911 hole.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beck's Blight and Palin's Pandering

Creating God in the Image of Wierd Man

The scene on the Mall with Beck misappropriating the date MLK was there dreaming, which will be highlighted from here to November on Fox as a backlash against Obama on the part of every out of work yahoo with nothing better to do on Saturday was alarming. It was as alarming as something you might see in Germany in 1936.

Lets look at the hard truth about Mormons- which Beck is - with his call to the God as he imagines him (because he imagines no one else must know him.)

Seriously, do research.
And can anyone really listen to Palin and not think -scary. So dumb it's scary.
Her biggest claim to fame is now apparently (on top of four colleges to get a degree and half a stint at the governorship of a state where the moose and salmon outpopulate the people)- is -i raised a combat vet. Yes, like all the mommies and daddies who couldn't afford to send their kids to college so encouraged them to take up the rifle in the cause of keeping the world safe from non-existent WMDs so Iran could tilt the balance of power without the countering push back of Iraq.

I makes me think even I could host a Rally. All you need is a few fast quips, a large sense of poetic license a few canned tears and a mike. Heck- I'll even sing the national anthem accapello.
Now everyone hold hands and sing Kumbayah Whooah.

Where the Action Really Is

Market Week in New York

It's the fashionistas heaven where all the designers meet and greet and do the town proud.

Nine West (the shoe gurus) have a new boot they will feature in the fall that has a pocket with a pedometor in it that you can track your steps with- fantastic for those cardio-fitastic folks.

They are using it at Fashion week to raise money for their campaign against breast cancer and top models are parading around in these things- counting steps for bucks that go toward breast cancer research.

I think that this is ingenious. Who thought of this!!

As for that Beck "OH PALEASE" rally at the Lincoln Memorial? Not so much.

Full FTC disclosure- probably my sister katie thought of this because she is the President and married to a famous Yalie cardiologist. We have an aunt who survived breast cancer. Fuller disclosure- I get last season's left-overs from the discard pile for my birthday:-) LOVE THEM!

Friday, August 27, 2010

King Louis of France

His feast day was this week.

He has a mission in Cali.
And the Franciscan Friars there have a retreat house there!!

Life just got exciting and not just becuase my middle name is Louise!
It's on the National Historic Registry.

The Most Un-Bourggie of Priests

The Salesians.

They are everywhere there is disaster. Haiti, now Pakistan. (Not sure how to spell bourggie- it's short for Bourgeois-if you are from Philly you know what I mean)

These guys are completely robin hood self-less. Where there is disaster danger and disease you find them there feeding, clothing and housing the masses.
They aren't afraid of no Taliban.

So if you run into one of these blessed souls, thank them heartily and write checks.
I know a Father Greenfield would be most grateful.

Check out the Salesians in your hood. google them. They are like the government. They are here to help.

Some of the remains of one of their founders John Bosco will be touring the US after touring latin america...check your local papers.

This one is for Father Curry, S.J.

And his Institute for Disabled Vets.

Be Careful

When naming your child "AGNES" which comes from the Latin AGNU, meaning LAMB as in Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
This was Mother Theresa's birth name.
Happy Birthday Agnes.

Sept. 11 commemorations

Underway and Underthought.

No Michele O. should not stand next to Laura B in shankville and bemoan the loss. What they should be doing is digging up the site to properly bury in separate graves anyone they can identify as actual people in the alleged hole in the alleged 'liquified mine field" in shanksville and see what they actually discover in there.
But they won't-you know why? The entire area has been bought , 'mineral' subterranean rights and all by a private concern who will cite with criminal trespassing anyone who tries.
Obama and the Democratic establishment totally understimate the degree to which not only progressives, but muslims (as I found out at a recent event hosted by John Conyers) and a large number of former government and military people who disbelief the official government 9-11 story. Count most of Europe in the not falling for the farse of the worst neo-con CON engineered by pathological paranoi and you will see that you get zero points for standing Michele next to Laura on 9-11. Many many credible people believe Iraq was a set up with a false flag attack-
credible people- attorneys, investigators with criminal investigation background, military experts, etc. Not just cindy sheehan or code pink craziness.
Does anyone have all the pieces figured out ? No. But they are stunned that no one is trying to find out in a deeper way because it does not make sense and there are too many loose pieces in the "loose change" scenario.
So be careful Obama, how you look to endorse what Bush did. Because you were elected overwhelmingly by the people who disapprove strongly of what Bush did. Getting combat troops out of Iraq is a good start.
Now only the Truth will set you free, and nothing but the Truth.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Which Muslim Founder

Signed the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution.

You are right. It is a trick (or tricky) question. None of them did. The country was not founded by muslims, or people who thought anything goes religiously no matter how potentially alien to a central belief structure or a hold to the center. The country was founded by the most part by Christians fleeing other institutionally entrenched established hostile christian interests-Jesuits fleeing Dominicans, Hugenots Protestants fleeing french catholics, people not wanting to be Jacobians fleeing Jacobians, irish catholics fleeing british episcopalian church of England types, etc . It is solidly rooted in Judao-Christian scriptures and beliefs. There is neary a mention of the buddists, the zoroastrans, the muslims (sunni, Shi-ite nor Suffi whirlishly dervishly dancers) nor any other religion in the notes, words or documents of the founders. There were a number of scripturally literate types who qualified as near clergy or clergy. There were peasant farmers more literate in christian scripture than some pastors today.

But should that mean that the general non establishment principles don't hold against anyone not of the hold to the center? Of course not. The view was that no one should be allowed to establish a state founded or preferred religion, nor should the state be allowed to interfere with anyone's beliefs. But is this rule applicable and does it all the time apply when the beliefs are off the rails harmful to other Americans- that we call criminal behavior. Clearly beliefs that can manifest harm are not protected under a non-establishment non interference clause.

So, Which variety are these muslims at the "ground zero mosque." The Taliband or Al Quida kind we have been in combat with for seven years? Or the presumed harmless kind? Are there muslims who for example recognize the right of Israel to exist in peace and condemn hezballah jihadists or hamas as terrorists groups that we have a right to protect ourselves against or will this muslim community center court those folks whose interests we deem hostile to us or our friends the state of Israel and everyone in it. There seems no consensus on this point, even among the various Jewish communities in New York. Bloomberg is Jewish, he is for the Moderate Muslim presence in lower manhattan. The wives of both the Democratic leadership dissenters Harry Reid and Howard Dean are Jewish. They oppose it.

Is this a gloating dancing on our graves thing- or is it a bridge to somewhere?

Clearly the some 2 billion muslims in the world are not going anywhere and have to be reckoned with in peace.
Clearly the more peaceminded of them should be welcomed and worked with.

But none of that obligates Obama or the State Department to build Mosques in Middle Eastern countries as was reported in yesterday's Examiner-a rightest rag that has relentlessly criticized Obama every time he sneezes in the direction of Cairo.
Is building mosques in the Middle East something you want your tax dollars spent on?

I prefer the State Department contribute a few million for the renovation and restoration of
old monestaries and churchs in Europe, Detroit and anywhere else a shell of a church with an abandoned church community fell victim to the depression/recession and moved. I prefer that the US government have a restoration plan to build communities that existed through new green innovation in Europe by giving millions to gothic cathedral maintenlance, and while Obama is at it, I hear Saint Matthews in DC the main downtown cathedral wouldn't complain if they got a million in the bank for a maintenance endowment.
I would like to see some classic old synagogues get a million to do restoration and build their programs.
Can you imagine the uproar? So why is no one raising an establishment clause argument about the need for the State Department to spend millions of dollars building mosques in the middle east (in places where we couldn't possibly have destroyed them)

I think I am a bit tired of all this Christian guilt.

Fenty's Failings

It's not a Black White thing.

I am white. I confess. Largely spotted actually in the summer with overgrown freckles that I am beginning not to be able to tell the difference between age spots as I now qualify for AARP membership and half priced coffee at McDonalds.

I am annoyed at DC. Lots of reasons but here is the big one- Metro. I know it isn't nice or fair to blame all of Metro's foibles on the Mayor but come on- can't you do better?
It's not just that 9 people actually died in a crash this past year while some driver who had been suspended numerous times was allowed to operate manually what theretofore was supposed to be on automatic as was reported yesterday, it's not that they are raising fares or making people actually pay the full fare before riding and not go into negative balances on their metro cards (where else do you get to ride without the fare?)- it's not that the schedules are perpetually on "delay in both direction" so half the trains run on schedule, nor that rather pathetically all the Sunday schedules in one of the most major tourist destinations in the country are so unreliable that a twenty minute ride with a connection can take you an hour and a half on a sunday. All that is bad enough- disasterous really compared to the Paris Metro, New York City metro and anywhere else in Europe. Here is what I hate- deciding that I will take metro to Reagan for an out of town trip with a suitcase and finding that the cavernous Dupont metro escalators are on half throttle and only work up so I have to walk
the entire length of the metro steps with a heavy suitcase downstairs in heels. Generally I need to stop in the middle and get my breath because I start seeing double and nearly lose all the belongings of my purse as I swing the load alternatively from side to side. Add that to the connection required from red to orange line a twenty minute ride to Reagan takes and hour and a half on Sunday and I could easily miss my flight.
There is no excuse for this I think to myself. Why on earth don't the escalators ALL work? Can they always all be broken?
And here is another one- is this saving overtime to do track maintenance in the middle of a week-end? Do you all have something against night time work after the Metro shuts down? Perhaps you can do all your track work hiring Muslims who fast during the day in Ramadan and get it all done during the month of Ramadan after sundown- so we are not stuck sitting idle on the track with delays for random maintenance.

We have a first world city with third world Metro- and it is infuriating.

Then there is that issue of that pesky assistant DA who keeps filing what I consider harassing vexatious civil protection orders to prevent his father from testifying about the fact of his less than savory past and efforts to keep his father quiet about issues he finds unappealing in violation of what a lot of people would consider basic first amendment rights- at huge taxpayer expense as the 'domestic violence" chief of the DC DA's office tries to hammer slam this old guy with a five year civil protection order- for testifying at City Hall about, among other things, abuses of the DA's office which employs his son.

I thought that this was the Capital of the country.

If they spent all the money the DA's office spent on prosecuting this old guy and gave it to Metro maybe people wouldn't miss their planes and the escalators would all run so ladies trying not to get heart attacks lugging their luggage down the cavernous still escalators would get to their destinations in one piece.

And here is another pet peave-
Gardens. Ever been to a European city that didn't have the most beautiful spectacular public gardens? They are everywhere in every european city. They have competitions for the best gardens and books written on various styles. It's a beauty thing.
We may have the best public parks program, but Here we are in the nation's capital and DC's public spaces are by comparison to anything in Europe just pathetic. For example, look at Dupont Circle. A fountain, a small ring of flowers, grass, circular benches. Now go to Hyde Park or Regent's Park in London and look at the landscaping. Why isn't there for example just a ring around the circular benches around the whole park the most spectacular bed of rose bushes or flowers? It's just dingy grass. Washington Circle? Grass. We do large spots of grass and turf OK in some places- but why isn't the DC Mall a place of brilliant flowering plants? Why isn't there a garden with overflowing flora in McPherson Square or Farragut North? The gardening is a joke. It's not like we can't find the cheap day labor standing on the street corner by the wholefoods on 14th street or in Columbia Heights.
Have none of the DC parks and recreation folks been outside the country? Do they not visit places like Johnson's the florist/landscape place in Van Ness/Friendship Heights? Do you not know what a pair of pruning shears looks like? This city has spaces to be about a thousand times more beautiful with a little more thought and planning- and should be as the nation's capital. It should be the jewel of the country.

So I gave Fenty a while to try to get it right and I just feel like a change- how about you?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catholics in the French News

And it's not all good.

French radio, international radio in DC in the morning is abuzz with what is going on in the Belgiun church.
There is much uproar over the state raiding various churches and confiscating materials in a criminal investigation against the alleged pedophilia last month and the repurcussions. This morning a long featured news article detailed the hordes and masses of people undergoing a process of 'debaptismation" - to unbaptize themselves in protest over the church's policies. They don't want to be affiliated with the church at all inasmuch as they view it as a haven for sexual predators and misogynists (some gay-not to malign all gay but some do hate womenkind and it shows). Criminal. Anti-social. Perverse. The broadcast went on to note that conversions to muslim are becomming very popular. It's not just all about the great babaknoosh, couscous, pita bread and date recipes. Muslims stress personal piety and you won't find toleration of diddling children for one second in any mosque.

This suggests something so obvious it is amazing that it is resisted by the catholic intelligencia of American and Europe-re-examination of the role of women. Rather than rail against women with theology degrees or training as if they were misfits of the faith, rather than castigate ordination of women as if that were a 'crime against the faith" as opposed to an expression of the strength of the faith, the role of women in the church should be seriously deliberately studied from a biblical perspective. Women should be understood as co-collaborators, partners, equals in the bearing of the gospel to the nations, equal jont -heirs of the kingdom.

The married priesthood, women deacons, should be the norm not grounds for expulsion. There just is no biblical basis or reality in constricting the Spirit in this fashion and it is crippling the church.

The church is writing it's own European epitaph if it insists on narrowly construing the move of the Spirit to something experienced only in a monastic setting- and only giving enlightenment to celibate single men. Women are vessels of the same gifts of the spirit. Women are prophets. Women are teachers. Women are ministers.
Women -are Blessed. Like the Blessed Virgin Mary. And God loves them so much he espoused one.
You are maybe holier than the Holy Spirit?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Can't We Be Friends, Why Can't We Be Friends

It's a Song.

It's also the new mem in the Middle East. AP reports and Hillary confirms Obama says, let's talk folks. Like nice civilized people who all recognize the right of the other to exist in peace.
Now everyone please get over themselves and try to work it out.

This Saturday evening an expert on the Middle East Drew Christianson, S.J. who is the Editor in Chief of the Jesuit magazine/on line journal AMERICA will speak at the DeChantal dinner at Holy Trinity in Georgetown. His expertise draws on his years living in the Middle East. The DeChantal ministry supports the work of the Jesuit Refugee Service and other ministries.

If you would like more information on attending the dinner please email evemarie301 [at]

Cost is $35.00 payable at the door but advanced reservations strongly recommended. They will fit you in if you just show up though.

Generally these dinners are spectacular. This time middle eastern delicacies will be a plenty- all the wine you can drink- or not as you choose (Muslims generally don't imbibe)
Eve Marie worked for years at the US State Department as did her x-husband. She travelled all around the world (Paris and India) and mastered the fine art of dining and hospitality studying the best traditions and customs of wherever her State Dept. travels took her and her family.
These once a month dinners rank among some of the best hidden secrets in Georgetown dining for a reasonable prix fixe menu.

A bientot! Mange mange. Bon Apetit!

Elevating the Form of Religion

over GOD.

That is what Jesus blasted the pharisees for. Elevating the Form- the man-made rules and rituals that blocked out love. It is the very definition of pharisaic. This is what he meant when he said that the Sabboth was made for man not the other way around. The Sabboth is the day of rest- so man can regenerate and refresh spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. When you make man for the Sabboth instead of the Sabboth for man then you can condemn someone for healing on the Sabboth. You can condemn anyone who breaks the ritualistic rules- even for greater good or highter health and healing. Clearly anyone knew that if their donkey fell in a ditch during the Sabboth they could drag it out of the ditch even though the rules strictly prohibited doing any work or any heavy lifting on the Sabboth. Your donkey is stuck in a ditch. You can get him out even while bound and bonded and pledged to the rules of the Sabboth. So if you can dig your donkey out of a ditch obviously you ought to be able to help rescue your loved one if they are stuck in a ditch even when strictly bound by the ritualistic rules that mandate otherwise- because Man was made for the Sabboth, not the other way around.

Your loved one is in a ditch. Dig the person out.

You wouldn't stand and observe a red traffic light waiting patiently for the light to change if
you saw your three year old neice dart in front of a car would you? No, you would jaywalk or dart against the light as fast as your legs could carry you if it meant you get hit by a truck.

Your loved one is in a ditch. Dig the person out.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Note to Muslim-bashing Evangelists

Cut it Out- Please

OK I confess- I watch a slew of Sunday morning televangelists- and even catch a few in the wee hours of the morning when I get bored with the "I can't believe it's that early" news show.
Usually I think I took a trip to a new planet when I hear southern drawls pronouncing words like
Jaaaeeeeeessuuuuiiiss. I rebuke my bigotry against southerners.

Now that's what I want you to do to your bigotry against Muslims. Rebuke it in the name of Jaaaaeeeeessuuuuiiis.

Because it's nutty and wrong. Today I had the best shishkabob on saffron rice with a roasted tomato from my favorite fast food deli in DC. It's called Moby Dick, House of Kabob. It's a Persian restaurant and everyone in there is Muslim- but they didn't close for Ramadan out of courtesy to us cross wearing fans of the kosher kabobs. Persian. That means they are from Iran. Muslims. Not for a second did I fear cyanide in the safron.
In fact the old Shaw of Iran's Son, a Prince of sorts lives in Bethesda, Maryland, a DC suburb. SSShhhhh. He's a Muslim.
There is zero evidence that the muslims who want to build a NYC lower manhattan center with a pool, cooking classes and maybe language classes have any connection to the current ruling party in Iran, are currently connected in any fashion to any terrorist org (they would be shut down if they were immediately) or that they sympathize with any terrorist org at all.
So please stop sending incendiary false inflammatory emails linking them to Hamas, approving of Hamas or linking them in any fashion to any terrorist org. The Justice Dept. would shut them down and freeze all their assets if they were.

Remember how many times Jesus went to the outcast, the Samaritan, the 'other' the foreigner, the alien to save or heal them and the pharisees blew a gasket? This is what you all sound like. Stop it. It's embarassing me as a bible toting quoting Jesus freak.

A Franciscan Reflection of the Assumption of Mary

In one of the best Pastoral Letters I ever read:

From the Franciscans in Detroit who run Saint Aloysius right in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan. (Where prominently placed is a mosaic of the Mother of Perpetual Help)

I quote Fr. Tod:
Dear Brothers and Sisters
"Men of Galilee: they said, "why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven (Acts 1:1-11). At the Ascension of Jesus, the angels direct the attention of the disciples back to earth. Here, on earth, we are to find Jesus even though we may long to be with him in heaven.
When I was a child, most of us Catholics were like the disciples. We were looking up to heaven. We lived our lives with an eye to winning the prize of eternal life. I can remember going in and out of church on certain feast days and making 'visits to the Blessed Sacrament". We'd say a few prescribed prayers, genuflect and leave the church. On the steps of the church we'd turn around and march back in for another 'visit'. We were piling up 'graces' against the day when we would meet the Lord 'face to face.'
The weakness in this approach was that we tended to forget that we were commissioned by the Lord to go throughout the whole world inviting people to join in the kingdom of God. We were to live the Gospel 'in the world' we were to carry the Love of God to everyone we met.

Today's feast of Mary's Assumption suggests that while we look up and recognize that Mary shares in the fullness of resurrection (in light of Jesus' own resurrection) she still whispers in our ear, "they have no more wine" and "do whatever he tell you". Mary's joy is to direct our attention to a world much in need of the love of God. We celebrate her joy and draw inspiration from her to live lives of loving service here until we join her in the unending bliss of heaven. Happy Feast of the Assumption."

I was so impressed with this that I stuffed the bulletin in my purse and carried it back with me to Washington. As I pulled out my wallet for my Au Bon Pain croissant this morning this flew out as if to say- read me again!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jesus Is a Foodie

I have it on Good Authority.

"Jesus is a Foodie" declared the 'Grace Before Meals" priest Father Leo, the only priest I know who whipped Bobby Flay's fajita tail in a throw down-as he whipped up a delicious pasta a la vodka luncheon for a packed crowd at the DC Catholic Information Center using a portable grill he plopped on a table usually reserved for saintly tomes.
"I want the recipe" thought those who didn't say it but ate the whole thing.
So I bought the book-and you can too at
You can even get this guy to come demonstrate basic theology while whipping up dinner for a congregation. He loves cooking for big families and a few showed up, tots in strollers at the Center last Saturday.

Jesus' first miracle? Turning water into wine- at a wedding. A wedding banquet. A party. A wedding.
He fed thousands multiple times on the hillsides where he taught- 4,000, 5,000- with little more than a few loaves and fish. He is seen at table at Martha's house where he meets the intimacy of Mary Magdalene who can't stop wanting to be close to him- he eats at a pharisee's house where he is met again by the intimacy of Mary Magdalene who can't stop washing his feet with her hair and tears and bathing him in expensive perfumes- over a dinner gathering. Do you think this woman was in love? She keeps showing up at mealtimes. Then there was that last supper-remember? Peter is told after denying him three times to "feed his sheep" not shear them or slaughter them. That is his path to redemption from the denials. After his resurrection Peter recognizes him sitting by the side of the lake frying up some breakfast fish by the water for brunch. The prayer he taught us to pray starts with "Give us this day our daily bread." A widow saves herself and her son from famine by offering first to cook a little something for Elijah. The manna in the desert feeds people delivered from slavery.
And the big give-away- he ultimately converts himself into food.
So we would have his life within us. In the eternity hereafter.

Jesus is a foodie. Please pass the pasta.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If I Were King


(Sorry to my french friends- its a reference to the Wizzard of Oz, a classic american movie)

Were I a democratic strategist for real as opposed to a velvet starbucks arm chair blogger lawyer, I would suggest that Obama has a bit of a 'whack job problem." I view those opponents as
nothing more dignified. Even Dick Armey's fakery is showing as his white-gray roots obscure
his latest Elvis black dye job. Whack-a-doodle- jobs- these tea partiers. Not like 'you and me' at all, not
my grandparents- my grandparents wouldn't be caught dead with those signs dangling tea
bags from their sun-hats. Maybe a fishing louer or two on a summer day at the lake but not
tea bags. They were strictly diet Tab drinkers.
Nuff said about the dingbattery lining the capital steps for Michele Buttman to wink at them and throw candy necklaces over the congressional balconies.

Here is what I would do were I Obama. Iwould go to Detroit- where the industrial blight is making a mild come back (that just got another gut punch with the announcement of a big GM safety recall in the middle of their IPO noises)- Detroit is actually a cool and wild place I discovered. There are some elegant beautiful buildings there that are not shells. One guy said it never recovered from the riots of the 60s which I hardly believe.

Right on the main drag (like their Broad Street in Philadelphia) there is an amazing property which used to be owned and built by the First Presbyterian Church of Detroit. It has an unbelievable sanctuary with an interior stained glass dome that is just georgeous. Now it houses
the ETS- the Eceumenical Theological Seminary. People from all over the midwest go there of all denominations and they offer various programs of degrees of various theological study with an impressive faculty. The Seminary has a feed the homeless program on wednesdays and feed over 200 people. It is right down the street from Wayne State University.
Right across the street is an old shell of a burned out looking enormous church on an abandoned piece of property big enough for tennis courts and a basketball court.

This might look like a scary neighborhood- lots of detroit looks like North Philly- but I felt safe as a single white girl walking around with my chocolate White Castle milk shake in broad daylight.
This abandoned property with what was once a georgeous old church on it should be annexed to the Seminary- and the Seminary should be encouraged with piles of Faith Based funding to
house something like the "Americas Middle- East Interfaith Center Institute" or something-
I like the initials "AMICI" because it means Friends in Italian. Work it out.

Obama has a "christian" problem. People read 'inclusion" as "you must not like us christians."
Do something radically supportive of interfaith efforts-
Detroit is the perfect place to do it- it will create jobs renovating these buildings in a great project that will bring more pride to the city, which is on the cusp again of being a great American city.

The District

of the Capital of the Most Powerful Nation in the World

Has no equal voting representation in Congress. They have it in Bagdad, they have it in Paris. But
not in Washington, DC.
Washington, DC has about as many people as Vermont and more than Wyoming. And we have zero
actual voting representation in the Senate-no DC Shadow Senators and just one 'shadow' rep who
doesn't count for much. She can't even be counted on to try to vote to get us the vote. The last
time it failed it had to do with tagging a second amendmenet rider or something that gummed up
the statehood issue with gun safety issues so it was tanked --even though subsequent national
precedents on the gun issue mooted that bit of bravado anyway.
Probably the first and strongest time that we had full majorities in the House, Senate and the White House in our corner we didn't have enough of a commitment to make DC Voting Rights
and Statehood real.
So here is a note to the Executive Director of the DNC who keeps sending me emails requesting I
now pledge to vote in November (like a pledge drive of sorts that they can take to the bank)-
I live in the District of Columbia. I don't get to vote for anyone meaningful in the federal arena.
You can stop worrying about my voting for a democrat for Mayor- who
else is running for Mayor?
When you DNC Exec. Director and you, 'Shadow' rep. make DC a State with 2 Senators like the rest of them and representative numbers of congresspersons I will pledge to "vote."
I might even pledge to run.

I consider it scandal of all scandals that DC has no real representation in Congress ---like we should pay DC taxes for everyone in the country to come use DC services and get no say over anything in the country.
Hence, the frustrated voter vents in a blog hoping people in New York pay attention.
Like my fantasy fake boyfriend Keith Olberman who I hope isn't short like a lot of those folks on TV you would be shocked to learn only come up to your chest in lift shoes. Hi George S.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Keith Olbermann

For President!

Get his 'special comment' for tonight and put it on You-Tube.

Oh My God

There is a Mosque on Embassy Row in Washington, DC!! Call Your Congressman!

OMG! It's huge! It has lots of pretty mediteranean tile! It's right across the bridge and down the road from where the Pentagon was hit by either a plane or a CIA drone missile hit on 9-11!
Don't tell Laura, Newt or Rush that that white building with spires isn't the lower Dupont
franchise of the Lebanese Taverna-it's an actual Mosque! People pray in there! Without their shoes on! In our nation's capital! Just a few metro stops from our Congress. OMG you can see the Lincoln Monument from the top of the spires! They are all coming to get us! Without their shoes on! They wear pretty scarves! That must be to strangle us all! Run for your lives chicken little-there is a Mosque right down the street from the British Embassy! It's been there for years! They have middle eastern jewelry and food fairs selling their wares like an egyptian flea market right on Embassy Row! Call the tea-baggers! Live or die free or something.

Republican Ignorance

Is unAmerican

Come on. There is no constitutional right to be an idiot. Sorry, but that is what those Republicans sounding off -on radio-on TV- against the Islamic community center/mosque
a few blocks from ground zero sound like.
Their arguments all presume that all Muslims either are terrorists or support them. Outrageous. That's really offensive- and moreover, really idiotic.
Do you people not know any Muslims? Were there none in your school? Have you not travelled outside of Dayton Ohio maybe?
What on earth, Laura and Newt and the bum RUSH makes you all think that all Muslims either are or support terrorists? INSANE. Did you people grow up on a farm without running water or telephone service?
Now go pin your dangling tea bags back on your sun hats and continue smoking whatever that was you were smoking and leave the main stream media to people who have actually been to places like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon or other places where they actually like christians and let them live in peace and prosperity.
So Dumb I can't believe they gave these people degrees. Who gave them degrees anyway?

The First Amendment isn't dependent on 'sensitivities"

Imagine if the Klan bombed schools because they didn't like integration. The Klan
call themselves Christians. They are devoutly fanatic Christians. Other Christians have
disowned them. Other Christians believe that the Klan are a scandalous blasphemy of Christianity because Jesus does not condone their racism or violence.
Imagine that the Methodists and Presbyterians -Christians-want to build a church and peace center to both worship and invite folks in to
educate people about what Christianity is really about near the school bombed by the Klan.
They want to do that so that their entire religion isn't slandered by the actions of a few derranged misguided evil zealots misusing their misinterpreted theology.
The Secularists find that offensive. They think all Christianity must lend itself to these fanatic
movements like the Klan. The Secularists insist that no Christians be allowed to build anything
near where the Klan blew up the school.

Who would think that reasonable?
So why is this Mosque issue still all over the news?

OF COURSE they have a right to build a Mosque in lower manhattan (near the Catholic Church already there.) OF COURSE if any Christian Evangelicals wanted to build a peace center and owned land near there they could also build a church or peace center.

By far most Muslims reject the blasphemy of violence and abhor what happened on 9-11, both international and domestic.


I took a train from Detroit, Michigan to Dearborn yesterday and the short ride to the suburbs was lined with beautiful summer foliage and beautiful colorful wildflowers- growing through the blighted busted out broken windows of row after row of closed factory and industrial buildings.
While we are committed now to spending billions in post-war reconstruction out of the country after spending billions creating wars to destroy the countries, we have in this country next to nothing serious to rebuild and recover the industrially blighted center of the country in these affected areas.
We need high speed rail-like they have all over europe. We need a serious infrastructure fund. We need a serious green technological conversion strategy.
I am more offended that billions are spent creating wars and cleaning up than taking care of Americans at home.

The Mosque? So what.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What it's all about

Brand New Mommies and Brand New Babies!
Happy Summer Elizabeth and Baby Ryan.
I'm a great aunt- so take that Papist punkie-doodles.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Better Than A Poke In The Eye


When I was apt to complain about something not really that bad my Dad would try to cheer me up by saying "it's better than a poke in the eye!" Don't know if that was some irish quip or a pittsburghism or where he got that one.

Here's a real Irish poke in the eye- a few of the Irish Bishops in effort to demonstrate accountability and remorse and cooperate with the house cleaning demanded by the irish faithful turned in their resignations to the Vatican. The Vatican didn't accept them. The Pope didn't accept them.

This followed the very interesting dismissal of the class action reported in the "American Papist" at which he brags that his canon law father wrote memos stating that the Bishops are not under the central authority of the Pope.

The obvious question- so why does the Pope have authority to accept or reject Bishop resignations then?
I bet those legal memoranda held as much legal water as the titanic.
There may be a clue. Bishops still want their vatican underwritten or guaranteed pensions when they resign maybe? Do they get some annuity? If you want to resign-you just send a letter of resignation, don't you?
Why does it have to be "accepted" or not.

I bet those guys who dismissed the class action had other reasons, because the issue of whether Bishops are under the authority and control of the Pope for purposes of employer liability doesn't seem to be that truly controversial. Who else do they think they work for? The Queen?

Not So Fast

California puts Gay Marriage on Hold Pending Appellate Calendar

Typically Courts of appeals issue calendaring orders which state briefing schedules. Apparently the gay marriage authorization is on hold for a while as an interim order pending briefing and deliberation.....
Could be longer than a while depending on what the Court of Appeals does in terms of any stay....
The Judge who issued the order making it legal agreed to a temporary stay.,0,5087660.story

This gives those marriage activists time to kick up a storm. Apparently this is a controversial issue. Yathink?

Gerry Brown (aka prev. Gov Moonbeam) who is running for Governor (again) and Schwartzenegger are on the side of Gay Marriage being legal.
That just tossed all evangelical and hard core orthodox Catholic votes over to Ms. Meg E-Bay. Corporate interests vs. people who others think that they are not for corporate interests (Gerry Brown is married to what was and may still be a very highly placed exec. in the Apparel Industry in SF)

Gerry Brown and Schwartzenegger are self described devout catholics. Gerry Brown used photos of himself with Mother Theresa previously in campaign photos when he ran for President previously and even did a brief stint in a seminary. Schwartzenegger married into arguably the most politically prominent catholic family in American history.

They are both Pro-Gay Marriage on Equal Protection grounds.

If the Pope is going to start excommunicating folks- expect Schism. Then will he be guilty of causing Schism? (a mortal excommunicable sin according to the new Dominican inspired documents-no?)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coolest Cell Phone Ring Tone out there...

Hear Andre Boccelli sing Panis Angelicus everytime they call your Cell Phone

I almost didn't want to post this so I could eat it all myself:-)

Fr. Leo returns for a cooking demo in the CIC store this Saturday! (who knew they had a kitchen!)


Please join us as we welcome back Fr. Leo Patalinghug to discuss and sign the new edition of his book

"Grace Before Meals: Recipes and Inspiration for Family Meals and Family Life"

Fr. Leo will also fire up one of his recipes in the store, providing attendees a light lunch during his demo.

This event is free and open to the public.

With just a few ingredients and a few hours of time, your kitchen can become the perfect setting not only for a delicious meal but for experiencing the greatest blessings in life.

In "Grace Before Meals: Recipes and Inspiration for Family Meals and Family Life," Father Leo Patalinghug (yes, the same Father Leo who defeated Bobby Flay on "Throwdown!") helps you make family meals a way of life.

Combining more than 30 simple but delicious recipes related to personal milestones, family holidays, and faith observances, along with scriptural references and short essays offering wisdom on faith, values, and family togetherness, Father Leo shows that mealtime is the perfect setting for discussing the major issues all families face. In fact, research shows that frequent family dinners can reduce many risks facing children, including drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, depression, eating disorders, and poor academic performance.

These are meals that nourish body and spirit.

Born in the Philippines and raised in the Baltimore area, Fr. Leo actually developed his love for cooking while attending the seminary at the North American College in Rome. There, he became friendly with several Italian restaurant owners and would often invite them back to the student kitchen to trade cooking secrets. They would teach him about rigatoni and lasagna; he would show them how to make hamburgers and ribs. Today, he is a skilled cook who still enjoys learning how to make new dishes, and loves the process of preparing a meal, as much as he does sharing it with a table full of friends.

Fr. Leo was ordained in 1999 and served as a parish priest for five years at St. John's Church in Westminster, Maryland. He was often invited to his parishioners' homes for dinner. To their surprise, he would turn the table and cook for them, using these opportunities to build friendships and engage in relaxed conversations in the kitchen. Those memorable and unstructured times spent making a meal together provided the inspiration for Fr. Leo's first book, Grace Before Meals: Recipes for Family Life.

Currently, he is a member of the faculty at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary where he directs the Pastoral Field Education Program for future priests.Before becoming a priest, Fr. Leo pursued degrees in writing and political science with the intention of studying law and journalism at the University of Maryland. He also taught high school speech, debate and drama.

Along with his brother, he founded a martial arts school in 1988.Fr. Leo studied philosophy at Theological College at Catholic University in Washington, DC. He holds advanced theological degrees from the Pontifical Gregorian University and Pontifical Maranium Institute in Rome.A popular conference speaker with a growing national reputation for his ability to connect with teens and their parents, Fr. Leo has appeared at events across the United States and Canada. His enthusiasm has frequently earned him invitations to return and speak about topics like the theology of beauty, teen spirituality, spiritual combat and praying as a family.

Along with cooking, Fr. Leo's hobbies include writing, singing and jogging. He especially enjoys traveling, viewing it as an opportunity to broaden his multilingual talents. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has won a national competition in Arniz, a form of full-contact stick fighting.He also enjoys working with students in youth groups and on college campuses, as well as actively participating in prison ministry work.

Information number: (202) 783-2062Toll-free book order number: (888) 574-3339 Donations and to support the CIC: Find us on Facebook: CIC Young Professionals Program:!/pages/CIC-Young-Professionals-Program/285623802920?ref=ts

To learn more about the Catholic Information Center and its online bookstore, visit You may also want to browse our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter @CICDC

Catholic Information Center 1501 K St. NW #175 Washington, DC 20005-1401.

If you ever thought you didn't want kids

Watch This.

Discovered first on You-Tube - a prodigy angel. Only TEN years on earth.

I'll have triplets please.

Part 5 of ...

the episodes of 'As If You Needed Another Reason To Love Italians"

Italian Vogue has done a controversial spread with super models mimicking oil slick covered wildlife in it's homage to environmentalism.

It is raising a bit of a stir because some think they are making light of the issue. What say you-? I say bravo bravissimo- what if you were a fine feathered friend living in the Gulf?

Be kind to your fine feathered friends, for that duck may be somebody's mother....

Monday, August 09, 2010



Executive Chef at Miriam's Kitchen on getting married this week-end!!!

-and on the Chanel 9 spot:

Miram's Kitchen serves daily between 200 and 300 homeless/transitional men and women, for free two meals a day in DC. It is located in the lower level of Western Presbyterian Church. It has two exec. chefs-John and Steve- who do all the menu planning and the meals are diner quality.


They are in need of cereal. They don't use if for filler for anything. Every guest gets out of the heat or rain first by sitting and having coffee and cereal and waiting for their number to be called into the buffet breakfast line in the morning.

The next time you are shopping at COSTCO or anywhere else, pick up an extra family sized box of cereal and drop it off at Miram's Kitchen -or the Western Offices. Located just across the street from the Watergate.

Hats Off

And T-Shirts Too

To Hogan and Hartson, the DC firm that donated a pile of T-shirts that look like softball season shirts to the Saint Matthews homeless ministry. You may see a large number of guys
you don't recognize from the law library or the softball field walking around washington parks
wearing Hogan and Hartson T Shirts. They thank you!!

Any other firms who have last year's season softball T-shirts Saint Matthews would love them for the nearly 100 guys and gals who show up every Monday to start the week with a good warm square meal and prayers with Fr. Evelio.

Who knows- maybe we can start a homeless baseball team??? (as if Fr. Evelio doesn't have enough do!)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gay is Not a Race

Are All Behavioral Attributes Protected for Equal Protection Purposes?

Let's set aside the morality question regarding gayness. Let's just assume, arguendo something I don't believe but let's just assume arguendo (for the sake of argument) that being actively gay is not aberational or immoral. (Married gay lets assume presumes an active gay state, not a repressed or unexercised state) Let's assume it is a state of being coupled with behavior action without moral consequence or judgment. I don't believe that because I believe the bible is the inspired word of God and it is pretty clear that gayness is both abberational and morally incorrect. See, just by way of one example

Romans 1;20-30-

and the many verses (get your concordance) on lust of the flesh, fornication, etc, not to mention those sodomites for whom the town was named who define 'fire and brimstone' wrath of God pouring from heaven- and if you so much as look back you dissolve into a pile of salt. He isn't kidding.

So does equal protection really protect every one's access to any fundamental right (which marriage is) regardless of what their behavior is? Here one treds lightly making analogies because it invites the obvious attack of 'are you saying Gay is like being.......!!!"- hysteria.
I will venture anyway with the caveat that No- I am not saying being gay is like anything I will below describe or analogize- but note that what is similar is that these are behavioral attributes/actions and the similarity ends there-just to make a point.
Is there, for example, an equal protection right of anyone who wishes to marry if they are of a class of people who tie shoe bombs to their laces during a wedding ceremony because they believe if you martyr yourself during your wedding you go to heaven and are given 7 vestal virgins? (I am reminded of the comic who once said-that takes a lot of faith because I can't find one on earth!)
Is there an equal protection right of anyone who wishes to marry if they believe to consummate the marriage they must first both have sex with a five year old.
Is there an equal protection right of anyone who wishes to marry if their religion maintains that within the first month after the marriage someone take a knife and excise the child from a pregnant woman and sacrifice it to Zeus.

No, obviously there are strong over-riding public safety reasons that would deny equal protection status and deny the right to marriage of those persons- notwithstanding they are citizens. We do not allow citizens to do whatever they want all the time even when fundamental rights are involved. We allow rights to be overridden and overruled when there is a compelling state interest to do so-. A lower standard of constitutional scrutiny is basically "rational"-is there even a 'rational' state interest(s) in denying marriage to people who wish to engage in those attributes. The California judge said -no-. Was that bad lawyering or is there none? Is there really no 'rational' state interest in denying gay people the full status and recognition in a marriage?

So the question then reverts to what is the 'rational' state interest- what is the 'harm' done by the behavioral actions of active gayness.

This question it seems is impossible to address without examining the various moral beliefs regarding this.
So while I set aside the morality question at the beginning, we are confronted with it again. It seems unavoidable. Because you cannot ignore the morality question if you comprehensively address what 'rational' or compelling state interest there may be in denying equal protection rights. Whose morality should count and why?

Here is why the Supreme Court, if it gets the California Marriage Law ruling from the Ninth Circuit and the Ninth Circuit should be allowed to entertain Amicus Briefs from serious theologians of all spiritual disciplines on what damage might or might not ensue with respect to gay active behavior given full social blessing.

Clearly it was such a taboo to the bible believing quoting founders that it isn't something that even would cross their mind that one day gay marriage would be deemed a constitutional right- it was then considered socially a depraved perversity of the most heinous kind. "Original Intent" doesn't help the recent ruling. Under the evolving fluidity that some impute into constitutional interpretation, should society evolve into an understanding of 'equal justice' or 'equal protection' under the laws to give this particular behavioral attribute
equal protection status or is there something foul about that?

I draw no conclusions but just point out that those with the clear biblical morality on the court will likely predictably view this through their morality and the standard 5-4 will likely cabosh the whole thing so don't buy your plane tickets to tahiti for the honeymoon just yet.

Morality is something subtextually undergirding all law- it is unavoidable. It is a question of whose morality controls. And Arnold is, I imagine, in a spot of trouble with the Vatican.

Morality isn't a dirty word. Generally it is the path to the highest good. It is a gift of a roadmap for growth and preservation of the soul and society. It is ignored at peril. It is there for safety.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cleaning House-Really- We take spare China and Silver

Donate to the Best French Flea Market in Town

The French Church, St. Louis de France, that meets several places in DC, run directly out of the Archdiocese of Paris has an annual flea market, this time on October 3.

If you have upscalish donations of things you might have dropped off at a thrift shop they would be delighted to have it for the flea market. You can drop off anything at the Parish House
located in Friendship Heights, 4125 Garrison Street, NW - Washington DC (just behind the Fox news station) day or night. There is a place on the patio where they receive things. (Please no clothes-that goes to Saint Matthews homeless ministry).

The church meets at St. Jane de Chantal in Bethesda saturday nights, at Epiphany in Georgetown at 11:45 Sunday and earlier sunday am at the chapel in the Parish House. They also have daily mass at 7:00 pm at the Parish House.

The former priest just left to go back to Paris- he was awarded a Metal d'honeur or something fancy from the French Ambassador for putting up with us Americans. The new one, Pere (Father) Jean -Marie Vincent deserves a nice warm welcome - so lets help them make this flea market as good as those legendary ones you might find around Paris if you are lucky.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This year the Safe Streets Foundation and Prisons Foundation ( are putting on a world class musical extravoganza featuring a musical play written by a former prisoner and musically arranged by the prodigy genius ROC LEE, (PHD candidate at Catholic University in music composition) and a trilogy of astoundingly beautiful talented voices performing an operatic comedy. Truly brilliant. Rehearsals are progressing very nicely.
You do not want to miss this event in our Nation's Capital. As it is all free to the public, it is especially appreciated that those individuals who can assist in sponsoring the event will be given special program recognition and contributions in excess of 1,000 will be given invitations to cast and VIP events and space to display their justice related organizational or campaign material. Levels of sponsorship are described in the blog post below under "KENNEDY CENTER INVITATION"- scroll down for the July 13 entry.
This annual event supports the work of the Safe Streets Foundation, and Prisons Foundation which endeavors to reduce recidivism by empowering the creative faculties of persons through the Arts. The Safe Streets Foundation, based in Washington, DC but with a national reach, has a gallery featuring over 1,000 works of inmates and former inmates. It has launched careers and kept people off the streets. With the homeless statistics in DC alone topping 16,000-23,000 (depending on the survey, this is a critical program and it needs your support.
Contributions should be addressed to:
Cynthia L. Butler, Esq.
Assistant Executive Producer
Safe Streets Foundation Development Office
1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006
Thank you in advance for you kind and generous support. Further questions may be directed to Cynthia at 202-466-0998. Please include with your check how you wish your name or your organization's name to appear on the Program. You will be given a receipt for your tax deductable contribution.