Sunday, February 27, 2011

mais par chaque mot qui viene de la bouche de Dieu.............
je te promis aussi-

Sins of the Predecessors

Roosting War Hawks

When I look at the Middle East throwing off the oppressions of past regimes everywhere it is clear to me that there is an organizing force rejecting all regimes who have heretofore been cozily suppressing the people in alliance with some western interests which interests the masses view as impoverishing them.
Then it becomes even more clear to me that our previous foreign policy, particularly the Bush-Cheney "pre-emptive war" and completely fraudulent deceptive invasion of Iraq over made up photo-shopped UN presentations and falsified intelligence in which Neo-Cons deserved their name by conning the world into believing WMDs existed anywhere but in the empty threat to keep out Iran from Iraq, or that OBL (Osama Bin Laden) controlled a secular government under that Sad-man Hussein in any respect fuelled in part what we are here witnessing. In what measure I am not certain but we should own it and deal with it responsibly. The Arab world should not hold America or Americans responsible for what a previous rogue administration did outside International law. We should support International legal structures that bring some accountability for this even if it means clearing house at the State Dept.
In all the wisdom and understanding about conflict resolution, Bush-Cheney's in your face, kill first ask questions later, would so obviously naturally precipitate this sort of reaction. It is astounding that we have not prosecuted Torture at the highest levels. It is astounding that we
insist that no one committed any war crimes in this country when we sent off to 'secret rendition'
people to be threatened with boiling in oil in Uzbekestan. It is unbelievable that with completely made up intelligence we invaded a country that had, even if you believe the official story line, nothing whatsoever to do with 911 (there were no Iraqi hijackers) who did not ask us in - to solve what the business negotiators could not do in getting favorable oil concessions from Saddam Hussein.
If we do not wish to reap the ire of the arab world which looks like it does have a central organizing force, be it the Muslim Brotherhood or some other body of theocrats, we need to hold accountable people in this country who slaughtered millions of people in countries we had no right to launching invasions in on any moral dimension. If we don't prosecute them, God help Spain if it doesn't.


Thank God

The FBI in a highly public arrest has nabbed their first Pro-Choice terrorist. You thought that there weren't any? That all the pro-choice people were nice intellectuals or constitutional scholars?
Ever get a look at the demented derranged demonic looking people shouting back at the Rosary swingers on a March for Life?
Theodore Shulman (google it- Politics Daily has a great story) has been terrorizing pro-lifers
for years without any repercussion- because why? Abortion is "legal?"
So the guy who brags his mother had four elective abortions and makes death threats obsessively on cell phones to pro-lifers is just enforcing the laws?

Will they find Ten Righteous People in the City?

What's Jumpin

Allain Juppe

Note to Sarkozy: We LOVE Allain Juppe in the US. Well, actually, most of us don't really know him- but we want to. And we get the feeling he likes us Americanas.

Please make him Secretary of State/Foreign Minister.

Recently he came to speak at the Carnegie Institute for Peace. Something unusual for a Defense Minister. Even more unusual is his perfectly dignified English with nuance for a someone whose mother tongue is not English.
He was a tremendous hit, took questions spontaneously in English, and demonstrated not only a knowledge of finer tuned intracacies of American diplomatic musings but has a view of balance most welcome. He understands the need to balance security interests with liberty interests, and balance strength with the diplomatic white glove soft touch.

America will work well with Juppe.

The current foreign minister is embroiled in a bit of scandal of a conflict of interest nature and has been in a spot of hot water with Sarkozy for some unseemly connections with arab regimes on their way out ruffling feathers.

Now that all of the Magreb seems up in arms it would be an ideal time to give Juppe the job of
chief International Nuance Nice Guy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Any Way You Say It

Abortion is Murder of a Life - if it's in a Human Woman, it's a Human Life.

What, you thought it was a pet rabbit who bit the dust?
Any way you say it in any language ( Abortion is Murder.
There are few things less empirically clear. So obvious Bart Simpson can say "DUH" or his father "DUOH"

Society at large has an interest in stopping murder- a greater interest than it has stopping shoplifting or aggravated assault. Murder is greater than aggravated assault or purse nabbing.

That should be the foundational principle of the law. The exceptions then have to be rational if there are any. We have exceptions to murder in the law-for things like Self Defense. If someone is cocking the trigger of a gun pointed at your head you get to shoot first and your defense to killing is that you were defending your life. So self defense has to be proportionate. We don't give a self defense to someone for non life threatening reasons. We don't say you get to shoot someone if they cut you off in traffic because you are really P.O'ed. We don't let you shoot someone to get the insurance money. When money is a motive it looks even more heinous.

But in abortion we do let money be the motive to give people a self defense sort of pass.
In fact we give any reason now a self defense sort of pass without calling it that. We say, heck, if you are too stressed to think about changing diapers for the next two years, we will just let you
'off' your offspring - like a mob hit.

There is no wonder that the Republicans are so outraged by the decline in moral fibre in the country that has the smut-traders winning and covering their crimes in sleazy abortion clinics and persecution of lawyers working for DAs offices across the country trying to bring some common sense to the madness we have plummeted ourselves into.

So it is really galling that Democrats make this a signature of any platform or litmus test of any party loyalty. In fact the tired old crowd of women who think this is some sort of constitutional right to off your offspring twist constitutional thinking to a place that no founder would or could have fathomed much less approved of. The thought would have been just too indecent to even discuss then. Obviously no right of privacy exists if you are not alone. It begs its own conclusion in insisting that a woman has a privacy right that legally ignores the existence of a human she is merely housing until viability.

So I agree with Arianna. Time for new fresh thinking and new parties to stir the mix- or have subsets of parties with equal leadership positions. There should be a pro life democratic leader right next to the minority leader.
It is so obviously corruptly driven by 'special' interests in an unholy profit making alliance to give Planned Parenthood federal money of any kind. They put out so much propagandistic disinformation you wonder if Goebels had heirs consulting. They do NOT perform any free women's services like Mammogram. Go into any Planned Parenthood and ask for a Mammogram- they will think you are crazy and send you to your doctor and tell you that is what insurance is for.
Go into any planned parenthood and ask for condoms and they will direct you to the CVS, They are there to kill off your children. It's a deceptive misnomer- UNPLANNED NON PARENTHOOD.
And no taxpayer should have to pay for that nonsense. Kill your own children on your own nickel.
Better yet, spend the money on a nursery and some formula.

Two Parties

David Brooks and Arianna Huffington argue for shaking up the two parties to get healthier competition of ideas in the "Intelligent Debates" show. Huffington noted that France is ahead of us in upward mobility indexes under our two party polarized system.

She noted "France being ahead of us in upward mobility is like saying we are ahead of France
in better croissants and afternoon sex."

P.J. O'Rourke said he didn't want loopey third parties like the 'Garden Gnome Party' to which Brooks chimed in "that was Mike Dukakis."

The point is well taken by Brooks who covers congress closely that people generally come to politics with the best of intentions but have to line up with the party prerogatives and any dissent is viewed as disloyal. This makes people conform to behaviors that stunt their creative progress.

Huffington says that people are giving up on making the world better through politics but engaging in civic engagement on a smaller scale instead, because the two party system is something people have given up on and there are unprecedented numbers of registered independents now. P.J. O' Rourke says it looks like a phase.

Are we temporarily ungovernable or badly governed? The budget crisis isn't going away, argued P.J. those

"dumb SOBs down in Washington will have to own up to this fact"

Huffington, says we need to take steps to make it better and shake up the dysfunctional stagnant two party system. Allow more competition. It is at the essence of a freedom based system. We believe in it in everything but politics.

It's a great debate to have. The polarized platforms ideologically lock out lots of people who can't in conscience subscribe to one or the other lock step. "People do not trust establishments" said Huffington.

"Movement" candidates only get three percent of the vote. Obama was a party institutional candidate with all the party backing, he wasn't a movement candidate. John Adams said political parties are there to govern passions, argued another panelists who said the two parties are able to channel productively all the passions of anti-establishmentarianism, economic dissafection, social estrangement or disaffection and creative impulses. Should Congress be like a football game with just two sides?

Do we have less a common narrative, greater bifurcation of news, is the problem in the way information flows through the country and tribes around facts rather than interpretation?

Brooks noted more people have Ferrets than watch Fox news but it has a lot of centralized power of information flow.

The extreme polarization, P.J noted is more normal than not. Brooks disagreed. Brooks says that this is much more stagnant and stuck -lack of agreement, the leadership nature itself changed, people are not as free to put forward ideas.

A solution? Non party primaries. A third percent of the country isn't offered anything. Non party primaries gives them something. A third of the country is totally disaffected and don't vote. A lot of people do not feel represented by any of the two parties.
Would a multiplicity of parties make it more ungovernable? Zev Chafies says politicians will make find a way to game any system. So if its open to anyone- it would be more chaos.
The only place I know where people are forced to vote is North Korea said Zev.

Brooks says he considers himself Hamiltonian and he is a bit of a misfit on these talking shows because he sits in the Republican seat. The labels speak about what team you are on.

Huffington concludes that the two party system is like a stale marriage that needs a little
spicing up-they need to go on Craig's List and find a third party. (Huffington, a bottle blonde in black velvet does seem to be the wild card on these shows.) O'Rourke is the author of "Don't vote, it just encourages the Bastards.' He thinks the two party system keeps governance within real life. We all say we are all a bit of both democrat and republican. No one turns down a government benefit but no one says "oh goodie" when their taxes go up. "Two parties is as many as I can stand" said O'Rourke. "If the third party is not wearing a shirt, you may want to do a background check...he may be in congress" arguing for different fresh blood than the characters who are locked into the partisanship, argued Huffington. (shirtless third second or first parties are generally never welcome.)

She noted that the failed two party system has more African Americans in jail than in permenant jobs.
Zev said "we stand at Armegeddon and we stand for the Lord" quoting Teddy Roosevelt.
Zev said that America is a highly governed country ergo the system is not failing. No society is perfect.
Brooks said if he and Ariana were elected they would not be able to reach agreement or sit in the same room negotiating because the two parties are too totally
RIGID. It precludes reaching agreement or solutions. We have too many problems that need resolving. He said "vote for the glamorous side" and vote for Arianna's position that we need
a major shaking up.
The problems speak for themselves.


Please pray

For Megan, Mark and Miles- brand new baby boy .

Major health challenges for mommy and miles. and Mark is commuting from hospital in Palo Alto to Google where he works. She's my cousin/Godkiddie and I adore them. Please pray hard.

Is Your Building Making You Sick?

Mold Mayhem -more serious than you know

Washington, we are told was built on a swamp. It doesn't have the best air quality sitting in the middle of a valley beneath the Catoctin and Allegheny mountain ranges getting all of Pennsylvania's dumping industrial air flow when the winds blow downstream.

But who would expect the air quality INSIDE your house to make you sick? Apparently the Global Indoor Health Network does. ( A number of court opinions appear under the "Personal Stories" tab of the above weblink.

And litigation is sprouting up across the country more and more as people become aware of something deadly lurking potentially in their homes: TOXIC MOLD. It can really disrupt your life. Actually it can kill you.

Water Damaged buildings that let water flooding just lie there and seep along unchecked can develop deadly mold conditions that cause health effects that are often misdiagnosed and mistreated as other ailments that look like something else, like Fibromyalgia, even Gulf War Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue. There are a host of things misdiagnosed for unrecognized toxic mold poisoning. Check to make sure nothing is leaking in your house- like a Furnace, or basement window-wells, old chimneys that puddle rainwater in hidden niches or deficiently installed plumbing joints by unlicensed plumbers in shoddy construction. You don't want leaks in your house. Or CONDO or Apartment. If you live in a Condo make sure the homeowners association or Condo Board knows to inspect for this with licensed knowledgeable remediator/inspectors.

If you have anything like the black mold Jennifer Aniston discovered in her Hollywood Hills house back when she and Brad were together, don't clean it yourself. Hire a professional remediator. This has to be treated in a special way to get rid of it. If you find yourself sick
after finding black mold anywhere in your house, see a doctor recommended by the Global Health Network familiar with these symptoms. You may also need a good lawyer. I know you know one.
See also,
and google "OP ED NEWS" and mold for more on lethal mold horror stories.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Stays?

Must See Movie if you are in LA or NYC this weekend.


Cannes Film Fest Fave.


Said the woman

To the Prelate

I charge you with the murder
of all the unborn
conceived in the heart
for driving us apart.
I sentence you to solitary
for the rest of your unnatural life
for the crimes of unloveliness
imposed with a knife in the back
to ponder how you so deluded
your flock to believe
that sanctimonious drivel
mistaken for a holiness creed
I charge you with hypocrisy
and for the third count indictment
I charge you with apostasy
For destroying a family
go quickly into that good night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Suffering of the Innocents

The Suffering of the Innocents

The Rebel's Cry

Not playin your silly games
want out of those paradigms
not submitting to your dictation
not living forever in lamentation
don't buy your sorry neglect
or let it go like you forget
Not ever going back to hurt
not letting you treat me like dirt
Cry for you Argentina and Libya
if only he knew you
to the shores of Tripoli
and for all who suffer depravity and indignity
parading falsely as piety.

Unrighteous Indignations

and the Politics of Humiliation

Rachel Maddow, whom some call Rachel Mad Cow (unkind I know but I put it out there for thought- I don't know anyone calling Leslie Stahl or BabawaWawa anything like that)- is on a long rant- all the time. I appreciated it when It is or was against the Iraq war and deceitful government taking us to war generally for Cheney's oil interested portfolio padding. But the near canonization of late term abortion doctors- are you kidding? Are we out of scripts?

In her Antie Em Send Me Back to Kansas routine she rallied the cries of those feeling
a bit ostracized for what- catering to people who don't realize if you don't want unintended pregnancies you don't have unintended sex? I would expect more from someone who champions women's rights- or is it only gay women's rights. I like to think women can be and are smarter and deserve better than the mutilation of their offspring for the sins of their unbetter halves.

The chanting and cheerleading from the MSNBC crowd of hooplah behind her
applauding the other abortion doctor and Rachel's attempt to create public outrage over an attorney who, heaven forbid, used medical records in a public way in efforts to
stop teen pregnancies or rape is wild and wierd.

Let me give you Rachel a lesson in law, because I actually am a real lawyer. Medical records become public ALL THE TIME in litigation any time anyone makes a claim for a personal injury. Anytime anyone puts forward in a court that they are injured in some fashion causing bodily harm for which they want compensation for the injury to their body medical records are evidenced, they can be subpoenaed, they are reviewed often by experts, they are examined by attorneys, judges and juries and they become part of a public record.

The state and society in general has an interest in stopping underage sex and this is codified in the law in what we call 'statutory rape' statutes which impute a degree of lack of consent to someone underage. In other words, if you are 12 and a 20 year old has sex with you, we say that the 12 year old lacks capacity to make an agreement to have sex because they are too young to know what they are getting into. If a 12 year old then gets pregnant and that 20 year old wants to cover his crime by forcing an abortion on a 12 year old we want the State to have all the tools necessary to prosecute that 20 year old who is in that case guilty of child abuse and molestation.

Rachel- do you even know the message that you are sending with that whooping hollerin
crowd behind you getting so outraged at this Kansas attorney?

I find your indignation most Unrighteous.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear George


I write to explain 'regulatory reform' because from a financier or arbitrage perspective you may not quite appreciate what the folks who are involved in manufacturing industries deal with.
This is prompted by your comments on GPS wherein you attribute the Tea Party manipulation to selfish people who want to reform regulation (and taxes.) Lets talk regulatory reform.

For the sector of the economy who make their living off making things- manufacturing, regulatory reform is seen as key to being able to create enterprises that make jobs that feed people and keep roofs over their heads and pay college tuitions. So those people harping about regulatory reform are not any more selfish than people making money off other people's money. Are they organized through places like the Chamber of Commerce and plugged into Dick Armey's Tea Party Freedom Works lobbying hooplah? Sure- but they don't come from a place of pure selfishness. They have an economic perspective they think is responsible and rational.

Regulations, or government overreach has been seen as a stranglehold preventing the establishment of new innovation because it becomes so cost prohibitive to set up new industries that it provides barriers to entry that block entire industries. This was not the case when for example the computer industry first launched in the 50s- if we had
the same regulatory climate as we do now then it is unlikely we would even have companies now like Apple and Microsoft. Regulations affect every aspect of industry- government requirements pertaining to everything, not just taxation, can create untenable barriers to entry that completely
discourage or prevent even new innovative industry from being born.
Not that each of these regulations were not well conceived, and not that they each don't make some sense. I am particularly fond of all the statutory employment laws that make people behave better toward a workforce or vulnerable 'protected class' citizens. But on the whole, if you look at the whole regulatory climate, you have to assess how friendly it is for people to create new business opportunities for others by creating new industries. How easy is it now to launch a Green Apollo type initiative- because we have been waiting and it has not happend yet. Why not?? Have you tried it?

Hence, I submit those people championing regulatory reform are not out of their minds, and they are not motivated by selfishness necessarily any more than anyone else. It is a rational assessment of economic opportunity. They are looking at how best to spur on job growth. Jobs exist in companies. So you cannot ignore the fiscal health of companies if you want to create job growth, and the fiscal health of companies are impacted by regulations. It is important thus to look at potential over-reach responsibly.
Jobs are part of a system that requires looking at structural issues. At root, you have to look at the whole system. Very good decent unselfish people are trying to do that. Those aren't the ones with Lipton tags hanging from their fishing hats.

Lets do lunch. I will explain.

The Butler Balance Box

Militant Moderation

Madeleine Albright coined the term the 'Militant Moderate" or at least she is the first person I ever heard say it. "Moderation is the Key to All" used to say my father, and he wasn't talking just about drinking. We have now in Washington what I call the "Jane You Ignorant Slut" version of incivility in politics. Remember the early days of Saturday Night Live when they had the "Point/Counterpoint" spoof on talkingheadom? The contrarian position opened with someone declaring cavalierly "Jane You Ignorant Slut." That was rock-off-your-chair hilarious because of course it was the shocking opposite of anything you would or should expect to hear of talking headom back in the early days. Now it is basically, in so many words, the norm. Rachel Maddow
opens with the 'hey, you coconut bra' nutjob mockery (deserved in that case of the coconut bra guys from aptly named "Whackenhut" and that is descriptive more than uncivil.)
I am talking more about the types of antiabortionists who are not the rosary prayerful warrier types- I am talking about the types of wierdos who jump women looking for a papsmear.
The signs, the slogans, the vitriol, the slinging insult, the derrision, the total lack of trying to
empathize with the other side of anything is missing as polarization is idolized beyond
anything resembling consensus.
On the other side of antiabortion wierdodom are the militant pro-abortionists who are equally guilty of witch hunting. For example, what is with the persecution of an Attorney General or a DA who does his job so well that he thinks of cross referencing local hotel records with medical records to see if anyone was accompanying minors believed to be statutorily raped to abortion clinics? I think the guy should get an ABA award, not be hauled before an ethics committee. Are they kidding? If he has to endure an ethics trial for that what hope is there for any of us?

I watch the coverage of what is going on in Milwaukee over public union busting with a bit of sadness because the coverage is so unbalanced in either direction. Here is what I find missing:
These are about Public Unions, not about ALL unions. Public unions are dealing with taxpayer money- your money. Do you have any idea how well off some public union employees actually are compared to the shlubs who just got laid off from private industry? Do you have any idea what pension benefits actually look like for various public union employees?
Private contracts that are union busting should of course be competitively bid- the no bid stuff is ridiculous. That just makes fiduciary sense when dealing with public funds, e.g. your money.
But lets get real about what public employee pension benefits actually look like- some public teachers in California retire in million dollar style with pensions of hundreds of thousands, move to Arizona or Seattle and start their second careers at age 45. I don't feel sorry for those people.
Do you? Some of the same public employees screaming with hokie hand made signs have second homes on a lake in Wisconsin. Get serious. Have you seen any real one on one interviews where anyone's lifestyle is actually explored? Making less power for public unions doesn't help the two percent of uberwealthy Americans get richer, because the boss, e.g. the Governor doesn't get to pocket what they don't earn- it isn't a zero sum public administration where the bottom line goes to the Governor in a bonus. It's PUBLIC funds.

Just thought I should throw my two lucky penny's worth in the mix.
If I want to watch Loonie Tune coverage I will only watch Saturday morning cartoon TV with my four year old nephew. Big People News should be a bit more balanced.


Monday, February 21, 2011

The Prophet Micah

What does the Lord require of you:

To do Justice
To love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

(so they all cannot be oxymoronic or incompatible if
God says do it all at once)

Forgiveness is no substitute for Justice
Pope Benoit XVI
Si tu cherche quel que reponse
moi, je te suis
n'importe ou tu voyage

et comme le
'hound of heaven'
qui cherche ta coeur partout
pour t'amene au ciel
je te cherche mon amour
et je ne quitterai rien

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soros on GPS

real time more or less on today's GPS

George Soros on GPS- tells it like it is.

Note to Beck-Orwellian Newspeak telling people falsehoods to deceive people. That's what Fox News is doing according to Soros. Beck is a lune (he didn't say that, its my editorial comment)
Beck accuses Soros of being the mastermind puppetmaster trying to bring down the government "I would be amused if people saw the joke in it." said Soros. [editorial note- i do, beck is a lune] Rupurt Murdock is doing this- has a media empire telling people falsehoods leading sheep astray and the government in the wrong direction. By accusing Soros doing it is deflected that Beck works for Murdock who is doing the exact same thing he accuses Soros of.
Beck wildly accuses him of helping to round Jews up during the Holocaust. Fox imports the methods of Orwellian "newspeak" telling people falsehoods and deceiving them. Hard to believe that these methods could succeed- but they did succeed in Germany so its not unfathomable. It is a "dangerous way of deceiving people and I would like people to be aware that they are being deceived" said Soros.
Soros said that he had the experience of mass deception on a societal level in his youth so he knows how it works. He wants American people to "wake up."
The tea party are decent hard working people, very decent people, he explained, they are being hit and misled by people using it for their selfish purposes namely to remove regulations and reduce taxation. They are being used and deceived.

Soros says Obama had to bail out the banks, however, he didn't do it in exactly the right way because there are holes in the capitalization. He had a better plan. Why wasn't he [Soros] consulted?

Yes, in future there will be municipal defaults, feared and some real. Some will default. Frightening for the bond markets.

Interest will inflate further. We may be in a position where we can't borrow any longer.
That will be a major shocker to some. Imagine it.

If Bush/Cheney were in office still the Egyptian revolution would not have been peaceful.

Editorial recommendation:
Soros should have his own show. no- Network.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Does Not Make a thing Untrue.

I just learned of something called the Cassandra complex by name. I knew of it
from personal experience prior.
It is a sort of curse of being gifted with prophesy but having no one believe it. What could be worse. It is the stuff of Jeremiah ripping out his hair while no one listens. It is the stuff of the 9-11 truther's campaigns demanding Hill hearings to investigate what lack of subpoena power and Condi refusing to testify left unsaid.

People who know the truth and have a bonding to truth in spirit have to tell it.
They don't have a choice. They have to tell it even when it sounds off the wall and they know it could bring rebuke. They just have to tell it. It is the stuff that
brought Saint Joan of Arc to the stake. It is what makes martyrs and people
die humiliating painful deaths testifying to the truth.

If not one person gets it or believes it- if it is true it is true and must be said so.
Jesus inhabits and incarnates the Spirit of Truth. You don't have a choice if you know him.

Pearls to Swine

The person who has the most blessed
thing in the world
and pisses it away for vainglory's sake
is the saddest of fools
that ever did God make.
The saddest of sorry beings
is one who didn't know what he had
and ran it over like a madman.
Insanity doesn't come close
to the desecration of soul
that is done by such a one.
What arrogant insolence
or ego insularity
to blame God
for your own stupidity
or profound lack
of creativity
or stuborn adherence to
doctrinal absurdity
How dare you
blame God
for your loveless
formulas and dirges
looking for the living
among the dead. Springing
waters abound all around
and you prefer hiding in caves.
So Depraved.
Sadism is not Piety
It doesn't serve anything but cruelty
the confusion is astounding stupidity
as is the insistence on making life unhappy
to then argue for martyrdom's sacrifice
Your theology is as bass-ackwards
as a three dollar bill's face
all I want is kindness
and rational Grace.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let me give it to you straight my almost friend
If you throw me under the bus I don't give you the keys again.
You don't get to sit in the driver's seat
You get to live with why you ran over my feet.

dear John, or Tom, Dick Harry or Ed

I can never come back to you
whether from your ignorance, lack of faith
or ego I do not know
but you didn't trust that I knew
right from wrong or true or not-
you didn't trust my heart
so pierced it with a sword
and let it lie there bleeding scorned
I can never come back to you
and this must be your eternal hell
that you would rather be yourself
alone with ego, id and droning
sychophantic noises in your head
when you could have had an infant
I can never come back to you
we are through.

true friend

Were it not for you
the betrayal would have captured me
into despondency and utterly
crushed my hopeless heart
that poured all its blood
into a wasted drain to nowhere.
Were it not for you
listening next to me
to my prayer I would have
lost my will to care
Were it not for you
I would have cried myself to sleep
until I didn't ever wake
and prayed my soul someone
would take someplace else soon
Were it not for you I would
have completely lost the tune.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I will sing praises to the Lord always
His praise will continually be on my lips
Sing to the Lord a new song.
For His Mercy Endures Forever.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Fete de saint valentin. You know how all the great seasons last a season. Easter lasts 40 days, Christmas lasts 50 days. So why can't we have the Season of Saint Valentine. I suggest that it last right up until Ash Wednesday. That way we can keep giving chocolate and roses until we have to put ashes on our foreheads.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Let there Be Life


It just makes me cry. My mother lost her fourth child to a miscarriage. My aunt lost her first born to a stillbirth in a diabetic high risk pregnancy. The thought of intentionally 'terminating' a pregnancy just makes me cry. Pregnancy is hard for some people.
Some people don't even find their truest love until their biological clocks need new batteries.
Above is an image of a woman all grown up that Ann Gedes captured as a premmie infant. The infant cupped in the hands is the same person as that above. This is now circulating all over AOL.

There is a flurry of pro-life legislation before the House now. it should be bipartisan. Because anything we can do to stop people from 'terminating' the lives under their custody and control
we should try to do. Because everyone is entitled by an inalienable right to LIFE, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Addictions

Look in Your Medicine Cabinet

How many 'drugs' OTC (over the counter) and prescriptions do you have. It's too many. It's largely unnecessary. It is pushed on you by advertising budgets and big pharma and doctors who get kickbacks for promoting them and get paid by telling you everything that's wrong with you.

American society is rampantly infested with overdrug usage on the legal and illegal level.
Look at the OTC aisles of any drug store.

This is a uniquely American phenomena and it is crazy. It is because of the power of the
big pharma lobbies and stock trading influences.

There were saints like Saint Catherine of Sienna who lived on nothing but the herbs from her garden and the Eucharist. Ok, she only lived to be about 30- but it's possible! There are stigmatists who existed for years on nothing but water, and the blood and bread of the Eucharist.

Here is an incredibly sad disaster that should wake some people up.

Now go to your medicine cabinet and chuck out most of it. Garlic is a great antibiotic.
(not a physician and this is not medical advice so don't sue me for med mal.- just a hunch you don't really need half of it.)
If you eat right, sleep right, live right and get to Mass a few times a week, you don't need artificial drugs- you were not meant to ingest tons of chemical garbage. It's probably making you sick.
J'etais attacke par Cupid's Sword
Sans rien de misericorde
Tombe par terre
d'amour forte
Est-ce que je suis mort?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

je suis sur
que tu est le perle
du prix inestimible
qui me demande de
vende tous a te suivre
et maintenant j'ai
un peu peur
mais pas pour trop longtemps
parce que tres tot
et tres bientot
nous serions ensembles.

Nothing like

The Real Deal

There's an App. for that.
Confession. Not kidding. As reported on AOL today, now thankfully merged with Contessa Ariana Huff the MagicBlogQueen.

But the Vatican officially declared via their porte-parole Lombardi as Agence France reported, that confession is not valid when absolution is by Mouse. One needs a tete a tete
with a real human priest. This people, is for your own good and that of all the church.

This had me thinking what a sorry state of interpersonal neglect we have turned into when we substitute chronic internet email addictions for actually chatting live face to face. I do it to not fall in love too hard too fast.
You can actually substitute a sort of fake friendliness for actually being there and lull oneself into the mistaken belief that one is in cyber-relationship which creates a bit of laziness and avoids having to deal with the real hands on approach to life where hugs count.

Hugs Count. My new motto. There is a 'free hugs' campaign out there somewhere and it might be more productive than freeing whales for making the earth more safe for life. Hugs can be dangerous. They can lead to prolongued hugs. And everyone knows where that goes.

CNN also now has a 'Belief Blog'- google it and iphone confessons.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Comment on peut dit 'oui'
mille fois a tout tes propositions
a moi. Je dis 'oui' toujours a toi
et toujours 'oui' a tes propositions
selon que le volunte de Dieu soit fait
chaque jour et dans nos coeurs amitie.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Excuse Me

Excuse Me
But aren't we
rather missing the point
in condemning the truthteller
rather than the lying blight
And Excuse Me
but aren't we
rather missing the point
in scolding those who call out
those hate-monger shouts
rather than those hater louts
In this bass-ackwards world
where fraudsters trick with glee
and skate off to prosperity
leaving the trusting
to pack up the pieces tossed on the lawn.
Excuse me but this is just wrong.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

They're Kidding-Right?

Immaculate Popcicles?

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's the Blessed Virgin herself - because she has nothing better to do than drip from a faucet in Michigan? As reported in 'Whacky News"
the Deerborn Heights town is now aflutter and someone is looking for a fast track to sainthood next to Diaz of Guadeloupe for spotting the dripping BVM deep in prayer (for someone to clean the faucet no doubt).

I like the one in French toast better. Look on E-bay next week for the BVM popcicle company launch. If only they paid as much respectful reverential attention to the real woman in the world we run across in real life than bad plumbing.....we might have more credibility.



Everything has within it a gestault of what propels its movement or the flow of its being from the micro-cellular level to the macrosocietal level.

When this is operating at its maximal health and growth potential, the central organizing principle is always LOVE- because God is Love.

This is something trivially understood by many 'organized ' religious bodies and divisions thereof who devolve quickly for the sake of organization into organizational modules and models where the organization itself can take on idolotrous centrality as policies devolve to preserve the organization over it's very mission.

The Central Organizing Principle of Life is Love.

Because God is Love.

God is not an institution. He is not a Campus. He is not a Liturgy. He is not a Rectory House or a Maintenance budget or a Sodality or an Agency. He is the Spirit of Truth, Peace and Power of Love. Love then.

With all your heart, mind, soul, strength and being. The purest convert their whole being into Love and so shall see God.
Put away childish things, selfish things,- Grow into Love. It's worth 'losing yourself' for.

The perfect complimentarity of man/woman love as created from the beginning in Love is thus the strongest bonded foundational gestault of any society which should not be subsumed or subverted by any institutional mandate.
It is true of society at large as all the "marriage matters" initiatives attest and it is true in any religious institution.
Where two or more are gathered in His Name, he is there. Thus this is an incredibly powerful manifestation of His Love, which Is Him when Man and Woman bond in Love in His Name.
This is an incredibly great strong tunnel of light through the darkness of the world and even the darkness of institutional 'church.' Tunnels of light to the next dimension of Peace.

I do not understand those who mock married clergy as less holy- it is a perversion like a wormwood hole that buroughs through the tunnel of light. Wormwood.

Friday, February 04, 2011

If God Inhabits
the Praises of his People
How then can you say
Singing is not enough?
What's more or better
than God living here with us?
Singing, the Augustinian
praying twice
is wireless direct to God
who then bends his ear
in delight. This
close to Paradise
when we sing his Praises
and made for this I am
his lowly lonely troubador
What's more laudable
than singing to the Lord?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
something by a river
Alph the sacred flow
that Coleridge spoke
of through the ages wisely
And what will they write
about the great
Monongahela or Sacred
River Mississippi
that fed Indian traders abundantly
Or that sacred River
Gave next to the Grotto
in a Pyrannese town Lourdes
that cured the lame and leper
and washed away the stigmatisms
of distorted visions to bring
Peace and healing.
What poet will chime like the noon
bells at Epiphany to sing
of loves too deep to express humanly
for fear they are lost in translation?
The streets of Egypt
are crying in rage
to dismember their oppressions
and untie their legs
from the shackles of capriciousness
and arbitrary abuses
The streets of Egypt
are bleeding for liberations
of soul that move entire
villages and cities
for whom all bells toll
And their rails of despiration
their shouting condemnations
resound in us a fearful anticipation
and the biggest question we can think
to ask is 'how will it affect me
and the israelis' I must ask
reflexively, how will it affect plurality
of Egyptians and the mother there squatting
on the road median nursing her baby?

invent america

Things that never were
when i was just born
are cell phones, laptops, internet
porn, cameras in phones
skype and baby bjorn carriers
for kiddies, dvds, cds
the muppets and radio
alarm clocks, lazer eye
surgery, starbuck, radio
shack, cars with rolling sky
light windows, microwave cookery
teflon pans,cars with talking gps
fans of john stewart and steve colbert
anyone who could dance better than
Fred Astaire. These are what we have
in a half a century.
What the next fifty years will hold
if we listen to what our imaginations
are told .

(internet porn isn't a good thing-it just rhymed)


I didn't much want to be hemmed in
or hawed at
I didn't much want to be quartered
and drawn out
Not oppressed by daily mundanities
while I put my heart in the deep freeze
Until I met you then it seemed
I could happily pick up your shirts
at the dry clean
or spend hours making spinach quiche
and flan for the pleasure of hearing you say
'why thank you ma'am' and 'what's for dinner today.'
As preferential things are told
I prefer not to be cut from the jib of the mold
or do precisely what I am told
without wondering why if it's that old
blame it perhaps on my liberal education
or a touch of too much sophistocation
or reading of Kant and Camus and Baudelaire
I just refuse to cut my hair.
and I don't much aspire to be the ladies who lunch
I prefer to be the ladies who fly Air France
to distant places and watered lands

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Salut Saint

(et tout les ombres)

re-agir le feu
l'amour est la loi

The Rule of Law

Minus the Rulers

This may not make you lose sleep at night but it should. We don't have enough judges to do
the work of Justice to make us all safe and living in a fully functioning Judicial system in America anymore according to White House counsel Bob Bauer who addressed the American Constitution Society today-check C-span today. Another bunch of judicial nominees were apparently held up indefinately last Thursday. Good qualified although a bit controversial people like Goodwin Liu have still not faced any up or down vote for the Ninth Circuit.
This has even Chief Justice Roberts worried as he noted in addressing some judicial conference recently on the point.
What happens when we can't get judges nominated is that there is an unbearable back log on cases, so cases get trial dates years and years later if they are not those covered by the Speedy Trial Act of a criminal nature. Civil matters are not heard for years and years and years which can really put a crimp on one's lifestyle if for example you are dealing with matters of contract affecting business or other issues that you just don't want tied up in court proceedings. It also means that litigants get short shrift and their matters are sometimes not given the full attention required to get the full story out which compromises rulings. It really affects the quality of judicial decisions. It is serious stuff. Judges don't want to have to practice in a manner where they cannot fully review and research issues in a file and it is causing good people to quit and other good people to turn down the job. It affects whether we do or do not have a basic rule of law that people have confidence in. The administration of Justice has to have integrity and not be a sham or people will lose faith in the system. That requires that we have enough judges for all the cases to have the time to properly assess them. That means more not less judges.
The recent death of the Arizona judge caused another crisis. Cases that were required under one statute to get to court in a certain amount of time were pushed back with the length of time extended much further out.
The lack of enough judges can and does compromise due process rights and perverts the system of fairness.

This is not a partisan issue as Chief Justice Roberts likely well agrees. It is a matter of fundamental constitutional rights of due process and integrity in our basic rule of law.
So here is a message to McConnell and any other happy republican playing 'tit for tat' politics
with judicial filibuster threats and stonewalling that would blush Jackson- get off it already.
No one appreciates it. It isn't funny. It is obnoxious.
We need more judges- and you are being obstructive to basic fairness.
We are watching you. And I am going to start keeping notes.