Friday, May 23, 2014

The Man Who Almost Was Pope

And Could Yet Still Be- He's young enough.

Cardinal Schoenborn is my new favorite Cardinal (no offense to Cardinal O'Malley who is also a favorite).

He had the gall to suggest that the mandatory celibacy might be re-examined in light of the crushing pedo scandals- which now have prompted a UN body to declare officially the Catholic church as a 'torturer' on the child rape front. Yes, child rape is torture. Are you seriously questioning that? I mean did you have to think of that for five seconds- when boys are turning suicidal and becoming drug addicts to self-medicate their pain. And the betrayal. Judas didn't do worse. Can you imagine any corporation in the world acting like that. Imagine GE having files on all its branch managers that they were raping children and the senior management ignored it or transferred the managers to evade service of process. Criminal Enterprise.
The people who challenge the connection between mandatory celibacy and pedofilia are such brain challenged people I wonder if they are veterans with traumatic brain injury or just totally brain-washed. More healthy married clergy men means less perverts.  D'oh.

People are (with a straight face and a publishing deal) declaring in the blind defense of hierarchy with the same ferocity that had a village of intimidated idiots declaring the Emperor's clothes were spectacular-  that there are scout leaders and teachers and police men who are also pedos so therefore catholic clergy aren't so bad because they too are pedos. This is like saying there are obese people in the world so its not so bad that athletic olympians are obese.  CLERGY are supposed to be so far above the perverted masses that no one would dare even compare the two. Presbyterian clergy have paid  zero in child rape convicted clergy cases, other than Al Sharpton I am not aware of Baptist ministers sitting in any jail for any reason  much less child raping, and Episcopalian priests don't find themselves defending allegations of raping boys with anything like the magnitude of catholic clergy who have paid over two billion (that's 2 billion dollars) in settlements and legal fees.  The apples to apples comparison is clergy to clergy- not catholic priests to the demented perverted masses.

     Does the Catholic clergy engage in emotional abuse? Yes. Is it sometimes "torture"- yes, according to the UN.
   Over 200,000 ordained priests have left the church in America due to the mandatory celibacy when they found God's call to fall in love with women and marry them and pro-create, just like their heavenly father who Pro-Created physically humans.  Falling in love with women has been demeaned to 'scandal' in the catholic church such that they drive priests out for doing it. That is DISGUSTING. It is scandal to rape a boy. It is Godly to fall in love with a woman. How this twisted theology took root is beyond reason. Its flatly heresy.

    Because of the priest shortage some theologicans had mass without one- and got excommunicated.

The Catholic church is afraid of itself. Its afraid of those evil mean women who think priests are their possessions and they own their sexuality so they have to demonize women who fall in love with them---because they can't have them. The twisted sister widows and married women who fall in love with priests because their marriages are so dismal and hang around parish houses keeping 'their' priests in line are pathetic old women who should not be running any policies anywhere.

     Stop demonizing women who actually are eligible to marry priests and love them, and start looking at your own eye-logs. And for Heaven's Sake (literally) stop deluding yourself that mandatory 'celibacy' makes anyone holier. Saint Peter himself was married and he was chosen as the Rock. If you aren't married, you aren't Saint Peter.



Monday, May 19, 2014


ERIC HOLDER -US Attorney General

  For his landmark prosecution against Chinese hackers stealing trade secrets from American companys. Brilliant. Well Done. Bravo Bravissimo.


Hacking is Evil. No matter who does it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

European Court of Justice

Privacy Rights and the Right to Move On

    Europe has stricter privacy rights than the US. Disparaging material is not something that Europeans want published about each other. Law suits against tabloids flourish for violating privacy rights even when true- or photos actual real and not photoshopped. That is why, for example, Julie First French Mistress to the President can threaten to sue the tabloids for exposing an affair.

    The European Court of Justice has issued a landmark ruling against Google that it must delete and remove any old disparaging information on line. Google is appealing it- why? Does Google wish to become the gossipmonger peddler of defamation internationally? Does Google become an international neighborhood bully of sorts if it won't delete or remove disparaging or defamatory material?  This debate will rage- on line no doubt.



Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Irish Catholics Overwhelmingly

Want Married Priests.

Six in Ten American Catholics want married priests.

So shouldn't there be at least an option?

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Ways to Defy God

    The fight against the married priesthood option takes a perverted theological turn in justifications launched stating things like Christ was married to the Church as the 'bridegroom' to the body of Christ, therefore priests have to be married to their parishes- and celibate. This is such a ridiculous theological perversion which has been debunked by no less than Pope John Paul II who said there is no ontological necessity for priests to be unmarried and it is a mere 'discipline' that serves an institutional pragmatic purpose. This Pope, Francis has said it can change- and I argue, Must Change.

    A priest is not Jesus. A priest cannot pretend to be Jesus. Jesus was Jesus. Jesus doesn't need a priest's sperm to consecrate his body or blood to become Jesus' body and blood.

The perversions that have followed from this biblical disobedience (there is an express Biblical mandate that Bishops should be the husband of one wife, as is the Jewish priesthood model and as was practiced in the catholic world for a thousand years and as is still the case in protestant denominations and eastern, orthodox, armenian, melkite, and maronite orders) are legend and have cost the church BILLIONS.

It is time to stop the BS- stop persecuting women who know that far far more abuse than Jesus ever would sanction or tolerate has been perpetuated disgustingly in his name over keeping priests unhealthy not heterosexual men in marital unions.

Time to get real. Before the world makes you.

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before the Lord other than the Lord- not even yourself. Its the First Commandment you break when idolizing celibacy. You are not Jesus. There should be a class in Seminary: You Are Not Jesus: Get Over Yourself Please.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014






Wednesday, May 07, 2014

His Mercies to Behold.

Do you Believe in Miracles?  Its a good question to ask around Canonizations because it takes a few to make a Saint-

     If you have not seen the movie " HEAVEN IS FOR REAL" yet I highly encourage going. Its playing everywhere-about a four year old boy who had an out of body near death experience and claims he went to heaven then returned to talk about it.
Do you believe in Visions? A few Pennsylvania Minors apparently saw one of a late Pope. You can read the remarkable story in the Pastor's letter in the Bulletin of Our Lady of Lourdes, Bethesda HERE

Gone to Pot

Legalization of Marijuana

     The race statistics on arrests previously for MJ (marijuana) smoking in small amounts have been seen as a troubling point to judicial racism because they tend to weigh heavily in African American communities. It is a ralling cry for legalization everywhere of small 'personal' amounts. It might just be that black communities indulge more, hence the larger arrests. 

   In DC this morning I walked behind a large African American male smoking on the street in a fairly nice neighborhood on the way to work. Last night it was on the metro. The smoke is pervasive-you can't miss it- nor the roughly 300 pound rastafarian smoking standing still on a metro escalator. You cannot eat or drink in the metro but apparently you can now smoke pot. 

   It still should be illegal everywhere to smoke in public. The smoke has second hand smoking features that the rest of the non-pothead world doesn't appreciate.

   This morning after standing on the sidewalk behind a lethargic meandering pothead strolling while toking I stood in line at a cormer bakery where the guy behind the cash register, also African American was clearly stoned, gazingly dazing off into the horizon past cinnabon heaven taking dollar bills and repeatedly asking what sort of coffee that was that I ordered. He is supposed to immediately hand me a paper cup whereupon i get it myself on another counter and hand me the orange juice while he places the bagel order. I waited 20 minutes before getting bold and asking where my egg bagel with cheese was and it had been sitting behind him for a while. I thought that was mine there. Either clinically subhuman intelligence of an ardvaark or stoned off his gord. The loopy rolling eyes gave  him away. 

  Don't do it. Don't legalize MJ in your city/state. Or at least make it adhere to the same smoking in public bans that exist and ban them from restaurants and sidewalks and metros and train stations and everywhere people have to have oxygen.




Saturday, May 03, 2014

Paul, Paul

Why Are You Persecuting Me.

     Easter isn't over. It's never over. Because the Resurrection leads to ETERNAL LIFE.
The official calendar has an Easter "Octave" or 8 days after Easter, then another 40 days to Pentacost as
the Easter "Season"- We are still in the Easter "Season." Jesus lives, and reigns, still and forever.

   That means new life can resurrect out of nothing any day. Hard hearts can turn to Joy, spitting mean people can turn to generous loving people.

What happened after Easter on the road to Damascus (in Syria) was that the person persecuting the truest believers the most, Paul of Tarsus,  a learned erudite man boasting of his cosmopolitain worldliness as the speaker of multiple langauges (Greek, Roman, Hebrew….) and adherer to the law as a Pharisee owed all the rights and privileges of a Roman also, was flattened off his horse and blinded until he could absorb that Jesus was telling him to STOP Persecuting His People. Note to Assad.

   Sometimes the Lord tells people to get a grip and get over yourself. Sometimes when they refuse he knocks them off their high horse.

     Paul was on a rampage. The believers could not stop talking about the saving power of redeeming Grace through Jesus, and it drove Paul crazy. He couldn't stand it. He was out to stone them all to death- and succeeded with Stephen. We don't know whether he gave the orders on Stephen or not (first martyr) or whether he was part of the lynching party. However-- he was gleefully there cheering on the crowds to rid the place of the blight of Stephen's testimony- that Jesus of Nazareth whom you crucified LIVES - He Rose from the Dead- and you can't stop him. Not even by hanging him in a disgraceful manner for all the world to gloat. Go ahead, string him up on death row in a public execution and barter for all his clothing- still alive. Didn't work. Still Alive. Are you getting this?

    Sometimes some people's success makes other people mad with envy. They can't see straight. They want them destroyed. There are people filled with demonic hate who wish people destroyed. Paul was one of them. There are people threatened because people see through their game- so they want them destroyed.

    Paul, Paul, why are you Persecuting Me?

Love of the Jesus kind is a radical thing. People are threatened by it. They hold tight to their hate, vendettas, jealousy pride, and egos. They have to be superior. Jesus washed feet like a maid. Jesus did demeaning things to demonstrate love. Some people are offended by that. They want their leaders looking regal. Some people are offended by the notion that you should try to heal people on the Sabbath because saving a life obviously trumps the no-work rule. Even today. Some people are offended that Jesus said "bless those who curse you and spitefully use you and utter all kinds of slander against you." It outrages some people when Jesus says "blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth" "blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". Its a stumbling block to some and salvation to others. The more good there is, the stronger evil people will fight it.

     Who are the Pauls in your life who want to crush you? Who are the people holding fast to the cannon laws, legalisms, and pettiness of forms of religiosity without its true meaning trying to kill Love.

Paul, Paul, why are you persecuting me?



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