Saturday, December 15, 2012

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The Supreme Court

Will Hear the Marriage Equality related cases soon. Wonder if anyone saw this: THE STORY OF TURING.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful fun loving french woman who captured the heart of a Washington Lawyer named Stephen Spitz. She was an artist-in hair. She also was a saavy business woman who owned Sweeney Todd Hair Salon and Lafayette Salon in Arlington, Virginia. After a long fought battle with chemo and radiation for lung cancer she died this week. Many hearts are broken, most especially her loving husband Stephen Spitz. The last time I saw her it was at Nan Arons Foundation for Justice where Stephen brought her to the reception wherein the plaintiffs and their attorneys on the WallMart class action talked about certifying a class action. Stephen had been a long time civil rights attorney doing lots of discrimination cases. She was then warm, vibrant, beautiful as usual and for me, like a big sister of sorts. Anyone wishing to get in touch with Stephen should email him at He's also on Facebook. She will be cremated with her ashes spread off the Coast of the South of France in the Mediterranean. God Receive You Marie Pierre in his arms- I hope to see you in Paradise.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Not Me Either

Evils of the Internet The internet has turned everyone into a sleuth. Some more like the fumbling Inspector Cleuseau. The internet doesn't fact check- for that they depend on you, and there are various fact checking sites. Some urban myths are hilarious and Scopes will give you the real scoop. Hint- I don't really think Ann Coulter has an Adams Apple and having met her once at Cornell I can say she has been female since at least college. Anyone doing 'research' on someone thinks all they have to do is a google search now. This can be deceptive- I for one, have a really common name and in greater DC alone there are at least 12 of us. One of us is a realtor (mostly in Northern Virginia) one is a cop, one is a cop with now a petty criminal record over something having to do with her not paying a renewal fee on some license, one is a pastor nationally, and who knows what the other 10 or so are doing. There are even a few with my same middle initial. I don't know if they all have my same middle name of Louise. This can be all problematic. Websites have facebook facts about many Cynthia L. Butlers - none of whom are me. Some look decidedly more dark-skinned than my freckles, one even is another attorney with a small firm and another God Bless her, looks like a MegaPastor with a litany of spirited books to her credit. Her, I want to meet! My face is intentionally not on the internet. I have had a few demented clients and more demented ones I refused representation- I don't want them putting a hit on my facebook page. My favorite same name internet confusion culprit is a woman who must be a grandmother who signed up as Cynthia L. (drat! I wanted that URL!) to display grandkiddies photos, and her photo slot is filled with a horse head. Nice. Send that one to the background check guy on a new job:-) But all this is to say kiddies, when doing research- you need to fact check. You can't believe everything you read just because the name looks the same. That might have convinced you in the past but it doesn't always work. It's the other guy who you totally missed reading about because you were sure it was the wild one you found. Finally, remember there is such a thing as PhotoShop. A good Vogue photographer can make Hillary look electronically like twiggy and me like the Queen of England. If they are an Italian Vogue photoshopper, my thighs are skinnier than my arms and my leg bone isn't mysteriously connected to my hipbone. Saddam Hussein's weapons of Mass Destruction were destroyed--or maybe buried in the sands. Not on the back of a flatbed in a photoshop taken to the UN to justify taking out a tyrant. Could have been a beastly tyrant, but do the means justify the ends. I don't like lying photographs any more than I like lying people. Photographs don't lie, people do. Guns don't kill, people do. And then there was Connecticut.