Monday, March 23, 2015

Inclusive Capitalism Conference - H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

Weekly Address: It’s Time to Confirm Loretta Lynch

In case you missed it, Saturdays White House message championed Obama's pick of US Attorney General.  This blog strongly

affirms the need to VOTE and approve the Attorney General nominee. It is inexplicable and unprecedented that any President's choice for AG of Justice would be upheld by non-vote for this long. It appears more than politics is at play but perhaps also sexism and racism. The Republicans want to run Holder out of town and leave us apparently with no replacement. Here it is appropriate to say-Are You People Crazy? or just racist or sexist? Or do you perhaps not understand the importance of what an Attorney General does in America? We are watching. And we are not amused.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


The Voice of Another Intern.

    I was an intern in the White House Transition Team during the first Clinton period in 1992-3 in the Justice "Cluster" and State Department "Cluster."   I wasn't there long before I found more substantive legal work in the DC private sector- But this gives me some perspective on Monica Lewinsky's latest taking to the public sympathy waves at a Ted Talk that was splattered all over the media.

   I should note that the comments below are not motivated by a desire to see Hillary in the White House (I am equally a fan of Al Gore or  John Kerry for whom I also volunteered as Presidents I think), nor are these comments meant to in any way excuse real cyber-bullying. For that cause they need another champion.

  Here I go- Monica, you are Shameless. Admittedly. She boasts she's over the Shame thing now. The problem with Monica's shame, like that of all self-justified adulteresses who hit on married men or entertain their roaming eyes and other parts is that they don't couple the Shame with Repentance because the remorse is situational.  The remorse she explains is because she was caught. Were she not caught and dragged through the legal nightmare of FBI stings, threats of jail and prosecution for lying on an Affidavit, and legal harassment, she would have found it perfectly acceptable, normal even to be in love with her boss who just happened to be married and happened to be the President of the United States. That's not real remorse. Its really pathetic.

  When I met Bill Clinton briefly (twice) he struck me as tall, pudgy (it was his Big Mac days) with a funny W.C.Fields bulbous nose and he struck me as someone from a Southern State who likely wouldn't make partner in a big Manhattan firm so why not run for President. I was not remotely attracted to him or impressed with his charisma. He never remotely tried to hit on me and if he did I wouldn't have hesitated to tell him I wasn't that kind of girl. In fact I first volunteered for Jerry Brown  and after he gave his sad concession speech at the Convention I switched teams I was so not into Clinton. I was not attracted to the sleazy single attorney in the White House counsel cluster from Yale either who shall remain nameless, who kept asking all the female interns for back-rubs and shoulder massages (provoking my thought of -get a girlfriend loser). But had I been strongly overwhelmingly attracted to Bill as some dimwits are to men in power because of their position, I would have said to myself- WHAT ARE YOU MAD STARKING CRAZY?  HE'S A MARRIED MAN AND THE PRESIDENT.  Monica had no such inner voice.

   Monica was and is missing a morality filter. Its the filter that says DON'T YOU DARE. Its the lack of any solid moral foundation that would have educated her to the fact that adultery is on the top ten hit list  of DON'T YOU DARE right up there with murder. When you murder a family bond, you destroy a marriage united soul bond and potentially even future fruit of the marriage. DON'T YOU DARE. I wondered if anyone bothered to take the girl to church or synagogue. You don't volunteer on campaigns to start flipping your thong at the candidate- (I repress here my instinct to be brutally unkind out of respect for Lent.)

   A person who admits she knew the game because she was 'in love' with a married man before (busy girl for 22) who boldly on and off blows the President for two years under massive delusions that she meant anything to him other than the girl who was stupid enough to blow him off for two years could only have been raised in a broken home in Beverly Hills. Delusions of grandeur must have prompted her to think he would actually dump his Ivy League lawyer wife for someone who barely graduated from college apparently majoring in bad musicals because she was a daughter of a rich doctor from Beverly Hills.

   Someone who is called out for what they actually did is not being cyber-bullied. She is not the light shining against innocent victimhood of gays jumping off bridges because she is neither innocent nor a victim. She made her bed, or bathroom closet, and she didn't get to sleep in it- because she was servicing someone she had no business carrying on with. You get to leave, and yes, shut up about it, because your mouth should be sanitized with rubbing alcohol before you get to air it ever again. Again, I repress here my instinct to let her have it out of respect for Lent (we are told to be Kind.)

   The fact that the Washington Post, and Ted organizers and anyone else who invites her to peddle her OBSCENELY OFFENSIVE recreated Innocent Victim lying tripe around nationally is purely political.  This is a girl who has no moral judgment, who has no appreciation of the gravity of her sins, who has no concept that she did anything wrong in any sense other than  run afoul of that pesky thing called American perjury law.

   I am beginning to believe there is a Right Wing Conspiracy against Hillary. Keep it up and I may be tempted to help her run for President.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

thought provoke poke of the day

Don't we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the other apostles and the Lord's brothers and Cephas?
(st. Paul, 1st Corinthians 9:5)
Cephas is Aramaic for Peter. His wasn't a widower. His wife traveled with the Apostles.

Georgetown and the World Bank make great partners.


    "There is an acknowledgment that there IS Climate Change in the Congress, but just not that it is man made." That is progress from flat deniel,   said the World Bank President in his address to Georgetown on Climate Change as part of the Global Initiatives symposia series Georgetown is collaborating with the World Bank. The work continues.

Here are his solutions in a nutshell:

1. Put a price on Carbon.
2. Remove Fossil Fuel subsidies, accelerate efficiency and recoverable uses.
3. Build low carbon cities (infastructure)
4. Develop Climate Smart Agriculture.

  There is no denying that climate change devastates poorer countries worse than developed ones and that you cannot care about poor people without caring about Climate Change.

Decoupling economic growth from Carbon Emissions should be a real objective.
Access to energy should not be dependent on carbon emissions. We can do this in a more climate smart way. A Carbon Price forces you to be smart.

The World Bank President (former President of Dartmouth) is brilliant, down to earth, incredibly
well informed, and someone whom anyone who cares about energy policy should listen to.

 The insistent visionaries like Al Gore and the Prince of Wales in Harmony harping have proved prophetic. Climate change is here. Flat-earthers and carbon belching industrialists who are modern day robber barons robbing the future of sustainable life try in vain to recruit delusional proxies.
The World Bank President and Georgetown's President Jack DeGoia help lead the charge to a world where everyone can breath easy in clean air, peaceful with adequate resources for all.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Poet as Minor Poet

Little boy who lost his runaway mom
then his home as his father went awol
never to return from the star afar,
i hold your head in my hands
and whisper in your eyes
saying my mother left too
i am just like you
and my father died in misery and mystery
with a broad smile on his face
as he surely found Grace
with Jesus in his celestial boat ride
to the other side. Yours did no doubt too
and he watches over you.

Little sweet boy who lost his runaway mom
then his house as his father went awol
never to return from the star afar,
I hold your head in my hands
and whisper to your eyes
saying  you are loved
beyond the grave, beyond the brave
face you must put on, beyond the boisterous
bourgeous demands of ostentations'
pride. You are loved and alive
and I will meet you at The Center
where it still all holds together.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Celine Dion Surprises the Canadian Tenors and Sings Hallelujah With Them

Golden Handcuffs

Golden Handcuffs
chain you to the mansion
in the lush suburbs with 2.2 kids,
and a fine furry dog
as the wife Leaves it to Beaver
with avacado appliances
on a designer's discount
as she enthrals with coctails
but your eyes
belie your misery
Your eyes say these lies
don't fool me.
Your eyes are the sadness
of a life gone to madness
and your eyes are your soul's
look for Love.

I knew you when you had dark hair
and your paunch was slimmer than santa when
your mind was quick and your wit was slick
and your joy mixed with longing for heaven
But settled in
to prestige and position
and a mansion in bucolic green
Life is so sweet
when its not so neatly
chaining you in
an ego's dream.

Exemplary sure,
but dead as the door
and I can feel your rage
that life wasn't supposed to be this mean
and you were supposed to love this age.
But you can't leave
it would cause scandal
which would destroy your mind
a second time
and so it goes,
frost on a rose
obla dee obla dah
the dream froze waiting
sleeping beauty's princely kiss.

Sunday, March 01, 2015


CNN is running a special every Sunday at 9 and you don't want to miss it tonight.
Post by Finding Jesus.

Friday, February 27, 2015

His Star is Rising- to the North, North Star

Celebrity culture hails individuals for all the wrong reasons often but there is one YouTube celebrity that is hailed for the right ones: Father James Martin, SJ (Jesuit Priest) is fastly becoming more famous than Stephen Colbert whom he pastored in the now dormant Colbert Report. With the expansion of America magazine into America Media, he flips the script and mike to become not the interviewee but the interviewer of spiritually interesting significant people as the Jesuits answer to Oprah.

    His star rises like the North Star- not just because he is in the NorthEast (son of the Boston province from Philadelphia originally now in Manhattan), but because like the North Star everything he does brightly beams a spotlight on JESUS.

  James Martin is the author of "Jesus: A Pilgrimage" and about a hundred (exaggeration) other best selling books, some hilariously funny as he strove to put humor back in the oft morose spirituality of the limping saved.

   He is what you hope a true christian is-- for his Lenten message he talked about not so much giving up something (my mother always gave up watermelon which was never in season) but about affirmatively doing something concrete along the carnal acts of mercy lines- echoing Pope Francis' mandate to pay attention to the Matthew 25 demands.  His lenten message was simply titled "Be Kind" which would be a good description for him all around.

   Father Martin started his career in finance as a Wharton grad working at GE. He decided to enter the prieshood after the business world which he says is a great career for some but just not for him as he heard the call. He is incredibly witty, smart, and imminently wise. Once in a while he goes on book tours and you can catch him and get him to sign a book.  He will be appearing March 1 at Fordham Prep in NYC in an event open to the public with blogger/author Andrew Sullivan and a Fordham theology professor to sign more books. If you are lucky enough to be in NYC go. I love this guy.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Denial is not a River in Egypt

France My Beloved

   I love most things about France. Its Anti-Semitism is not one of them. There is a serious problem in France regarding their attitudes about Jewish people. There are huge numbers of Jewish people now migrating to Israel for that reason. Their history during WWII witnessing an occupation of Nazis and deportation of massive numbers of Jewish children is shocking. And it didn't end there.

   Recently there has been a wave of violence and desecrations against Jewish synagogues and business establishments. A viral YouTube is going around of a Jewish man who is merely walking down the street with a yamulka on receiving harassment and provocations.

  It is so bad that a French Minister took to their equivalent of Parliament and loudly denounced the sentiment all too prevalent. The Anti-Defamation league picked it up and wants everyone to see it- so watch.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Spare Me Please

Cardinal-Speak For Yourself.

     There are mounds of psychological studies on the difference between men and women. 
The church made of all male decision makers gets one thing insistently wrong stemming from the difference between men and women. Men are constantly thinking of sex. It is a psychological function stemming from biological function. It has been posited that this is because their male organs are outside them visible and observed every time they go to the bathroom and they can be 'aroused' by merely looking at something. Women's sex organs are hidden inside them, they don't see them-out of sight out of mind. Women psychologically crave affection, warmth, and emotional security. These also are born of biological functions because they are necessary to nurture children. Men crave sex. So men clergy often engage in classic "projection" where they think male female relations are complicated by a sex urge on the woman's part, imputing impurity in women because they suffer from it. Women crave children. Accusations of impurity from male priests are nothing more than projection. Its in their imagination because they assume women are like them in that regard. This causes a lot of heaved abuse on women.Women want children more than sex. They want not to be wasted. They want not to have to freeze their eggs because men are too immature to know how to conduct relationships until their 40s and 50s. Women do not look at their sex organs on a daily basis with wild imagination. 
So when men want to lecture women on purity, chastity or sexual continence, women want to lecture men on growing the F up. 

Corporal Acts of Mercy


  Not Steve, the kind you get a paycheck for.

There is a lot of discussion about the acts of mercy one should do around Lent. All the Matthew 25 heavenly litmus tests:  feeding the poor, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison, tending to the sick, etc.
    There is a way to undermine all the suffering occasioned by the needs of Matthew 25. Give someone a job or teach them how to create them. If people had "legal" work in exchange for the fruits of their labor they could buy their own clothes, feed themselves and tend to their medical care and stay out of prison.

  The Protestant world might focus more on Jobs and Enterprise and Business for that reason and the catholic world on straight 'Charity.' Catholic Charities is the greatest provider of emergency support along the corporal acts of mercy lines outside any government.

  To truly be 'charitable' the church would not settle for people with stripped dignity getting hand-outs, but would be actively teaching people job skills in prisons. There should be church run business schools in every prison. The Jesuits have a world class business school at Georgetown. They could launch a program of business and enterprise to take to prisons across the country. Someone steal my idea. I won't press charges.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Moving to DC?

   I don't often do this and am not in the real estate biz but I have a friend who is selling an awesome Condo in the cool, hip 14th St. corridor of DC, ten minutes from the Columbia Heights metro in a renovated classic building. He has had it for about a  decade and wants to move on to the important next phase of his life.

His MLS listing is