Saturday, July 04, 2015

All Men are Created Equal

How they Act when they grow up is another story.

     We holds these truths to be self-evident. That all men are CREATED equal, and endowed with unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What part of Created eluded the 5 Supremes?

We are all created and endowed at creation with rights that attach to our creation.
HOW WE ACT as we grow up will affect how much we are allowed to actually be equal.

This is true on earth as it is in heaven.

Some nice Americans went into a liquor store today on the 4th of July and bought tons of beer and talked about getting "shi&*-faced" for a four day beach holiday. If they get stopped and are drunk in the car with all that beer in the back seat chances are they will spend the 4th of July watching fireworks out their rear end in the clink instead of in the sky.
They get treated differently than the family drinking lemonade on the beach on grandmas quilt- because they acted differently.

All of our legal codes presume some action required the law to intervene and do something to stop a bad act. We have laws against bad acts. Some are criminal some have civil fines, some both.

It is preposterous to suggest that because heterosexuals get a fundamental right to marry that people who confuse assholes with wombs in their lovemaking should get the same treatment as those who do not and make actual children. Preposterous. These are fundamentally different lines of behavior.

The only line of thinking that would allow someone to consider that these have to be constitutionally treated the same is the belief that couples who bear children have no superior social value.

This belief is a bigoted prejudice against heteros who can create children on their own just among themselves.  Or is it just jealousy? To not give those people superior credit as the foundation of the social order is deeply misguided.

The first thing that should happen if a Republican is elected is that they should get this clarified and reversed, if it takes a constitutional amendment or a veto override. They should try to do it now in fact with a veto override.

All men are created equal. How they act when grown up is another story.

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

Hallelujah - Violin Looping cover - ONE TAKE (by Rob Landes)


Americans Everywhere

   celebrate the beautiful freedoms we were given by Puritan people who apparently sub-textually according to a recent opinion and a national poll of people in three very gay states, think shit is the same as babies because they apparently can't tell the difference between an anus and a womb.  "They are all equal according to the 14th Amendment" said the Justice with a straight face while also declaring it equally laudable to make spaghetti carbonara with toenail clippings and phlem.

   Sod-thumping fudge -packers are rejoicing everywhere and gay people are coming out of the closet at jesuit seminaries all over the country saying "we teach the stuff, we can redact what we want." Women still cannot fall in love with priests because that is a 'sin against the faith' apparently, and people without annulments cannot make honest people of the people they have been sleeping with and marry them without being fired, because that also is a 'sin against the gay mafia who prefer sucking men to women anyway.'

   Young mothers now wonder out loud to their husbands "does this mean I have to roll over now or you will leave me for fred?"
According to the new religion founded by a disturbed Greek woman whose husband left her and her two kids for a man who founded the new media religion called HuffHoReligion, let him go, he probably didn't do the dishes anyway and you will have more fun sleeping with twenty men than stuck with the wierdo.

  Protestant churches fearing for their lives tax exemptions promptly put a rainbow flag on their facebook pages declaring 'God created rainbows so people could eat each other AssUpSideDown." Its in a footnote, they are sure-somewhere. or a commentary. What difference does it make anyway?

   The church issued a Papal Bull affirming that contraception is still not permissible because "why use pharmaceuticals when you can just take it in the Ass?" Anyone caught using pharmaceuticals will be banned from church, announced the male department chair of a Jesuit University who just married a man.

  And all God's people said "What the F??"

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Justice Kanoodle

  has determined that we will not stoop to the bigotry of the lowest common female orifice. People wishing to put their penises inside the ears of grandmothers and grandfathers now enjoy equal rights to people who go 'missionary' position style.

  " We were not all made to be missionaries", declared Justice Kanoodle. "Some of us prefer the smell of wet ear wax to vaseline or natural lube. Its just a matter of personal preference. Heretofore", he declared, " there is a constitutional right to insert penis into grandma's ear."

  The nation hailed the first granting of equality to Ear- Screwers. The venders outside the White House are commissioned to sell T shirts emblazoned with flags shaped in the form of Ears.

The new national anthem is a tune titled  "Now I know what really happened to Van Gogh."

The President, after a long thoughtful study funded by the Car Mechanics Association today issued a proclamation and executive order declaring the eating of Battery Acid a healthy pursuit and mandating all cafeterias, restaurants and 7-11s must now make battery acid a menu item. Affirming that it is a constitutional right long overdue in recognition the President hailed the day as "the brightest day in our history-when we all can finally drink battery acid." People changed their Facebook images to car batteries and it saw a flood of new customers at Jiffy Lube.  "I feel Whole Now" said the President who confessed to midnight cravings of battery acid for a while now. "I don't feel like I have to hide it any more- I adore the stuff."  He finally gave reporters a view of the stash he stored in the freezer in the White House basement. An image of a car was lasered onto the White House facade in tribute to the finally free President who declared "free battery acid for all Americans!"  Where is the Parade?  The erstwhile owner of a restaurant said , uh, we don't think we should have to pay to find battery acid and it eats into our porcelain. To which the President replied "sent the FBI after that guy and shut down his restaurant."
    One reporter, in noting that Bo the President's dog died drinking the stuff, the President dismissed him, tore off his White House press credentials from his lapel and said he was a disgraceful Acidophobe.  "We will not tolerate Acidophobes in America-there is no place for discrimination against Acidics."

We hold these truths to be self evident: All men may now eat semen.

In light of the Presidents bizarre statements about people being "whole" because they can insert penis in anus, Harvard is widely rumored to be convening a Board of Governors meeting to address the crisis regarding whether it should revoke law degrees for people who managed to graduate who do not understand the Constitution. "It has been rumored that we have graduated people who think semen is a breakfast smoothie and its a penumbral constitutional right to drink it." The President of Harvard said "we are examining whether we made a mistake in issuing certain diplomas and what we can do to rectum, I mean rectify that." The Board noted that it's believed that Thomas Jefferson might have footnoted the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" with "including the right to jam your junk up Washington's Ass" but it was rejected by Carroll, the Congressional Congress' delegate from Maryland.

The White House, ripping up the oriental rugs and laying fuzzy pink shag in the Oval Office said "we needed to upgrade our decor to reflect the 'evolving' tastes of our base." Tearing down the crystal Louis XIV Chandelier given by the Marquis de Lafayette replacing it with a large disco reflecting mirror ball, the President noted "the tribute to Studio 54 reflects our free American spirit." Yesterday, the President served the Foreign Minister of Greece a large dildo shaped cake to celebrate lesbianism noting "the great American tradition of women eating themselves is named after the Greek island Lesvos which is pronounced Lesbos" and noted that the butt plug mini cheesecakes are also available on the desert tray. In honor of transgender people the President presented the Queen of England with a Tiffany crafted butter caddy in the shape of a plate on the bottom in penis form covered with a large boob. He announced to the Queen "In America everyone is now equal and 'Whole' because everyone now can eat sperm" noting its protein value while handing to her a Smoothie he said he created to toast her. Americans everywhere are raising blenders in toasting the President's sperm. Only a few disgrunted navy suit wearing meanies found in evangelical corridors are said to damper down the fun in noting "we think sperm should best be left to the bodies of married women" and asked to comment on the President's smoothie said "we think it rather tasteless". (sarcasm, if you didn't get it)

Tomorrow the President will unveil the lifesize velvet portrait of Liberace for the  White House dining room painted by numbers by Elton John.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

What is Conscience?

How Does it Work?

     People who struggle with the church teaching against Homosexuality (that it is NEVER OK)
need to understand how conscience works. No little infant sits wondering how to commit a gay act on someone. Something in their childhood development gives them "permission" to do that.

Conscience is something that exists in people as a shred of an awareness of the presence of the holy within, or a God consciousness.  This is the "don't go there" voice. Something in a child's development turns off the "don't go there" switch and they act on something not permitted.

Sin never happens because it isn't pleasurable. Sin entices precisely because it is pleasurable. No one would be tempted to sin if it didn't offer a pleasure. But the fact that it is pleasurable does not negate the sinful nature of it. Someone may derive pleasure masterbating in front of children but this is sin and it is wrong. It could still be intensely pleasurable to drink hard liquor until you pass out- but who thinks that is not sin or a good idea?

Every human body has capacity to have pleasure. God created us to enjoy our bodies. Earth isn't supposed to be a painful in body experience. But the God consciousness is something that imposes order on the pleasure. Sex is great as a mind-body-soul experience in a heterosexual marriage. That is order given to us and within us like the order imposed on the changing of the seasons for maximal proper most fruitful growth of humanity.

The God consciousness when properly in place says to someone same sex attracted- I am attracted intensely to that person, I want to love that person, i do love that person, but I'll Be Damned if I ever get sexual with that person.

The only way to restore a damaged God consciousness is to ask God to restore and renew your mind.
Everyone is utterly dependent on God whether they like it or not, whether they realize it or not for the proper ordering of their lives and desire. When you finally realize that, you are on a path to truth emotional and physical health.

I am amazed at the degree of warning illnesses that come upon gay people which don't give them a minute of reflection on why these illnesses are visiting them. God sent HIV and that didn't scare off enough people who were not killed off. People have been affected with anal bleeding and ulcerations/tearing, mouth cancers, infections, and even heart traumas. These are warning signs. God is patient and merciful. He has said clearly what sin is.

God is real. His rules for order are real. (Imagine Parliament or Congress  working without Roberts Rules of Order...your body has order rules also).

Saturday, June 27, 2015

news flash- the Daily Drivel

Hillary declares girl lifting dress above her head waging her labia at passing taxis shouting "eat me I'm yours" should not be Shamed. "Women have had enough of men shaming them" she declared defiantly. If women want to wear their dresses on their heads- its their body their business. "When I am President I will abolish the Vice office of the police-if women want to air out their labias in public that's no one's business but theirs." She also indicated that she would be giving away free tickets for entrance to a silent auction where the sinner gets to give her oral sex at the Four Seasons with Stevie Nick singing in the room (satire)

Also it has recently been discovered that contrary to popular opinion (in DC, NYC, SF and possibly Chicago) that Justice Kennedy is not an author of any of the texts traditionally called "The Gospels". 
Mass confusion has resulted from a recent court opinion suggesting that the Justice has some additional divine insight into behavior such that he can declare things moral or not or instead has just declared morality a myth. We are not sure 
if he believed himself to be a Gospel writer or he is just impersonating one because he cannot be reached for comment. 

Attempts to reach the Jesuit Superior General regarding whether Morality is a Mental Myth have proved futile because he is on retreat with fellow Jesuits. A popular Jesuit suggested that it might be a good ignatian reflection to put yourself in the mind of Nietsche and ponder Morality is a Myth to see how you feel about it. Does it evoke a sense of futility or purpose in various sodomistic pursuits, for example. Does it excite you to think Morality is a Myth. 

Another Jesuit from the New Corked province noted that Morality should only be a Myth when the people we really like are being immoral--and what does that mean anyway. If we do not like them we can approve the doctrine of Morality exists, if we do like them, lets suspend belief on their behalf. 

(also Satire)
Stay tuned for the next episode of "How does Michele Jenner Obama  hide her Penis so well?" 


The Loss of Shame- This is the Shameless Era.


That is the mark of someone who has lost any innocence, or any God consciousness.

That is the mark of someone who knows how to talk about God but has lost
the sense of Gods presence and power.
That is someone who does not fear God. Shameless.

Shame is a good thing. It  connects people with an awareness of God's holiness.
Only people who do not know their sins can't feel shame.  Other people have
capacity for self awareness and remorse. Repentence even.

People without shame will lie their way out of and through anything.

Exposed: Hillary Clinton's Sex Scandals

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie

Justice Kennedy , Justice Kennedy, Please.

What were you thinking.

    Your opinion is easily shreddable and it should be 

I will give you three reasons.

1. "Demeaning" is not a constitutional test. When people engage in unlawful, immoral or just disgusting behaviors the fact that people demean those behaviors is not a reason to legitimate them
  How demeaning is it isn't a legit test like a scrutiny test.

2. Your statement that the court's decisions and nation's history demonstrate the central keystone nature of the social order is only valid insofar as it pertains to HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE. 
Absolutely NOTHING about prior national history should or does make Homosexual marriage a keystone of any social order. 

3. The Right to Marriage has been a fundamental right for HETEROSEXUALS, not gay people.

The fact that gays have been excluded doesn't demand they be included because heterosexuals get it. 
Gay is not Black. The extension of the Loving v. Virginia principle is deeply inapposite. 
There is a profound distinction between inter-racial and same -gender. 

NO civilization EVER founded as a bedrock keystone principle Gay Sex or Marriage, The reason is obvious- they cannot procreate ex nihilo. 

There is absolutely no reason to or obligation to under the US Constitution to treat different behaviors equally. 

All the reasoning in the Kennedy opinion is totally circular. He says gay sex is a keystone of the social order because he says so. 

The ludicrous nature of this opinion mocks the Rule of Law, Mocks the Supreme Court, is far beneath the level of intellect one assumes and wishes the court to have and is the biggest reason I know for mandatory retirement ages.

judicial myths

The supreme court 'victory' is not a victory for equality of all people, it is a judicial myth of equality for all sexual behavior with consenting adults .There not only is nothing in the constitution to actually support such a myth, but it runs against nearly 300 years of jurisprudence in which we allow morality to define right and wrong behavior. It is a very sick day.

common sense

Your car's SIRI has better sense than some democratic politicians.

It is not "turning back the clock" if you are on a road leading off the cliff to turn course.

Only a fool, a moron or someone who just had a stroke behind the wheel wouldn't redirect course if they were driving off a cliff or into a rock.


All Politicians Lie, it is said.

   But should they and are some liars just too much?  Too full of deception they shouldn't be trusted with a public trust.

For example in 2008 both Obama and Hillary affirmed that marriage was a one man one woman deal. They both have been reported to have had gay affairs. They now forcefully speak on gay rights as human rights.

When someone knows that they could never get elected unless they lie and get in office then promote an agenda directly against what they know they could not get away with prior to the election is that administration based on a grand deception?

Does this fundamentally undermine democracy itself? These are valid questions. Ones that should anger voters.

All Love

Is not created equal

  I got a facebook propaganda post from Nancy Pelosi draped in rainbow flag colors, of course, saying

   This of course is wrong because some Love creates Human Life ex nihilo.

Only a country that kills half its pregancies in abortions could miss such an obvious point.

This might be a view held by San Franciscans- that creating human life has no value because it has such a huge population of people mentally and/or emotionally and/or physically incapable of doing that- but the rest of the country does not have to adopt the "truths" of the sickest minority.

Rick Warren's views on homosexuality

Today in America Satan is laughing so hard trees are bending in fear


   All the people who denied loudly that there was no "gay agenda" have been proved now liars.
It is obvious to see that the golden ring of the Constitutional Right was what they wanted all along, because this allows them to demand everyone treat and accept them in granting them services like everyone else or else.

    Every Democrat who ever voted for gay rights is a traitor to their religion and God.

What has happened is morally obscene.

All the rich gay wall street guys who have mistresses called priests have completely corrupted
the country.

I am afraid for my country. This was a very very bad turn of events yesterday.

There will be Hell to Pay.

The Demons are loose.

Its already happened- they are calling evil good and good evil.  In Neon rainbow colors.

Friday, June 26, 2015

spoiler alert-its satire

Today the Supreme Court

  issued two historic hallmark opinions declaring there are now two constitutionally protected classes of people: those who drink to absurd excess and those who masterbate in cars. The Supreme Court deciding that none of those qualities is at all a character defect, they must be constitutionally protected and defended as the rights of these protected classes of people now are constitutional. America has had a long history of persecution of these minority groups deserving now of protected status. The Haters may say what they will-this is a great day for America where everyone, no matter what their background, has the god forsaken right to drink themselves silly and masterbate in cars in front of children.
People who refuse to sell any such person alcohol will be deemed a bigot and they shall be fined until they go bankrupt. Anyone attempting to disrespect car masterbaters will be shunned and shamed on social media and bullied ruthlessly but appropriately for not liking to watch. They were born that way.


I officially turn in my Democrat Card. Take me off EVERY Democratic political listerv please or I will officially consider it harassment.

Hell to Pay

My Reaction?

     The Supreme Court has ruled a predictable 5-4 for a universal constitutional right to gay marriage. While there is some logic in the arguments there will be Hell to Pay for it. I side with the dissents.  This will also mobilize the republican base like you have never seen and there is no hope for a Democratic President in 2016.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blessed Are You God of the Universe who gave us your commandments.

    All three religions have the notion that if you love God and want to serve God there are rules, 
    commandments, that he expects as a response to his Love. Blessed are you God of the Universe who 

    gave us your commandments. This is a core belief of all three religions, Jewish, Muslim and Christian-

    Abrahamic faith traditions. 

    The proper response to a God who Loves to demonstrate Love back to him is to follow his rules. The 
    rules don't get you close to him or into heaven, only he can   get you there, but the rules are not negated by the fact that he gets you there. The rules are not burdensome. Love one another as I have loved you. With rules. He loves us with rules. How did the people know Moses was with God on the mountain? He gave him rules (carved in stone no less.) Jesus said, my rules are not burdensome. And with the Spirit powering your spirit they aren't. One of these rules has clear direction on sexual immorality. Don't do it. What is it-this sexual immorality? Its clearly defined as "men sleeping with men", and men and women trading natural relations for same sex relations, among other descriptions (adultery, fornication, lust of the flesh, etc...) Now I have some good gay friends and colleagues. I respect them as people. I love their talents. But I am not obligated to embrace their gayness. I am not obligated to bless their unions. I am not obligated to think its fine that they are exchanging bodily fluids with people of their same gender. I can and should love them as people, respect them as colleagues, but I am, as Saint Thomas Moore said, My Lord's servant first and the King's second. If I love God I am not only not required to bless, approve of or embrace anyone's choice of lover if they are same sex, I am REQUIRED not to. No, if you are a Christian, a real Christian, not a convenient cafeteria pick and choose shopper, you are not at liberty to say all sex is as good as any kind of sex no matter who it is with. If this makes me a bigot I will embroider Bigot on my shirt and proudly wear it over my heart under a large Cross.


Monday, June 22, 2015

call no man "Father" except your father in heaven-

Father's Day the church tells seminarians and priests- Let Them Eat Cake. Just Cake. No 
Dinner. That's what the mandatory celibacy rule is. What's wrong-you don't like Cake? Who 
needs dinner when you have Cake?

Fathers Day always emphasized for me how important it is to let priests be married to 
women if they want- not as a mandatory rule, as an option. That would be true freedom- free 
to fall in love with a woman if God calls you there. If you are locked in loneliness daily you 
are not free. You are in a prison of the church's making. These things are not incompatible- 
married to a woman and service in partnership with Jesus. It says in scripture that the ONLY 
acceptable helpmate for man is woman and that man is not meant to live alone, lonely. That 
was not in the original design. It is a bad accommodation discipline and in light of the 
scandal now statistically unjustifiable. There is such a thing as "chastity" in marriage also. 
Vows of chastity don't have to be broken if married monogamously to a woman. Pledging 
'chastity' to an institution is silly. Pledging it to a human makes sense- Jesus never called for 
any man who served him to disavow his human need for human intimacy to pledge chastity 
to him. Pledging chastity to a woman is the only thing that makes sense. Celibacy enforced 
and mandatory runs against the entire Jewish cultural aspiration for married life to be 
healthy in community and rabbis were married. There were strict rules regarding whom they 
could marry- a Levite could marry a divorced woman or a widow but a Cohanite priest had 
to marry a virgin because he went into the Holy of Holies to meet God where the Ark of the 
Covenant was so no ordinary schlub could go in there. Roman Catholic priests now do not 
have to be virgins to enter the priesthood and some aren't. The fact that they are denied 
women doesn't make them free, it makes them frustrated and lonely.
Church communities suffer also as a result of this- the women who secretly bond in 
"spiritual marriage" with priests are often viciously competitive, jealous, mean women who 
sabotage other women they think a priest is getting too close to in church service. 
Protestant wives married to priests are on the other hand, part of the ministry and mission 
openly and productively.
It is Godlike to create men in man's image-and that is what a real human father does. He 
creates children. The case can be made that God knew to prohibit this would indeed create 
sexual sin and perversities. That is why it is expressly written by Paul in 1st Corinthians 7:2- 
Let EVERY MAN take a wife. EVERY is every. He doesn't exclude a priestly class and say- 
but those closest to Jesus must all be eunichs for the kingdom.
There is a particularly moving documentary (netflix) about Nicola Tesla who it is believed 
destroyed his manhood after he turned 40 so as not to be distracted by women (particularly 
Sarah Bernhardt whom it is said was after him, or some french songstress temptress) 
because it distracted him from what he believed his purpose was, which was to harnass 
natural energy of sun and electromagnetism into electricity and energy. He is recognized 
now as a genius on par with Einstein, and created all the patents that were bought by 
George Westinghouse to form a company.
Here you see a guy so focused on his mission that he didn't have time for women, didn't 
have much of a heart for them, and was consumed with his passion of invention. Its 
noteworthy that his father was an Orthodox Priest. This is a kind of genius few are or attain. 
His life story is remarkable. I know no one today who touches his intellect or genius except 
maybe Steve Jobs.
The service of the Holy Family however requires that womenkind not be viewed as 
"distractions" but as integral, necessary and wanted in the communal and social scheme of 
things so much so that they are espoused. The Holy Family and Holy Trinity is the core 
nature of God so to isolate the male and say it is sufficient to know God that he never is 
intimate with a female helpmate is silly. It misses the mark in understanding the essential 
nature of God. God is Holy Family and Trinity. God Creates Man in His Image. But only 
when Man lets him . The Roman Catholic priesthood is profoundly heretical when it 
disallows its priests to marry women and it has paid the price severely- in $3 BILLION 
dollars in sexual abuse settlements and legal fees. On behalf of my fellow lawyers I 
shouldn't complain. But I think my fellow lawyers need the money less than some third world 
countries- that is the entire GNP of some african countries. It continues to be the greatest 
scandal of Western civilization that Roman Catholicism, which maintains its exclusive ability 
to turn bread and water in Jesus himself refused to reflect the Holy Family in denigrating all 
womankind as so tarring or "distracting" that no priest can marry one- like we all have 
kooties. Women are screaming "Grow Up Church."
This insistence that only celibate or eunich men can consecrate a Eucharist strikes many 
women as not only heretical but just rank stupidity and piss poor stewardship- when it is 
clearly demonstrable that a priesthood turning in significant measure gay is statistically 
much more probable to engage in perversion with post adolescent boys/men and the church 
has paid $3 billion of someone's money that should be better spent on real things Jesus 
wants done in the world, see, e.g. Matthew 25.

This lack of familial intimacy with women is reflected in some of the more rank stupidity of 
some of the church doctrine and teaching surrounding sexuality as well. The church would 
have a different view officially regarding what is permissible or not permissible natural or not 
regarding contraception if they actually were married to women. Their lack of knowledge 
about basic things in the emotional-sexual realm is reflected in doctrine. And so women feel 
free to ignore it.
Priests are for the most part clueless regarding the psychological-emotion construction of 
women involved in intimate relationships. It is reflective in the confessional and in doctrine. 
So why would women bother to waste their time and go?
The church would be a thousand times a thousand percent more effective, more reflective of 
Jesus' desire for what "church" is, and lightyears more powerful in teaching, preaching and 
reaching if priests could marry women. There would be twice as many priests and no 
whining about shortages and church closures. It would instantly increase attendance 
multifold by the millions. It would solve fiscal problems. It would honor women rather than 
seek to destroy some of them.
Just one change- to make Life more like Jesus wanted. And it would change the world.

Bible Gateway passage: 1 Corinthians 7:2 - English Standard Version

But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and 



Call no man Father except your father who is in heaven-   and of course your real DAD.

Happy Father's Day to all men courageous enough, who Love women strong enough and

long enough to create little humans with them. Big shout out to the gorgeous men who

married into our extended family- Chris, Mark, Keith, Tim, Dave, Trevor. We love you all. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

i choose choir

things intrinsically unequal

don't have to be passed as equal.

   There is a lot of passing for and posing going on these days.
Jenner wants to pass as a real woman (damn his chromosomes), and a Seattle NAACP director wants to pass as black.
   Homosexuals want to pass as healthy married couples in "marriages."

Homosexuals are not the same as heteros in marriage because definitionally homosexual marriage must deny their internal biology to the extent that they cannot with just themselves create human life. Heteros who do not deny their chromosomal make up or internal reproductive biology can create humans just by themselves. If homosexuals want a family with children one or the other or both of them have to borrow someone else's. So definitionally a family will only be possibly constructed with other people- other people who may have a basket of rights with regard to their progeny. When a bisexual man leaves his wife and kids and fights for them in custody to live with a man, he takes someone else's children (or at least in part.) When someone rents a womb of a surrogate they take someone else's child-someone else grew it in their womb, they borrowed genetic material from at least one other person to make it- all those people might have rights.

   There is no requirement to treat unequal things equally. People who deny their internal biology do not have to be legally treated equal with people who do not. And no, this is not the same thing as old people who marry, because old people who marry are not denying their biology definitionally they are honoring it. They know they can't have kids so adopt or don't-just accept they are too old to procreate- but don't insist on using one of their genetic material to try to create life with someone elses. Gay people must deny their biology to have children (at least one of them must.) Why is this different? Because we want to give people who can within their own families just by themselves create life and raise their own kids preference to do that over people who choose to take someone else's or break up a family (in the case of a gay man for example leaving for a man.)

To do this imposes an artificial false synonym that ignores the other potential rights attendant to other people.

  Point 2-
To create a constitutional right of something culturally normalizes it. This happened in the abortion debate.
A tip of the hat to 'rare but necessary' abortions in 1972 has seen the normalization of the process, federal funding a massive corporation abortion mill and over 50 million abortions. People use it as birth control.
Gay marriage given a "just as good as" imprimatur will normalize it, not just tip a hat to the marginalized. It will provide an environment where all kids will experiment with gay sex "why not" because the culture says it is just as good as hetero relations.
You already see this in places where there is full cultural acceptance, In places like California where gay everything is in your face, there are statistically way more youth who consider themselves bisexual or gay than in an other part of the country save perhaps DC or parts of New York (where cultural acceptance is high.) Where there is high cultural acceptance and no normative weight placed on one over the other people experiment every which way and come out everything.

This attitude, you might recall (or research if you haven't heard) was surfacing during the decadent demise of the Roman Empire.

   Creating a legal fiction of equality when none exists in fact is problematic for a number of reasons, not least of which, we want to create social conditions whereby people honor their own internal biology as reflections of worship of the ONE who Created them.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

The One

God let his Flame reach all the way to Earth,
He shot his Sun Beam to reach this darkened dearth
He flung his neutron flare
clear through the atmosphere
He stem cell cloned himself
and angel dusted it here.
And that is Jesus, one in being
with the One who is the
Creator of all that came from him.  

And when he came

he walked in humble thread

he walked alongside

the destitute and dead

he raised to life

all who lost their will

the despondently ill

he cured the lame

he caused blind men to see

he stopped the bleeding out

of a hemorrhaging lady

he cured lepers

so their flesh was like a baby

and watch him walk on top

of the Sea of Gallilee.

Who is this Jesus!

And why do we  insist

we would gladly die

before him we can deny,

or ever renounce him

Why would you so glibly dismiss him

Before you even know him.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

May I Borrow Your Bully Pulpit for a Moment

There are free speech exceptions in law, long recognized, universally hailed.
You may not yell "Fire" in a crowded theatre-why? It will tend to incite a stampede where someone is likely to get hurt. You may not incite a riot. Why? It will likely incite someone getting hurt.
So should Pamela Geller be allowed to freely do something that she knows will likely incite someone getting hurt?

     There is a reason that Muslims say, please don't do that-don't defame, disgrace, desecrate or mock the image of our founder. 99.999 percent of Muslims around the world are not desecrating Jesus, Mary or Moses- the battles being fought under the false banner of Islam in Syria and Iraq and Palestine are political, land, economic battles for the most part and religion is being used as a solidarity tool.  The vast Majority of Muslims have nothing against the Virgin Mary or Jesus if they know him. They in fact give Mary a special place of reverence even in the Koran.

I am hosting a cartoon contest and party and will give the winner 10,000 for drawing the "best" (e.g. Most Mockifully outrageous) cartoon of Pam Geller. I expect a hugely exaggerated mouth, a hugely exaggerated nose with her inserting a finger picking it, a hugely large rear end (for coveting Kardashian fame) and a bug running up her butt. Horns gets a door prize also. Not Really.

Just Kidding. That would be insanely rude, mean even, possibly anti-semitic and just juvenile. Plus someone is likely to take such offense I might get a call from the Mosad.

But that is  exactly the sort of free speech this provacateuse is peddling.
It is not Charlie Hebdo political satire responding to an event-it is gratuitous insult for no purpose other than to peddle a false victimhood to stage a false flag aggression back.
It is hate peddling for hate's sake.

So Stop Already. It serves no good legitimate purpose.

Pam Geller, I have met Rosa Parks and you are no Rosa Parks (I exaggerate, I never met personally Rosa Parks but I have met people like her and Pam Geller isn't even remotely like people like her.)
To stage a quiet prayerful peaceful sit in is hardly offering someone 10 grand to taunt an entire religious group of a few billion people who did nothing against Pam Geller.

Pam Geller is Rosa Parks if Rosa Parks yelled with her dress over her head "Lets get them whitie honkie crackers" and left cracker crumbs all in the back of the bus.
Then  you would expect some white nut job  to try to shoot at her.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Free Speech never an excuse for Poor Taste or Inciting Violence

 The below video is objectionable in that it lumps all Muslims into categories that don't fit.
There are in fact very peaceful Muslims who do not subscribe to the notion that global jihadistic imperialism is the goal or even OK. There are indeed Moderate peaceful Muslim groups and I would 
place the Gulen movement called "Hizmet" among them. 

This video infers that all Muslim orgs are running a deceptive game on non-muslims to impose Sharia and that is a gross overstatement. 

There are legitimate Muslim orgs that are about peaceful co-existence, inter-faith dialogue and building bridges not torching them down. There will be more on this later. 

I post all views here and don't subscribe to all of them. 
The view posted incites the kind of thing like the "free speech" promoting cartoon competition in Texas resulting in violence. 

Free Speech is not an excuse for poor taste or inciting violence. 
The vast majority of Muslim people do not go around chanting hostile things to non-muslims or 
engaging in deliberately nasty mocking things about Jesus, Mary or Moses. 

Look here for more about the subject in weeks ahead.