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Gabriel's Tears: The Religious Opposition Predicating a Constitutional Challenge to Planned Parenthood Funding

The Root of the Opposition is Deeply Religious.

   Angels are believed to be assigned to children to watch over them in heaven according to some Christian tradition and religion.

  When the Angel Gabriel was sent to the Virgin Mary he was giving her news of her pregnancy and also likely of his assignment.

  The Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary-you are going to conceive and be with child. This was an announcement of something already known in heaven to happen in the future. Christians believe that God knows who children are going to be sent to earth through the DNA coding of a human before they are sent.

  "I knew you before you were knit together in your mother's womb"- this is a bible verse from the Old or First Hebrew Testament.

   So a pregnancy of a human is not some accident of biology however it is conceived. Children made in the image of God come from God and are sent by God through the instrumentality of human intercourse  (and only in one case without it.)

   Once Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary she was going to conceive a child she had two choices. She chose to say Yes, bring it on- Let it be done to me as you have said.

   She could have said "are you kidding! I am not married yet, look at this hovel of a one room apartment i live in-how do you expect me to raise a child in this- and where are we going to get the money, i'm still paying off student loans, it's my body my business, how dare you enslave me as a breeding machine to your power tripping male angel chauvinist mentality-i'm moving forward with my life, bugger off."

   That might have started a different religion. And it appears it has- because that is the spiritual foundation of the Pro-Choice Religion.


and the Greatest Civil and Human Rights Abuse of Our Times.

It would appear man is intrinsically classist and must create an underclass to satisfy ego demands. Someone always has to be lower to feel superior. The Brits look down on the Irish, The Dominican Republicans on the Haitians, the Italians the Albanians, French the gypsies, etc. In societies where this urge is indulged, human rights are inevitably violated. Germany demonized not only Jews but all Non Arians and Non Germans were considered "untermenschen" Under-Human- which included Slavs, Homosexuals, Catholics and Poles. Believe it or not Amish in America who are essentially Germans and Sveitzerdeutsch speaking Swiss Anabaptists who came to America in the 18th-19th Centuries believe modernization is evil so they look down on the "English" and basically anyone not in an Amish community as damned to hell. In America's dominant mostly Protestant culture which prides itself on its classless egalitarian society the UnterMenschen are latino -hispanic immigrants and In Womb Children. In years past blacks were Untermenschen and to some, still are. Massive violations of human rights have been perpetrated on both classes of people who are made in the social consciousness to be considered UnterMenschen- less than the people legislating their plight. There always has to be a Superior "Ubermenschen" class. Yalies think they are Ubermenschen-its a cult of intellectual elitism. And the Untermenschen are people not yet born. Some are waiting in womb box cars. They are sub human. So they can be disposed of at will. They are not even "people."  2/3rds of the In Womb Children sacrificed to the Gods of Yalie Elite Supremacy are not coincidentally in some measure black. And that was originally by design. 

The Greatest Human Rights Abuse of our Time is that 50 million In Womb Children have been massacred, some de-limbed and dissected like a seventh grade science frog to ship to Mengele on Steroids research labs. 

Montezuma got his revenge. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Legal Injustice

And the Constitution.

   By all reasoned accounts, over half the country is of a religious view that an abortion kills or "terminates" a human life form, scientifically known to have separate and different DNA from the mother, which creates moral and spiritual consequences. Those people who hold that it is morally wrong, indefensible and obscene in cases to terminate a life in a womb believe that people who are terminating their pregnancies are killing In Womb Children (IWCs). People who believe it wrong to do this think this no less wrong because it is inside a womb than it would be to shoot dead an innocent person who wandered in your house because you left the door open. The mother is a host to the fetus and the fetus is not an extension of the mother's cellular structure-it is not a skin tag, a mole, a wart or a tumor. To force people who think it immoral to terminate or kill this on clear "religious" grounds to pay for people to do it by federal law is Unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

   We currently live in a regime that is legally unjust. When the government is forcing people with clear religious convictions to pay for other people's murder of their IWCs, that is wrong, unjust and immoral and violates the Establishment Clause.

  IWCs do not have full citizen status because of a minority religious view that holds that they are not "people" such that they should be considered legally protectable until they are born. When people who hold that minority religious view impose upon the people who do not the legal requirement to pay for other people murdering their IWCs, that is a regime that is morally insupportable,  legally unjust and a clear violation of the Establishment Clause.

Planned Parenthood should be defunded. Whatever your view of people's "Choice" to murder, massacre, delimb and sell the pieces of In Womb Children, there is no legitimate legal support for forcing the entire country to pay for such an obscene abomination.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Not Just an Article of Faith

A Fact of Science.

There is a theological debate currently at play in the undercurrent of political life in America and it is very contentious with a dividing line pretty much down party lines. I am told some rabbis and Jewish Law hold that a "person" is only created once it is born. In other words that thing in the womb is not a "person" so should have no legal status or rights and the mother can do with it what she wants. The Christian/Catholic world holds that "life" begins at conception and should be legally protected and certainly at the point of "viability" "Life" is human enough by virtue of it being able to survive on its own without that mother (could be adopted, etc.) the States can regulate when abortions are legal-and so they have regulated things like parental consent, notification periods, etc. The Supreme Court does not hold that a woman can do whatever she wants with what is growing inside her until it is naturally "born." The Supreme Court says the States have an interest in regulating when a mother will terminate after the point of viability because implicitly that entity is human enough to create legal personhood protections. The Supreme Court thus rejects what some think is the Jewish law -e.g. a woman can do whatever she wants with a fetus in her until point of natural birth. People holding the Jewish view say that the Christian view should not be able to dictate to people who do not hold that view anything about it because constitutionally that violates the freedom of religion/separation of church and state principles. The Christian view is that the Constitution guarantees everyone LIFE before Liberty and the pursuit of happiness can take place so they also have a constitutional argument. Clearly Congress can regulate "health" and "welfare" and it is pretty much basic that congress can attribute "health" and "welfare" regulations to entities that are human even though not "born." What does Science tell us? Science tells us that there is a life form created of DNA of two parents distinct from a mother- not necessarily the mother's gender, blood type, phenotype or genotype. A different form-not the mother, something she is hosting that is not just her. Its not a cellular clone or reconstruction of any part of her, not a mole, a wart, a skin tag or a tumor-it is a distinct human species life form. That life form is dependent upon the mother until a point of "viability" and science is making the case that this is earlier and earlier as even one in four 22 week old fetuses can survive outside the womb now. So is it "advancement" as Hillary keeps saying, to insist that people can kill fetuses in the womb over what happened 50 years ago in abortion mills? No. It isn't advancement according to Christian theology- it is a reversion to barbarism. It is an arrogant egoism that insists on a right to kill something that is not just a piece or part of them they can lob off like a skin tag or a mole. We freak out when trees are cut down because trees have capabilities that can help the earth-they generate from carbon oxygen. What capabilities to help the earth and humanity do fetuses have? We were all once Zygotes. I am a grown up Zygote and so are you. I am no less a human when a zygote than I am now. I wasn't a lobster zygote or a cat zygote. I was a human zygote with the same DNA construction that flowered into a human just as you did. So this rhetoric about "going back" is not accurate or particularly smart. The move to resensitize people to understanding that abortion kills human potential and human beings is morally driven by superior advanced conscience of a peaceful life affirming kind. The insistence on the ability to refuse to acknowledge the personhood of a fetus is scientifically ignorant and morally bankrupt. That is what the difference between the parties really is. Your body is not your business when it isn't your body-it is someone else's body that you are merely hosting for a season.

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Must See TV

Please Watch This.

   You probably have seen ultrasound stills. But have you ever seen a moving video of a fetus? Tell me this isn't a little child.

Чем занимаются малыши внутри у мам. Поразительное видео! Видео снято с помощью 3D УЗИ (Ацмд-Медокс
Posted by Ацмд-Медокс on Friday, May 15, 2015


Who is going to write the book on How Planned Non Parenthood and legalized abortion turned the country into a nation of Forkers. Planned Parenthood operates off "volume" for maximal profit as a business model---meaning they have to encourage more and more abortions to make more money. This means they have to encourage sexual freeforalldom to get people pregnant, this encourages oversexed pop culture and pornification of culture. What was originally thought was a necessary compassionate measure to meet the sexual libertarianism of the 60s sexual revolution, is now something that encourages men to be forkers, sexual promiscuity, rampant casual sexual activity to generate more unwanted pregnancies. What the abortion culture does is tell men they can be forkers all they want- it objectifies women and demands they kill their offspring if men find the children inconvenient- or if more pregnancies are generated than men want to freeforall Fork. It creates men who are unfettered Forkers. And this has destroyed America, not to mention the 30 million children who never touched earth. It is indefensible. You cannot call yourself a feminist and insist on this regime much less fund it.

"Confessions of a Former Abortionist" - Dr Haywood Robinson

Before You Abort Your Child - Watch 22 Weeks

"I've SEEN HELL: ITS NOT A GOOD PLACE" Dr. Anthony Levatino -- CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Ac...

"One of the Worst Human Rights Abuses Of Our Time" Former Abortionist OBGYN doctor says and describes how he delimbed second term babies: "someone's son or daughter."

Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them - 5/23/13

Former Abortionists Repent


and 30 Million Tortured Silent Screams.

      Crimes Against Humanity actions were brought after WWII against Nazis. We have reliable evidence that Planned Parenthood engaged in delivering organs harvested from partially born and/or alive infants to sell to research labs and third party middlemen outfits engaged in buying and selling human body parts.

    This is Mengele on Steroids.

We need to be thinking about bringing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY actions against Planned Parenthood which gets from the Democratic Administration half a BILLION US dollars to funnel back into the campaigns of Democratic politicians.

Read up on CRIMES AGAINST  HUMANITY. This has to be an international effort because Planned Parenthood has bought the Democratic Establishment that runs the country.

America's Soul

Soul Survival

   Can America now know what Planned Parenthood is actually doing and turn a blind eye and not demand that it be thoroughly investigated by the Justice Department and have all its federal funding revoked? Has America totally sold its soul.

   After the video releases of numerous videos it is abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood is hiding its nefarious criminal actions behind the false veneer of helping women with reproductive health, even going so far as to absurdly boast they they can't get this help anywhere else. It is a front organization for harvesting human organs of tiny people for research through its central predominant service of abortion.

   Cecil Richards makes absurd claims like in Lancaster Pennsylvania no one would have anywhere else to go to get women's health services if Planned Parenthood were not there. This is an ignorant ludicrous statement. There are seven major medical schools in Pennsylvania, the U. of Penn being a top ranked school nationally, and there are over 20 OBGYN outfits in Lancaster which is 2 hours by car from Philadelphia. Lancaster also hosts a college with its own health care services. There are plenty of legitimate health care facilities in Lancaster Pennsylvania (which might sound like boonieville to someone living on the Upper East Side but trust me, Lancaster has all the stores you find in Jersey or New York kiddies.) Lancaster is the 8th largest city in Pennsylvania with about 60,000 people in it, making it the size of  South San Francisco City, Gaithersburg, or Ft. Myers, Florida. Its hardly the bumblefork rural desert that needs a baby part chop shop when there are a plethora of real doctors there.

    There are reports that some "intact" meaning whole little children of late advanced stages of pregnancy are delivered to labs whole. There are reports now that people believe organs had to have been harvested while the pre-born infant was still alive with an actual beating heart before the organs were extracted. This is so beyond the pale of anything we should be doing much less publicly funding

   This issue should not be a partisan football. It should not be a partisan issue at all. It is a humanitarian issue. Planned Parenthood is committing Crimes Against Humanity in the false name of women's health.

  The Crimes Against Humanity actions were brought against the Nazis who had participated in the heinous tortures during WWII in judicial actions after the War. Its time to bring the people engaged in these atrocities against pre-born human children to Justice. What- you thought they were little Lobsters maybe?



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Sgt. Bartlett calls on Senators to reject the Iran deal

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants "Another 50 Livers...

Fraud: Lying for a Living

Planned Parenthood's Big Business Model:

Lie. Lie Again. Lie Some More- Lie until they all Believe it.

The massive deception that Planned Parenthood is running on the country is a scam. Plain and Simple, it is a scam heist of HALF A BILLION US TAX DOLLARS--through pure deception. 

Lets Break It Down:
They say:

1. Its about Women's Health and millions of women won't be able to get critical services. Wrong.

Here is why its a lie: (a)  They suppress the destruction of women's health, physically, psychologically and emotionally caused by their filthy staph infected clinics to convince women to kill their own children, (b) there are far more health clinics that actually are about women's health that meet medical standards of sanitation and provide actual health services.

2. We do cancer screenings. 

Here is why its a lie: They refer  people out and DO NO MAMMAGRAMS. They don't even have the equipment. 

3. We Care About Women:

Here is why its  a lie: They steal their children essentially after killing them- chop up their body parts for sale piece by piece. If you cared about a woman why would you ever do that. If you cared about women why would you not tell her that you just punctured her cervix so she can get proper medical attention. Routinely womens health is destroyed by inept abortion butchers in clinics who do not want to be sued for malpractice so they do not tell the women that they have experienced severe injury as a result of the abortion. 

4. We don't "profit" from the sale of fetal tissue. 

Here is why its a lie: They have fixed overhead. For every abortion they do they try to extract pieces they can sell- hearts, brain neural tissue, liver, kidneys, thymus, etc....They try to get "volume"- the more the better, the more dead babies the better, the more lucrative. They play the "you pay shipping and handling only" game to try to legalize or legitimate the "sale" of fetal tissue, e.g. dead baby parts, but their cost recovery far exceeds their fixed costs- and thus no one is fooled. You are "profiting" off the sale of dead baby parts. 

What--you thought it was a lobster? or a puppy maybe?

5. Abortions are only about 3 percent of our business. 

Here's why its a lie: they count all the services in a bundle, such that if they give a woman a month's worth of contraceptives, 30 pills and do one abortion on her, that means only 1/30th is abortion related? Planned Parenthood math is worse than "fuzzy math." Abortion counts for over half, some say 80 percent of all revenues and with the "sale" of fetal tissue  a lot more in "diversified revenue streams." 

This is a baby part chop shop, nationally funded to the tune of HALF A BILLION US TAX DOLLARS. 

   This should not be a partisan issue- it should be a FRAUD IN GOVERNMENT issue. It should be an issue of FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE in government budgeting. It should be a criminal issue that the Justice Department is investigating for the criminal sale of human body parts. 

Again- what. You thought it was a puppy?

This is a RICO issue- (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Org.). The Justice Department should be investigating and prosecuting. But it won't under any Democratic Administration because they have purchased the politicians. 

There were 3,000 people killed in the World Trade Towers on 9-11. There were 50 MILLION babies killed in abortions in America since the 1970s.

If we kill Americans ourselves why do we take offense when jihadis do it? We are our own Jihad-of a perverse sickening disgusting religion called Planned Parenthood and the "right" to choose to kill Americans before they see daylight.

Let me get personal to the Democratic establishment now- You all disgust me. This is inexcusable.


Planned Parenthood Uses Partial Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards' Attempt To Dismiss Viral Video B...

i cannot stand this woman

Intact Fetuses "Just a Matter of Line Items" for Planned Parenthood TX M...

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants "Another 50 Livers...

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Does Abortion Hurt Women?

Is "Choice" real when you aren't given all the information?

What do you think it does to women when they are convinced to kill their children? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Baby Part Chop Shops- Yawn, Whatever.

The Banality of Pure Evil

Planned Parenthood is the epitome of the corruption and banality of evil. Its exactly like what happened in Nazi Germany. People were profiting off the mass murder of Jews- people looted their homes and got free stuff, the people who were gassed were stripped of the gold in their teeth-free gold. How can that be bad. People were experimented on- free frankenscience research- likely sold for the good of health advancements for the right kind of humanity. People knew Jews were rounded up, their homes looted and sent to death camps- and for years no one said anything in Germany or if they spoke against it they were sent to the camps too. They were politically and socially shunned and ostracized. So this is exactly the zeitgeist gestault of modern America and the Planned Non Parenthood madness where women are convinced to abort their own children which are sold to science-and who profits? Certainly Planned Parenthood, but also the upstream venture capital financiers of biotech and everyone up the supply chain. This is hard core evil. So unbelievably hard core evil people have difficulty believing it actually exists--just like in Nazi Germany. So they ignore it, banalize it. But it exists. It goes on. EVERY WEEK in America the equivalent of all the deaths in the World Trade Center attack die at the hands of abortionists. And those bodies are not given burials of any kind. The pieces not considered "biowaste" are sold in gimmicky "you pay shipping and handling only" schemes to compensate for "collection" "transport" or salaries of people doing the extracting- and just like in Nazi Germany the government is funding the practice because of the corrupt ties between government officials and the industry. Just like in Nazi Germany the practice hides behind protestations that it is all legal. The only difference between this industry and the industry of murdering Jews to steal their gold teeth and loot their homes for riches and priceless art is that Nazi Germany only got away with it for about 5 years and America has been doing it for about forty now.

Listen up HERE---

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Statistics, Damn Statistics and Lies.

This article shows how Planned Parenthoods protestations that they do only about three percent abortions are highly misleading and silly math.
They only do three percent abortions like the heart is only a tiny part of a body.
click for the real deal-HERE

Paul McCartney - Hey Jude Live at Hyde Park

the Heart of the Matter

To quote Cuomo who was quoting Kerry:  



Liberty and Happiness can't happen without LIFE

Yes, we should have a 'consistent life ethic.' We should care about war, homelessness, out of work vets, poverty and the death penalty.
But we should care way way more about the genocide of a generation of Americans and a philosophy we exported around the world exploiting women and girls for their body parts of their children, so we can feed a multi-billion dollar fetal human body part industry ----a fed biotech, biomed, venture capital driven industry that has bought and sold fetal body parts experimented on not just in University hospital labs but in chemical companies, Big Pharma companies, even Cosmetic companies, in the making of vaccines, in chemicals testing your beverages (Pepsi just figured out there are fetal body parts in the kidney cells testing soda impacts)- all justified under the umbrella of protecting a woman's right to "choice."

This industry is the backbone behind the devolution of not only morality in America but self-worth of young girls and women who are lied to and told a fetus is nothing more than a clob of cells or a cyst they can dispense with --without any consequence, spiritual or healthwise. This is an industry that insists on lying to women, and the politicians in their pocket continue to perpetuate the deadly ruse.

There is no way on God's greenish earth that Planned Parenthood should be getting one red American cent. No Way.

What do their statistics really mean if 1 in 5 people visit a planned parenthood and we know they are an abortion mill? We know there are at least 50 MILLION dead babies that were aborted in America since Roe. That means feasibly about ten percent of all Americans under the age of 40 were killed by abortionists. That is a genocide that dwarfs the Holocaust by numeric comparison. HOW DARE Al Franken and others NOT DEFUND THIS IMMEDIATELY.

It should be no more legal for Planned Parenthood to extract fetal tissue in abortions for "donation" (you pay only shipping and  handling) sale, than it is for African medicine men and villagers to kill albinos to eat their body parts.

Disgusting. Just Disgusting.

Intact Fetuses "Just a Matter of Line Items" for Planned Parenthood TX M...

This video producer explained that when you deliver up "intact" fetus corpses, it is Prima Facie evidence of Infanticide or Partial Birth Abortion (all illegal) because this procedure means you didn't use any chemical in the abortion process that would poison the organs and you didn't dismember it to deliver it whole. You are basically delivering a live birthed infant to kill it- for its body parts. This warrants immediate DOJ national investigation (start with Texas here) and the revoking of all federal funds of PPFA.

Todays Episode of "How Stupid Are We"

Senators please. Why do you think that the entire country has to pay for other people's abortions? We should have to pay for the fact that some people think chicsas are for practice and practice too much? Or other people get too drunk to know they just took their pants off? Or other people can't figure out how to use a condom? We need to pay for every lowest common denominator of stupid and immorality in the country? Most people thought that was a dumb bad idea before we knew that people getting half a billion dollars of federal funding were picking dead baby body parts apart to "donate" (you pay only shipping and handling) to biotech firms and research labs for the highest bidders-calling tiny people "specimins" like they were your seventh grade dissection frog. Specimins. We were all once "specimins."

    That was my reaction after watching in full the debate to defund Planned Parenthood. I heard NO good legitimate argument to not defund it IMMEDIATELY. I listened attentively to Senators Franken (stein) Boxer, Warren, Blumenthal (earlier Leahy) and everyone acting so indignant the Republicans wanted to take away a woman's health.

   Only problem was that they didn't want to do this and in fact wanted to bring women's health into the 21st and 22nd Centuries. They wanted to give the money to the places where women have better access to them, in the over 7,000 community health centers that need the upgrade money. Women's health needs include attention to the No.1 killer of women in this country- heart disease. Type II diabetis is on the rise also as we all lament. That deadly combination is killing more women than child birth these days. 

   The plan didn't want to harm women's health, it wanted to help it. The best doctors don't want to work for Planned Parenthood because it is a filthy abortion mill. All the total BS protestations that it does "cancer screenings" rang hollow when we know that they do not even own the equipment to conduct mammograms much less have any radiologists or anyone on staff who can actually read the results. They do no biopsies either and don't have the lab technicians or equipment to do them-they refer all of that out- often to those very same community centers that the Republicans were trying to fund.

  The ridiculous stories people trotted out to show how much better Planned Parenthood is than the local OBGYN were not convincing. Does anyone seriously think a Planned Parenthood visit will determine someone has endometriosis better than Mass General or the local Harvard Med trained OBGYN? Do you think any Harvard Med trained OBGYNs are actually working in Planned Parenthood? The University hospitals in every state which are federally funded have OBGYNs on staff. Does anyone seriously think a visit to Planned Parenthood in DC is going to give them a better diagnosis than a visit to GW hospital, or Penn hospital, or the some 2,000 OBGYNs practicing in New York City? Are you people smoking something? Planned Parenthood is the filthy, unregulated, clinic of last resort people go to when they secretly want an abortion- no one goes there or should for comprehensive medical care. They don't hire oncologists. D'oh.

    Hanging on to the old medical myths of Planned Parenthood is wrong. It is seriously wrong when we know that they in all likelihood are violating federal felony laws in selling human baby parts. They aren't Cecil the lion parts, they aren't little puppy parts, they are human baby parts. 

   The only smart thing that made any sense or rang remotely true about anyone opposing the bill was Susan Collins (R-Maine) amendment in which she requested that the sale of human fetal body parts be referred to the DOJ for full investigation. 

   The Democrats are misreading the country. Allegedly Pro Life Democrats like Casey from Pennsylvania let everyone down with his silence and "no" vote. Particularly galling was Leahy's protestations that women in Vermont have nowhere to go when a mere five second visit to the Googler demonstrates thousands of private health care providers including OBGYNs in Vermont and a few good University hospitals.  Vermont isn't Bangladesh. Here is the University of Vermont Medical Health Center, Senator Leahy.  . It is particularly galling that Senators Leahy and Casey are Catholics and so should know better because the church does an excellent job educating people on the subject. 

This issue is shocking the conscience of everyone - and the Democrats are playing the same old screaming idiot women tapes. As a woman I am deeply offended. And I know I am not alone. Yes, you may now called it Planned Frankenhood Assassination Centers for  Skull Crunching and Eating Your Young.

  Every Democrat who gets a penny from Planned Parenthood in a campaign is now subject potentially to being a RICO Defendant as part of an interstate criminal enterprise scheme in the sale of human body parts. Just sickening.

Joe Scarborough tells Warren to stop insulting our intelligence:

O'Reilly tells the Justice Department to start investigating- calling it all disgraceful.

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Before You Abort Your Child - Watch 22 Weeks

The Silent Scream (Full Length)

DEFUND THE DECEPTION- part II (see earlier post)

Cecile Richards admitted today to Andrea Mitchell that Planned Parenthood charges for "preservation" "transfer" etc. in fetal tissue research donation of body parts of fetuses.

Their costs are fixed, overhead is fixed and salaries are fixed- so this is called making money off the body parts of fetuses. Its all gravy. Call it what you will, they gain pecuniary benefit off baby body parts.

Congress should reject the creative accounting of Cecile's "you pay only shipping and handling" policy when it admits it is a middle man getting money for baby body part "donation"- its sick. And its illegal. Its unconscionable. It should be a crime- oh, guess what-it is. Perhaps, she should be in jail.  She holds no medical degree of any kind- has a basic Batchelors from Brown and is a political operative/lobbyist. Shouldn't a real medical center be run by a real medical professional?

The repeated lie that women don't have anywhere else to go is dumb. Patrick Leahy might try using the googler because in five seconds I found a group of real OBGYNs in Vermont- .  A simple google search of OBGYN and New York gives you literally thousands of listings including the major hospitals in the city.

What doctors do you know who are real OBGYNs who want to work at Planned Parenthood??. No one wants to work there as a doctor unless they can't get a job anywhere else because it is known to be an abortion mill.

The best OBGYNs aren't working for Planned Parenthood so of course there are other places to go. People saying there is no where else to go are just political partisans trying to feed off the money Planned Parenthood throws off to campaigns. Every student enrolled in a University with a teaching hospital has another place to go obviously. Everyone on medicaid can find a primary care doctor anywhere other than Planned Parenthood.
Anyone with health insurance (and everyone is supposed to have it) can go to any qualified OBGYN if suspected to be pregnant or for contraception. Their talking points are pure fiction.

The people spitting and screaming are people feeding off dead baby parts directly or indirectly.

There is no way Congress should demand that the entire population of America through their tax dollars should have to support abortion or Planned Parenthood's deceptive illegal practices.

End It.
There are much better uses that actually could go for women's health care.
And by the way- they do not do mammagrams and do not have the equipment to do them much less people who can read the results. This is Pure  Schlockery.

People need to wake up to the ghoulish reality that the real stakeholders in this are not women and their health-but the venture capital driven biomedical and biotech firms that are making marketable product they sometimes patent and the stem cell peddling for profit firms. There is no way in hell the American taxpayer should be subsidizing this industry. Or- maybe the only way it should is in Hell. Quite Literally.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Washington DC Statehood (HBO)