Monday, December 31, 2007

Da Pacem Cordium(Canon)/Give Peace to every Heart

Prince of


May the Peace of Christ and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now and always.
PEACE. It's a good time we are reminded to pray for Peace in the World, and the Peace of Jerusalem.

I always ask my mother what she wants for Christmas. She always says the same thing: "You don't have to get me anything, all I want is for everyone to get along, like that Rodney King guy says. I just want Peace." I get her a nice sweater, a few CDs and jewelry anyway.

There seems to be always perpetual conflict in the Middle East, conflict between Israelis, Palestinians, Israelis and sometimes Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians or other Arab nations, religious conflict between Muslims, Jews and Christians, conflict between British and Irish, Catholics and Protestants in Belfast, conflict between factions in Pakistan now, factions in Iraq, and that nut job lurking in North Korea. There is conflict between Sudanese and Darfurians, between Kashmiri independent separatists and Indians, race conflict in America, and perpetual conflict between me and that creepy dude my mother has been living with since my Dad died. That's the one she wants healed most for Christmas I am sure. She would trade all her jewelry for my being able to make genuine polite conversation with him rather than look at him like he crawled out of a swamp. I am working on it.

At Christmas dinner I sat next to a British family, friends of my sister, with two adorable little kids. The mother looked positively saintly with her angelic beautiful little pre-school girl and boy in their Christmas best until she started ranting about Guy Fawks day (a national British holiday in November) commemorating the day "we defeated those damned Catholics who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament to take back the Crown." She apparently didn't get the memo that I am actually a practicing Catholic, which is just as well because I didn't have to explain that the practice doesn't involve blowing up government installations of any kind. (I bemuse myself wondering how she took the recent news of Tony Blair's conversion to Catholicism)

There is lack of peace everywhere- as if the people loved the darkness, held on to the darkness as if there were some security in hating the "other."

As awkward as seeking peace sometimes is, as threatening as it can appear, it is to be desired more than riches, more than oil and embassies, and it is far more secure than coveting hostility or nursing tension, conflict, vengeance and hate (which is why War is usually flatly stupid and counterproductive anyway.)Peace in your heart, that loves in a bigger way the thing most lovely about everyone: that we are each one created in God's image; that when you look at the least lowliest most meager poor humble person you are still looking in the face of Christ-the Creator who doesn't ever make trash. The Peace of Christ that promises to be the healing of the world is the Peace of a heart so large that it knows the paradox that only in giving, not taking, is it filled, only in loving the other more than yourself do you find yourself, only in counting the other more worthy than you do you find your true worth. As Sting once said, the Russians love their children too- and so do the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Pakistanis, and the Palestinians. I am told the creep living with my mother even loves his grandchildren.

That's why it was easy for Christ to say- look -don't just love the people who love you back. That's basically selfish. That's easy- even tax collectors and scummy people can do that. Love your enemies. Really. Your enemies. Love them. Don't kill them, bomb them, destroy their towns, torch their villages, bury them, take their resources, rape their women, delimb their landmined children- NO- LOVE THEM. Please, Please, Please, Please, Love Them.

"The creep" actually has a name- it's Larry. Every Iraqi man, woman and child alive has a name. I do not know these names. Every Iraqi man, woman and child who has died has a name. I do not know those names either. I do know that their names are not all "Iraqi." Do not call your enemies out of their names. Pray for them by name.

Love and pray for the people who spitefully use and mock you-especially the ones who hurt you the most. Then your heart grows large enough to maybe float to and fit in heaven. When you throw a feast or banquet, don't just invite the fancy folk who will next invite you back to theirs- invite the people who can't pay you back-people who will never have a fancy banquet to pay you back- you will get your reward in heaven. If someone wants your coat, envies you, give them your coat and your shirt too. Consider others better than yourself. Remember those Pharisees- they liked to look down on everyone- they were more pious, they stood in the market places visible to everyone praying so everyone could see how pious in long fancy robes. When you pray go in a closet and pray- don't convey that you count yourself better than anyone else by acting superior making a spectacle of prayer. Love the lowliest. -Even As God did.

Who did He possibly (probably-good bet) of all Humans love the most? Mary. The "Hand-maid" of the Lord. Hand-maid. Maid. Servant Girl. Altar Girl. Kid who sewed the Priest garments in the back room.

Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord- who afterall created everything. Everything.
You cannot outgive God. You cannot outlove God. There is no point to hanging on to anything because he can just make more- like the Lays Potato Chip God- he will make more- he will make more money, he will make more stuff, he will make more of anything you need. It's all His anyway- So let it go.

Flight to Egypt (and I don't mean First or even Business Class)

Time to hit the road- where are we going now? Anywhere has got to be better than sleeping in that barn. I trust you- I packed the pampers the shepherds left, just get that cute Ass in gear and let's get out of here before someone gets killed. I'm lost anyway without your love. I trust you. Let's go.

Happy New Year to all.

Faith Without Works is Dead.

"Faith Without Love is Vain"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Message to the Church-1 Timothy 4

That forbids all their Priests the holy Sacrament of Marriage:

It's a New Millenium

Jesus Never Taught it.
The bible doesn't state it.
The church didn't even believe it for the first 1,000 years of its existence. The early church, which were largely Jews would have thought it unthinkable.

The Bible teaches the contrary- a Bishop, a Deacon MUST BE Married to one woman. If their own house is not in order how can they possibly be any authority to counsel a church people.

Sola Scriptura isn't enough- Contra Scriptura isn't allowed.

When I was a child I thought as a child.
Now Put away childish things.

Learn how not to have sick relationships with women.
Learn how to take a holy wife.

It is holy. It is holy innocence.

Emotionally manipulating women for profit and position is not. Taking fake spiritual wives is not. Making dishonest women of the flock is not. That is all pure scandal.

God has enough resources to take care of families of Priests. God demands Truth of Heart.

God is Love.

To unrequite Love is to insult God. To insult Love is to Grieve God. To Kill Love is to Crucify Him again.
Yesterday was the day the church marks the "slaughter of the innocents" when King Herod in burning jealousy killed all male children under the age of two in Bethlehen after Jesus' birth to make sure that he killed Jesus, who was rumored to be a "King of the Jews" threatening his Power.

When Priests are forbidden the natural right and order to be natural fathers, women God intended to be their spouses go barren- they bear no children. They hemmorage monthly instead. It is in this way that the church has in this fashion become a Herod of sorts, killing potential children - out of jealousy for its Power. And the women's lives are discarded as irrelevant.

The church is thus guilty of creating Martyrs- of its own people. And that is too perverse to whisper.
And for those priests pretending to be Gifted with the Grace of Celibacy, while emotionally engaging women, the church is in a fashion pimping them. It would be far holier for them to
marry one woman than break the hearts of a plural polygamous spiritual harem. Who's Foolin Who.
Beware Deceiving Spirits and Things Taught By Demons- 1 Timothy 4- READ IT.

The first word in "Love and Responsibility" is Love- not Chastity. Chastity is a signpost to the narrow gate which is Love. Chastity mistaken for the narrow gate is an idol. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. God so loved the world he HAD A SON TO GIVE.

God blesses Love even through Sin.
In The Matthew geneology of Jesus, we note that Solomon's father was King David and his mother was the one who was the "wife of Uriah"- e.g. Bathsheeba. David had Uriah killed, took the wife of Uriah in adultery and was guilty of murder and adultery. The first child of that adulterous union died under God's wrath. Apparently, they loved each other enough to stay together to have another child - who lived to be the wisest man that ever lived. God blesses love.

God so loved the World that he Gave His Only Begotten Son. God Loved the world so much He Had A Son To Give.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Native American First American- Amazing Grace (in cherokee)

Leann Rimes - Amazing Grace

Oh Happy Day

Elvis Presley: Gospel live-Oh Happy Day

Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel to a Heart That's True

Word Made Flesh

Now You Try.

The power of life is in the tongue. Speak healing. Speak prosperity. Speak Blessing not cursing. Speak Truth into Reality. Speak Victory. Speak Hope into darkness and despair. Speak
Joy into Depression. Speak life into sickness. Speak Love to Hate. Speak Life to death. Speak Peace to War. Let the Words of my Mouth and the Meditation of my Heart be pleasing to you, God- the author of all healing and life.
And God Said let there be....And there was.....And God Said....And God Said....- everything was created after a Word. The Word was with God in the Beginning. Not anything made was made without Him. The Word became Flesh and dwelled among us.
Words -
And the Angel Gabriel will conceive a child. And she did.
And the Angel Gabriel shall name him Jesus. And they did.

Let the Words of my Mouth and Meditations of my heart be pleasing to you God of Creation.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

A special Merry Christmas to the Queen (because I love her!) of England.
This is a reigning Monarch who gave her first Christmas message on TV in 1957- 50 years ago. You can see it on her YouTube channel- The Royal Channel. (Just put that in the You Tube search engine).

Here is her 1957 Christmas Message to the Commonwealth (I can't embed the image so just click the text below).

Saturday, December 22, 2007


What Child is This?

James Taylor - What Child is This

For Katie
Merry Christmas

Bach - Magnificat - 1 - Magnificat anima mea

Sicut Locutus est

Bach - Magnificat - 11 - Sicut locutus

Oratio Jeremiae


In Dulci Jubilo York Minster Choir

Mariah Carey - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Jewel - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The Prayer translated

Aaron neville - Ave maria

Belle and Sebastian - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Celtic Christmas-Little Drummer Boy

All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

Love Actually - All I want for ...

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mr Bean goes to Church

Mr Bean -Merry Christmas

You Are my Hiding Place

El shadai - Amy Grant - 20th Aniversary Michael Smith

Mary Did You Know

Mr Beanbastic (Mr. Bean Dancing)

Noel des enfants du Monde

Stille Nacht

Take 6 Live - Joy To The World/Christmas Medley

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The Bridge Over Troubled Waters- Robert Casey

Bob Casey, who is Pro Life in its most comprehensive sense and a Democrat, has proposed legislation, S2407 to support Pregnant Women which is applauded by the Bishop's Conference. Bob Casey is the son of the late Governor Casey of Pennsylvania who against the tide of his party was Pro Life with such integrity that he was banned from speaking at a Democratic Convention.
The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. Send Bob Casey a Christmas Card.

Bishops’ Conference Official Praises Senate Introduction Of “Pregnant Women’s Support Act”
En Espanol-->

-->WASHINGTON (December 14, 2007)—An official from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) praised Senator Robert Casey (D-PA) for introducing the Pregnant Women’s Support Act (S. 2407), a bill to provide resources and support to pregnant women.“By providing practical resources and information, the bill will empower pregnant women to make healthy choices for themselves and their children, born and unborn,” said Deirdre McQuade of the USCCB’s Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities.“The Pregnant Women’s Support Act is truly a common-ground initiative to reduce the number of abortions in the United States,” Ms. McQuade said, “Everyone can agree that no woman should choose abortion under financial duress or because she is threatened by domestic violence during her pregnancy.”Ms. McQuade noted that S. 2407 includes “vital provisions supporting pregnant and parenting university students, a population particularly at risk for considering abortion.”The Pregnant Women’s Support Act will also ensure that pregnant women are not denied coverage by insurance companies; establish a toll-free number for resources during pregnancy and after birth; provide parenting education in maternity group homes; provide qualified new mothers with free home visits by registered nurses; and codify the current regulation allowing states to provide Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) coverage to unborn children and their mothers. It will also encourage adoption by expanding adoption credit and adoption assistance programs.Representative Lincoln Davis (D-TN) and 35 co-sponsors introduced nearly identical legislation in the House (H.R. 319) on July 26, 2007. “Thanks to the courageous leadership of Representative Davis and Senator Casey, Congress has a long-overdue opportunity to help make abortion rare. We wholeheartedly support this constructive bill and urge the House and Senate to pass it for women, their families, and the common good,” Ms. McQuade said.

Let's Give Them Something To Talk About


Today we heard the hard story of Zechariah, The Priest, who was visited by the Angel Gabriel and told that his old wife Elizabeth would bear a son. We know this son to be John the Baptist. The story of his birth is amazing- and a Total Miracle. Such a Miracle Zechariah didn't believe it himself. So for his brief unbelief, the Angel shut him up- he literally couldn't speak until the child was born and he had to write John's name down when naming him.
God loves you man, but your mouth!

The scripture says that this child took away the reproach of Elizabeth- who according to Jewish custom, was in some fashion cursed because she did not have children. Children are a sign of blessing and favor with God. One very beloved Priest I know once said God sends children to remind us he has not given up on the World. The Power to Open Wombs and Close Wombs rests with God. So the question remains- have you given up on God? Apparently Zechariah had. But that did not deter God.

It didn't deter God from loving Zechariah enough that he blessed him with a son. Why was God so fond of Zechariah? It is written that Zechariah was exceedingly Righteous. So was Elizabeth. Now Zechariah must have loved Elizabeth quite beyond her child-bearing abilities because he stayed married to her. He had choices. He could have pulled an Abraham and impregnated a servant (probably not Kosher in terms of expected priesthood behavior), he could have flirted wildly with other women. God knew he was exceedingly Righteous. His lineage dated all the way back to Elijiah in fact (making it clear that Elijiah bore children.) Some maintain that Jewish law even contains a loophole marriage out provision such that if your wife does not bear children for over ten years you may divorce her and marry another. Zechariah didn't divorce Elizabeth to marry a younger woman.

Jesus' two names in Revelation are "Faithful" and "True." Zechariah, in being a Righteous man, was a man after his own heart. Zechariah was Faithful to Elizabeth, and True to her, even after years and years of not bearing children.

This "reproach" for Elizabeth thing ran deep. People talk, you know. That old woman, whatever happened to her, poor thing! Sometimes, they talk disguised as well meaning prayer, but it is still gossip; Let's pray for that poor old woman- she and her husband can't have children- and he's a Priest! God must be cursing them something aweful for something really bad she did, shall we pray. How hard it must have been year after year for Elizabeth to see family around her with their children and wonder why God didn't bless her marriage with children. She did everything right she thought, she married a Priest after all! He couldn't have married just anyone- she had to be special.

But then an Angel visited them. Not just any Angel- GABRIEL, an ArchAngel. When Gabriel comes, expect a Miracle.

He said to Zechariah the Priest- You are going to have a child-same time next year there is going to be a baby here. His name is going to be John. And because you thought your wife was too old I am going to shut you up until he is born- [lest your Words of Unbelief screw the whole thing up.] (parentheticals mine)

Now there is something to talk about (for about 2,000 years now).

Look for a Miracle this Christmas. Look for your Angel. And when your doubt wells up into your heart, shut yourself up, lest your words of unbelief screw the whole thing up.

The Angel Gabriel told Zechariah- NOTHING is impossible with God. Say that one over and over again. NOTHING is impossible with God.

God isn't hiding.

Another Rebbi Helps Christians in Bethlehem

I received this email today, a letter posted on the website ( of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews by it's President, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.
Please read this thoughtfully. I encourage any support you can give to this brave Rabbi.

A Desperate Situation for Bethlehem’s Christians

December 19, 2007

Dear Friend of Israel,

Christmas is fast approaching. Next week, Christians around the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus, and read the stories of his birth in a humble stable in the city of Bethlehem.
Ironically, soon there may be no Christians left in Bethlehem. Oppression of Christians by radical Muslims, which rose sharply after Israel turned over control of Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority in 1995, has led to a Christian exodus from the area. In 1995, Christians made up 62 percent of the population in the city of Jesus' birth. Today, that figure stands at approximately 15 percent.

Given the stories we've heard of threats and violence against Christians, it's easy to understand why. One pastor, Naim Khoury, who heads the First Baptist Church of Bethlehem, tells of being shot three times, and having his church bombed on 14 separate occasions.
The oppression of Christians by hard-line Islamists is common not only in Bethlehem, but throughout Palestinian-controlled areas. In Gaza, where 3,000 Christians live among 1.5 million Muslims, it is sometimes deadly. Last fall, Rami Khader Ayyad, owner of a Christian bookstore, was murdered by Islamic radicals. When Hamas terrorists seized power over the area in June 2007, numerous attacks against Christians were reported, including the ransacking of a convent.

Clearly, in Gaza Hamas has created an atmosphere deeply hostile to Christians.
In Israel, on the other hand, the right to worship freely is protected for Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze alike, and perpetrators of religiously-motivated attacks are punished with the full force of the law. No wonder, then, that even many Palestinians living in areas of Israel that could be turned over to the Palestinian Authority in peace negotiations have voiced strong opposition to any such deal.

During this season holy to both Christians and Jews, The Fellowship is extending its lifesaving support to include impoverished Christians in Bethlehem. Through a gift that will be distributed through Pastor Khoury's church, hundreds of Christians who live daily with the threat of radical Islam will be fed. We hope that, along with feeding the hungry, this effort will send a message to beleaguered Christians that we stand with them.

Please take a moment to pray that Christians in hostile Arab and Muslim countries will be released from their bonds of oppression. And, to all my Christian friends everywhere, please accept my sincere wish that this Christmas is one of joy and peace. I feel greatly blessed by your continued support for Israel and the Jewish people, and your prayers for the peace of Jerusalem.

With prayers for shalom, peace,
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
President, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Yelling "Fire!" in a Crowded Theatre

The Roof, The Roof...

In the event you missed it, in the Veep's suite of offices in the Old Executive Office Building, adjacent to the White House, there was a fire Wednesday morning.

So don't be surprised if the next subpoena is met with "records were destroyed in the fire."

The Great Fire of '07- it got just out of control enough to eat all the paper and melt the hard drives.

This comes in the eve of deliberations in some House members' offices on whether to conduct hearings designed to Impeach Cheney as proposed by Robert Wexler. This measure would largely be valuable for the material obtainable during the hearings (that were not lost in the above mentioned hullaballo) because unless any Republican is insane enough to put him on their ticket he is out of there in a time shorter than the hearings would take.

Here is where the vote stands:
14 Judiciary Committee Democrats have NOT called for impeachment hearings. These 7 voted to send Kucinich's bill to Judiciary on 11/6, so they should publicly support Wexler's efforts: John Conyers (MI-14), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18), Bobby Scott (VA-03), Brad Sherman (CA-27), Betty Sutton (OH-13), Mel Watt (NC-12), and Anthony Weiner (NY-09).
These 7 voted to kill Kucinich's bill on 11/6, so they need to CHANGE their positions and fulfill their oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND domestic: Howard Berman (CA-28), Artur Davis (AL-07), William Delahunt (MA-10), Zoe Lofgren (CA-16), Jerrold Nadler (NY-08), Linda Sanchez (CA-39), and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20).
If you care Please email all House Judiciary Democrats through this petition:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

9/11 Truth March in Brussels - 09-Sep-2007

9/11 Truthers Respond to Bill Maher

So where did this plane come from?

Ask Guiliani

Bombs In The Buildings- Ask Guiliana

Bombs Were Planted

9/11 Truth: MIT Engineer Jeff King Says WTC Demolished

A little birdie told me so

CNN Fake Footage: When Where and How did they film this?


Mormon Fraud, Con, Scam, Deceptions


What else do we need to know?


The Mormon "Church"-Too Wierd For Words

Seriously people, we want an avowed practicing Mormon as our President?? GET SERIOUS-
Someone tell Mit- it's not a beauty contest.

The Mormon Church

How Whacked is the Mormon Church- Freemasons, Satan and Baal Worship P/1

NOELLE (Noëlle) the movie trailer Gener8xion Entertainment

The Angels Did Say

The Movie that they Don't Want you to See
-and you can't even see it now in DC or NY. It isn't here yet.

Apparently it is so controversial that the Catholic Tube people have trash talked it down. Why? Because it features a Priest who has a "thing" for a Parishioner- like that never happens.
I love that the Priest and Parisioner are played by people who are married in real life. A couple of their kids are in the movie too.

Why isn't this in DC and NY?
See the trailer here above and the catholic-tube reaction below.

"A new movie was released a few weeks ago with the claim of being a “Christian” movie that also has a “pro life” message. But the movie revolves around 2 priests, one of whom is an acoholic who is contemplating marrying a woman, and another priest who is portrayed as void of faith and is in love with the same woman.
The movie mocks all that is Catholic and is produced by a Protestant organization. Here is a preview of the movie, which can raise some of the red flags, but does not go into detail about the anti-catholic tones in the movie."

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cynthia Butler Answers Cynthia Tucker

How Bought Can You Be?

Cynthia Tucker in a recent editorial headliner for a major Atlanta paper argues against the Christian "right" coming down against MIT Romney because of his religion. Here's the news: the Christian "left" and the Christian "wrong" don't like that he is a Mormon either. Count a few Catholics into that equation as well. Thus, he is unelectable in a General Election. Now, unless Ms. Tucker is playing the backhanded compliment game of jockey propping someone up whom the Democrats know is unelectable, her editorial is a joke.

First, the snide derision of those who think Mormonism is some satanic worship is the kind of mockery that mocks its mocker. In fact, Mormons themselves maintain quite openly that the one we know as Jesus was the "spirit brother of Lucifer" according to their extra-biblical writings.

Christians base their beliefs on Christian and Hebraic Scripture. Mormons base their beliefs on the Book of Mormon which contains the teachings of a False Prophet- the kind that were automatically stoned to death in the days of the First Hebrew Testament. We do not worship the same things as Mormons. Our belief systems contradict each other. For starters Mormons do not hold that Jesus Christ was Divine and refute the seminal foundational first chapter of John which maintains that in the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word Was God and the Word became Flesh and Dwelled among us. Mormons place Jesus on the level of all God's children-namely, us. It is the Supreme Hubris and heresy against Jesus' nature. Like all heresy it spawns manifestations of evil outcome- some of which the Justice Department has volumes of files on.

In the current church-state Establishment Clause debate context, we do not permit the establishment of any religion. But neither do we constitutionally prohibit a person's faith from informing their decision-making processes. That would be as humanly impossible to do as asking them to divorce themselves from the perspectives that living in their skin color conditioned them.

So it is entirely fair game to wonder about the foundational beliefs of any candidate- and entirely appropriate to reject that candidate if one finds their foundational belief system objectionable.

The question is not whether he can lead. The question is to where he will lead. Assume they all can lead to somewhere.

That is why it is the DUTY of everyone to investigate DEEPLY the tenents of Mormonism before voting for Romney, and before penning editorials that attempt to legitimate the view
with a few scripture quotes. You are going to see distortions in this area because the man is a filthy rich business superstar who has an organization that is paying people- paying Media- and we have just begun to see this sort of invidious indoctrination which will be magnified by lightyears if the man is President.

Cynthia L. Butler, Esq.
a graduate of Georgetown Law Center is an attorney
practicing in Washington, DC with twenty years of
litigation experience nationally; a past election
reform activist and volunteer with three past
Presidential campaigns.

The Warped Trivialization of War

Here we Go Again Folks- ARE YOU KIDDING ME Bishop's Conference!

New Hampshire official Catholic Archdiocese/hierarchy has come out with the good Catholic Voter Guide. It doesn't say the only issue this election is Abortion, but close. It says the pre-eminent issue is doing the least harm to human life in the areas of Abortion, cloning, euthenasia and embryonic stem cell research.

(Nevermind that the science has already much mooted the debate on the stem cell research in that they have discovered ways to generate new "embryonic" stem cells from adult)

War it puts in the class of social issues like economic justice.

At this point, you just have to ignore whatever the Catholic Archdiocese in New Hampshire thinks because their official position is off its rocker.

WHAT IMPACT ON LIFE DO YOU THINK WAR HAS? WAR BY DEFINITION INTENDS TO KILL LIFE. And it doesn't care what innocent collateral life gets in the way in this case.

How about 4,000 DEAD US SOLDIERS? (Surpassing the numbers killed in 9-11)
How about the destroyed lives of 40,000 severely mentally traumatically brain injured post traumatized kids who will never work real jobs. How about the dead, murdered, suicided and tortured prisoners in CIA interrogation centers, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo?

What do you think that they are doing in a "WAR?" Playing ultimate Frizbee?

That this registered as a little trivialized minimized social problem to the Archdiocese in New Hampshire demonstrates how completely irrelevant the Catholics in New Hampshire should be. Fortunately the ones in the rest of the country read a paper and a few blogs so have a realistic view of how demonically eclipsed reality has become under the Bush Doctrine.


WAR- a totally unnecessary profiteering morally bankrupt waste of 9 Billion US dollars.

Good People of New Hampshire- YOU ARE CRAZY if you follow this formula and elect anyone who maintains the status quo on the War Angle. Too crazy to vote in fact. Stay home and watch EWTN reruns.

Prayer Request

Please pray with me that church that considers itself the only true Church, that worships a trinitarian Holy Family of Father, Son, Holy Ghost as made incarnately manifest through the human birth of an infant in human form, Jesus, to the Holy Family of Mary and Joseph, would not remain so off the tracks as to believe that the holiest noblest of people are only those who eschew having their own families.

Because be assured, God thinks it is more precious that a man read bedtime stories to his child, kiss him goodnight and tuck him in bed than watching late night TV with the Pope.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Papst Bendikt XVI. privat

Merry Christmas

Enya - May it be

enya Adeste, Fideles

Jan Paweł II

We Miss You

Dominikanie - film powołaniowy


Josh Groban I'll be Home for Christmas

I Could sing of Your love Forever - from the Whitehouse

Featuring Twyla Paris

Trading My Sorrows - Darrell Evans

Yes Lord Yes Lord Yes Yes Lord Amen

Wait on the Lord

Mendelssohn - Elijah - O rest in the Lord - Dorothea Fayne

"Oh Rest in the Lord, Wait Patiently for him."

Patience is a Prayer

"Lord give me Patience, and I want it right now!"

Darkest Before the Storm

Do They Know Its Christmas in Guantanamo
(Because boys and girls, the best way to Evangelize someone is to shackle them to a cage)

I keep plugging this movie TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE that everyone should see (opening January 11 nationally), because I think it wrong that we close our eyes to what is being done in our name. I should note it is likely not PG rated. It has scenes of the real down and dirty- and I mean filthy dirty.

I found a review in the Huffington Post:

FISA- Free Intrusion To Spy Anonymously

Houston we have a problem.

Get out of our phone receivers!!! The government is getting too creepy. Everyone knows that they have been under cover of the NSA security excuses spying on Americans, reading their emails diverted off to special screening servers and tapping wires, phone lines and cell phones- especially rebel rousing peace loving Quakers, anyone who fights for election reform (i.e. not electronically wirelessly rigged republican owned election direct recording devices), democratic activists, those pink power ladies, All Sharpton, and a host of guitar wielding Greens. But now Creepy rises to a new level of Gall. They want to make sure that no one can sue the phone companies for it. Here is an email I got from John Conyers. Apparently they want to tack onto a bill a provision creating immunity for the phone companies, retroactively of the bill- so you can NEVER sue the phone companies for their illegal activities-- even if you can prove they did it and it was illegal at the time.
I am very proud that John Conyers' auto-email blastserve calls me a friend. So I hope he doesn't mind that I reprint his email to me- and I encourage EVERYONE to help in this- Chris Dodd is saying he will Filibuster if there is such a crazy retroactive provision in FISA legislation. Hillary says she supports him. I support him. Call anyone you know on the hill and tell them to not let this pass.
Because you can't have phone companies or anyone else spying on you breaking the law and getting away with it. We join the Dodd Squad on this one-

Please read below and call your Senator NOW

A FISA Call to Action
Dear Cynthia:The Senate will soon consider legislation addressing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). I emailed you about this issue recently responding to inaccuracies in the press about Democratic efforts to improve protection of civil liberties. I am writing you today to update you on the current state of the bill and to ask for your help.One critical question being considered in the Senate's FISA bill is whether to offer telecom companies retroactive immunity for any actions they undertook in the wireless surveillance program. The Bush Administration has claimed that this is necessary for national security reasons, but I am skeptical.If the Administration was serious about arguing for this immunity, I suspect they would take steps to demonstrate to Congress the extent of this surveillance program and what role the phone companies played. Yet they have refused to share even this information with the House. Clearly, it is a bit much to ask for immunity from prosecution without explaining why it is necessary.Because of these reservations, the House-passed FISA bill did not include the immunity the president sought. In the Senate, however, it is becoming clear that a tough battle will now ensue over this provision. Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut has been a vocal opponent of telecom immunity and has promised to filibuster any FISA legislation that includes this provision.Senator Dodd needs your help right now. Please visit his site and lend your support to the filibuster now. Your help can make a difference at this important juncture.Thank you again for your continued support for a better democracy.
Your Friend, John Conyers, Jr.

A Very Merry New England Christmas to Chris Dodd- I will be in his home state for Christmas with my sister's family in Greenwhich so I will raise a special glass of egg nog to him for this.

Proud To Be An American

Did you know that the First Woman Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi delivered the Saturday radio address this week. Go Nancy, Go Nancy, ...
She has her own blog (so cool---not your Grandfather's Speaker!!)-It's called THE GAVEL (I love it) check out what she is doing to push the envelope on children's health care, energy independence, housing in New Orleans, and a host of other important issues:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who is that Angry Wexler guy?

High Crimes and High Time

Wexler, not to be confused with Waxman, the head of the Congressional Committee charged with investigating government waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, etc. wants to investigate something- [because it's too demonic to look away and let it go unaddressed]-

See what Robert Wexler the Congressman is Constitutionally ticked off about here: - where you can also watch a powerful video by Wexler.

Elegant Engineering-Only in Women

You have to love this:
Why Pregnant Women Don't Topple Over- it seems that we are designed [by God of course] with genius for the express purpose of bearing children- you don't say!


Father forgive you, for you have sinned
I barely know where first to begin
Good Priest why is it you cannot see truly
the Demons in the Pews in front of you daily
The one with bone broken hanging her arm
is on vicadin, percoset, and a host of pharmaceuticals
that would make your head spin to allieviate pain and spells
of the hormonal drift from a hysterectomy, a junkee
distorts her vision, truth and judgment but not as bad as another one
She is less out of her vile mind than the tortured one
Let's see what else your innocent eyes cannot see
The one with the fixed glazed glare has possessed you
with a demonic co-dependency which glues you to her side endlessly
and drives off anyone close to you which threatens her paradise
She has a host of lust demons named legion too many to thrust
into a herd of swine, while she entertains you just fine
and your soul is bartered like a living Martyr-only to the devil.
Your love lost like an island buried under volcanic ash
You trust in rumor instead of love from above
and let her run your entire social universe
You doubt your own heart and run from it fast
pursued by the demons of your past
and those sitting right in front of you
Front and center pew.
For the one who couldn't buy a date
will suffocate a Priest with her demanding attentions
until the life force is sucked dry and he dies in her arms
so she can latch on to the next one like leeches
Helpless to her hideous ugly charms, like leeches
on a floating dead fish. Fair Warning. Do what you wish.
Do what you want to.

Your penance Sir, is quite up to you.

Friday, December 14, 2007

How Smart Is God

So Much Smarter than You, Thank God


Ever wonder why there was no Room in the Inn? Why did God make Joseph and the very pregnant Mary ride a donkey (try doing that while almost 9 months pregnant on bumpy dirt roads!) go to a very crowded Bethlehem at the time of the census to have Jesus be born in a barn/shed/stable? That doesn't sound very nice to Mary. Why would he make them have to go to Bethlehem when she was that pregnant? Why couldn't Mary deliver in the comfort of her mother's home with her mother helping?

He's God- why wouldn't he want the King of the World to be born at the Bethlehem Ritz? OK, we'll settle for the Bethlehem Hyatt or Marriott. But a Barn? A Shed? Amidst the smell of animal excrement with Mary lying on a pile of hay- a trough for a cradle? There was literally no place else in the entire city they could go? Why didn't God make sure Joseph had more money for better accommodations? Was there really no vacancy anywhere because of the census. Were there that many more people flooding Bethlehem than the usual hotel accommodations? Yup-and God had that all perfectly planned. They were to go all the way on a long donkey ride to Bethlehem but not officially check in anywhere. They were official guests nowhere-they could hide in a stable.

Most people pick up on the fact that he was born into poverty as inspiration telling of the fact that Jesus was born essentially homeless so he loves the poor. Other people use it as a metaphor to help people overcome their circumstances. Other people speak of his humility.

That all may be true, But God is smarter than all that. God was hiding him and had a plan. God's timing is not our timing. His timing is perfect timing. It may look like lousy timing from our perspective- I am sure Mary didn't appreciate it- and the ride could very well have induced labor. But that was the point- the ride induced labor- because Jesus had to be born exactly when he was born. It aligned with the Northern Star perfectly. (Now you know why there is a Star on top of every Christmas Tree)
Jesus was born on the road. He was born while on Travel. Because if he stayed too long in one place, he would be dead in a week.

Remember that Herod was after him. Everyone knew the Messiah as foretold was coming imminently. There was this phenomenal brilliant North Star phenomenon that the astrologers all followed (which actually led shepherds in the hills to the spot of his birth)
Herod sent the Wise Men (one or more of whom could read these stars) to track down the birth of this so called King of the Jews- because Herod was insanely Jealous and wanted to be hailed as the only King of the Jews. The Wise Men actually found Jesus following the Northern Star. God knew that Jesus was not going to be born without a Jealous rageful storm of demonic proportion surrounding his birth- because God knew that the Devil knew he was done.

Herod commissioned the wise men to report on his location - but the Wise Men, after they found him, didn't go back the same way they came to report back to Herod- they left him clueless.

Mary had just given birth. God knows that the last thing someone who just delivered a baby wants to do is get up and travel, move after delivering a baby.--Except if it were so bloody uncomfortable lying there without a bed of any kind on hay sticking in her back and she wanted to see her baby in real blankets in a more protected place. God made it just uncomfortable enough that Mary willingly, eagerly would quickly go-even after just giving birth (without an epidural people). They didn't circumcize Jesus in Bethlehem. They were not there for even a full week. They had to circumcize him within the week according to custom, and they made their way to Jerusalem, a much larger city bound to have better accommodation, used to many travelers because the Temple was there. They circumcized him in Jerusalem and presented him at the Temple.

God knew they didn't have much time. They bought time by the Wise Men outsmarting Herod. But Herod was on a jealous revenge rampage binge. He was out to KILL EVERY MALE CHILD under the age of 2 in Bethlehem to make sure he got Jesus. Joseph, Mary and Jesus registered for the census there in Bethlehem because that is where Joseph was born, but they really were not from there. Neither of them were really from there. Herod assumed that they lived there. In fact the Jewish prophesy of the Messiah was that he would come out of Bethlehem and Herod knew this. But this tricked Herod.

Jesus could not be found by Herod's people in Bethlehem- because he had no permenant address at the time he was born, and they got out of dodge in time. If Joseph and Mary and Jesus lived permenantly at 123 Main Street, Bethlehem, with a sign on the door and neighbors who knew where they were all the time, throwing a baby shower and bringing food over to see the baby, Herod would have no trouble finding them in a heartbeat. And Jesus would have been dead in a week. As it was, the only people we know for sure that knew Jesus was where he was were the random shepherders who hung in the hills, pretty much removed from city/town society, and Wise Men from afar who were wise enough to keep their mouth shut and not report back to Herod. Neither could Herod's people find him in Jerusalem- because they quickly went to Egypt.

The Angel Gabriel came to Joseph in a dream and said to him after Jesus' birth- listen-you don't have much time, get out of here now- Herod's people are they went to Jerusalem then Egypt. God had a plan to hide the infant Jesus in Egypt just as he previously hid the infant Moses in Egypt. And so they got out of dodge in a hurry, carried what they carried with them already packed for travel and they missed the Holocaust slaughter of the male children under 2. They stayed there until that Herod died. {The Jesus movie above skips the Egypt part when in fact they only went to live in Nazareth after that Herod died-there were several Kings named Herod, this was not the one who beheaded John the Baptist}

When you look at a cresche sceen, the manger, the hut-like barn, this Christmas remember how smart God is- that God is so much smarter than you. Remember that God's timing is perfect timing- even when you wished things happened on your schedule. You may rather not be living in a hole in the wall temporarily, you may be someplace you don't like all that well, some place that is beneath your dignity- but God may want you packed for travel because God is sending you someplace you really need to go. God is really smarter than you.

And his plan has always been for your Salvation.

Bobby McFerrin - Ave Maria

Is this the Don't Worry Be Happy Guy?

Feed the World

This group based in Rome is also very deserving of your Christmas contributions.
They are actually keeping people alive feeding them.


Get creative with your church alternative gift market this year.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward ALL Men

Think of a new way to give this Christmas Season- it could really impact a life:

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews does remarkable things for particularly Russian Jews who wish to relocate to Israel. Check out their gift catalogue. Consider it for your alternative Christmas Market at your church.
Did you know that there are still Holocaust Survivors living in the former Soviet Union?

Jesus-Alright With Me

Ultima Misa de San Pio de Pietrelcina - iglesia católica

Padre Pio the Secret of the Stigmatist

Why Do We Need Universal Health Care?

Saint Luke's Children's Hospital
terminal cancer patient

Listen to the Words
Suffer the Little Children Come to Me, For to Such Belong the Kingdom of Heaven.

Time Person of the Year- HABEUS HUH? WHO?


Steve Clemons thinks the Time Person of the Year should be the Guantanamo Detainee. See his video at

Do you agree?
Big Thank you to Steve for hosting the pre-screening of the movie TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE
which everyone must see- opening January 11 nationally.

Do you realize these guys are rotting, untried for the most part- and stuck in Guantanamo, off US soil so as not to be under US law (while we dance around and on top of International Human Rights Law) indefinately. Do you realize that we put out bounties on capturing Afghanis so people just sold their neighbors (especially ones whose poppy fields they wanted) to the US who rounded up completely innocent people? Do you realize that even US military prison guards -the "interrogators" think only about 2-3% of the people we held in places like Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo are guilty of anything? No wonder they are going on hunger strike to starve themselves to death. Do you know how many people have killed themselves already at Guantanamo?

Sorry to put a kabbash on the Christmas merriment but folks----your tax dollars pay for this crap.
I think that the Time Man of the Year either this year or next should be the Director/Producer of TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE.

Vieni via con me


Political Correctness on It's Ass-Part II

Stop Apologizing!

This time it comes from the Democratic camp. Some rather senior Hillary staffer commented that Obama's confessed drug use (which was more extensive than the typical teen age experimentations involving both cocaine and marijuana discussed in his own book) would make it harder to win a general election. That person was right. Most people don't want a President who whines on about how hard it was to find his identity so he hid himself on a Hawaiian beach with a bong and snorted coke. Cry me a volcanic river people. Believe it or not, there exist people even of his generation who really never did drugs of any kind. Really. We view the ones who did less favorably. Fact. It's Not PC to comment on it?

Obama's drug use was ILLEGAL and he is running for President. It is a standard question every President got. Even Bill had to fess up about the inhaling thing. Apparently Obama's peeps have turned this into another race card that they are playing- white folk can't comment on the negative appeal of drug use of a black guy (half black guy) because that conjures up images of drug use of black guys. You don't say! They put so much pressure on the opposing campaign that Hillary bought into it?

GROW UP! That campaign advisor's job is to assess which qualities are more endearing to a General election audience. He did his job. He was right. Now he apparently feels he has to resign? RIDICULOUS.

I hope Obama realizes that this is exactly the sort of stuff that divides the country in half and makes half the country go- we can't have even a half black President. Not because he did drugs-while that was sleazy it was forgiveable, but because no one can mention that it was sleazy!

EVERY teenager has an identity issue they have to resolve. Obama didn't have his real father around, like tons of people. Some people were mixed race and confused about it and did not do drugs at all. Some people had real problems like a face full of acne socially isolating them. Some kids were fat. They don't all do drugs. Some resolve their identity in throwing themselves in things like sports, bury themselves in academic achievement and honors, get really into making remote controlled balsa wood airplanes, take up horseback riding or become expert surfers. Some kids his age in America were winning science contests making rockets to the moon, other kids were volunteering at the animal shelter playing veterinarian, other kids were learning their Hebrew, other kids were candy stripers in nursing homes dreaming of becoming a doctor or nurse, other kids were winning basketball or soccer trophies, --Obama was snorting coke and paid good money that his single mother probably couldn't afford for cocaine and marijuana and whatever else that got edited out of the book.

It's totally fair comment on the character development issue and I don't care what color he is.
Parents and anyone involved in child rearing try despirately to steer their kids away from drugs and drug crowds. What kind of message does Obama send? Do what you have to, so long as you don't get caught, make it to a good college write a book about it and you too can someday be President!

It is plainly stupid of Hillary's people to let themselves get hammered by the race card- they need more backbone to stand up to this crap. I have met Obama this campaign season. If I met him at Columbia I wouldn't date him. He strikes me as someone who in his teens was a bit on the spoiled side and thought he was too cool for his pants. And I wouldn't care how ambitious he was or if he would some day run for President. I don't like that he "confessed" or bragged on his drug use to give him "street cred". I like even less that anyone was ignorant enough to pull the race card on that one.

Hillary should not have either forced the guy to resign or accepted his resignation. She got Played Big there. Who should you like more-the player or the played? It's epox on both their houses for that one.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joyful Mysteries; God Inhabits the Praise of his People

Praise comes in two parts: Song and Prayer. Singing is praying twice. God inhabits the Praise of his People. Where two or more are gathered in his Name, he is there- listening.

The Rosary, known to some billion Catholics worldwide is a Praise to the mystery of incarnation of God made man through whom redemption and salvation come to the World. For the stalward Presbyterian, it is composed of things routinely said in Presbyterian churches everywhere; the Glory Be To the Father and To The Son And To the Holy Ghost that is sung in services, with the Our Father everyone knows as the prayer that Jesus himself gave us. Added to it is a verse said by the ArchAngel Gabriel who told Mary that she was full of Grace (indeed "full of" the very definition of Grace; full, with the Christ Child) and Elizabeth her cousin's greeting that she is very blessed among women because she is carrying the savior, Messiah, of her people, and indeed the World.
Blessed are you among women, blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus (Yeshua). Hail Mary- said Gabriel- in the vernacular - Hey There Mary- you are full of Grace- unbelievably blessed are you among all the women the world. You're not going to believe this honey but hear me out ( I made up that part, what Gabriel really said was "Do Not Be Afraid."- there was a lot for anyone to be scared about-she was pregnant out of the blue, having slept with no one and her fiance was going to give her the What For like Nobody's business and probably dump her.)

Angels talk to people- they have throughout history. Elijah was fed by one in the desert, Job was visited by a few as were Abraham and Sarah. When they come to talk to you they don't mess around- they have something important to say. And they need your co-operation.

Mary's response, and the reason we have Christmas at all is "let it be done to me according to your Will." It wasn't exactly "Whatever Angel!" It wasn't "Gabriel who the hell are you!" it wasn't "Do I have a choice?" It wasn't "Talk to the Hand!" It wasn't "meet me in the confessional and tell me my sins first because I am so unworthy." It was simply -
I am going to do what you want. I am here to do what God wants. I exist to do what God wants. Note first she had to know what God wanted- he had to tell her, somehow- through an Angel. He told her in clear terms after doing something unmistakable- God knocked her up.

Today, the Angel might have to say something like "In our overly litigious paranoid society I am going to have to test you first to make sure you won't tell the Pharisees but I am here to tell you God really loves you and wants you girl. He wants you to be his so bad he is just going to knock you up." The Angel, and God apparently trusted Mary enough that she did not and wouldn't tell the Pharisees about God's plan. She hid it in her heart. She didn't sue Gabriel. She didn't sue God for hitting on her in a big way.

The opening preface to the various mysteries is a scriptural recitation from the birth, life and death of Christ. These are to be said thoughtfully and reverently. Saying the Rosary carries with it and conveys certain graces as does all sincere prayer-but this in a special way.
You can look up sites on how to say the Rosary just by googling "How To Say The Rosary." Could it be any easier? Here is one;

The Christmas Season focuses on the joyful mysteries surrounding the Annunciation and the Birth of Christ.
Try it, you'll like it. I dare you. Sit still enough to recite the entire thing. And listen to your heart.

We are supposed to respond in our hearts- Let it be done to me according to your will. I exist to do what you want. Understanding His Will is more difficult if you can't or won't hear the Angels around you.

Political Correctness on It's Ass

Mormonism is a Cult- I do not Apologize

Now we are going to witness the most bizarre loopy ass-kissing bend over and take it re-writing of the Political Correctness manual American Presidential Politics has ever seen.
Pastor Huckabee, a Baptist preacher is apparently apologizing for ambigious remarks about Mormonism. This apparently is being taken "graciously" by Mr. Romney. In the words of the "church lady"- Well, isn't that special.

Let's be clear.
Mormonism is a Cult.

It is based on the alleged teaching and writings of a FALSE PROPHET,

which wildly contradict scripture-both Hebrew First Testament and New Testament Christian scripture. It contains some rather bizarre, completely ridiculous aspects and teachings. They are too lengthy here to detail. I dare anyone to google or even visit a Mormon "Temple" and hear a "sermon." There are entire ministries of X-Mormons who escaped their church fathers devoted to exposing the falsity of the religion.

If Mr. Romney is President, any fair comment about how truly whacked Mormon doctrine is will be off the table- will it be prosecutable as hate crime stuff? Will the Justice Department under Mit Romney prosecute people like Warren Jeffs whose religion it was entailed the serial statutory rape of multiple child brides? Will he care about the abuses of women and children that spread through his faith throughout Utah and Colorado-the glassy-eyed brain washing of polygamous communities?

Mormon men can be very good at business. (you never heard of a really successful Mormon businesswoman did you?) They can be phenomenally wealthy. They can blend into the larger community, they can be very "virtuous" in the sense of personal vices (drinking, smoking, etc.) That all looks appealing.

Mit Romney looks like a main line main stream Protestant-he has Rock Hudson chiseled good looks and is easily mistaken for a Presbyterian. He delivered a speech that prompted people to liken him to maybe-JFK in saying his religion doesn't own him and he can be independent of it, or even better Jimmy Carter.
The problem with both those analogies is that both JFK and Jimmy Carter are really Christians, members of truly Christian religions- JFK the first and original one-Catholicism, and Jimmy Carter, Baptist main stream Protestantism who taught scripture in Sunday school and still does.

Mormonism holds some truly damaging doctrines that subvert the dignity of women.

Mit Romney may be better than his religion. JFK with all his mistresses may have been worse than his. Guiliani with his divorces and kids not speaking to him may be a lot worse than his religion- he doesn't even know if his priest would call him a "good catholic."
But Romney still calls himself and identifies himself with Mormon teachings and aspirations.

Mit Romney, make no mistake, is FILTHY RICH. Mormons can be stupifyingly wealthy. It's quiet non-ostentatious money, but it's insanely huge money. People applaud Mit Romney's business sense and for waiting until he was "independently wealthy" to run for office. It's public record that he has an interest in huge large private equity funds , he founded BAIN that he built a huge fortune for himself.

But should we allow someone who can buy public office (and media) because they are so incredibly rich be allowed to so redefine our culture to a point where truth is suppressed and we cow-tow to Cults? Are we going to get touchy about polygamy?

I think that a lot of people would say "I don't want a Mormon as President" in the same bigotted way that they said of JFK "I don't want a Catholic as President." But in this case, with respect to Mormonism those people have good reason. Romney is still an avowed Mormon. He is not someone raised out of his control as a Mormon and converted to Presbyterianism or Episcopalianism or Catholicism. He is a practicing avowed Mormon. If anyone votes for him and does not investigate what the tenents of Mormonism are-SHAME on them.

The next Time Magazine article should be a lengthy expose on really what it is all about, who their false prophet is, how many people have left it, and what they go around the world missionizing.

Good for Mr. Romney, he has a Harvard MBA. Doesn't Bush? Does that say anything about political judgment? Good for Mr. Romney he owns a hundred companies through BAIN CAPITAL. Good for him. He could be as rich as Ross Perot. Doesn't make him Presidential. Makes him a billionaire. His God may be more Mammon than the true God, but make no mistake- his religion is false.

If someone who was a member of the Branch Davidians or Bob Jones Guyana crowd ran for office saying that they were still Branch Davidians or respected Bob Jones, it's perfectly allright for Pastor Huckabee to comment on it- AND NOT APOLOGIZE.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Who Are You Anyway

Some people really know how to love
Other people write about it
Some people really know how to live
Other people shout about it
Some people know how to give
Other people make bold proclamations
Some people really know Who Love Is
Other people speculate broadly about Him
Some people have the purest of hearts
Other people write their names on all their donations
Some people really know how to love fiercely every day
Other people judge others as less than they
While the log in their eye is never displaced
Some people really know how to love
Other people think they are holier than thou, thee and you
and it's their job to say so because someone gave them a collar
and bought them a podium or a pew
Some people always help those they see in need
Other people stampede to the other side of the street
right by them in unsurpassed greed
Some people really know how to love till it hurts
Other people write about it for profit and credits
Some people do the kindest things in the quietest obscurity
Other people would be lost if they couldn't lecture you on their purity and piety
and demand that you inspect yourself-
while they leave their honor on the shelf
and couldn't really tell the difference between a louse, a jigalo and a saint
if they were jumping off the walls in freshly painted fresco.
They have rescued no one.
Their faith has cost them nothing.
They are fair weather followers who suffer the fool in themselves lightly.

Which kind are you this holiday season
There is still time for you to discover its reason.

Judy-An American Original

HOPE in Your Heart

Three Tenors

You'll never walk alone (Celtic supporters)

Eat Your
Words and Weep
For You are more guilty than your Sheep
your sins against Love
Run too deep to mention
Your view of heaven
is a puny dimension of self-glorification
The King of Kings
reigns above you too
and every Vicar and Bishop that ever was
get thee to confession at once
before He's through with you, my love

The Prince of Love my Shepherd is
A bulwark never failing
I nothing lack if I am his
and he is mine forever

My protection and avenger is none other than
the ruler of the World
My advocate, none stronger,
is the creator of your soul
I call only one Father, and he is Love
and Love's Incarnation
Those who insult, mistreat or cause Love humiliation
Are but a pathetically poor immitation
not deserving of his pity
beg for mercy, beg for Grace
For your fear, pride and cruelty he has no place

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Woman Bleed


The problem with Bright Line rules as any attorney or Judge will tell you (hopefully) is that there are always exceptions which beg for better Justice than the bright line provides. That is the obvious problem with the mandatory sentencing paradigm.

When the presumption underlying the premise is belied by the outcome, the premise has to be challenged-and in some cases overturned.
For example, a guy gets busted for carrying marijuana- he’s never used the stuff himself but he is on the way to his uncle’s with it who used him as a mule to get it because he has leukemia in a non-medical marijuana State (the kid's clean, the uncle is a stoner)- and the uncle pays for the kid’s tuition. The kid should get how many years in jail under mandatory sentencing guidelines? If there is any medical benefit to marijuana, and if the kid was performing a medical service for his uncle that benefited the health of his uncle, then clearly the presumption that all marijuana use is damaging to health and thus deserving of jail time in every case deserves a second look. The presumption is belied by the outcome. Punishing the kid does nothing for him.

Now look at the church’s position on birth control. It’s premise in opposing it is that in fact birth control hinders or blocks the creation of life that God is trying to bring to earth. The theory is thus, Pro-Life mandates opposition to any birth control or effort by humans to themselves manipulate the pro-creative process. People should not be blocking God’s stated intention that man be fruitful and multiply and open to as many children as they can possibly make. Moreover, the use of it promotes promiscuity in that people think that they are ‘safe’ using so called safe sex methods like condoms which promotes more illicit sexual behavior. That is the multifold premise behind the catholic birth control ban. Fair enough. Makes sense. Sounds like a good "pro-Life" policy-right?

But lets look at outcome. In Africa you have the church official position in denying condoms to people who are engaging in licit married and illicit sex with the obvious unintended but nevertheless entirely foreseeable and indeed statistically calculable consequences of exactly the opposite of what the church’s premise promotes; the policy in fact in Africa promotes death by AIDS, and millions of orphans. Justice is scripturally defined in part as the proper care of “widows and orphans” and the no-condom policy in light of the AIDS epidemic is creating massive numbers of widows and orphans, the exact opposite of biblical justice. The policy causes death not life. Thus, the outcome belies the presumption. The policy must be re-evaluated.

Now look at Priestly celibacy. In some cases, where the Holy Spirit has specifically gifted people to be celibate, it clearly is a calling. Don't assume just because someone wants to be a priest or is called to be one that the Holy Spirit agrees that they should be celibate. When Priestly celibacy is a cover to allow a Priest license to emotionally engage with women as emotionally entirely as if they were married but without sex, and yet without a full church blessing and without promoting children, then the church is in some, certainly not all cases, just promoting their priests to be essentially teases, or triflers with hearts- all deep character flaws and deep sins against the Sacred Heart of Christ, instead of honorable men. In such cases, the church is promoting death- death of the unborn prospective children that could have been born of a real union, and death of the women involved who lose their broken hearts, lose their husband, and lose all their children to the pints of blood they hemorrage in mensus if God in fact intended them to be with a man that is also called to serve the church as a priest (certainly not biblically inconsistent callings). So what is honorably intended as a Life promoting policy for a priest to serve and feed the community, being life to everyone in the church, they are in some cases instead causing death by the policy of celibacy. Again, the outcome in those cases belies the presumption . The policy must be re-evaluated.

Priests don’t bleed like Jesus did unless they are Padre Pio or Saint Francis from the stigmatic wounds. Women Bleed. Pints. Every Month. Every Month that they bleed, they are reminded that they are not giving that blood to create life, they are flushing it away as if it was nothing. Their blood. Down the toilet. Literally.

Women who have born children understand the blood covenant connection; probably intuitively better than Priests because their blood sustained the life within them to create, feed, and sustain human life. Women get blood. Women bleed. They get the blood covenant. They see their own blood every month.

When the church denies a Priest the ability to be a father, or watch the blood that pours from their wife as their child is born, the church is really imposing an under-education of the blood covenant on the priesthood. A fruit of the Spirit is human life born of a blood covenant.
When a Priest falls in love with a woman- and don't lie- they do all the time- and the church forbids them from being fathers- it is a grave moral sin. A GRAVE MORAL SIN.

JESUS, the Lamb of God, who takes away the Sins of the World, is the Sacrifical Blood Covenant Atoning Redemption of mankind. A Priest is his mere Funnel. His Sieve through which he pours himself. The Priest is NOT the blood covenant, he merely serves it as the vessel through which it pours. He is human, not Jesus, not born of a Virgin, not the son of the Creator through whom redemption, resurrection and atonement come- only JESUS is that because JESUS IS LORD.

Thus to make a Priest in every case vow to celibacy is against God because it stifles the creation of Life more than birth control policy ever did.

One third of all Priests in the US have had to leave the sacramental service of the church because they fell in love with a woman and decided to marry. There is no reason they should be forced to leave the church. They are in fact following more purely the biblical model of priesthood fashioned after the Jewish priesthood. They in fact have a much better intuitive understanding of the blood covenant.

Jesus cares deeply that women can procreate. When he healed the woman who bled for 12 years, hemorraged without relief, spending all her money on doctors who could not cure her, he healed her instantaneously. That woman was infertile for 12 years. She could not become pregnant because she bled for 12 years. At the time women only lived into their 40s. This woman was all but done and doomed to die childless. 12 years bleeding.

The church is forcing some women to bleed until they die. The church in enforcing a celibate priesthood, and forcing out any priest who marries is against Jesus, against Scripture and is in Grave Moral Sin in this.

Thank you John Roberts and the gang for this: