Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cheater-In-Chief and the great Rig of 2016.

Press Intimidation and the demise of the Rule of Law

     This election has proved to be one of the filthiest in modern memory and I am not just talking about Bill Clinton's sordid past and reported present which involves everything from underaged sex, assault, and rape as well as the documented oral office sex and sexual harassment he paid off over 800,000 to make go away.  The election is filthy in its violation of election laws, rules and overt rigging that likes of which we only previously imagined could happen which now apparently is textbook.

   The DNC has been caught openly rigging it against Bernie who inexplicably found himself against his word bought off prior to the convention ending his so called 'revolution' in a sputter of sychophantic hyperbole against the Trump monster who ate Manhattan. The DNC is documented now providing debate questions through Donna Brazille to Hillary, they have been documented paying thug mercenary agitators to play "bird-dogging" games against Trump supporters to incite violence that Hillary could false flag blame on Trump, and they have apparently registered over 18 million phantom people, some of whom are dead Republicans.

  These people are cheaters and liars on a scale that would make the Mob look like a Sunday school class.

Press intimidation with the entire NY Press corp licking the corrective shoes of Hillary with such meanness that they overlook things like the long list of dead people associated with her, including a former lover lawyer she dragged to DC, a DNC worker, numerous Clinton body guards reportedly ferrying his whores to and from him, and other witnesses under supboena. Anyone remember former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and a mysterious bullet hole to his head in a downed plane crash?

   The lying cheating history of the moral reprobate running as God's gift to women is so crafted in the art of (finger scratch to the upper lip queue the question) cheating it would be out of character for her not to rig the election.

That is why it behooves Trump to now get busy hiring the best brightest election protection election fraud litigators in the country to litigate every single act and violation of election law post election, and gather affidavits of people observing any vote tallying switching on electronic voting machinery.

He needs to pay them real lawyer money and he needs to get a law firm sized staff together now.

We have seen the Clintons prove themselves the greatest threat to the Rule of Law in America since its founding wherein the rich get off with pretty much anything and the poor schlubs with only a few stars on their lapels  go to the brig for national security breaches and lying to Congress. We have seen an Attorney General shaking in her boots after an impromptu meeting with the husband of someone under FBI investigation that caused the entire thing to fold and be quashed in a whimper. We have seen a "charity" take bribe money in violation of every anti-bribery federal statute while the Secretary of State auctioned off State Foreign policy to anyone with a few mil who paid her cold cash into her family fund. We have seen a Secretary of State sell arms in the billions to Saudis knowing they are mere intermediaries who turn around and give it to Hezbollah attacking Israel and ISIS attacking Assad because Assad got in the way of oil and gas interests in vetoing a pipeline. Do you wonder why all the senior Bushs are backing this democrat? Look no further than the oil and gas interests they are trying to profit by knocking off Asad even when it causes her to back and arm a group of people committing genocide against Christians in the worst most hideously gruesome human rights violations that ever existed bar none. If Hillary were such a feminist you would think she would care more about Yazidi and Christian women being raped, and children fed to their mothers in a rice pilaf.

The Foreign policy of this administration engineered by Hillary at the outset has been inept, confused, and protecting oil and gas profit interests disguised as humanitarian efforts in a sham deception run on public opinion to mobilize support. The Libya invasion was to protect against a central African currency under which their oil would be traded, not in US dollars and to protect french interests in a water desalination monopoly, with express CIA backed gun running out the back door of the Benghazi consulate which cost an Ambassador his life while she shamefully sat on over 600 requests for security.

Syria proxy wars are all about oil and gas pipelines wth the added benefit of throwing the Israeli border threats into perpetual internal war chaos to weaken their threat against Israel. This all of course has the effect of Russians, who with Iran backing Assad  making nuclear noises at our door (and literally in the English Channel mobilizing their fleet.) Hillary's inept irresponsible flatly stupid approach to the Middle East has caused the most serious tensions with Russia since the Cold War.

And because everyone pretty much more or less knows it, she has to rig it to win it- and that is exactly what they are planning on doing by hook and by crook.  And do you know who lets them get off that hook and a free pass with pile on after pile on of abusive verbal attacks against anyone who figured their game out? The Not Very Free Press.

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