Thursday, September 08, 2016


Dear Mrs. Clinton:
Hillary: You know and I know
that there are people for whom truth is relative and only applies when it works for them and doesn't when it doesn't and that you are such a person. You excuse lying for what is in your mind a higher purpose.

 You know and I know that there are people whose ambition does not match their competency level and who blame subordinates for their F-ups to make themselves look good and you are such a petty person.

You know and I know that when backed in a corner and the fans aren't adulating that you turn nasty and act sh^&tty which makes you a pretty bad diplomat or negotiator.

 You know and I know that when you told that distinguished gentleman last night who said he would have ...had his security clearance revoked, been fired and jailed for doing what you did that "you know and I know.." and rattled on about the classified headers that you yourself were a security designator and supposed to know what was classified and top secret and made such markings "C" on documents yourself. 

You know and I know that the practiced deflection (debate stunt trick when accused of something) of "you know and I know" to make anyone accusing you look like the liar that you are is a masterful deflection but you are nonetheless an extremely perverse liar who tries to make other people look bad to cover your gross deficiencies and self justify.

You know and I know that you and your husband's herculean scam act with the Foundation has you running at cross purposes of US National Security and Israeli security often including selling arms to Saudis who fund Hezbollah, missile technology to China and nuclear grade uranium to Russians when they trade to Iran while under our sanctions. Unbelievable.

 You know and I know that you would be a complete disaster as the President because you would sell out the country in a heartbeat and have in part already. Just like your husband set up the financial collapse with the revocation of protections against the banking/securities fiasco we experienced under Bush you would for your profit set up through your back door arms dealing the greatest catastrophe against Americans to ever befall the country if it paid well enough.

Finally Hillary,  You know and I know people who wouldn't work for you if it was the only job in town--including me.  And it doesn't even matter what the definition of "is" is anymore.

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