Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Learning War No More


     There are a lot of Peace groups and efforts who show up and give presentations of what they are doing in Washington, DC. Its practically a non profit industry here. There are fantastic groups of all religions trying to make peace- the J Street, Jewish group, the HCEF, Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, muslim organizations like the Rumi Forum who are committed to Non Violence, but there is only one comprised of people who have actually been in armed conflict and who then
spiritually elevated to such a place of blessing enemies that they formed a binational group together called the Combattants For Peace. These are people who once were warriors for their countries who now are proud to be called 'refusniks' or 'peace soldiers' or just friends of God.

     Both Israeli former soldiers, even officers in the Israeli army, and Palestinian freedom fighters in the 'occupied territories' have formed this organization called Combatants for Peace- and they want to meet with you, J Street, and you HCEF to see what we all can do together to stop the cycle of violence plaguing Israel and Palestinian territories.

  Today at Carnegie they showed a movie sponsored by an unassuming guy from "Billboards from BETHLEHEM" who organized in Israel palestinian and israeli kids 'painting for peace' painting a billboard showing people laying down arms in support of a lasting Peace.

   Then testimonies were shared- the palestinian freedom fighter whose family saw torture in prison, the Israeli who was raiding homes and confronted with a woman crying who looked too similar to his grandmother not to make an impression on his soul, all spoke movingly about conversion experiences of loving enemies and wishing peace to rule and reign in Israel.

     The event was sponsored jointly by the Middle East Institute, Churches for Middle East Peace and a host of other organizations. J Street, HCEF , Rumi Forum and anyone else interested should meet these brave souls who risk their lives every day to be advocates of non violence, in the tradition of Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

   These gentlemen should be invited to the White House to tell of their stories.
The Two State Solution and a Palestinian State can be a reality, while at the same time preserving legitimate security interests with the assistance of this group. We can Change the World. Please pray for  the Combatants for Peace.

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