Thursday, November 14, 2013

So Open Minded

Your Brains Fell Out.

   That was my mother's cautioning- tolerance to a point of lacking completely moral discernment. You are so open minded your brains fall out. Usually I rebuffed her cautioning - like when it was applied to my dating a dark skinned guy because i dismissed it as racist generational nonsense.
   Recently in other contexts I have revisited the phrase from my very wise mother.
I viewed a youtube video anyone can google on 'animism' in which it was disclosed that there is now a society of people who are so attracted to inatimate objects that they want to have sexual experiences with them. Not Kidding. Close your eyes kids.
There are people so fond of the Eiffel Tower, or the Statute of Liberty or a ferris wheel that they want to 'marry' these objects in the romantic sense. I thought- OK, there we go- clearly a line has been crossed somewhere into mental ill-health and someone needs to call the exorcist when an attractive young woman wants to french kiss the Eiffel Tower. Embroider it on pillows, fine, emboss it on notecards, also fine, but get naked with it and conduct a commitment ceremony? If  you are not at this point yelling -are you nuts! there is something wrong with you. Because we appreciate that a line has been crossed from fondness or admiration (granted the Eiffel Tower is largely Phallic) into pure wierdness beyond the realm. We want to give that person a warm bath and a glass of wine to rethink their attraction and if that doesn't work- where's the lithium!
    There are people who love forrests- feel so 'connected' to nature that they want to 'connect' with nature and get naked with trees. Tree- hugger has new meaning when the knot in a tree becomes a substitute for something a woman has. Most of society would agree that is too wierd for words and the behavior deviant- off the hook-- call the guys with the white jacket and long sleeves. A line has been crossed from fondness for forrests to being 'one' with nature that is a little too close for comfort.  Not many people have a problem with noting that there is in fact a line and it has in fact been crossed.

   For the last several thousand years we have had a line, in which fondness and admiration, respect and even love goes but not further, and that is in the romantic realm of sexual expression between adults. The line has been gender. Love, admire, be fond of someone of your same gender, but don't cross over into the sexual romantic realm. That was considered the norm, as much as people felt attracted to same gender people and until about ten years ago the people who did cross over were loved but pitied, because they could not control or contain themselves from the crossing over this line.

  People who know and follow scripture understand that about two thousand years ago, it was prophesied that there would be what Robin Thicke calls 'Blurred Lines' and men would want to have sex with men and women with women. Lines would be crossed and the people who held to the line were castigated as 'traditionalists', 'moralists', 'prudes' or just meanspirited. Some in fact are. Some wear it as a badge of courage like a red martyrs cape.

    In the last ten years social and public policy has changed to change the line. The people who don't want it changed are biblically literate people who know that two thousand years ago a prophetic writing
codified in the New Testament told us that this would happen in the 'end times.' ---with a vengeance.
And that appears to be exactly what is happening.

    This isn't a comparison to the Santorumesque slippery slope of- now are we going to make bestiality legal?  Its just a comment that the people who are trying to advise people that the line is moving are right, and it was predicted to move, and the question should be- is that something we view as positive or not as a country routed in Judeo-Christian values.  It isn't to say people crossing the line aren't nice wonderful, talented people who contribute to others lives meaningfully, it is to say however that a line has been crossed. And it bears attention.


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