Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Freedom of the Press and people who can't take a joke.

   The French equivalent of masked gunmen storming with bombs and rifles Comedy Central headquarters and assassinating John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver happened in Paris.
The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were the French national heroes of political satire sacred cow lampooning.
An entire press office was blasted off the earth. This has been called France's 9-11.

Whoever did this heinous disgusting atrocity regardless of motive are the lowest life form that ever existed. As Satire is essential in and to democracy it seems an assault on democracy itself.

Former French Justice Minister Robert Badinter has called the editorial cartoonists France's 'soldiers of liberty.' Massive crowds have gathered all over Paris intoning "Je Suis Charlie" in solidarity. Candles are lit, banner waiving and chanting is heard around Paris' classic landmarks in protest.

Tomorrow France has declared a National Day of Mourning.

The Washington Post will publish some of Charlie Hebdos cartoons in solidarity.

Statements of condemnation of the acts have issued from no less than the Pope, French Imams,
President Hollande, Obama, NY Governor Cuomo and many other dignitaries who appreciate the gravity of the act.

We don't know the motives of these gunmen for certain or whether they acted on their own or were put up to it by someone or thing. But we do know what happened which is enough to say how very sad
and sorry that Paris and France experienced such a nightmare.

What do you say to a country when such an event takes place. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Be Brave. Do not be Afraid. We are with you. Yes, all of that. Transatlantic hugs, wish we were with you now, prayers for your safety and peace.

Most of all we wish to say however awkwardly diplomatically, We Love You Still and Always Will.

Je Suis Charlie Comme Toi.

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