Friday, September 18, 2015

Pay Up you Unpatriotic Slob-what you hate women?

      Your neighbors five doors down had a rough night. The teenager and the twenty year old who live there with their grandmother both just picked up a couple of guys from the club a few months ago drinking until two in the morning. Now they are both pregnant and "need" an abortion. They cost about $400. a piece at Planned Parenthood down the street. So please be home later today because they will be collecting $800 from you when you get home.

   In the other direction, three doors down lives the neighborhood Forker. Everybody knows he is a forker because he brags how many people he forks and gets the girl to pick up the restaurant tab. He is the biggest forker in his law school. Bill Clinton is his idol. He has a picture of him on his wall signed standing next to him. He lies to all of his "girlfriends" telling them they are the love of his life and he hates wearing condoms. So everyone he got pregnant (there are six and counting since he started law school) he told to "get rid of it." Six times $400 is $2,400. So have that handy also- K?

   None of those girls can afford it- they are living paycheck to paycheck and have to decide whether to buy a yogurt for lunch or bus fare. So who else do you think has to pay for it?


    What? You say- why should you have to pay for that? You don't even know those girls?

But that is what Planned Parenthood getting half a billion dollars from the federal government is doing. They are taking your money- tax payers hard earned income from them to give to those girls. Because they are Poor. And Dumb. And Sexually Irresponsible. Or Conned. Or Just never heard that choice begins when you calculate whether to unzip and strip.

   What? the government is actually doing that ?  you say.  Yes. What do you think the debate about defunding Planned Parenthood is about?

Oh, and did I mention that Planned Parenthood who gets about $400 from the abortions is also going to sell the aborted baby after chopping it up and spreading it around about another $100 an organ. So if they do it right and crush the right way with the brain in tact they can probably get another $1,000 off the dead baby.

Oh, and the CEO of Planned Parenthood gets a salary of half a million dollars annually.

So fork over your $800 now so Cecile Richards can live in style in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Because everyone has to have a "choice"- right?

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