Wednesday, May 06, 2015

May I Borrow Your Bully Pulpit for a Moment

There are free speech exceptions in law, long recognized, universally hailed.
You may not yell "Fire" in a crowded theatre-why? It will tend to incite a stampede where someone is likely to get hurt. You may not incite a riot. Why? It will likely incite someone getting hurt.
So should Pamela Geller be allowed to freely do something that she knows will likely incite someone getting hurt?

     There is a reason that Muslims say, please don't do that-don't defame, disgrace, desecrate or mock the image of our founder. 99.999 percent of Muslims around the world are not desecrating Jesus, Mary or Moses- the battles being fought under the false banner of Islam in Syria and Iraq and Palestine are political, land, economic battles for the most part and religion is being used as a solidarity tool.  The vast Majority of Muslims have nothing against the Virgin Mary or Jesus if they know him. They in fact give Mary a special place of reverence even in the Koran.

I am hosting a cartoon contest and party and will give the winner 10,000 for drawing the "best" (e.g. Most Mockifully outrageous) cartoon of Pam Geller. I expect a hugely exaggerated mouth, a hugely exaggerated nose with her inserting a finger picking it, a hugely large rear end (for coveting Kardashian fame) and a bug running up her butt. Horns gets a door prize also. Not Really.

Just Kidding. That would be insanely rude, mean even, possibly anti-semitic and just juvenile. Plus someone is likely to take such offense I might get a call from the Mosad.

But that is  exactly the sort of free speech this provacateuse is peddling.
It is not Charlie Hebdo political satire responding to an event-it is gratuitous insult for no purpose other than to peddle a false victimhood to stage a false flag aggression back.
It is hate peddling for hate's sake.

So Stop Already. It serves no good legitimate purpose.

Pam Geller, I have met Rosa Parks and you are no Rosa Parks (I exaggerate, I never met personally Rosa Parks but I have met people like her and Pam Geller isn't even remotely like people like her.)
To stage a quiet prayerful peaceful sit in is hardly offering someone 10 grand to taunt an entire religious group of a few billion people who did nothing against Pam Geller.

Pam Geller is Rosa Parks if Rosa Parks yelled with her dress over her head "Lets get them whitie honkie crackers" and left cracker crumbs all in the back of the bus.
Then  you would expect some white nut job  to try to shoot at her.

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