Friday, November 20, 2015



    The President often says his job is FIRST the Safety of the American People..

There is a bill that passed in the House that the Senate should pass also on refugee policy which places a security check in between unfettered admittance to refugees from countries where ISIS operates. This House bill seems measured, smart, and limited to those countries in which ISIS is operating and aggressively recruiting.

   There are wierd objections that miss the point, of the 'we should be nice and welcoming to refugees' vein. I can't tell you how many times I have been reminded on social media that "I was a stranger and you welcomed me." None of these platitudes are here appropriate because we are not denying refugees admittance with this bill proposal. We are letting them in- once they have been effectively vetted as safe.

  The other objection you hear is that we don't have the manpower at the FBI to effectively clear everyone. Then HIRE MORE FBI. If there is no money to hire more FBI then attach a rider or amendment to the bill that appropriates a huge budgetary allotment to hire more FBI. That is a ridiculous objection.

If the President is really serious about his duty and obligation to FIRST keep American people safe, then he should not Veto this bill.

Because WE NOW KNOW that part of ISIS strategy is to infiltrate the refugee populations. WE NOW KNOW that some people posing as refugees travel on forged passports and have false travel documents created for them in Europe and elsewhere. WE NOW KNOW that ISIS is determined to get to America and do harm.

To not address these serious concerns and just call people calling for better safety measures "UnAmerican" or worse, "UnChristian" is, frankly, disgusting.

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