Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christian GENOCIDE

And the Asylum Argument.

    Christians under ISIS controlled territory experienced and are experiencing Genocide. They appear to have prima facie claims for Asylum because of the well founded fear of persecution. CHRISTIANS have been beheaded, kidnapped, shot, imprisoned, hung, crucified, told to leave, convert or be shot and their heads have been decapitated and kicked around like soccer balls- for no other reason than that they are CHRISTIANS. CHRISTIANS are experiencing the worst persecution since NERO by ISIS. There is an Islamic Genocide of Christians going on now by ISIL.

That is why CHRISTIANS should be allowed in as refugees without much question as to whether they are terrorists. Christians are not terrorizing anyone in the Middle East, they are victims of Terror.

So listen Barach. It is highly offensive that you don't get that Christians are being persecuted and are subject to a genocide. It is offensive that you think that protecting them and providing immediate refuge for them isn't something that should be the absolute top of your agenda. It is offensive that you would criticize anyone for one minute wanting Christians to be able to come without delay from ISIS controlled territory. There is an argument for stricter scrutiny on the Muslim ones because ISIS is infiltrating Muslim refugees.

Barach, Sir, Mr. President - what is your problem?  Why are you not getting that this is an intense genocidal slaughter and persecution of CHRISTIANS not Muslims that ISIS is engaged in.

It is absolutely consistent with our Asyum laws and policies to provide immediate refuge for people under imminent threat and fear of bodily harm and genocidal persecution.
Where did you go to law school again?  Clearly you didn't take Immigration Law.

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