Monday, January 20, 2014

God is….

God is like an Ocean

   Our souls like sprinklers attached with a hose. We have to decide to turn it on- and it irrigates our lives with fruit abundantly--blessings, inspirations and overflowing love. You can also not try to clean it and it gets clogged and you can't get a pure flow. (Create in me a clean heart and cast not your holy spirit from me)  It can get stuck, so you have to make sure it is clean and the line clear. You can refuse to believe its there so never turn it on, but the Ocean has always been there.

    I am the Vine, you are the Branches. Without me you can do nothing.

There has always been the Ocean and it always tended to flow into anything desiring sourcing from it or connected to it because its nature is overwhelmingly generous (if your own child asked for a loaf of bread are you going to give them a snake?). But if it is dammed up or clogged up it cannot reach the soul.

No one owns the Ocean.

     The reason why 'social conservatives' have lost so colossally politically is because they think they have a superior claim to own the Ocean and this is pure hubris.  It ridiculously arrogantly trivializes God and his people to suggest that they all must be Republicans, or all must vote a certain platform or all must back certain political agendas. It demeans, diminishes God and makes him in our image of political ethics. You cannot imagine an Ocean by worshipping a glass of water in a holy font. You cannot reduce God to a political platform.

     God's love is for everybody and the soul is in everybody as images of Him by virtue of their humanity created by and for him in his image.. He promises that whosoever calls on his son's name will be saved. He loves the least, the littlest, the most marginal , the most despised, the most outcasted, the most forgotten as much as he loves the richest, most powerful, most influential. Perhaps more-because he identified as the 'least of these my brethren.'  His point is that the most despised in human terms is the dearest, sweetest creature to Him.

 So there is no room for political ego or pride, or feelings of ethical or moral superiority. It is an offense to God. It is a sadness.  God is like an Ocean. You cannot stop the torrents of his Love when he wants to flow it into someone who turned on the spicket. God blesses whom he wills.


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