Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Galatians 6:7

1st Corinthians 6:9

neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.…

and another translation reads "men who sleep with men" in place of "homosexuals."

There were a lot of false teachers so it bore repeating: Do Not Be Deceived.     What is the context of these sayings?  

And do only backwoods backwater racist anti-gay KKK people believe these sayings from the bible to be true and not antiquated draconian mean sentiments that should be jettisoned like the prohibition on eating shellfish in the age of refrigeration?

   Jews of the time of Jesus had a strict morality code. There were marriage contracts which were both sacred and legal. Men and women's conduct with regard to their interaction and their sexuality was regulated as a matter of religious piety and righteousness which was believed to exist as a holiness code external to their desires. This was fundamentally at odds with pagan Greek culture which reveled in excessive sexual exploration and had no prohibition of morally on any type of sexuality which was called 'hedonism' as a philosophy. In Jewish culture homosexuality was considered as unspeakably condemnable as it is in Muslim culture today. Large portions of the Muslim world live in the morality code regarding homosexuality that the Jewish ancient world lived in. It was considered so perverse a person could be stoned for it.

  Paul founded a church in one of the larger cities in first century Greece called Corinth. He wrote three letters after he travelled from Corinth to the fledgling congregation there instructing them in the Faith of the Jews' Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) and giving them encouragement. 
Corinth was on an Isthmus, it was a large trading port city.  It was most famous for one thing: it had the enormous Temple of Afridite in it.  The Temple was a building three times larger than the Supreme Court .People from all over the Greek pagan world came to importune this fertility godess by sleeping with the male and female Temple Prostitutes that lived in the Temple and fed off the offerings.   
Like a lot of "hello Sailor" port towns it was a hotbed of sexual freeforalldom. 

   Paul, a very righteous Jew, a learned trained Pharisee who preached to the Gentile world wrote to the "Corinthians" (inhabitants of Corinth) and said in extremely firm, clear, strong terms- DO NOT BE DECEIVED. There was a lot of false teaching he was combatting. 
DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Homosexuals, Men who sleep with Men WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. They don't go to heaven. He clearly coupled conduct with belief or faith (the very definition of a religion) and said that there is a certain kind of conduct that is flatly not acceptable. By Jewish standards, which Jesus never changed, the Corinthians were a mess in their sexual promiscuity. This was not on for Paul.

    Gays will often say (and even some gay false teaching so called theologians with high degree pedigrees teaching in prominent places) that Jesus never mentioned a word about gays or homosexuals and hung out with 12 guys (wink wink.)   We should infer from the fact that Jesus never mentions homosexuality exactly the same thing that we should infer from the fact that he never says Do Not Throw Acid On Your Child's Face- because both things were considered so unmentionably disgustingly wrong to the Jews it went without saying. In the roughly three years we know of Jesus teaching it was predominantly to a Jewish audience (there are exceptions-syrophoenecian woman, samaritans, woman at the well, etc..). He lived in Galilee, mostly we think around Capernaum, and he travelled around what we think of as Israel, likely got to Jordan and Lebanon, still largely addressing Jewish congregations of people likely to have heard about the great Jewish healer and miracle worker.  He simply would never have thought it remotely necessary to address a Jewish congregation about men not sleeping with men-because the Jews would have stoned on the spot such a person. 

   People who use the moral teachings of the bible (even cling to them as a matter of life and death) of every Christian denomination in the world still believe Saint Paul on the subject of homosexuality. People with Ivy League degrees (such as myself), people who run corporations, the vast majority of people who attend Mass every week (twenty percent of the United States).

This teaching is true. 

     For the Supreme Court to undermine it, nullify it, mock it or demean it would be in the eyes of some Mocking God even if it caters to a principle of anti discrimination or equal justice for all consenting adults. If "all consenting adults" were the non discrimination template we would have to forget that any religion said anything wrong with adultery. To others at least it would be the height of moral outrage. To others still it would be just plain cowardice. 




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