Friday, May 23, 2014

The Man Who Almost Was Pope

And Could Yet Still Be- He's young enough.

Cardinal Schoenborn is my new favorite Cardinal (no offense to Cardinal O'Malley who is also a favorite).

He had the gall to suggest that the mandatory celibacy might be re-examined in light of the crushing pedo scandals- which now have prompted a UN body to declare officially the Catholic church as a 'torturer' on the child rape front. Yes, child rape is torture. Are you seriously questioning that? I mean did you have to think of that for five seconds- when boys are turning suicidal and becoming drug addicts to self-medicate their pain. And the betrayal. Judas didn't do worse. Can you imagine any corporation in the world acting like that. Imagine GE having files on all its branch managers that they were raping children and the senior management ignored it or transferred the managers to evade service of process. Criminal Enterprise.
The people who challenge the connection between mandatory celibacy and pedofilia are such brain challenged people I wonder if they are veterans with traumatic brain injury or just totally brain-washed. More healthy married clergy men means less perverts.  D'oh.

People are (with a straight face and a publishing deal) declaring in the blind defense of hierarchy with the same ferocity that had a village of intimidated idiots declaring the Emperor's clothes were spectacular-  that there are scout leaders and teachers and police men who are also pedos so therefore catholic clergy aren't so bad because they too are pedos. This is like saying there are obese people in the world so its not so bad that athletic olympians are obese.  CLERGY are supposed to be so far above the perverted masses that no one would dare even compare the two. Presbyterian clergy have paid  zero in child rape convicted clergy cases, other than Al Sharpton I am not aware of Baptist ministers sitting in any jail for any reason  much less child raping, and Episcopalian priests don't find themselves defending allegations of raping boys with anything like the magnitude of catholic clergy who have paid over two billion (that's 2 billion dollars) in settlements and legal fees.  The apples to apples comparison is clergy to clergy- not catholic priests to the demented perverted masses.

     Does the Catholic clergy engage in emotional abuse? Yes. Is it sometimes "torture"- yes, according to the UN.
   Over 200,000 ordained priests have left the church in America due to the mandatory celibacy when they found God's call to fall in love with women and marry them and pro-create, just like their heavenly father who Pro-Created physically humans.  Falling in love with women has been demeaned to 'scandal' in the catholic church such that they drive priests out for doing it. That is DISGUSTING. It is scandal to rape a boy. It is Godly to fall in love with a woman. How this twisted theology took root is beyond reason. Its flatly heresy.

    Because of the priest shortage some theologicans had mass without one- and got excommunicated.

The Catholic church is afraid of itself. Its afraid of those evil mean women who think priests are their possessions and they own their sexuality so they have to demonize women who fall in love with them---because they can't have them. The twisted sister widows and married women who fall in love with priests because their marriages are so dismal and hang around parish houses keeping 'their' priests in line are pathetic old women who should not be running any policies anywhere.

     Stop demonizing women who actually are eligible to marry priests and love them, and start looking at your own eye-logs. And for Heaven's Sake (literally) stop deluding yourself that mandatory 'celibacy' makes anyone holier. Saint Peter himself was married and he was chosen as the Rock. If you aren't married, you aren't Saint Peter.



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