Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Ways to Defy God

    The fight against the married priesthood option takes a perverted theological turn in justifications launched stating things like Christ was married to the Church as the 'bridegroom' to the body of Christ, therefore priests have to be married to their parishes- and celibate. This is such a ridiculous theological perversion which has been debunked by no less than Pope John Paul II who said there is no ontological necessity for priests to be unmarried and it is a mere 'discipline' that serves an institutional pragmatic purpose. This Pope, Francis has said it can change- and I argue, Must Change.

    A priest is not Jesus. A priest cannot pretend to be Jesus. Jesus was Jesus. Jesus doesn't need a priest's sperm to consecrate his body or blood to become Jesus' body and blood.

The perversions that have followed from this biblical disobedience (there is an express Biblical mandate that Bishops should be the husband of one wife, as is the Jewish priesthood model and as was practiced in the catholic world for a thousand years and as is still the case in protestant denominations and eastern, orthodox, armenian, melkite, and maronite orders) are legend and have cost the church BILLIONS.

It is time to stop the BS- stop persecuting women who know that far far more abuse than Jesus ever would sanction or tolerate has been perpetuated disgustingly in his name over keeping priests unhealthy not heterosexual men in marital unions.

Time to get real. Before the world makes you.

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before the Lord other than the Lord- not even yourself. Its the First Commandment you break when idolizing celibacy. You are not Jesus. There should be a class in Seminary: You Are Not Jesus: Get Over Yourself Please.

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