Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Gone to Pot

Legalization of Marijuana

     The race statistics on arrests previously for MJ (marijuana) smoking in small amounts have been seen as a troubling point to judicial racism because they tend to weigh heavily in African American communities. It is a ralling cry for legalization everywhere of small 'personal' amounts. It might just be that black communities indulge more, hence the larger arrests. 

   In DC this morning I walked behind a large African American male smoking on the street in a fairly nice neighborhood on the way to work. Last night it was on the metro. The smoke is pervasive-you can't miss it- nor the roughly 300 pound rastafarian smoking standing still on a metro escalator. You cannot eat or drink in the metro but apparently you can now smoke pot. 

   It still should be illegal everywhere to smoke in public. The smoke has second hand smoking features that the rest of the non-pothead world doesn't appreciate.

   This morning after standing on the sidewalk behind a lethargic meandering pothead strolling while toking I stood in line at a cormer bakery where the guy behind the cash register, also African American was clearly stoned, gazingly dazing off into the horizon past cinnabon heaven taking dollar bills and repeatedly asking what sort of coffee that was that I ordered. He is supposed to immediately hand me a paper cup whereupon i get it myself on another counter and hand me the orange juice while he places the bagel order. I waited 20 minutes before getting bold and asking where my egg bagel with cheese was and it had been sitting behind him for a while. I thought that was mine there. Either clinically subhuman intelligence of an ardvaark or stoned off his gord. The loopy rolling eyes gave  him away. 

  Don't do it. Don't legalize MJ in your city/state. Or at least make it adhere to the same smoking in public bans that exist and ban them from restaurants and sidewalks and metros and train stations and everywhere people have to have oxygen.




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