Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pennies for Planned Parenthood.

The Great Deception.

     Unless you live under a rock you know that Congress is holding hearings investigating Planned Parenthood.

Whether this organization is a sham shell game of government funding or not should not be a partisan issue, but it is- because it is a sham shell game of government funding. And it is laundering that blood money back into the coffers of only one party to perpetuate the mass deception and disinfo campaign. This is not about women's health. It is about corruption. It is about the ability of a special interest group to buy an entire party of politicians. It is about the role of mass disinformation campaigns to fund an unethical industry, and yes, it is certainly about exploitation of vulnerable women.

   There is currently a law on the books in which no federal money can be given for abortions. So the games played to circumvent that are legend.

Here is this abortion mill collecting half a billion taxpayer dollars in medicaid reimbursements under the ruse that no money is going toward abortions. Everyone knows it is an abortion mill. Everyone knows few people go there except for abortion. Everyone now should know that in spite of even the President of the org. putting the disinfo out there deliberately that they do mammograms to screen for breast cancer, they do none and don't even have the equipment. This is a deliberate lie-a disinfo campaign to legitimate the existence of this abortion mill.

Congressional hearings have uncovered that it is involved in over-billing medicaid by hundreds of percents of actual costs, by what can only be considered Medicaid fraud. The Justice Department has an entire department of civil litigators devoted to prosecution of Medicaid Fraud but will they investigate Planned Parenthood? Not likely under a Democratic Administration. (cue that photo of Obama hugging Cecile Richards.)

Planned Parenthood has been found to be engaged in such sub-medical quality standard procedures that they risk the lives of women and girls who seek abortions. They have been found to cover up underage statutory rape by not reporting pregnancies from abuse. They have been found to tell hemorrhaging girls with punctured uteruses or other organs to go home, where they then had to be rushed to an ER. People have in fact died at the hands of Planned Parenthood abortionists.

The clinics are not regulated the way hospitals are and the abortionists currently do not have to even have admitting privileges in any hospital. When people try to restrict the practices in any way in the interest of health the abortion industry screams that they are restricting women's rights. Its over the top and unconscionable.

They are engaged in "fuzzy math" suspect reporting of abortion stats to suggest that only a tiny percent of their business is abortion when we know that not to be true now. They do that by almost counting every condom and contraceptive pill they dispense against a one abortion to suppress the figure. A huge percentage of their revenue comes from abortion.

     I am not writing the Congressional report referring this for defunding, but if I were there is plenty of material already and the hearings continue.  I have heard enough for a Justice Department referral for criminal investigation of the routine practices of Planned Parenthood.

What do they do? They engage in mass slaughter of pre-born infants. In some cases they do this by dismemberment inside a woman, they sometimes inject a toxic solution into a womb to kill an infant, they sometimes force labor so a woman delivers a still born-which they then chop up for 'fetal research.'

    The lies told by Cecile Richards are legend. The "Mammosham" one is but one. She peddled the fiction that fetal research cured polio with the Polio vaccine in a Maddow interview when that is a lie (Jonas Salk 1952 didn't use fetal tissue as any basic research reveals.) The "abortion is only 3% of our business" is a lie. The whole-we care about women's health- is also fiction as a former director of one Planned Parenthood affiliate explained.  They care about the bottom line. They care about Manhattan expensive apartments and lambourghinis. They care about extracting from wombs in tact cavalariums to get the best price on baby brains.

   This should not be a Partisan issue. It should be a basic human decency issue. When it isn't and when no democrat will challenge the organization, you know the party is corrupt, bought by this hideous organization.

  Who in their right mind could fight giving the money instead to real health clinics that really do tend to women's health?


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