Friday, October 23, 2015

The Dog Ate My Emails

Hillary, Hillary, oh Hillary.

Hillary personally assessed security in Tripoli, Cairo and Tunisia and pulled Embassy personnel out and home there-She did pull Embassy personnel out and home in those places-she knew security intel review was her job especially in conflict regions, so why not Benghazi after 600 written frantic requests for security. The answer lies in what the mission in Benghazi was really about and what was her payoff. You heard her say Paris a number of times, meetings were held there about the mission and it was driven by the French who did most of the heavy lifting on the invasion. The French, Sarkozy in particular, followed George Bush's lead in invading countries when there was a clear business interest at stake and in this case it was French Water, notably the international water and waste company Veolia, not an oil company driving an invasion. Veolia is a global leader in desalination plants, they had one in Benghazi which is on the coast. See, click here: and HERE and HERE;_ylt=A0LEVjDuFipWTf4AVNQPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Veolia+Desalination+Plant+Benghazi&fr=yhs-iry-fullyhosted_011&hspart=iry&hsimp=yhs-fullyhosted_011   AND GET THE ANNUAL REPORTS OF VEOLIA FROM 2010-2014.

Khadaffi, who was just as bad a brutal dictator for about 50 years without anyone wanting to take him out was on the cusp of nationalizing all the water and implementing a huge water program that kept water and waste management in the hands of Khadaffi's people which would have kicked out the French interests and billions of dollars in revenue for Veolia's Desalination efforts. The libyan "water wars" were well written about. Congress should look at the French government interest in Veolia because it is believed to be partially owned by the French government. Congress should also look at how much money the French government and/or Veolia and/or their executives contributed to the Clinton Foundation (that Hillary's daughter runs and husband and she own) from 2011 to 2015. They should subpoena her husband and/or any custodian of records of the Foundation to determine whether she was in fact paid for keeping on the ground an intelligence gathering operation in Benghazi for the purpose of averting a nationalization of Libyan water interests. Congress should be looking at whether Sid Blumenthal got any contracts or payments from the French government or Veolia around this time. The real question is - did Hillary jeopardize the lives of Americans by leaving them unsecured in a war zone when she should have brought them home because a foreign government was pledging to her money through her foundation and other financial personal support. Its all about the water. Are you getting disgusted yet? If not, you are not awake.

     The email situation reflects every lawyer trick in the book to hide what they were really up to- through a secret server in which she alone could determine what was "personal" e.g. anything having to do with payments to the Foundation from the French government or proxies. She could run emails through foreign off shore servers as in Paris or through Oscar de la Renta's house in the Dominican Republic and no one would be the wiser- its outside the subpoena power of the US courts. Unless, those emails are also captured on NSA servers. Congress should subpoena all Clinton emails in 2011, 2012 and 2013 from the NSA who has all her foreign email traffic archived. 

    This is about what let someone be so callous as to ignore about 600 urgent security requests she let four people die in the sand, then lie that it was unpredicted and unpredictable when it clearly was a planned attack that she had intel on, and refused to bring them home. What would make her so miscalculate on purpose the risk to insist they stay? There was  likely a massive payoff.  
    She should have insisted that the French provide private security if she couldn't get the marines in there. Marines usually do guard US Embassy installations but it wasn't a proper Embassy installation in Benghazi. We do put Embassies in war zones but not without the Marines guarding them. No one in their right mind would insist on putting a bunch of unprotected Americans in the middle of a war zone unless they had military security. If she couldn't get military security she should have insisted the French provide private security. Syd Blumenthal apparently even insisted on it. The compound in Benghazi was hit with two bombing attempts previously and the Ambassador was screaming for real military style security. Obviously she was involved evaluating whether Benghazi should be converted into a full Embassy or Consulate a full security review is an integral part of that assessment.

  Was it a "Hard Choice" to leave Americans vulnerable so the French could take out a water project to protect their commercial interests? Maybe Maybe not. But it sure was a dumb one. It will cost her the Presidency. Because she isn't running for President of France.

It was Muammar Gaddafi`s dream to provide fresh water for all Libyans and to make Libya self-sufficient in food production. Libyans called it the eighth wonder of the…

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