Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was dead and now I AM Alive

 I was dead and now I AM alive. 

What Good Friday  teaches us is that death comes. You will be one day dead. You may be dead many times over while walking in your lifetime. People might try to destroy you and they may even succeed. You could be dead in your business, your marriage, your career, your relationships, your family, a child's illness might destroy your emotional capacity to go on, your condemners might have convinced you of the validity of their judgment so you give up, you might lose your hope. But what Easter proves is that for those who have faith in Jesus the Christ/Messiah, you can't stay dead even if you feel like it and the people closest to you want to kill you off. Because God will resurrect you. He will break through all that darkness because he loves you more than any person could.
Dead is really dead. It looks grim. Bloody dripping on a first century electric chair out in the open for all the world to gawk. You control nothing, not even your own clothing which is gambled for by the very people persecuting you throwing you to the dogs. Dead is really dead not just sleeping like a monty python skit. Not just in a coma, really dead. But just like Jesus called Lazarus who was so dead after four days in a tomb he was stinking rotting dead, Jesus /God will resurrect you - Lazarus didn't even ask to be resurrected. God will resurrect you. Do you see how the frost covers the tree limbs bared of all leaves in winter over a frozen ground. It all looks dead. Jesus in physical form was deader than that on Good Friday. And yet, the life force found in him by God's power raised him to life. You have that same life force within you. Its greater than the life force that brings back dead bulbs buried under ground to become blossoming trees and tulips in Spring- its the life force of creation. Anything that looks dead, can be rebuked in the name of Jesus who stills storms and raises dead things to fullness of life. Even you. In the holy powerful name of Jesus.

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