Monday, April 14, 2014

Artificial Crosses

And Making Martyrs of your own People

     This holy week there should be More Life.
Jesus was a carpenter but it is fairly certain he never built his own cross.
He didn't put the nail in his own hands.
But this is what the church does in its mandatory priestly lifetime celibacy doctrine which is counter-biblical and in biblical error.

    In perpetuating the illusion of spiritual superior celibacy the catholic church demands that men not be healthy heterosexuals, in spite of the teaching that Jesus was 'fully human' at the same time as fully divine and those two things are not contradictory. It is not flesh itself that is evil it is the misuse of it. A mouth is necessary for nutrition and intrinsically good for the intended purpose, but turns evil if you put poison in it.  Sexuality is not evil when used properly for its intended use, in heterosexual marital union. It is evil when you use it to bang children.

    The church has confused for far too long 'lust of the flesh' with flesh used in Love and doomed all male sexuality in priesthood as evil.

  In what should be considered the most head-bangingly odd understanding of stewardship the church has allowed a policy of mandatory lifetime celibacy to cost it over 3 billion dollars in legal fees and settlements for perversely indulging in lust of the flesh instead of allowing properly channeling flesh used in Love. In insisting on the myth of superiority in celibacy it has attracted gays (about a third of the priesthood by the account of a famous Jesuit Fr. James Martin) and sexual deviants who have cost about three billion. That is just ridiculously bad stewardship. Its the GNP of small countries lost due to sexual perversions to uphold an illusion.

   Note to file: amount of money spent on perversity, deviancy and sexual criminality of roman catholic clergy:   about 3 billion.
                       amount of money spent on perversity, deviancy and sexual criminality of Presbyterian clergy:  about Zero.

  And that is not even counting the budget for the Saint Luke's Institute which will be largely unnecessary after you stop driving nails in your own hands.

   What is the difference? The teaching, theology and practice on Heterosexual Marriage for clergy.

Do not insult Jesus by persecuting heterosexual women. Do not insult Jesus by drugging your priests with prostate medication or sending to the St. Luke's Institute for female hormone therapy or contraceptives to perpetuate the myth of superior celibacy (with side effects of heart disease and other conditions and cancer.)  Stop lying to the world. Stop driving nails in  your own hands.

END the mandatory celibacy and create a marital priesthood option to get healthier more 'fully human' men in the priesthood. The world will be a MUCH MUCH better place. You won't have to lie about the men secreting lovers in the rectory. Over time it will be a much less gay population trying to counsel on issues of family life, and it will cost less in all the medication, saw palmetto, and female hormones you have to give priests not to mention the cancer and heart disease treatment for all the drugs you made them take to deal with their normal sexuality.

  No one is fooled any more. Or Impressed.


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