Friday, November 28, 2014

And the winner is in….

Republicans or no one.

   predicted to win the White House if a Dem ran against Minnie Mouse. In 2016 they will have won the House the Senate the White House and the Farm.

Why? One word:  FERGUSON

  This name, of a place no one knows really or has been to except it appears to be a ghetto attached to Saint Louis,  sparked a national obsession over race relations, police brutality and presumed racist cops. We saw a town and the cars in it go up in flames for days.

   Twelve citizens called a grand jury in a different town, with no particular beef reviewed piles of forensic, and physical evidence for months, and heard witness testimony as to how a shooting of a black male by a cop went down.  They could ask questions. For months and months an apparently completely false narrative was peddled by professional race mongers, hustlers, racqueters, and profiteers in the media who generated memes like his hands were up in surrender, he was a little ten year old with headphones on (the picture NBC/MSNBC keeps showing when he was shot as a nearly 300 pound looking 18 year old), and he was just an innocent little kid shot dead for no reason by a bad white cop. He was the poster boy symbol of police brutality and the R word.

   This was deliberately dishonest. Apparently his hands were not up, he was shot as an angry fleeing felon of around nearly 300 pounds who assaulted a police officer after robbing a store who resisted arrest and refused to respect the officer's request to "Stop, or I'll Shoot." Criminals who assault, taunt and bully cops get shot. No one should be surprised at that. It happens to idiots of every race.

   Is there seething animosity toward police in minority communities. Yes. Is there injustice in the minority community regarding unfair sentencing ? Perhaps. Should this kid's death be the funnel for all historic black rage such that an entire town should get torched because we can know that the grand jury made a mistake? Absolutely Not- no excuse. Completely unjustified to torch a town. The fact that the media ginned this up to this degree guaranteeing that people would feel a misplaced sense of deep unfairness is scandalous. Criminal even.

    Everyone feels when anyone loses a child. Its painful, its aweful and its tragic. Every kid or adult sitting in a jail has or had a mother. Its sad or tragic when people turn 'bad.' But Mike Brown, from the looks of the video of the robbery (owned by the way by a dark skinned Central Asian person) went 'bad.' He bullied the guy and shoplifted with a 'what are you going to do to me' attitude. He apparently assaulted a cop and 'tussled' with him to get his gun to shoot him in his car. Then he bolted.

   The grand jury determined that this wasn't a 'he said/she said' apparently in reviewing the forensic and physical evidence which included blood on and/or in the car. A grand jury doesn't get paid from a wrongful death suit, doesn't get paid by media to peddle ratings grabbing results and doesn't get paid to cover for a cop. A grand jury is impartial and there are ways to kick people off if they are suspected of being partial.

    The level of dishonesty doesn't end there with hyped false memes and exaggerated false claims of racism.

   Lawrence O'Donnell, a reliable left sided MSNBC commentator was the straw that broke the donkey's back last night because he devoted a segment to accusing an Assistant District Attorney of intentionally misleading the jury by giving them an old 'Fleeing Felon' statute that he claims was overridden in 1985 because she didn't answer the question as to whether the US Supreme Ct. over-rides the 'Fleeing Felon' rule. In fact, the Fleeing Felon rule was not completely over-ridden but clarified by the Supreme Court to mean deadly force could only be used when the officer was in fear of the physical safety of himself or others due to the actions of the fleeing felon. That was what was evidenced, that was what was proved, and that is what justified the fact the officer was not indicted.

    The Supreme Court recognizes that an officer doesn't have to wait to be shot first to shoot a fleeing felon. After Brown assaulted the officer and ran he was a fleeing felon.

   Its one thing to gin up false claims of racism, its another for a non-criminal lawyer (O'Donnell) to falsely accuse an Assistant District Attorney on national television of a degree of prosecutorial misconduct -something that would get her disbarred-  by name-that jimmied a grand jury- and I am beyond offended. Its outrageous. She is owed an apology.

   Its way over the top. The lengths the media,  and the race arsonists and hustlers, have gone to justify their misplaced indignant outrage that a kid who shoplifted, a robbery suspect who assaulted a police officer, resisted arrest and fled was shot dead is beyond unpalatable -its dishonest.

  And every Republican Presidential candidate from here till the turn of the century will play that "Burn this Bitch Down" clip to show just how off the wall out of their minds the established race narrators
will go to excuse people from having to create their own enterprise to advance their own lives and instead blame white cops and all whites who think law and order is a good thing as 'racist.'

   America is not going to 'heal' so long as people continue to be dishonest about the real hinderances to advancement in these black communities where a good portion of the disposable income in excess of government benefits comes from illegal petty drug trades generating contempt for all law enforcement.  Lack of Education is only part of the problem. Lack of Opportunity isn't as bad as perceived lack of opportunity. The socio-economic problems are not all whities fault. And whitie is getting sick of being blamed.

    Are there any real pragmatic solutions? Here are a few basic no brainer  things that have been suggested to make people feel comfortable that the cops are not being racist but doing their jobs:

1. small cameras on all cops on the beat
2. create a police academy in Ferguson and recruit from the community raising the number of black officers. Provide full scholarships for kids from the community who wish to go to the Police Academy, recruit heavily from the local schools.
3. involve the kids in church-community-police activities to generate trust and admiration of police.
4. create more police mentoring programs of black youth in Ferguson and St. Louis at large.

   And even when that is all done there will still be people who, every single time a black kid is shot by a cop will insist the kid is the reincarnation of the Angel Gabriel and the cop was a racist bastard who just likes to go out for no reason popping off the heads of black kids.


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