Friday, February 20, 2015

Spare Me Please

Cardinal-Speak For Yourself.

     There are mounds of psychological studies on the difference between men and women. 
The church made of all male decision makers gets one thing insistently wrong stemming from the difference between men and women. Men are constantly thinking of sex. It is a psychological function stemming from biological function. It has been posited that this is because their male organs are outside them visible and observed every time they go to the bathroom and they can be 'aroused' by merely looking at something. Women's sex organs are hidden inside them, they don't see them-out of sight out of mind. Women psychologically crave affection, warmth, and emotional security. These also are born of biological functions because they are necessary to nurture children. Men crave sex. So men clergy often engage in classic "projection" where they think male female relations are complicated by a sex urge on the woman's part, imputing impurity in women because they suffer from it. Women crave children. Accusations of impurity from male priests are nothing more than projection. Its in their imagination because they assume women are like them in that regard. This causes a lot of heaved abuse on women.Women want children more than sex. They want not to be wasted. They want not to have to freeze their eggs because men are too immature to know how to conduct relationships until their 40s and 50s. Women do not look at their sex organs on a daily basis with wild imagination. 
So when men want to lecture women on purity, chastity or sexual continence, women want to lecture men on growing the F up. 

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