Monday, February 09, 2015

    What Is An Honorable Man.

   Jealousy is of the devil, it is the work not of God but division can be demonically inspired to destroy Love. When you destroy authentic Love you destroy God because there is no greater tautology. God is Love. Love is God.,_war/1122281.,_war/1122281

  Priests should be allowed to marry ONE woman, not three,  or ten in polymorphous pagan confusion and exploitation. ONE. If Priests married ONE many manipulated women wouldn't suffer delusion for years. Everyone would know if someone was seriously honorable or not.

Do you know who the women in your church really are? The Pope has said that the devil is behind Jealousy- sometimes it is occasioned by the seriously miserable lives of women who bond inappropriately with a handsome priest and get possessive of him like he is their boyfriend- sometimes priests encourage it wittingly or not. Married priest options would tell people whether or not the priest was actually really interested honorably or whether they are being delusional (for years in some cases). There is needless suffering and persecution inside the church by jealous women :

These are real women who I met at a catholic church-they all have their dramas and sagas. There is the one with the miserable marriage who lives her life at the parish house never missing a meeting, an event, or an opportunity to volunteer, wiggling her way for sheer default of anyone else with the time, to top catechist, reader, and is the meanest woman you ever met outside a prison. Run children run Mean. Then there is the woman who fancies herself hostess of the parish house, actually thinks she lives there and can control who comes and goes because she is on parish council, also attends daily mass. She is a widow, and wants you to know she is in charge standing guard at the door ready to spout something spiteful if she doesn't like you. Don't mention the two gay sons she had or their gay wedding she went to or why she has no grandchildren. She puts together the prayer list and will strike you from it. Then there is the twice divorced woman who absolutely knows she is the belle of the ball because her mother was a model and she lived in Paris where everyone was just after her for sex. She dresses for seduction. Her husband was a sex fiend, she loudly announces to the priest, and tells people her third husband will be that priest because now she is a third order Carmelite. She gets people she doesn't like kicked out with wild lies and crazy histrionics. She tells everyone he wants her to be his very personal assistant.The priest encourages her and makes her Miss Hospitality Queen which she relishes by ordering people around hospitality events like she invented food. I call them the UnHoly Trinity. These are the top women running things at one church. Is it any wonder that the priest takes off for an entire Month of summer vacation and a few weeks after Christmas? That triumvirate would land anyone at the St. Luke's Institute. When i hear the word "Lapsed Catholic" i think they possibly grew up with a mess like that and who would blame them for finding more Jesus outside the church?

"Get a room already" is not something you want said about your priest. 

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