Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hillary's Woes Just Got Woeyier.

   The State Department did a last minute before the Iowa Caucus week email dump in which they
released a huge number of emails. You can actually read them because they posted them on line
on their public FOIA page- RIGHT HERE!!!!   (click the box on the page and you can see the document image)

   The news headlines are all about the emails they are refusing to release because they contain info so top secret no one should know about them.

   What the news isn't picking up on ---and should--- is the fact that huge  numbers of emails were just released just days before the caucus and these ARE MARKED CLASSIFIED with the confidential and/or privileged parts redacted (a boxed line around an empty space indicates a redaction). In the case where there is a huge redaction and a MARKING OF CLASSIFIED there is a Declassification Date in the future when the document can be declassified. Until then its redacted presumably.

   So what does this all mean?

It means Hillary looked the national audience in the eye on national TV and said she never sent nor received documents "MARKED CLASSIFIED" at the time. So did the State Dept just mark these classified now ?
     To the lay observer this appears a classified marking on emails - it should be explained- to the FBI. When were those markings put on those emails. This is a serious question.

   It also raises serious questions that some 30 plus pages of emails are so top secret they cannot be released in any form even redacted.

   This was all sent on or through unsecured servers from Hillary's private emails run through her husband's homebrew server.

I have just started looking at it and its not even my job. Its the FBIs job and the people paid to be investigative reporters. But clearly- this is beyond troubling. Because even if Hillary wins Iowa she could get a knock on the door by the FBI anytime now.

The kind of information that was contained in those emails also posed security risks in that schedules of when she was leaving her private residence to go places were sent via email -- which means anyone who was trying to find out where our Secretary of State was in any given moment of the morning going from her house to work or to meetings could know exactly where she was when.
If I were Secretary of State I wouldn't want that kind of information public information for any crackpot with a rifle hiding behind the bushes to know.

Other information contains strategically significant important information regarding policy.

Hillary just looks like a seriously pathological reality challenged liar when saying nothing "marked classified" was sent. "Marked" is beside the point if it was (or cut and pasted from documents with that marking or heading) and apparently some WAS MARKED CLASSIFIED---with specific declassification dates (unless State just put that on there for the release and publication of these docs to note the redactions in which case why wasn't it done earlier).

You should be asking yourself- who puts "Classified" on the emails. If I am Secretary of State and I send an email that I have reason to know is classified or should be classified do I have to wait for someone to tell me its classified before I mark it CLASSIFIED on my email transmission?

It is a pretty inevitable conclusion that Hillary knew she was sending classified information on or through her private homebrew server and that it did not have the IT oversight of State, and that she did it all on purpose to avoid scrutiny under FOIA and /or the watchful eye of anyone else in the Administration who could access the government server. She did not do this for the contrived "convenience" she deadpanned, she did it on purpose and its not hard to guess why given the link with the Clinton Foundation cash shake-down which ran on the same server.

Draw your own conclusions, but you owe it to yourself to get all the facts.


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