Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Guns and Roses

And The Second Amendment.

     Sadly, no gun measure or compromise could be reached and we are at status quo.  The two common sense provisions for (a) stopping people on the terror watch list from getting weapons and (b) rigidly enforced background checks should have been pretty no-brainer non controversial. That said, there may be a solution to stop anyone who is not a US citizen from purchasing any weapon if that is not already on the books. Anyone not a US citizen should be allowed to own, purchase or carry a weapon in the US. Non Citizens don't get all constitutional protections just by landing here.

    The 2nd Amendment is something that our Constitution provides to protect people against a rogue government, such as happened when we had to fight the occupying British off our soil and such as happened in Germany in the 20th Century. The history of gun control legislation in the Third Reich is informative. A new gun licensing regime was enacted in 1938 just after the Kristalnaught (which Germany justified by an assassination by a Jewish person on a German nobleman) provided that gun licenses were for a three year period, while government and Nazi party members were all exempt from licensing and no Jew could get a license with all their weapons confiscated. This allowed the Germans to brutally capture Jews and send them to their death without their ability to fight back.

   "You don't bring a knife to a gun fight."  The government has tanks, missiles, air power and all military might. The 2nd Amendment was designed in order to allow the people to have sufficient power to fight the British Army- the same force of Army that defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. The right of self preservation and self defense is a sacred right.  So a people under the 2nd Amendment should be allowed to defend themselves in such a manner that they would have a fighting chance should their safety be under assault by a rogue government. That is the argument against the assault weapons ban.

   We do have an overly militarized police in what looks some places like an Orwellian police state. We do have an unGodly amount of gun violence. But we also have a tendency in government to demonize the other political side, and this government in particular has stated concerning prejudicial things against people who "hide in their bibles" and are "okie dokes" and accused massive segments of the society unfairly of being racists with such a pounding slander it suggests a mental unbalance at play. Surrogates like Oprah have even stated that the old white racists "just have to die." These sorts of rantings do not give people comfort that the government would never go rogue on them.  Couple that with the history of Islamic sympathetic statements of Barach HUSSEIN Obama, the stated objective of muslim supremacists to rule the country and the alignment of various interests of the President with certain muslim sympathies, the country does not rule out a rogue move to install Hillary by detaining that segment of the population likely to not vote for her in some October surprise. It is not the time to disarm the population or dismantle the 2nd Amendment and any Executive Order to do so is wildly unconstitutional and has no effect of law as void ab initio.

  That said, it should be so non controversial that Non Citizens do not get 2nd Amendment rights and if you cannot prove you are a US citizen with a passport, birth certificate or by other means, then you do not get to purchase a weapon here. That would prevent an army of refugees from stockpiling assault weapons and, as Senator Feinstein has said- This is a National Security issue.

I will wear my orange great pumpkin summer shirt today in solidarity for this compromise position.


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