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There should in no way, shape or form be a general disarmament of the American people now. There should be a complete ban on anyone on a terror watch list or no fly zone to ever purchase a weapon. It should be a lifetime ban.

Background checks- yes, of course. Ban on people on the terror watch list or no fly list- Yes, of course. If you can't get on a plane you should not be allowed to purchase an assault weapon. But stop there.

The disarming of all the  people in America is wildly unconstitutional-whether done by Congress or Executive Order. The reason for it becomes more and more obvious.

First the Second Amendment was crafted in a time where we experienced people ruling us on our soil who had the weaponry of the British Army. We declared that we had a right to fight them back on our soil. We never wanted to hamstring our ability to fight back if people were attacking us in our own homes and land. We didn't want an invading force to have military weapons and we fighting back with sticks. We wanted the right to arm ourselves to form militias in the event of invasion, or more logically, an oppressive government wanting to rule by violent force. Recall that even after the Revolutionary War ended the British came back to reclaim us in 1812 -and actually burned the White House down in part. 
Without the second amendment if we had disarmed after the war by statute they might have succeeded.

What we saw in Orlando was shocking, and also telling. While the Senate Filibuster was going on news reports were staged that allegedly homeland security then the FBI found a deleted facebook account in which the shooter allegedly pled allegiance to ISIS and declared, as if he knew and was part of a massive plot, that there were more attacks coming--in the middle of his rampage. This "lone gunman" apparently knew of a coordinated assault. He allegedly penned this after logging into Facebook in the middle of his rampage. He also allegedly googled the name of the club. I believe that to be utter ridiculous garbage and logistically impossible from the eye witness account of the survivor of the rampage who gave an interview immediately after coming out of the hospital describing what he saw and heard. It was full on continuous gunning down from the minute he came to the club while demonically laughing and shooting continually. It did not take four hours, it was over in probably under an hour. It requires two hands. There was no- let me check my Facebook in the middle of this rampage. Such a ludicrous proposition. The notion that he called anyone in the middle of this is also ludicrous- Hi-its me the shooter, i'm holding a large heavy automatic weapon with one hand and my iphone in the other texting and typing with the same hand talking to you ! GET SERIOUS. Someone posing as him made the call- and called speaking later in Arabic. Its reported this shooter, born in Queens, did not even speak fluent Arabic. Someone else posted to his Facebook creating one of FIVE Facebook accounts for this guy.

This is so completely alarming it should raise red flags for everyone that the government or shadow government/CIA is plotting something very devastating. How does a "lone wolf" know that there are other attacks out there which are ISIS inspired if he was a lone wolf? How does some guy go from the government watch list-twice- to off it and working for a semi-governmental security outfit moving "Non-Mexican" illegals through Texas under security? For what purpose is there even a "Non-Mexican" illegal entry for persons to come into the country under government cover?

The Orlando shooter was a man on a mission. Someone, clearly not him, created a Facebook profile of him and put that message on it roughly at the same time the shooting took place perhaps. There were reportedly FIVE Facebook accounts with this guys profile. Someone trained this person as "security." Someone, looks very like CIA, trained a manchurian assassin- and has plotted to massacre people to gin up relentless gun control hysteria. It worked- the Democrats filibustered for 14+ straight hours on gun control.

People only need to revisit the happenings just prior to WWII to understand what very suspiciously looks like what is afoot. Google German Gun Control History. Really, study history. 

First you have to understand that for the last 7 years there has been an intensity of mass gun violence like virtually no other period in American history. This is not attributable to the existence of the weapons, because the weapons existed prior to the last 7 years. It is only partially in small part perhaps attributable to the assault weapons ban that expired in 2005 but was only on the books for about a decade prior.

In Germany just before WWII strict gun control legislation passed after the Nazis came to power. A licensing scheme was legislated whereby the government and Nazi party members were exempt from having to get licenses, and Jews and all Jewish owned businesses were prohibited from getting licenses. This was intentionally to disarm Jews in anticipation of their imprisonment and eventual death. It was plotted well in advance. I imagine someone set up a Jewish merchant with a false flag shoot out to justify the demonization. 

If you think something like that could not happen in America you are wrong.
Obama has been on tape mocking those people he calls "okie dokes" who "hide in their bibles." He has openly derided evangelicals who are one of four large voting segments of the Republican party. He has been in a litigation war over "religious liberty" issues involving planned parenthood and HHS mandates and exhibited a spectacular disrespect for christian religious leaders. Could the same thing happen to evangelicals as happened to Jews? Absolutely. The Planned Parenthood lobby, which through its 501c4 funnels back hundreds of millions into democratic campaigns. The potential republican threat of defunding them federally of their half a billion dollars annually seriously threatens the entire Democratic party financing.

The element of the Black Power Black Muslim Black Supremacist Black Separatist movement has been calling for such a resolution to right the white privilege white oppression for decades. Surrogates of Obama, like Oprah have even been quoted (and its on tape) saying that "the old white racists just have to die." The flagrant labeling anyone who disagrees with them, all republicans and their now nominee as "racist" has been relentless. (The press bears some responsibility for reinforcing this insane meme)
Obama who has been photographed bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia and a black Somali Imam, who never disavowed being a Muslim (though calls himself a Christian) is on tape saying things like "My Muslim faith" and other self identifying things suggesting he adopted Christianity as an add on insofar as it didn't in his mind negate anything Muslim about him- has great sympathy for some Muslim causes. Hillary's right hand "body woman" Huma Abedin has a family in the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama's private security force guarding him at all campaign events prior to getting secret service protection (and there after in tandem) was the black Nation of Islam military guard.  I actually met some of them at a campaign event Jessie Jackson hosted in New York at his annual Blacks in Wall Street convention. 

Obama is worryingly on tape applauding and hailing Malcolm X as one of his leaders/role models/heroes in a speech he gave at the Cambridge town library while at Harvard. Malcolm X espoused arming Muslims in rifle clubs to militarily overpower white people and potentially kill them. The Black Lives Matter movement has morphed into a society that espouses and condones white cop killing and they are so forcefully militant Democratic politicians are cow towing to them at campaign rallies. Beyonce at the Super Bowl half time performance donned military costumes imitating black panther black power militants who espoused killing white people. There is no coincidence in any of this.
It is not beyond the realm of the reasonable or even foreseeable that people are working multiple agendas.
This is not the time to disarm America. The radical extremist Muslim ideology preached even in some Mosques in this country (and certainly in Great Britain) is that they are supposed to be the ruling dominant power everywhere they live, and Christians and Jews are Kafar-infidel nonbelievers who have to be ruled over and oppressed. In extreme cases they must convert, die or leave the country because they are labeled unclean and unfit.
This is not the time to disarm America.

These CIA manchurian assassin assaults make it all the more obvious that Americans have a constitutional right to defend themselves. If any one of the people in the nightclub had a gun and could take out that shooter, the story might have ended differently

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