Thursday, June 09, 2016

Presidential Non Endorsement.

OK Wake Up Everybody.  We are in trouble. The country is in trouble.

    After a long silence of 'wait and see' in this Presidential election season I feel now compelled to write to signal an alarm.

Normally I would be thrilled to have a first female break the first female anything barrier but in this case its not worth the applause because of the disconcerting level of "rigged" evidence and foul play that got her there. That plus the fact that she owes everything to a political spouse and is not a self made woman by any stretch- just tagging along learning from a more powerful husband.
That aside.

   This blog (and writer) cannot and will not in any measure approve of or endorse Hillary Clinton. The foulest play of the administration and the DNC and Democratic Establishment as a whole, who have relentlessly shoved this undeserving candidate upon us with every unfairness at every turn imposed on her contender Sanders is shameful and probably in violation of the Voting Rights Act for its suppression shenanigans.

    There are currently serious pending criminal investigations afoot involving abuse and misuse of the public trust by using State Department paid personnel to moonlight double as family foundation workers soliciting and strong arming massive bribes in exchange for state department official policy actions. There are allegations of Clinton's character involving  lying bold faced and repeatedly to just about everyone with such pathological insistence one wonders if she really does believe the sky to be jello green.

   The Clinton family fund, called repeatedly a slush fund for family ambition (and downpayment on Chelsea's 10 Mil Manhattan digs) is the vehicle by which the Clintons are creating their Dynasty. They exploit the public treasury for their profit, they are bastardized public servants. The Clinton Cash movie should be watched by everyone as well as the Benghazi 13 days movie. The scam run through the State Department which caused the Clinton Family foundation advisors to migrate all the State Department emails in violation of several statutes as was explained by the Inspector General Report was done deliberately intentionally paying the IT employee $5,000 to do it in order to hide the conflict of interest self dealing public corruption from the public. The 2 Billion dollar fund that currently exists masquerading as a charity gives only ten percent reportedly of its funds to the causes it solicits for operating essentially as a fraud on the public. The 89-90% apparently goes "in house" for people doing the work "in house" e.g. Chelsea to hug Aides Babies and get the money in her trust fund. This appears to be a massive fraud on the public and it is a failure of the AG in New York and Justice Department to prosecute it.

I am shocked and saddened that the President would not see the impropriety of this endorsement of a candidate who is under FBI investigation with a sitting grand jury and bargaining over 5th Amendment rights for Immunity deals in his own Justice Department going on. That is a move that is frankly, so out of the ball park out of line it questions not only his integrity but his qualifications.

     Clinton as a candidate is not only failed, she is a huge phony. Virtually every position that she mouths now with the conviction of an Oscar winner is a staged rehash of either Bill's old 30 year statements (we need bridges etc.) in direct contradiction to positions she voted for in the past or espoused in the past giving lucrative paid lectures.

   One need only a "googler" to investigate how she feigned support for financial reform while giving paid speeches coddling to Wall Street players, or feigned support for environmental causes while dangling approval of the XL pipeline in exchange for paid speeches to the largest canadian banks investing in it, or feigned sympathy for immigration reform while she voted in the Senate to build "barriers" arguing for aggressive deportations and employer sanctions, or feigned sympathy for the mantra -war only when necessary when she voted for the Iraq war which was completely unnecessary. The woman stands for nothing but her own wealth.

    In short, the cabalistic putsch to enforce this sorry candidate as the leader of the party threatens now to entirely doom the party forever which will be split into those voting Trump and those writing in Sanders or others, and it is certainly predicted to put Trump in the White House unless by miracle Sanders is given the lead position in the ticket- not as a duped side kick cheerleader to Hillary, but as her total replacement. Its Bernie or lose the White House for 8 years. You choose.

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