Saturday, July 04, 2015

All Men are Created Equal

How they Act when they grow up is another story.

     We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are CREATED equal, and endowed with unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What part of Created eluded the 5 Supremes?

We are all created and endowed at creation with rights that attach to our creation.
HOW WE ACT as we grow up will affect how much we are allowed to actually be equal.

This is true on earth as it is in heaven.

Some nice Americans went into a liquor store today on the 4th of July and bought tons of beer and talked about getting "shi&*-faced" for a four day beach holiday. If they get stopped and are drunk in the car with all that beer in the back seat chances are they will spend the 4th of July watching fireworks out their rear end in the clink instead of in the sky.
They get treated differently than the family drinking lemonade on the beach on grandmas quilt- because they acted differently.

All of our legal codes presume some action required the law to intervene and do something to stop a bad act. We have laws against bad acts. Some are criminal some have civil fines, some both. In short, the entire legal code is premised on the fact that different behaviors warrant treating people differently.  To say behavior has no consequences in terms of differing outcomes undermines the foundation of our rule of law itself.  It is anarchistic.

It is preposterous to suggest that because heterosexuals get a fundamental right to marry that people who confuse assholes with wombs in their lovemaking should get the same treatment as those who do not and make actual children. Preposterous. These are fundamentally different lines of behavior.

The only line of thinking that would allow someone to consider that these have to be constitutionally treated the same is the belief that couples who bear children have no superior social value or that there is some equality principle that holds behaviors cannot be distinguished to treat them differently under the law. Both are nuts.

This belief is a bigoted prejudice against heteros who can create children on their own just among themselves.  Or is it just jealousy? To not give those people superior credit as the foundation of the social order is deeply misguided and historically false.

The first thing that should happen if a Republican is elected is that they should get this clarified and reversed, if it takes a constitutional amendment or a veto override. They should try to do it now in fact with a veto override.

All men are created equal. How they act when grown up is another story.

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