Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bonne Fete a Tous

The French Ambassador outdid himself tonight.

 Humbly stating that this is his first Bastille Day as Ambassador to DC the French Ambassador Gerard Araud, [bio here] scores a perfect 10 in hosting a fabulous French Independence Day party.
He welcomed both the french Ex Pat community and the American friends alike and noted that while various communities that call themselves 'french' have differences, the common uniting factor is that they all want to live together under french values and culture. He noted the challenges and threats that face the country with optimism. Particularly he noted the threats of terrorism, and economic crisis which the entire EU is feeling now. Particularly in light of the Grexit Greek discussions and noise of "Brexit" from Britain, he championed the central strength of France. France will be the main European Power in years ahead.
     If the attendance roster of dignitaries was any clue France will indeed be the main European Power. Madame Laguarde, Chief of the IMF (flanked by her secret service) was there looking characteristically chic in a summer power red frock perfect for a Georgetown summer evening. You have to "friend" me on facebook to get the pictures. I joked with the official photographer that my cell phone pictures were going to be better than the official ones and he politely agreed with a wink.

The French Ambassador pulled off a perfect balance of protocol and fun- he had a jazzish band play the French and American national anthems before treating his guests to a kings random in foie gras, soft cheeses, dates, mini-quiches, wines and champaign.  This was the Georgetown Party to beat all Georgetown Parties. Can I go live in France yet?

Vive La France. Merci Mille Fois Mr. L'Ambassadeur.

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