Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The Deception

     There is a move afoot in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. This should be a no brainer-yes, because Planned  NON Parenthood gets a half a billion dollars to commit infanticide and traffic in human body parts (when the Fetus never signed a release or consent form.)

   Of course tax dollars should not be spent on any of this. The principle was well established by the Hyde Amendment and Obama jumped through hoops assuring the public before Obamacare was passed that abortion would not be covered. So why is any federal money going to Planned Non Parenthood?

Planned NoN Parenthood protests, but we do all those great health services for people who can't afford regular doctors like provide birth control and mammograms and cancer screenings.

First of all you do not. Its a lie. Liar Liar your diaphram is on fire. You do not provide mammagrams. And why get a pap smear at an abortion clinic? You run abortion clinics.  You don't even hire good quality OBGYNs.

Your CEO director gets an annual salary of over half a million dollars to run abortion clinics. She is no better than Gosnell.

What Congress should do is create a totally new parallel health entity that does not commit abortion at all, does not hire any doctors who commit abortion and call it "Healthy American Women" or something and really offer cancer screening hiring oncologists not abortionists. Why would you to go an abortion clinic for a pap smear or cancer biopsy? You would go to an OBGYN or a hospital for that.

   The mass deception that Planned Parenthood cares a farthing F for women's health is absurd. They rip out live fetuses from inside a woman-usually exploiting poor young women who don't think they can afford the child, and sells the body parts to for profit bioengineering or research labs. They should be called Planned Frankenhood Assassination Centers.

Someone should construct a federally funded health free clinic system where doctors actually do adhere to their hypocratic oaths- with real medical credentials that do the things Planned Non Parenthood says it does and doesn't. Like Pap Smears, prescription contraceptives,  uterine cancer screening etc.


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