Thursday, September 17, 2015

That River in Egypt

Called Denial.

     Those Planned Parenthood videos that MSNBC says don't exist are below for you to watch.

Will you people please wake the Eff up.

We have effectively in America a US Department of Baby Torture, Murder, Dismemberment and Chop Shop Sale. We fund with half a BILLION US Tax Dollars annually Planned Non Parenthood.

Do not tell me they only do 3 percent abortions. That is fuzzy math on steriods.

Do not tell me they do not "profit" off the sale of fetal "tissue" (e.g. suzie's heart, liver, and kidneys and little johnie's gonads) in their schlock house 'you pay shipping and handling' only schemes some starving lawyer told them they could get away with.

Do not tell me that they do not "harvest" fetal tissue because they confess to it on tape.

Do not tell me the videos are selectively edited or doctored. They have all been released in full.

We are at a moral crisis and crossroads in this country. Do we want a federal department of Baby Murder, Dismemberment and Chop Shop Body Part Sale to vitamin manufacturers, frankenscientists at Universities and BioTech firms and research labs that make Mengele look like Mary Poppins? Do not tell me this isn't going on because the industry admits it.

MSNBC actually ran a social media push back declaring Fiorina wrong in making the statements she did at the debate. No, MSNBC, you are wrong. Morally, Factually Spiritually and in terms of basic human decency.

This monstrosity must stop. This "company" Planned Non Parenthood isn't fooling anyone. They are a laundering middle man outfit for Democratic Campaigns. They are an abortion mill not a woman's health care facility.

They are surrounded by witches, wiccans and satanists offering dead babies for human sacrificial hex and curse purposes.

This is so hard core evil it harkens back to what the Lamentations and Baruch books described as total psychotic meltdowns where Jews at the time of the Babylonian invasion were eating their young, such were the economic deprivations. This must end.

Anyone with half a brain cell left should vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood should not be operating on a penny from any American, and yes, you all need to shut the whole effing government down until it is off the dole.

This IS a character of the country issue. This IS an issue where we as a nation have to ask ourselves whether we want everyone in the country subsidizing something so evil that they chop up, and dissect like your seventh grade formaldehyde frog, little people so Merc can put it (him and her)  in their MMR vaccines, and Kraft can put it (him and her)  in your processed foods, and the Mengele frankenscientists can pretend at Penn and Yale that it does one iota of good to combat disease.

HALF of all pregnancies in New York City end in abortion. Half the residents of the last generation in New York City are dead. That's a lot of MMR vaccines with dead baby "tissue" in them. Do you want to know what the link between vaccines and 'autism' might be? How about the cells of a tortured in utero infant in the vaccine- who but for the amniotic fluid in their lungs would be screaming bloody murder- because they were murdered. How about that in your kid's mandatory vaccines? Could that cause autism?

Please God, Make Them Stop. Just.  Make.  Them.  Stop.

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