Wednesday, September 02, 2015

May it Please the Court-Have You Lost Your Minds?

That is what I want to say to Judges who make people accommodate gay marriage demands. But of course I won't-i might be locked up for contempt. That's what happened to one poor marriage clerk registrar in Kentucky-for violating a Court Order. That of course cannot be tolerated and Judges of course can't stand it when it happens, but look at what is at issue really.

   Forcing anyone to capitulate to gay marriage in their official duties or by mandating services to them is a clear violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause and in some cases the 13th Amendment against forced labor (in the case of forcing people to bake cakes) many argue.

      No one should be under any illusion that gay marriage is considered moral by Jewish law or Christian scripture. Gay sex is called an "abomination" and  a "detestable act", it is rendered equal to "drunkenness" in precluding entry into the Kingdom of God. It is considered so corruptive of society and morality anyone committing acts of gay sex in jewish law had to be put to death by stoning.

     Gay sex is considered against 3,000 years of Jewish law and tradition with a penalty actually written in Jewish teaching of death- by stoning for men sleeping with men.  If you doubt it- look what they do to gays in the middle east now. Traditional Muslim cultures in the Middle East more closely reflect first century Jewish attitudes.

   People who say "Jesus never said anything against it" are clear morons. I can't even be nice about this. During the first century Jewish law held that gays had to be stoned to death.  Sodom and Gomhorah were not metaphors. They were real towns that were wiped off the map such that nothing grows there because of the gay sex practiced there aggressively. In fact the names Sodom and Gomhorah mean in Hebrew "burned" and "buried" because they were leveled in a firestorm and brimstone sh^*$fest likely caused by earthquakes releasing natural gas explosions.

   Do you think if they were stoning people engaged in this around Jesus that he might speak against the practice or say nice things about gay sex? He never did. To quote the Savage Dan, "Jesus never said a word about gay sex." So that should tell you that he never overturned the law on the subject. He never said Jews were too harsh and not sympathetic with it- because that would be like saying Jews were too mean toward drunks or "licentious" adulterers. It was clear sin. It is clear sin.

    So to force ANYONE who has a clear religious objection against catering to what is viewed clearly immoral is a First Amendment constitutional violation of Equal Protection.

And furthermore, its nasty. Its really sick and twisted. Its nothing at all like discrimination against Blacks and the hijacking of the civil rights movement by screaming gays is obnoxious and inapposite.

    Watching this all unfold into insane persecution against bible believing Christians is disgusting and disturbing.


The law is now that gay marriage has to be recognized by all States as a constitutional right- but the law isn't that people who object have to sign the marriage certification or any paperwork having to do with it. So the people who object should be able to take their names off the seal without jeopardizing their jobs. There is a solution. And it isn't lock up everyone who can read the Bible.



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