Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Extreme Women

   Extreme Women in America are taking children from pregnant women and turning them into lab rats, selling organs and tissue piecemeal.

   Extreme Women in America are demanding the right to be paid BY THE GOVERNMENT for burning alive children in a womb in saline so mothers deliver dead burned babies and they can harvest their organs.--because everybody should have to pay for that-

   Extreme Women in America think it  is health care for women to turn mothers into breeding factories for lab rat babies who are used for fetal research and their personal profit.

  Extreme Women think its remotely feminist to encourage women to kill their offspring for their profit.

  Extreme Women are Planned Parenthood executives and their Democratic women supporters.

These are not health care providers. There is not one doctor among them. Cecile Richards on her close to 600k salary and benefits is not a doctor.  No Democratic woman Senator or House member is a doctor. Not Pelosi, Not Feinstein, Not Boxer.

These are extreme positions and women. When they take a position that absolutely no recognition of the humanity of a viable child can be recognized such that they can be born alive and vivisected-that is an extreme position. These positions demean women lower than animals and insist you treat them like that by giving every sexually depraved man in America the option to tell anyone "Just Get Rid of It at Planned Parenthood."

These are the extreme women. And history will not be kind to them.
The lies will catch up to them. The Mammosham lie that Cecile Richards shamelessly promoted around the country to convince people that Planned Parenthood actually does do mammagrams when later admitting they do not under oath is but one example.

This is not "Feminism"
This is Mengele on Steroids Fascist FemiNazi Takeover of Government Funding.
In fact here is a fun fact- Mengele actually became an abortionist after the war.

No one is buying that the federal money isn't going toward abortion when they have no chinese walls. No one buys their "you pay only shipping and handling" late night infomercials about not profitting from sale of fetal tissue.

How do you give a despairing pregnant woman who just lost her baby a form saying- lets chop the thing up to use for science now? How do you do that?

How do you all sleep?

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