Thursday, September 17, 2015

Merch Madness

Popalooza in Philly

     Merch (as in Merchandise) madness hits full stride as everyone and their cousin's dog tries to profit off the Pope coming to America. There are T shirts, Pope waterbottles, even Pope bobbleheads.

   I'm getting emails daily on things like where to stand in parades in two cities, why not post a video welcoming him, where to sign up on line for Mass lotteries, where to donate on line to light candles and send in intentions that the Pope might actually look at.

    This etsy store has my fav. - the Philly Pope bobblehead holding a cheesesteak in one hand and pretzel in the other. Or is that a meatball sandwich and a hot dog?|Papal%2BVisit%2BTo%2BPhilly&utm_custom1=7bf6d549-7cec-4b2c-a5bf-58eb2140a4cb

   All in good fun. This all has me thinking of Jesus flipping over money changers at the temple- but really I think Jesus would approve of Popalooza. The money changers were changing the sacrificial coins needed to pay tithes so the system was way more warped. This is all just amusement park fun and no one thinks buying a Bobbleheaded Pope is going to get them closer to heaven.  Unless of course they are crazy in which case it actually might.

  So knock yourself out buying Pope holy water, Pope vessels into which you put your Pope holy water, glow in the dark Pope nightlights, and your PopePouri of T shirts and papal hoodies. If you are lucky you might get him to sign one of them!

   I have never taken a video of myself and don't even have the equipment (and wouldn't pain anyone else having to take one of me) so let this suffice to say- Welcome Pope to America. I hope you have a great time and get around town more than Prince Charles got to. Try not to gum up the traffic too much or I will never hear the end of it from my coworkers who already think this is all a bit much. As for me, I am not big on crowds. If your motorcade runs by my office I will waive. Otherwise know you are in my prayers for safe travels and good friends, food and fun. P.S. the only cheese you should order on a Philly Cheesesteak is Provolone. Or just say "the works."


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